Black Desert Miniature Elephant Mount Guide

A guide to getting the Miniature Elephant Mount in Black Desert Online.[toc]

Getting Started

To get a Miniature Elephant you will need 35 million in silvers and have to do a series of quests after. Make sure you convert the 35 million into 5x 10g gold bars and 3x 100g gold bars at the storage NPC and bring it with you. There doesn’t seem to be a level requirement, as long you got the silvers.

Head to Shakatu’s Villa in the north coast of Valencia. You will want to spend the 5x 10g gold bars buying a 7 day pass to Shakatu’s Villa from the Villa NPC at the entrance.


Once you spend the 5x 10g gold bars on the pass, enter the Villa and talk to Serazad inside.


She will give you the first quest in the series, which require you giving Shakatu (not her) 3x 100g gold bars to get a permit.


Elephant Quests

After you give Shakatu 30 million and return to Serazad, you have to do a series of quests

  • Freshly Scooped Cool Water – Buy 20 Empty Bottles from a Material Vendor and get 20 Bottles of River Water. Use the NPC tab to locate the Material vendor inside Shakatu to buy the bottles. There is water right inside Shakatu that you can collect for river water.After you get the water, water the Elephant Nursery right outside the Villa.


  • Freshly Prepped Folder – Gather 100 weeds and feed it to the Elephant Nursery. Much like the water, you have to gather it after you get this quest as the weed you had from before do not count. This part may take a while but there are some thickets in the canyon and road south of the Villa you can gather the weeds from. Thickets are the best for getting weeds and tend to give 1-5 weeds per gather usually. If you have pet cats you can use their detect node special ability to locate thickets for you.


  • Owner of a Special Elephant – This the final quest, talk to the Stable NPC in Shakatu and receive your personal mini elephant mount!


Mini Elephant Mount

The Miniature Elephant Mount can carry only 1 person and it is fairly slow. It is great at carrying trade packs across the desert however. It will consume carrots to replenish its stamina and HP just like a normal horse.



It can carry 16 items and 830 LT of weight at level 1. Default speed/acceleration are 101%. At its maximum level (Level 15), it can carry 1200 LT of weight with a speed/acceleration of 104.8%.


You can craft armor for the elephants in the Horse Gear Workshop which has been updated with Elephant Gear. These armor require some materials only found in Valencia.


By Dulfy

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58 replies on “Black Desert Miniature Elephant Mount Guide”

After getting the 7day pass i try to talk to the kid but he does not give me the next quest plz help i just want dumbo!!!

The mount is very cute and no regrets buying it simply for that.

However, it is so very slow. I assumed that once in the desert it would speed up like the Camel, as that was supposed to be it’s main use; hauling through the desert but at this snails pace it will take forever to cross the desert. Which is not ideal now with Valencia 2 PvP in the Desert area.

I tested outside Sand Bazaar into the Red Desert but the speed did not change on entering it like the Camel does. Is it supposed to or am I missing something from the reference to the desert in the text?

The speed change from level 1 > Level 15 max is only 4.8% speed increase which will make little difference. And no craft able shoes even wont help.

How do others who have it or tried it max level in KR feel about this?

It seems only useful to cruise around town for a pose as it is. Possibly as more storage and weight on a boat which seems kind of sad use for it.

I think the idea is that with the boost to Valencia trading in this patch, the elephant is comparable with the merchant wagon in terms of storage space and weight limit. Wagons don’t work in the desert (I made that mistake, wagons move slower than when they’re out of lifespan. A player could literally crawl faster), so the elephant is really the only option to take advantage of the Valencia trading rewards. It may seem “too slow” but it’s actually faster than almost every other alternative when hauling trade goods, aside from the camel.

Transporting goods via backpack is too slow and risky. Transporting via camel is faster, but not much inventory space/weight capacity to maximize profit with time invested. Trade via ship still takes too long, and I’m not sure if the benefits for time invested is worthwhile.

Transporting trade goods via elephant is slower than the camel, but it’s faster than on foot/horse/wagon, and offers more inventory space and capacity (comparable to a 4-horse wagon). So, it seems pretty clear in this case that if you want to take advantage of Valencia II trade increases, you need an elephant to do so in a significant way – skills or no skills.

