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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales August 30 – September 6

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales August 30 – September 6


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84 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales August 30 – September 6”

I would have preferred to see the Stronghold Pack or an embargo with plentiful items that is not filled with outdated crafting mats. Oh well, I’ll probably still buy a few from a Chinese botter on the GTN.

They’ll probably get to it some time.

It was nice to have a chance to finally finish a few of these reps that I still had unfinished.

Today i have found so after more than 3 years of sub without pause i became to be a pref. And think so will don’t sub again…

Yeah, keep releasing this crap instead of giving us real content, I’m glad I decided not to pay anymore for this incomplete cash grab game.

What? You mean this week’s CM sale didn’t give us any new game content? I’m going to have to consider sitting down during the National Anthem for this injustice!

A year long piss weak story that is for force users and fuck every other class that could have been done and dusted in one sitting had they released it all as one expansion rather then milk the player base over many months??

If that is Bw’s best; then they need to give up.

How about i give up when you face facts aka that little thing you deny called reality?? Deal?? 🙂

I’m only halfway through the year long epic that is “The Force Awakens”!*

*I’m watching 2.5 minutes per weekend

Actually, it’s not a year long… We don’t know how long it actually is, because it never ended, did it? Now we get to play KotET, and God only knows how long THAT will take… IF it ends in KotET… The mind boggles…

I’m ok with him escaping… Well, I’m not really… But AT THE VERY LEAST please don’t do it with falling debris again… lol…

They aren’t the same Arcann. It’s like with Vader and Starkiller. Valkorion keeps a supply of clones on hand and when one falls he teleports in another. Until finally, the outlander is the perfect vessel for Vitiate/Valkorion’s soul

A story or expansion as you pretend it to be that could be completly finished in under a week (piss wrak story, star fortress and all alliance misions) but Bioware drags it out over 12 months cause they know this and fool idiots into thinking otherwise?? Yeah nice swing and a miss there.

Still content whether you like it or not, just not the content you want.
You must have been great fun on xmas morning when you didn’t get the toys you wanted.

O buy from me, by the cartel marr ket
What so disgust ing lee, we steal from you
corporate douchebags singing, in the night of swtors death
And with re skins galore, we make cash off you whores

The cartel market national anthem

Yes because we all know SWTOR is the only mmo to have a in game store and that it spends aaaaaalllllll of it’s time reducing the eradicators warsuit by 55%.

SWTOR may not be the only MMO with a in game store but it is in a league of it’s own in how much focus is given to the CM and it’s lottery boxes. Other MMO’s let you buy directly the outfit you want like TSW for example. SWTOR, it is all about fucking over it’s player base.

“SWTOR may not be the only MMO with a in game store but it is in a league of it’s own in how much focus is given to the CM and it’s lottery boxes.”
Have you visited the GW2 gem store or the WOW store?
So Bioware put stuff in boxes for morons to open.

RNG items of SWTOR CM vs. Other mmo’s direct purchase of exactly what you want? Yup I stand by my original point.

Then go in-game get credits and buy of GTN.
It’s not rocket science…..jeeez.
If that’s too complicated and you wanna use real cash buy the packs sell on GTN and make in games creds. I got 150 mill that and bought all the vented and arbiter swords with and new mounts.
Fuck me its not complicated.

Yup keep making excuses for the piss weak efforts bioware are passing off as content. Then stay happily oblivious as to why the game is going to shit.

You’ve been pretty clear about your hatred for WoW on here but comparing WoW’s cash shop to SWTOR’s is like saying a basketball is the same as a tree branch.

WoW’s cash shop has 10 mounts, about the same amount of pets, and 3 cosmetic-only helms. That’s it. You know exactly what you are paying for. Zero RNG. That’s 10 mounts that can be purchased directly for $25 each (or if you’re smart you wait until sales when they are around $10-15) while the remaining 350 can be attained in game.

I don’t hate WOW i just got bored of it but i’m not on their forums bitching about it every 5 mins.
Any cash shop is optional. THAT’S IT STRAIGHT FORWARD.
There is nothing in a cash shop that you NEED to play the game.
It’s ALL cosmetic.
All i see here is whiners who don’t like RNG.
Then don’t do it. I dont.

That wasn’t your point that I was responding to. You directly compared SWTOR’s shop to WoW’s (and other games) as if they were the same and were misleading by saying the only difference is that SWTOR puts items in a box that has to be opened. They are both optional, true, but one is gambling with RNG and the other isn’t. A huge difference.

Considering it is a LOT more in content then the last two SWTOR expansions combined, regardless if it is getting mixed responses, at least WOW players actually HAVE new content to enjoy and quite a lot while all we get is CM updates.

And they have had to wait a long time for expansions and the last one was awful.
2012 – 2016 is a long wait and we’ve had a shit ton of stuff since then.
Regardless if it’s getting mixed responses?????. So if people say it’s shit thats ok?
We’ve just had a massive year long story update, which although i wasn’t a fan of was a big task for the team.

