GW2 Gemstore–Amethyst Aegis and Bloodstone Circlet

GW2 gemstore has a couple new items this week including the Amethyst Aegis shield skin, Bloodstone Circlet headgear and Mini Jungle Lord Faren.

New Items

Amethyst Aegis – 600 gems

  • No draw sound, some sparkle effects.
  • Available for 7 days only.


Shattered Bloodstone Circlet – 400 gems

  • Doesn’t seem to dye too well, need bright colors as they get darkened by the material.
  • [&AgHUNQEA]


Mini Jungle Lord Faren – 350 gems

  • Tarzan inspired Faren?
  • Available for 7 days only.


Returning Items

  • wQnxy

    no style hairkit sale :<

  • Isabella R

    another disappointing tuesday v.v

  • Allison

    the jungle faren is crackin me up

  • Hentai Akuma

    Taric’s shield

    • PJ

      Now I have to buy lol

  • Hea ven On ea rth

    The circlet code don’t seems to work…

  • Taiwan Wolf

    But I wanted a Jungle Faren Outfit, not just a mini. 🙁

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    Why 7 days only?

    • Diggity

      Because they want to make these items scarce so that the next time they offer them people will spend mad gems on them.

  • Diggity

    Is there a chat code for the Amethyst Aegis? I want to preview it wielding to check for clipping.

    • Answerer

      Any item can be reviewed from the skins tab, called the Wardrobe, at any bank.
      Just toggle to weapons > one handed > shields, since its name starts with A it should be in the first 2 rows.

      (Shields are considered 1 handed weapons, I had that problem before, but apparantly both WoW and GW2 do that)

      • Diggity

        Except that gemstore items are not available in the wardrobe if you don’t buy them.

        • Lust

          at any bank they are.

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