GW2 Hungry Cats Feeding Guide

A guide to the Hungry Cats added in the last couple of patches you can feed to get them in your home instance. Updated: October 4, 2016.


You can now find random hungry cats out in the open world. Feeding them with a specific item will cause them to appear in your home instance to chase you and throw snowballs. Locations for the cat taken from JusticiaDIGT on reddit.

  • It appears cats of the same color hang out in the same place in your home instances and don’t mingle with cats of other colors.

Original Cats

Lion’s Arch – Eastern Ward Waypoint

  • Location – [&BDEEAAA=]
  • Feed with Grilled Poultry
  • Shows up near the entrance of the home instance (human)


Lion’s Arch – Cooking Station

  • Location – [&BCwEAAA=]
  • Feed with Spicy Flank Steak
  • Shows up around the ore nodes of home instance (human)


Queensdale – Beetletun

  • Location – [&BPoAAAA=]
  • Feed with Slab of Poultry Meat
  • Dead Bird shows up at entrance of your home instance. Wait a couple days for the cat to show up.

gw2-hungry-cats-locations-8gw2-hungry-cats-locations-7 gw2-hungry-cats-locations-9

Divinity’s Reach – Cooking Station


The Grove – Next to House of Caithe

  • Location – [&BHgEAAA=]. It is on the bottom floor of The Groove
  • Feed at Night with Slab of Poultry Meat
  • Roam in the center with all the tree nodes (human)


The Grove – Next to Dreamer Terrace

  • Location – [&BLwEAAA=], just north of the waypoint.
  • Feed during the Day with Slab of Poultry Meat
  • Roam in the center with all the tree nodes (human)


Silverwastes – Camp Resolve Skritt Hole


Silverwastes – Vinewrath Hero Point


Dry Top – Entrance

  • Location – [&BIAHAAA=]
  • Feed with Prickly Pear Sorbet. This is an account bound food that requires 400 cooking to make and 90-165 Geodes for the recipe depending on the tier of the Dry Top vendor.
  • Found in the center area with all the tree nodes (human)


Dry Top – Prosperity Waypoint

  • Location – [&BHoHAAA=]
  • Feed with Ginger-Lime Ice Cream
  • Found in the center area with all the tree nodes (human)


Fields of Ruin – Ebonhawke Cooking Station

  • Location – [&BFEBAAA=]
  • Feed it with Spicier Flank Steak
  • Shows up around the ore nodes of home instance (human)


New with Sept 20 Patch

Ember Way – Castaway Circus Waypoint


Ember Bay – Scratch Gate Waypoint

  • Location – [&BFUJAAA=]
  • Bring a nearby Stranded Skritt to it and then feed it with 1x Fire Flank Steak


New with October 4 Patch

The 9 new cats added this patch requires you to have a specific class.

Caledon Forest – Astorea Waypoint

  • Location – [&BDQBAAA=]
  • Required class: Elementalist
  • Buy 1x Slice of Rainbow Cake (account bound) from this vendor in Divinity Reach just north of Dwayna Plaza on an Elementalist.


Caledon Forest – Astorea Waypoint

  • Location – [&BDQBAAA=]
  • Required class: Ranger
  • Do the Denton event in Gendarran Fields and buy 1x Healing Seed Pod from the NPC once you finish the event.These are soulbound so you must do it on your Ranger.


Queensdale – Shaemoor Waypoint

  • Location -  [&BO8AAAA=]
  • Required class: Mesmer
  • Go on your 400 Artificer and craft this account bound 1x Mystic Tonic (Beast). Then give it to your Mesmer to feed it to this cat.


Queensdale – Shaemoor Waypoint

  • Location – [&BO8AAAA=]
  • Required class: Warrior
  • Get 1x Cheeseburger on your Warrior and feed this cat.


Wayfarer Foothills – Horncall Waypoint

  • Location – [&BHQBAAA=]
  • Required class: Necromancer
  • Get 1x Grumble Cake on your necro and feed this cat. Can be brought on coppers on the TP.