2012 – 2016 is a long wait and we’ve had a shit ton of stuff since then:
Panderia, warlords, legion vs rothc and Sor.

The time we had to wait was about the same except their expansions were far deeper in content to say nothing of # of ops.

And yes, I didn’t include KOTFE because the game gave us nothing outside of the piss weak story, that god awful on rails gameplay and the lame level increase which really wasn’t a level cap increase. At least the first two swtor expansions had fp’s and ops and daily areas aka legit expansions but come on, kotfe can barely be counted as proper content when it was just a year long advert for cm items.

Until legion everyone was saying WOW was dead so I dont know where your your coming from.
Legion will put a bit of life back into WOW just as the next expansion will do to SWTOR.
Don’t you people see the cycle here?

Lol 5 million SUBS hardly constitutes as dead. Wow has yet to go f2p to survive. Swtor on the other hand………

The WOW forums were full of whiners (like yourself) the bitched constantly how there was no new endgame content, how PVP was ruined by gear accessibility, same shit I see here TBH.
People like you are the cancer of games.

The pre-launch event cinematics for Legion had more emotion in their story than all of KotFE combined.

Mixed responses? It’s been live for 1 day…lmao. That’s like watching the opening credits on a movie, turning it off, and telling people it was meh.

Pre launch had more emotion????
Look you like WOW i like SWTOR, i found their intro cinematic dull and showed little new whereas the KOTFE was incredible with real heartfelt emotion when arcann killed his twin and earned the respect of his cold father at the same time as introducing a whole new race of beings.
Not even in the same ballpark m8.

I don’t think you understand what I’m talking about here. I don’t mean the Legion trailer, I’m talking about the cinematics that played during the pre-launch event that kicked off in early August. The ones that played to culminate scenarios that you actively played in with dozens of other players and had lore impacting results for major characters that have been around for decades. Not a trailer that showed characters you know nothing about and which took the previous story you’ve been playing through for years and shoved it aside in an effort to reboot and grab new players.

It’s also telling that you had to go all the way back to the KOTFE trailer to find a moment of importance. Because it seems that is the only moment where a choice was made that actually mattered. By an NPC. In a trailer.

As for why I come here to post? Easy. It amuses on several levels, sometimes I have a good convo or debate with someone, and I’m just amazed that there will be hundreds of comments over a CM post while Black Desert can announce its going p2w and get about 10 comments…lol. Plus it’s easy to just pop on Dulfy. I can’t go to SWTOR forums since I’m not a sub.

My thought just from watching the opening cinematic on youtube was…”there isnt anything new?” IE all the demons and such are same old creatures from Burning Crusade. Just seems like BC revisited. Pretty hard to get excited about it.

WoW wouldn’t even waste its time squatting over SWTOR. It stepped over SWTOR the way we step over ants while on the way to the crapper…we don’t even notice they are there.

Lmao! but if you want the mask to finish the set, it will cost you around 550 CC so the set is still going to cost you over 1000 CC. Hell maybe next months 55% sale will be the mask lol.

Yeah i was disappointed with that. I already have the armor and i’ve wanted to unlock the mask for my legacy but it is still 400CC. Don’t know why they would only put a discount on the armor and not the mask, unless they are actually going to do a different sale just for the mask.

Dumb? I guarantee the whales, who have money mind you, are probably smarter than the majority of autistic virgins who constantly hope the game dies.

Don’t be mad they can afford to buy pixels when you need moms credit card.

Appears someone either forgot to turn off the Gree event or they’re running it a second week….

Hi. I’m John Smedley. You may know me as the guy who spews hate and discontent at each and every gambling pack that is released. Yesterday I bought one hypercrate of the Vice Commandant’s and got TWO, count them, TWO Revan Holostatues. SUCK IT RNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure Bioware devs are getting fired right now because you happened to win some pixels few other people can spawn in exchange for the steady flow of cash you’ve been pumping into the game.

REALLY?! the same guy who not two weeks ago referred to the crates, and I quote:
“What a total waste of money. Go spend your money somewhere else folks. This is just stupid shit right here.”

Interesting. Very interesting…

…..and here we have your typical toxic SWTOR whiner who is now as happy as a pig in shit cause he got a couple of Revan statues.
My case entirely.

I realize this is a fake account but every time I see this name, I remember how big of a bigot this guy is against the handicap. When he was running DCUO, he went out of his way to refuse assistance to handicap players over there who just wanted a level playing field and customer support.

Then I remember that SWTOR is the same way.

Apparently those contraband packs still drop the grade 7 exotic crafting materials that they made completely useless and replaced em with something else, only they forgot to put something of use in these packs.

I rate this transaction 35€ / 24 packs. Highly recommend this seller, very generous.

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