GW2 Tremors Current Events & Achievements Guide

A guide to the new tremors currents events and achievements added with August 23 Game Update. Updated Sept 8, 2016.



Completing the Transfer Chaser achievement from this installation of Current Events will reward you with a Destroyer Weapon Crate that unlocks the collection for Primordus Weapons that already exists in the game. Completing this collection reward you with an ascended Great Destroyer’s Talon [&AgEENgEAAA==].

  • It costs 20 Destroyer Lodestones to make one-handed weapons, 15 for offhand and 30 for two-handed. It will cost you 450 Destroyer Lodestones for the full collection in addition to the other mats.
  • Destroyer Cores can be promoted to Lodestones in the mystic forge by using the following recipe: 2x Destroyer Core, 1x Bottle of Elonian Wine/Mystic Binding Agent, 1x Pile of Crystalline Dust, and 1x Mystic Crystal.


Getting Started

First you need to find Seis Burntheart. She is a NPC on a timer rotating between maps. The timer seems to be ~5 days meaning that Seis will only change maps every 5 days.

Map Rotation

If you missed Seis at a map, you can go to that map and talk to the Elemental Sprite instead at where Seis should be. This allow you to continue with this current event even if you started late or had to miss days.


1. Frostforge Sound – [&BHoCAAA=]  (Aug 23-27 pre reset)


2. Snowden Drifts – [&BLUAAAA=] (Aug 27 – Aug31 pre-reset)


3. Lornar’s Pass – [&BOwAAAA=] (Aug 31 – Sept 4 pre-reset)


4. Bloodtide Coast – [&BKYBAAA=] (Sept 4 – Sept 8 pre-reset)


5. Southsun Cove – [&BNUGAAA=] (Sept 8 post)


Getting the Sensor

Once you find her, talk to her and she will give you the achievement Disturbance in the Depths – 5 AP and start the achievements for Transfer Chaser and Sensor Scouter.

Make sure to talk to her again and click the option to get started to receive the sensor tracking device for the current map.


It will appear as a special action button with 10s cooldown.


Using the Sensor Tracker

Once you have the sensor tracker, click on it and it will display a couple of symbols, including the locations of the 5 sensors you have to find. The symbols point to the locations of the sensors.


  • Green symbol means the sensor is very close.
  • Blue symbol means the sensor is kinda close.
  • Red symbol means the sensor is very far.

The locations for the sensors are client side so you will need to find them yourself. They appear as tiny yellow clouds on the ground. You have 30 minutes to find all 5 sensors or sensors reset and you gotta start over again.


The sensor tracker bugs out sometimes and tell you the sensor is north even though you are on the north end of the map. If that happens, waypoint to a different location and start again.

When you find a sensor, the achievement for Transfer Chaser won’t update. That achievement is for finding sensors in 5 maps and will update once you find all 5 sensors in a map.

Once you find all 5 sensors within a map, Transfer Chaser achievement will update and you will also get the achievement – Sensor Scouter – [Map] worth 5 AP per map.


Go back to Seis Burntheart in your map and she will tell you the next map he will switch to. You will need to play the wait game for Seis and then do it again in the next map until you finish the Transfer Chaser achievement.

By Dulfy

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94 replies on “GW2 Tremors Current Events & Achievements Guide”

he knows. probably mistyped. Mentions Seis as ‘she’ under Getting Started, but afterwards, becomes a ‘he’

I think Dulfy deliberately alternated the gender she used in her text. But, yes, Seis is unequivocally a female..

thanks Anet… make a new event. the goal is to talk to an npc who can spawn anywhere in the world but dont give hinds beside north… without a guild a guide there is no way a normal player would be able to do this on his own….

Oh noooo, it’s SO hard to go to a major capital city and ask in map chat, boo hoo Anet ruined my childhood ;_;

She’ll tell you where she will go as well once you found her. So anywhere, barely. All a ‘normal’ player would need is the ability to read.

Dammit. I KNEW I should have bought up Destroyer Cores/Lodestones after Taimi’s “Primordus is active.” line. Not to resell, just for my own collection. (Skin collector here.) Ah well… Guess I can wait a while for prices to drop back down once I unlock the collection.

The Primordus set is the last non-BL set I have to go. I finished the Corrupted Weapons just prior to this. Was waiting for my Crystalline Dust stockpile to build up again before taking the next plunge.

Yeah, it seems this will be on a daily rotation. Many of us sat for hours in Snowden (we saw you Dulfy!) before we gave up. Guess we’ll see tomorrow.

For those that don’t know on what they look like. Picture them as the unbound magic orbs seen in Bloodstone Fen but small and lime-ish green but a bit dim. You’ll have to look real closely in order to pick them up.

