SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 4.7.1

SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 4.7.1. This is incomplete and will be updated once a newer patch is available (should be this weekend or earlier). Updated with decorations


Dark Advisor Armor Set– Gold


Gifted Wanderer Armor Set – Silver


Sanguine Commando’s Armor Set – Silver


Secret Agent’s Armor Set – Gold



Frontier Hunter’s DualsaberSilver


Frontier Hunter’s Lightsaber – Silver


Frontier Hunter’s Blaster Rifle – Silver

Frontier Hunter’s Assault Cannon – Silver


Frontier Hunter’s Blaster – Silver


Frontier Hunter’s Sniper Rifle – Silver



Meirm CaimanBronze


Rendili Stormlight – Bronze


Coastline Luxury Sidecar – Silver


Speckled Manka Cat – Gold


Z-4C Slingshot – Gold


Sunburst Vorn Tiger – Gold



Advanced Soft-Blue Hawkeye Crystal – Silver

Tropical Grophet – Bronze

Creature Companion: Exoboar


Model Manaan Submarine – Silver

Title: The Manipulator – Bronze


Gallery View: http://tor-decorating.com/category/database/source/cartel-market/packs/alliance-packs/manipulator-alliance-pack/

  • Truly Deceptive

    They STILL aren’t releasing the Shadow’s Disciple Armor Set yet.

    gg, TrollWare. gg.

    • Truly Deceptive

      On the bright side, we can haz miniature Sparkys.

    • g

      TrollWare? Really you think that they trolled us with that? We were trolled by BioWare, with datamined armor?

      • Harold

        The mask was shown 6 years ago. They advertised the Inquisitor with this mask shown in multiple trailers. This is trolling. Only a fanboy would defend them for showing us this mask for this long without making it available. Despite it being in the first trailers released for this game, is was the original mask of Brontes and many enemies are wearing the mask. They use any possibility they can get to tease you with this. Every new wave of content has this mask somewhere.

        • StrangeDais

          It must be a conspiracy Harold!

    • Healy

      Haha I know right, wtf are they doing?

  • TMNJ

    Weapons look nice, hope they don’t sound like shit (as they usually do)

  • Fred Garvin

    Hmmm…the Secret Agent armor actually looks kinda nice. When I resub for one month at some point to wade through 1,000,000 Sky Troopers to finish the story-that-matters I’ll have to pick it up.

    • Andhros

      You’re getting ripped off. My brother pays the same price as you and gets several multiplayer features. You may want to contact customer service about that, although I think you have to do it while subbed in order to get a response.

    • StrangeDais

      That’s really interesting Fred.

      • Fred Garvin

        It’s more than interesting. It’s…

  • Darth Twinge

    Actually looks like this might be pretty good lineup so far.
    Yay for Black metal weapons!

  • Michael

    Lame. Lame. And oh ya. Lame

  • Abmong

    *0* Yawn

  • DerpDude

    Oooh….actually some nice and simple stuff for once…what happened at EAware ? Some interns snuck in stuff or what ?

  • Dread Master Ozariah

    Dark advisor set actually quite interesting. So secret agent remind me of some pirate captain suit

  • Cmon

    Anddd more dress up vs. Content. Sigh..

    • Dread Master Ozariah

      Dress up wins! And that sucks.

    • Kaelin

      emmmm…. you do understand that themes like “….Upcoming Items from Patch…” will have nothing but screenshots of upcoming items in them?

  • jedimastercosmin

    A game update? Cool! Maybe we’ll be getting something new and…
    Oh… more items. Damn.
    Well, at least Lana’s outfit is there. At least I think it is.

    Bioware, can I change Lana’s armor already?

    • Kaelin

      emmmm…. you do understand that themes like “….Upcoming Items from Patch…” will have noithing but screenshots of upcoming items in them?

