GW2 Fourth Birthday Gift Details

GW2 players are now getting the fourth birthday gift a day early, here is what you can expect from the Birthday Gifts.

To get the 4th birthday gift, your character’s age must be 1460 days. Then you will get a mail (try relogging if you don’t).


Opening this birthday pack, you will get

  • 1x Experience Scroll (boost a character instantly to level 40)
  • 2x Birthday Booster
  • 5x Teleport to Friend
  • 1x Jubilant Dye Pack
  • 1x Birthday Card (consume for 5000 karma).


Now you also get the Anniversary Backpack and Mail Carrier Pack. This is tied to the 4th birthday achievement and you can only get 1 per account, so only one Anniversary Backpack per account. You also get the Stalwart title with this achievement.


Pick carefully from the following 5 choices.

  • Rata Sum Apparatus – [&CuoaAAA=]
  • Black Citadel Engine – [&Cu8aAAA=]
  • Divinity’s Reach Rucksack – [&CvIaAAA=]
  • Hoelbrak Mountain Pack – [&CuwaAAA=]
  • Grove Hydria – [&CvYaAAA=]


For the Jubilant Dye Pack, you get to pick from 10 dye kits and from each dye kit you can pick out the exact dye you want. The dye is account bound but you will be able to chose from some of the expensive dyes like the Shadow Abyss dye found in the Shadow Dye pack that give you the darkest black dye.


  • taran47

    Okay, not gonna lie that I’m a little mad that you only get one of the five back items, as there are at least 2-3 I would want. Though more than likely we’ll get another choice of them as a fifth birthday gift achievement, since they did this fourth birthday one tied to an achievement.

    • roxoxo

      You don’t have other characters soon to be 4th year? It’s acct bound. I have 11 toons spread over 1-3 months apart, so eventually each will get the b-day gifts.

      • Blackcad

        As taran said, the backpack is tied to achievement so you can’t get another one even if you have multiple characters turning 4.

    • Hawks

      Might be able to pick from them again next year for the 5th anniversary.

      Edit: No I do not in fact always read everything before responding, lol.

    • Ares Zax

      Yeah, I’m sad about that too. But hopefully ANet will allow us to choose another one for the next four years.

  • :3

    Quite frankly i don’t like any of the back packs, so ill just go ene meni mini mo

    • Diggity

      Agreed. I will most definitely NOT use any of them. Pretty underwhelming. I guess the free Shadow Abyss is pretty cool tho.

    • Phobia256

      Pick the Black Citadel one then, since it matches the machined weapons 🙂

  • Cirris

    woot, Shadow Abyss dye. saves spending 700 gold in auctions.(probably go down soon enough)

    • MattStriker

      It did. The market for shadow abyss dye has pretty much collapsed. Made a bunch of speculators kinda unhappy, I think…

      • You can’t please everyone, just most people 😛

  • Hentai Akuma

    FUck YEEEAHH Im so happy

  • Phobia256

    Dulfy will you do a breakdown of what dyes are most expensive, like you did last year?

    • Diggity

      It’s on the wiki already.

      • Phobia256

        Thanks, I found it out shortly after I posted my comment.

        • Diggity

          Yeah, and it updates automatically which is fantastic.

      • Leah

        could you point my noob ass to it though? becasue I only found dye descriptions but not dyes by price :/

  • HadesClutch

    Oh yay, Karma. That’s not common at all.

    • Lahmia

      I think it is a reference to this

      • Benji Z Smith

        But isn’t that already a reference to an item in game that gave 5K karma

        • Nitrobacter

          It is but non the less its true… And don’t forget you can even get a keg of karma like it’s beer or wine…
          Hey you there young fellow. You did a great job back there! Come and have a drink with us. We have good ol’ karma brew!!
          Then the karma accumulates in you body like RAD in fallout (and if you get to much you glow like a Christmas tree… And Christmas is where the picture came from)

    • Diggity

      I wonder if the karma or the lvl 40 scroll is more useless to a 4-year player.

      • 島風

        Most of my characters are made on release, and I still have characters under level 40. Karma I am definitely not short on.

        • OK

          Don’t you have several hundred Tomes of Knowledge?

  • Cecylio

    Well, since I restarted my all nine characters last year, I’ll not see this gift very soon. Great.

    • Lionking118

      Why did you re-start all nine ?

      • Mr. Principal

        to transfer to another server maybe?

      • Cecylio

        I wanted to redo all of my characters – which race, which class, what build. It was complete mess, and I wanted some racial skins, some race/gender combo looks better in different armor set, et cetera.

        • So you don’t mind then? Sure you won’t be able to fully declare yourself a very old player, but that is not a huge deal you can just let your achievement points do the talking haha

  • Nitrobacter

    I think I know what we will get for the 8th birthday 😀 … Any idea?… Don’t tell anyone but it will be a lvl 80 scroll…
    Now I’m going to run a few key runs with lvl 30 scrolls the next 2 month so that my bank char can focus on the lvl 40 ones… And I didn’t even open all the dye kits last year… Oh my….