If cat piss is that color then there is something wrong.

Oh wait….there is something wrong in Tyria besides the overwhelming magic flow….

Damn the Charr and their orthodox ways of using everything for a litter box!

Basically, just the same, then. Only entirely different,

If, once you get down to blue or green range, you run straight towards them (according to the display), and wave your mouse cursor across the ground ahead of you, it will turn into an interact cog when it hits one of the glows. I found a couple that way (although, to be fair, I’ve done this on two accounts, and after the first few they start to become easier to recognise, too).

Actually I think crafting would be tad cheaper, but don’t take my word for it, my data is like 12 hours old.

Agreed. Its different from what we usually do, not luck based and doesn’t require spending an entire day checking a glitch tracker to see if some random blood crazed creature may or may not spawn on a range of target maps. Most welcome -.-

I like the achievement itself, I just wish the timer the NPC moves on was a bit shorter. But it’s a free 30-90 gold weapon, so I can see why they wouldn’t want people knocking it out in a day.

My brother was just saying. Could the NPC be RNG? So perhaps she pops up for 24 hours in a map and it is random so might be in same map again.

No, she says once you complete the search in Frostgorge that, “I’ll be going to Highpass in Snowden soon,” or words to that effect.

I get the feeling this thing is just bugged after the rollback.

Well I did Frostgorge and she sent me to Highpass… I skipped 1 day and found her still in Frostgorge..
I don’t get it, does it take 1 day for her to change maps or is it faster? Some say she hasn’t changed maps at all

Never showed in Highpass for me, yet I only checked 2-3 times. I refuse to spend my playing time sitting at one place for hours doing nothing.

That’s my feeling also. Weekly thing, 5 weeks, after it finishes maybe we get the next big LS update.

The NPC seems to be heading south..maybe slowly towards the deldrimore foothills map which we didn’t explore yet (but everything surround it we did).

Isn’t the deldrimore front the place we fought Primordious in GW1? can’t remember.

We fought The Great Destroyer north-east of Yak’s Bend, so somewhere under Frostgorge Sound. And Primordus was sleeping somewhere in that area too.

Brilliant idea. That should shut down all the whiners about content drought. See, Anet made content that will last weeks and weeks. OK, I am going back to enjoy me some sweet, sweet gameplay (aka waiting for NPC). Later.

well they also added an activity (basket brawl) and made the primordus weapons a collection with a cool scythe looking staff skin as a reward for finishing it, so anyone who didnt already complete the set (which id guess would be a lot) is now incentivised to go for it.

I want to say this sounds ridiculous and she has to just be bugged, but then I remember the Brew of the Month Club and it sounds like something they might do.

I really wouldn’t mind if it was on a weekly timegate… Ok I’d be a little dumbfounded that such a small task was attached to a weekly timegate. 10-minutes of collecting yellow poop, then wait a week for the next one. All I want to know is the ACTUAL Timescale on it. Anet should really tell us if it’s bugged or if it’s on a weekly timegate. At least then we KNOW for sure and can just get on with playing the game without AFK-ing, or checking 5-times a day.

I think if it is time gated to a week then the event itself should have been way more exciting and have much more replayability, like a boss for example. But we shall see. MO’s lack of communications strikes again!

it would be funny if a week later there is nothing change, anet just forgot there is a bug on a small event like this.

Craft two-handed Weapons with Sentinel’s Orichalcum Imbued Inscription (10 Guild Commendations) only cost 20 Destroyer Lodestones.

4 days (patched Tuesday night; no movement Wednesday/Thursday/Friday nights; moved Saturday night). Although it wouldn’t surprise me if she alternated 4 days and 3, to fit into an overall weekly cycle, but that’s just a wild guess..

I’m doing this on two accounts, and note the following.

1) She seems to be moving for everyone at the same time (I started on the two accounts 24 hours apart, but she turned up today in Snowden for both).

2) Even though the sensor glows are server-side and only visible to your character, they’re placed rather than random. So if you see another player stop suddenly around where you’re hoping to find a sensor, there’s quite a good chance they’re looking for the “same” one, and have just found it.

3) None of the sensors have been under water, even though there’s been plenty of opportunity for that (and no reason, in the logic of the min-story, why they shouldn’t be). Nor have any of them been “inside” (buildings, caves, etc.) Whether that will continue, I don’t know, obviously – but I’m treating it as a working hypothesis.

(As the sensors ARE placed, and you can carry on “helping” her after you’ve found your five, that also means there’s probably nothing in principle to stop someone mapping all the locations. Probably won’t be me, though. Nor do I think it’s necessary; this isn’t exactly the hardest challenge in the world…)

Still in Snowden–hope she “eventually” gets back to Frostgorge–cuz I’d hate to do all of the “work” only to find this “event” is non-repetitive.