      • jedimastercosmin

        Considering that sometimes they fail to mention certain changes in the Patch Notes, I’m expecting anything at this point 😛

    • fake

      from the look of it this lana rip off comes with a glitchy, long skirt rather than pants and long tunic lana has :/

    • BrianDavion

      4.8 proably is where they give the HK storyline for the handful of us (myself included mind you) who actually have it.

  • Quinn “Fellow Gamer” Gillespie

    Very well done! Loving these armor designs!

    • Quinn “Fellow Gamer” Gillespie

      Kinda wish that the Sanguine Commando didn’t have a cape though. >_<

  • d o o t

    Wasn’t this supposed to be an mmo

    • Seph

      This game has become Barbie dress up with the occasional 0.5 hour lame story and “mash-your-1-button” game play. .

      ….I wish I was joking about that.

      • guest

        So why are you even here?

    • Kaelin

      Wasn`t this supposed to be a theme about upcoming items only?

  • Yawn.

    • Kaelin


      • Fred Garvin


        • Kaelin

          hm…. I just don`t know any longer. I had a feeling writing that meaningless crap is so popular

  • Jha

    What shit

  • Sabretooth
  • Gary

    The Sanguine Commando armor set actually looks pretty cool, and is only a silver item, so I’ll be able to get it pretty cheap. A cloak on a commando armor set is pretty cool, and the eye patch over the left eye is a nice finishing touch. Kind of looks like something Captain Typho would wear on a pathfinding mission.

  • HouseFurcifer

    Mixed bag this round imo.
    no bronze Armor even though some of it should be since it looks so basic.

    Weapons, love em! love all of em! hopefully the saber will have that slimmer blade that most modern sabers have and a decent activation sound

    biggest let down. Soft Blue Crystal. I mean c’mon, how many more freaking Blue crystals does this game need! The next update is all about HK they could have given us a Yellow crystal since there aren’t any shall we say ‘traditional” looking yellow crystals that can be unlocked in collections

    • Zasz

      There is a reason why red and yellow arent in collections. Yellow is the default color for weapons. Some lightsabers have red from my vanilla days, even some of the recently added lightsabers have red like unstable and vented sabers.
      Also red, green, amethyst, blue, fire red, orange and yellow are made with artifice. Doesnt make sense to build them AND have them in collections. So they kept the default colors to produce and the special colors for the cartel market. Thise cost under 100k credits (on my realm).

      • HouseFurcifer

        What I mean and what I was hoping for is something in the same style as Farmhand Blue, Desert Green, Imperial Crimson, something that is like a pale yellow (like the saberstaffs of the Star Wars ‘Canon’ Temple Guards) that can be bought and unlocked in collections. While Yellow is the default color they don’t possess the +41 stats as the crystal types I just mentioned. i am aware that Hawkeye Yellow crystals can be crafted, I’m not saying that they create an identical crystal for the cartek market

      • HouseFurcifer

        Also I am aware of that Yellow-Orange-White crystal but that’s not what i mean as a pale yellow, that looks awful imo, it looks like butter. this is the kind of color i mean. not as vibrantly yellow as the common crystal but not butter either lol

        • Zasz

          Looks like a middle ground between the default yellow and the white-yellow crystal.

          • HouseFurcifer

            exactly. which is why making a color like this plays into the trend of crystals like Farmhand Blue etc. and gives us an unlockable yellow crystal

  • Kaelin

    That pack is ok, not all that amazing but ok so far. Some simple armor sets for once, without ugly oversized shoulder pads, its good. Weapons are ok. Like New title. And new creature companion… I was thinking we were going to have rancor companion next, saw some datamined info about it, that a shame. Want to see new decorations, I do hope we will have new decorations in that pack. Pretty interested in new weapon tuning, hope new pack with have it as well.
    All in one, I`m not sure I will buy new pack, yes it do have Sunburst Vorn Tiger mount (Tigers look really nice, like the one I have) but I`m not all that eager to get any other item from it as soon as possible, I can wait for that mount and other items for a few days.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I’m looking forward to the title and the variant of Lana’s KotFE armor (Dark Advisor).