Plains of Ashford – Smokestead Waypoint

  • Location – [&BIABAAA=]
  • Required class: Engineer
  • Get 1x Flask of Pumpkin Oil on your engineer and give it to this cat.


Plains of Ashford – Smokestead Waypoint

  • Location – [&BIABAAA=]
  • Required class: Thief
  • Get 1x Harpy Feather from the event near Arca Waypoint (purchase from Forager Hitkiti) on your thief (feather is soulbound) and give it to this cat west of the waypoint


Metrica Province – Soren Draa Waypoint

  • Location: [&BEAAAAA=]
  • Required class: Guardian
  • Make the Bowl of Curry Mussel Soup (account bound, 400 chef and recipe can be purchased for 100 Crystalline Ore in Dragon’s Stand or 75 Proof of Heroics in WvW) and give it to your guardian to turn in at the cat.


PvP Lobby

  • Required class: Revenant
  • Take 39x Carrots to this cat at the PvP Lobby.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

146 replies on “GW2 Hungry Cats Feeding Guide”

Would be nice to give credit to the people that help, instead of stealing everything from reddit and other sites witouth giving any credit like you are doing lately 🙂

That’s not true at all, it just depends on the food.
e.g. You can easily feed a cat plain chicken mixed with rice and vegetables, which would be healthy and many cat-owners do it, but not if it has onions or garlic (etc ingredient that are toxic to cats) in it.

A bunch of cats and a dead bird in your home instance.
For now it’s meant as a silly easter egg, but since more and more cats seem to be added, there could be something more to it in the future.

He just doesnt take it and says something like
“The Cat looks down on your meager offering of spice”. I don’t remember the exact words but it’s something like that

Talked to all of them… This list contains 11 cats. I get only 9 in my instance..checked both asura and norn for comparison. Maybe 9 is the limit? like a pun towards 9 cats 9 lifes whatever?

Now if you found one of the cats in your home instance dead every time your character died, that would be very cool.

I just got in with no problem. Before you glide off that ledge at 0:22, I just jumped on the ledge of that pillar to the left, and glided down to vine then to HP.

Darn! When did it teleport you? Hmm to be a little clearer, at 0:22 I didn’t glide off as per video, I jumped up onto ledge to the left (not top part of pillar, the ledge slightly below it, you’ll see if the video was rotated to left 90 degrees heh), ran along that ledge, then jumped/glided to vine below (vine you’ll see at 0:23) then jumped down to HP.

It was also during the defend cycle, so no difference to video. It was night as well, though I doubt that makes any difference either.

That’s exactly what I did as well. But now, it teleports me every time. In fact, instead of gliding, I even tried to just jump down.

Nope. Teleported out. 🙁 Well . . . maybe because I got it now? Hope it still works for everyone else.

Same here. I landed far of where the person in the video did, and used the aforementioned rock nearer to middle to get up and over. Didn’t try the original path.

Tbh, I did the Vinewrath cat on two different accounts by just using LFG to find a SW with a recently-completed breach. You can just run in until the next assault starts.Took me maybe 15 minutes total.

This was a fun little thing to do. I really enjoyed this one. Thanks for the video link to get to the Vinewrath cat.

Some of the cats were picky in what they wanted to eat. You could offer it two items but it only wanted one of them. I had made all the food before looking for the cats except for the spicier flank steak which one of the cats decided it wanted.

Someone at Anet is obviously a cat lover!

I too am having trouble with this. But I don’t even see the dead bird. I fed the cat once and he doesn’t want anymore. This was done before the reset.

You only need to feed them once. First only the Beetletun and Eastern ward cats were there to be fed. After feeding both of them, I got the dead bird in one of my home insances (however it showed up for my norn character in Hoealbrak home, though I fed the cats on a human…).

And I believe a few days later (though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 5 days) the cat was in the home instance.
Then on patch day the rest of them appeared on the maps.