I Brand it at level 1 to get high change getting skill, but till now at level 4 I haven’t got any skill yet. What is the red cirle with question mark inside? (below DP 0) on mount Information.

For people who don’t know, u can harvest the date palm trees with bare hands and get lots of weeds from them.. got a 100 in a few minutes

Bit of Life Hack for you folks: You can harvest the water you need for the elephant from the water ponds at Shakatu’s Villa, provided you brought water bottles with you.

This helps to save you a trip…plus its funny to imagine NPCs watching as you take Shakatu’s bath water and use it to water his elephants.

so that is the first quest if your elephant turns out poorly you can do a repeatable quest at shakatu ( for me it was 50 Shiny Golden Seal – [Mediah Trade] and 2x 100g gold bars. this gives you a hay stack to raise an elephant in your farm (18hours approx in valencia) for quest info

Great guide… but BEWARE… ensure you go to the correct VILLA. Stupid me… in our joy of finding things,etc both my wife and I went to the WRONG villa.. paid 5mil to get in… and there is a person in there that is named the same as above.. but does NOT give you the quest. Geez I feel stupid. Ah well… ah well, I hope I can save someone else the shame. ;-(

I just made that mistake. ‘oh I know people made mistake, I’ll be careful’ – proceeds to buy pass to neighboring villa. But hey, it has nice 200 cp/500k silver daily so I have that going for me which is good… I guess. 😀

Thanks so much for making this guide! So many important details that are just really hard to find or figure out on my own. Appreciate your time and efforts on making guides <3

Great guide as always Dulfy. Just wanted to point out one minor inconsistency. The elephant’s speed is incorrect. Mine is level 14 at 109.3% speed. It started off at 100%, not 101.

However, the guide to getting the elephant, spot on! Wonderful guide, thanks!

So i’ve raised 2 of these both to lvl 15, both started with 101% speed and ended with 110%. JoyRide is nice but the Accel skill *unsure if upgrade the mask increases this boost, i have it to +6 atm* can outrun most horses that are autopathing, i did win a race against a lvl 12 tier 2 horse. Downsets so far, Bandits stop the elephant ‘he’ll live wayyy after u die though’ and he consumes thousands of stamina in minutes with the Accel skill. Mini elephant having 0 combat capability kinda sucks in a jam. i still prefer it vs trade wagon for 2 reasons, Way faster, & easier to offroad ‘if transporting illicit goods’, occasionally merchant wagons are out of stock so either craft 1 or wait. although the auto pilot is rather slow for mini & can be stopped by thieves. carries more weight & 16 slots isnt shabby. unsure if farming skill effects the elephants u can raise in a garden, have yet to find anything about that yet.

Shakatu will give you a 2nd & 3rd elephant for.. i believe the 2nd is 20mil & trade seals “calphys i think” the 3rd i didnt recognize which seals i believe it was another 20-30mil so must be for doing trade East of altinova.

is a level requiered to get the quest. i went with the 35 millions and the npc dind`t have quest for me, not even one, i lvl 49 .
btw i lost 5 millions =(

The little pool/foutain just inside the villa will give bottles of river water so bring empty bottles with you and collect right inside then step out to water save a lot of running

Press O to open the quest window, make sure (ALL) is selected, and go in, quest should be available, not sure at low level tho

You can also use a hoe on the Date Palm Trees in Shakatu to get the weeds 3-5 per picking! and you also get dates!

PSA For me the quest did not show up until I activated one of the buffs from Serazad. So perhaps bring another 1G bar just in case.

PSA This guide appears to be a bit outdated. Shakatu’s invitation is 1 100g bar.

IF you are not seeing the quest from Serazad check your quest log (Press O) At the bottom left of the window there is text labled “PREFER” Make sure the “ALL” box right next to the text is selected and the quest should appear.

now its upgraded guys oso you need 40 mil in total 10 for the villa pass and 30 for the rest

This is outdated. First you don’t need Villa at all if you already did the quest one time, all you have to do is talk to Serazad. He wants 1200 Bandit seals + 2x 200g.

i did the get a second mini elephant quest but after that she just gave me haystack but where do i get my 2nd elephant?

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