Like V said:n There is a little golem, where Seis was before in Frostgorge. There you’ll be able to get the sensor buff/skill 🙂

Can confirm, didn’t know about this little event until yesterday and was able to do the first one via the golem there.

FYI, you don’t have to wait for the NPC to go back to the map you missed. You can get the sensor from a golem/elemental that stands in the location the NPC would usually be.

Boohoo the entire event sucks because i cant find a spot…..

Have you checked if this works?
“The sensor tracker bugs out sometimes and tell you the sensor is north
even though you are on the north end of the map. If that happens,
waypoint to a different location and start again.”

took me 3 min to find 4/5 sensors in lornar and than another 5 min to find last 5th T_T
still the easiest place atm, imo

Now that Seis has moved to her 3rd map, can the interval between each of her moves be confirmed? When exactly will she move to Bloodtide Coast next?
Also, how often can an account do each of the past maps’ sensor hunt to get the large amount of map bonus rewards? Is it time-gated as a daily?

As far as I’ve noticed, the wrong location bug is not always solved by changing zones. For me the solution became very annoying and more “real-map-search” stuff. So the thing is: if the indicator is showing you to go north, but you are way too northy already, go different direction till it changes color. For example, you came from south all way to north. It’s still blue tho. Then go west/east till it changes color to red/yellow. Not the best solution, but helped me and I didn’t see it in comments.

So now that I looked at the map, whatever it is underground it’s gonna be very close to Pale Tree and chunk of Orr on it’s way to Ring of Fire.. wonder if it’s gonna change or affect things in some way.

I think you misunderstood me, I know that Ring of Fire is next, everyone that cares about story does. I’m not sure if you know but when you talk with Seis after you found the sensors she gives you bits of story. And she talks about something big moving underground, our character ask if it could be Primordus but she tells that last time a Elder Dragon moved from location to location it crystallised half of the desert [Ascalon lands] so my guess is that underground it’s probably Primoruds lieutenant, another Mega Destroyer or something and it’s gonna be a boss that we’ll kill on Ring of Fire. But when you look at the map, the way from Southsun Cove to Ring of Fire is very close to Pale Tree. That’s why I was wondering if it’s gonna affect her or the salad race in any way.

That’s an interesting thought.
As it is now, we had to either fly or swim to the Ring of Fire. Just flying there again would be quite boring and everyone knows about Anet’s love for underwater areas, so…. maybe the movement will create earthquakes / moving land masses which could create some kind of bridge which we can use to get to the Ring of Fire.
The Grove could be affected… even though I doubt it, it would feel kinda strange to focus on Sylvari again… but who knows.

By the way, I’m pretty sure that it’s Primordus itself, not some sort of lieutenant. Basically because the path started at waypoint Earthquake (aka Central Transfer Chamber aka Primordus’ old residence) and because Primordus itself has to get some “area” where Anet can fill in new maps in case of an expansion, like the Ring of Fire (the only area that fits good to Primordus and its elements).

I didn’t get the achievement, it still says I need to talk to Seis burnheart as one of the requirements to check off. (Finished all the others by talking to the elemental sprite).
So apparently we do need to track her down.

How do I find her in Cursed Shores?

so it seems she stays at malchor’s leap? It where I found her anyway took a chance that is what the post below meant and there she was along with a bunch of other people I asked if they knew were I could find her and they didn’t respond.

Yes she is just at Malchor’s Leap and not doing anything. Just go to the 5 locations I listed, starting at Frostgorge Sound and talk to the Elemental Sprite that is in her place. You don’t need her anymore.

Seis is nowhere to be seen, not on malchor’s or southsun. Was I late a couple days? 🙁 I checked all locations

Seis Burntheart is at Malchors Leap – Drowned Brine – Southwest of the Drowned Brine vista.

You’ll need to go to her for the ‘talking’ achievement but then there are little elemental sprite droids left at her former locations that gives you the sensor now.

Finally got around to completing this, (I wasn’t playing when it was current) and can confirm that all can be completed in one day. I think it took me a little over an hour to do all, but I wasn’t timing myself. Mounts make it almost trivial to complete, however the symbols can get hidden in the body of your mount, so it is best to hop off before using the scanner, then hop back on.

I also had a sensor appear on top of a pile of rocks in Southsun Cove, and I ended up having to use the springer to get to it. No idea how I could have gotten to it otherwise, as there wasn’t a clear jumping path on foot, but there might have been a way to glide to it.

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