There are two cats at the eastern ward inn location, both can be talked to but only one wants the grilled poultry.

no, you will only get 6 cats inside home instance and dead bird near the entrance, its not game mechanics, its just fun joke from some devs i think

It would be much more easy for sure, but i guess they intentionally wanted to leave it hidden to make players discover it. Especially with the new “hidden” LW stuff they put lately i guess that they enjoy the interaction the community need to have to complete those.
Ofc a lot of people will just look at the guide and be done as always, but many enjoy the discovery part XD

i meant dead bird, jsut typo =]
i am visiting home inst each day to gather stuff (usually rata sum one), but didnt see bird yet.
if i am not wrong cat at beetletun got my food.

How does this require HoT? It’s all core Tyria maps c_c Also it’s not an achievement. Just little cats that wander your home instance. Eeesh

Has anyone tried the cat room in WvW alpine borderlands? I tried getting into it for 30 minutes and could not land on the ledge properly. It’s packed full of cats. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of them could be fed something.

I have seen it mentioned that the black cats will play with each other but they will also play with you. If you get to the snowball before a cat does, you can pick it up and throw it and the cats will chase after it.

I’ve fed all the kitties except for the one I need the geode recipe for, and I’ve counted in my home instance: seven cats, one dead bird, and one kitten. I’ve fed both kittens, but have only seen the white one. And I tried going at night in case they showed up only in day or night like when you feed them, but that’s not it either. Why don’t I seem to have the gray kitten?

gray takes a couple of days to show up in some cases, he will leave a dead bird when u enter the instance. Also I think some of the cats disappear during night time.

No, the dead bird is for an adult cat. There are two kittens on this list, and I fed both, but I have only seen one of them in my home instance.

Dulfy, I’ve yet to receive a dead bird at all, yet I’ve fed every cat in this list.

Also, I’ve noticed there was a second cat near the beetletun cat (at the houses) who could be talked to. Like the second cat at the LA Eastern ward waypoint.

I noticed Shashoo and some baby quaggans in my fountain in the human home instance… were they always there? O.o

I thought I’d mention that the day I fed the cat in Beetletun, the cat appeared immediately in my home instance that day without any dead bird. Seems other way around for other people in the comments.

I am both a cat person and a gw2 person and I think this is dumb

… unless they introduce any reason at all to do something in the home instance besides mine nodes

ther is a New Cat i the new map (Ring of fire) it’s just a the “Castaway Circus Waypoint” some1 know whot food it need???

Multiple (three?) cats in the Ring of Fire. One near the Skritt Pirate camp. It turns up it’s nose at mildy slpicy food but is interested in my Fire Flank Steak. But it will NOT accept it without proof of devotion to the Skritt. Doing the heart does not count.

For the Ember Bay cat by the Dread Shiny, pick up one of the “Stranded Skritt” and carry it over to the cat and offer it the Fire Flank Steak while holding the skritt.

I did that and no action appears when i talk to the cat (while holding the skrit in my arms). He just says he’s not interested. I tried around 10 different rats.

3 Ghost Peppers to the one at the Carnival
1 Fire Flank Steak while holding a stranded skritt in your arms. Some say you have to have earned the trust of the skritt first.

By the Circus on Ember Bay is a new Cat and by the pirat captain is also a new cat.
The first wants 3x Ghost Peppers
The second wants that you take a “stranded Skritt” bring him to cat and give the cat 1x Plate of Fire Flank Steak

There’s another new one with the Enchanted Broom’s Summon Familiar
ability. Getting near one gives you an option to interact, where they’ll
eat a green Frog in a Jar and give you a Jar of Lost Souls in return,
as well as moving into your home instance as usual.

I picked up a snowball near some Cats in my Homeinstance. Turned out they played with it and did follow me when i had the snowball untill i reached the bridge in Humanhomeinstance.

You need to get a Masterwork “Frog in a Jar” from the renown heart vendor Lionscout Tunnira in Bloodtide Coast (Archen Foreland Waypoint

Then someone with the Riding Broom toy can summon a feline cat familiar. You will get a special button action when you are near it, and can then talk to the cat familiar and give it the For in a Jar. It will be transformed into a “Jar of lost souls”, which is going to your inventory.