  • Alastor999

    I’m so glad I didn’t actually buy the Shadow Abyss Dye for like 500 gold. Now I’ll get one for free! Muahahahaha!

    • wQnxy

      bought it for like 100g a year ago or so, now i am sad i didnt buy like 2-3 mroe 😀

  • Qnrad

    Grove Hydria & Rata Sum Apparatus are the best but Hydria has better animation

    • Nitrobacter

      But we have already mawdrey and tbh the apparatus is more unique

      • Qnrad

        True, we also have red and yellow flowers

  • Wil Urbina

    I need that BLACK Citadel engine it will look so awesome with my machine weapons

    • Nikki

      That is the one I picked

    • pjuppi

      i chose the rata sum back 🙂

  • ringswraith

    So, wait. The Jubilant Dye Pack. Are you getting one dye total, and you can choose it from the ten different sets? The way it’s worded it could be read as getting ten individual dyes.

    • Cirris

      It’s one dye total. You can choose from any of the ten dye packs offered. Make sure you know which particular dye you want and what dye pack it’s from beforehand. Because there are two steps. First step is to choose a dye set. Then you choose the particular dye from that dye set. Once you choose the first step, you can’t undo it.

      Also, double check thru the black lions trader that the dye you want isn’t already unlocked. You’d feel silly if you wasted a Jubilant Dye pack on a dye you already have.

      • pjuppi

        search up the jubilant dye pack on wiki, all colors are named there, then use to see what dyes you have 🙂

      • ringswraith

        I see. Thank you for clarifying that.

  • Casual Reader

    I’m not 4 yet, but has anyone checked the birthday vendor in LA to see if she sells the other backpacks you didn’t pick?

    • Nikki

      No, she doesn’t

    • Shaggy

      it wouldnt be as special if she did

    • Hydra

      I sure hope so

  • ampy

    hmmm! Since I’m more Sylvari I will definitely choose the Rata Sum Apparatus 🙂

    • wQnxy

      but rata sum apparatus is more asura, not salad =D

  • Nikki

    I so wish we could sell the Black Abyss dye, it sucks that is it bound

    • Leah

      probably why its bound :/ can you imagine just how badly the price would drop? I have 4 characters eligible for these dyes, I’m fairly sure there are plenty of people who have more then that. the price might drop slightly as it is, that said… I now need to figure out which dyes to get for the last three of my options 😛

      • Suan

        The price will drop soon, Electro Blue was 1200gold until Guild Wars’s 3th birthday, then it went to 200 gold. Since I have most of shadow dye’s I’ll probably take from the bloodstone one.

      • Talindra

        the price will drop fairly quickly with this free dye pack 🙂

  • Hydra

    is there or will there be a way to obtain the other back skins at some point? or are you SOL?

  • Cy

    Can we assume that they’ve cheaped out and phoned it in over the next 5 years? Every year choose a new city? (Similar to AP rewards)

  • FrycoN

    4 years of playing this game and Anet give us 5 items where 4 of them is already completely useless… and at top of that u givin us a 5k of fu**in karma?!?
    What kind of drugs u taking overe there??

    • Yveewonder

      It really doesn’t matter what they give. Some people are never satisfied.

    • What do you expect them to give? Getting the dye pack is enough for me

      • FrycoN

        after 4 years? a precursor would be satisfying

        • Ryuggu

          A precursor? Did you hit your head or something? There’s no way that they’ll give precursors to thousand of people… The rewards are just fine. It’s you who’s greedy as fuck.

          • FrycoN

            Greedy ?? U can buy precursors for 40g on TP so its not about money its about to feel appreciated after playing this game for 4 fuckin years.
            They send u shit, telling its candy and u belive it ? pls

            • Κώστας Αβραμίδης

              you can get shadow abyss for free and it costs 400g, its pricier than many precursors. so stop crying

              • Frycowned


              • FrycoN

                you can get it for free? great send me one then

              • Κώστας Αβραμίδης

                Are you stupid? The 4th birthday gift includes the dye pack from which you can choose the shadow abyss for free. Get your shit straight and stop crying.

            • Lindsay He

              awwww 🙁 poor you.
              precursor aren’t even hard to make jesus…

              • FrycoN

                read with understanding before you post another stupid comment next time

  • Hydra

    I would have liked all the backpacks. 1 backpack per toon that’s 4 years old

    • Anonymous

      1 backpack per account I think?

  • Sir. Mcenlor Thedeouse Cheno

    Cool that they kept dye’s in regardless of retards moaning about it being unfair (because we all know how hard it is to make money in GW2 – #lolsohard)

  • Constellations

    5000 karma card is a straight up insult. It would be better to remove it and replace it with nothing, honestly.

  • sylvia

    love those backpacks sooooooo much!!

    • Bryan Turner

      I’m trying to decide, put it away for later.

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