Black Desert Aug 24 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online Patch Notes for the Aug 24 Game Update.

Item Changes

  • Cash Shop Search Function: Items Searches are no longer case sensitive.
  • Distance of summoning mounts by using Horse Flute has been increased from 300 to 500.
  • Special Carrot and Special Acacia Leaf may now be used when polishing Alchemy Stone of Life.
  • Fixed Buff Effect Icon for the following food:
    • King of Jungle Hamburg, Jumbo King of Jungle Hamburg.

Pearl Shop Update


Mechanic Changes

  • Fixed the issue where dismantling an incomplete fort was not available when it was built in an occupied area after fort reset during node warfare.
  • Fixed the issue where dismantling finished forts was available during node warfare.
  • Fixed the issue where [Guild] defense towers did not dismantle for siege war.
  • Fishing Professional Lvl 5 has been added to equipment requirement for the Harpoon Item.


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