The feline cat familiar will linger around your candy corn node in your home instance (if you have it) and occasionally hit it and playing the so-in-love-emote.

Hope that helps.

Yes, one directly south of the Waypoint and on up the hill southwards in front of one of the farm houses. For me they say “This cat isn’t hungry right now.” Went there in Daytime

Can you post a screenshot or something that includes the minimap? Also did you figure out what they want to eat?

Anyone with an idea of what Chauncey Von Snuffles III might eat, he has a similar icon to the Feline Familiar when you stand next to him.

Just getting to this today and the cat by Caithe’s house isn’t hungry. (I have slab of poultry meat in my inventory.) The one in the center of the Grove took it though.

That one is kinda awkward lol. It took me a few days to get it, every time I went to it, it wasn’t hungry.

there are two that will only eat either at night or during the day. you’re probably trying to feed them at the wrong times.

Silverwastes – Vinewrath Hero Point

Location – [&BLcHAAA=] (only accessible during/after Vinewrath) – YOU CAN ACCESS ANYTIME DOES NOT HAVE TO BE DURING VINEWRATH – just run around behind blue building, run up cliff and glide across to sand roof then glide down into boss area, STAY CLOSE TO WALL where cat is by HP. ez peazy 😀

I checked the area and didn’t find the cat in your screenshot, but on the level right below the plateau (but not the very bottom sea level), there were two cats with that same message.

I checked at night, thinking maybe I’d get a response at a different time of day, but no such luck.

I’m not seeing the new frozen cats on here? Currently there are four: one in the jail in Rata Sum (requires Super-Hot Lemongrass Poultry Soup), one on the lilipads in The Grove (requires Super-Hot Saffron-Scented Poultry Soup), one in the junkyard in The Black Citadel (requires Super-Hot Poultry and Leek Soup), and one in Hoelbrak near Snow Leopard’s lodge (requires Super-Hot Poultry and Winter Vegetable Soup). You need to make the normal versions of these soups first, then super-heat them using the Heart of the Destroyer in the center of Mt. Maelstrom.

There’s a ghostly cat in the new Lake Doric area. He only comes out at night, in Harvest Cascades south of Noran’s Homestead POI in the northwest portion of the zone. There’s a small cave he spawns near although I’ve read accounts that indicate he may appear elsewhere, such as inside buildings at Noran’s. The cave is due east of the vista on the western side of the zone up near the north end of the zone. On my large map the cave is almost due south of the “H” in Harvest Cascades or maybe a tiny bit west of there. You have to be in ghost form from eating something like Omnomberry Ghosts. You feed him either Omnomberry Ghosts or Strawberry Ghosts. It only takes one. I’ve confirmed this and now have a ghostly cat in my home instance.

I fed the cat while in ghost form..gave me the mesage..but when i went to my home instance it wasn’t there (i also checked at night). I will try to feed it again if i find it.. >.>

Can you post the locations of the cats in the home instances for other races too (I only need sylvari, but I said all for other peoples’ sake, not just mine)? I am keeping all my cats in the Grove. Idk if it is account bound and if they just show up in all race home instances once you get it the one time…but either way, I never go in any of the other home instances because I pretend all my characters live together in my headquarters in The Grove. I fed the white and black cat with the bows around their necks, but cannot find them in my instance since I am unsure where they sleep. My leopard follows me everywhere haha and the ghost cat is easy to find in my home 🙂 Ty!

They show up in all instances once acquired. For the grove one of the kittens with a bow shows near the Christmas tree (not sure if it’s the one you’re looking for)

there is a cat in the SAB, world 2, zone 2. The pagoda with lots of traps and ninjas, you need to take the hard path to get there. Seems like you need to feed the cat piranha.

New hungry cat named Simon in the final room of Shattered Observatory. Access after defeating Arkk by heading back out into the room before, interact with the center mechanism, and going into the east room. Simon will be atop the jp’ish zone, standing next to a tombstone. It eats integrated fractal matrices, +9 agony infusions, and golden fractal relics.

It can be accessed before fight with Arkk. As for items wiki list also Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy and it seems that he still wants something more…

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