  • Zasz

    I think most of the armor sets are just a random thought. They dont appear to be lore related at all. There are so many sets people would love to see like boba fett, luke in return of the jedi, anakin during his battle against obi-wan on mustafa… or lightsaber hilts with a different design… Currently it appears they are just recombining sets and recycling old designs and sell them as new.

    • lore

      Yeah, I really can’t understand why they are not leaning more on the movies for armor sets and weapons. There is so much great material there, almost makes me wonder if it is a contractual thing.

      • abaddonsmummy

        Most of the weapons are there, boba fette’s rifle, hans blaster, kylos saber and you can make up some gear to look like bobas, leia’s lando’s etc with some dyes.
        Try TOR fashion for some ideas.
        You can get pretty close.

    • JRP

      Never mind the fact that SW: TOR is set around 3,999 years BEFORE even the events of Episode I. LOL!!! How can you dress as characters who haven’t even been BORN yet?

      • abaddonsmummy

        Vented saber??????

        • Kaelin

          that saber is not someones special. Yes they gave it to us because of Kylo, but still. And its not an exact copy

          • abaddonsmummy

            It’s Kylo’s saber…or a damn close version of it in all but name.

            • Darth Ji’inx

              Literally, the only similarity is the crossguard, which is not unique to Kylo.

              • abaddonsmummy

                I never said it was unique to kylo.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                You said it was “damn close” to Kylo’s. What I’m saying is that a crossguard doesn’t automatically make his saber. The Vented saber has a different hilt and stable blades.

              • abaddonsmummy

                If you read up to the comment that started this we were taking about SW movie items in the game.
                MOVIE ITEMS.
                Not Cannon.
                cut and paste……..

              • Darth Ji’inx

                I know. Kylo’s saber is a movie item. The Vented saber is not his, meaning it’s not a movie item. Its inclusion in this game may have been inspired by his saber from a marketing perspective, but not from a lore perspective.

            • HouseFurcifer

              Actually Star Wars: Rebels has adjusted canon to state that Cross Guard Lightsabers were the style of saber used by Jedi in The Old Republic era so really while the saber is known for being used by Kylo it’s not actually HIS design

              • abaddonsmummy

                I never said it was.
                Where did I say that?
                The guy said you cant get film designs into a games set thousands of year before and I said kylo’s saber/vented saber is one of many examples that they have done this.
                I wasn’t stating it’s the only cross guard out there or it’s absolutely identical????

              • HouseFurcifer

                “it’s Kylo’s saber.. or a damn close version of it in all but name.” this implies that you see the design as his. we simply made the point that it’s not Kylo’s

              • abaddonsmummy

                If you read up to the comment that started this we were taking about SW movie items in the game.
                MOVIE ITEMS.
                Not Cannon.

            • Kaelin

              Kylo’s is unstable (because he f*cked something up creating it?). And we have at least one more saber with crossguard, with green blade and it’s stable, other people already told you everything you need to know about it

              • abaddonsmummy

                “other people already told you everything you need to know about it”?
                Wait what? Who?
                The guy said you cant get film designs into a games set thousands of year before and I said kylo’s saber/vented saber is one of many examples that they have done this.
                I wasn’t stating it’s the only cross guard out there or it’s absolutely identical????

              • Kaelin

                I’m talking about crossguard style being used by Jedi in The Old Republic Era. It’s not a unique thing like Darth Vader’s armor for example

              • abaddonsmummy

                We’ll never see Vader helmet anyway.
                You can get really close with the armour though.

              • Kaelin

                That’s the point. We will never get it, because that design was created for a special person many years later. Yes, we have a close to it thing, but it do not have special details we love his armor for

              • abaddonsmummy

                Even as a big Star wars fan (and vader fan) I dont think i want to see 100 vader’s on fleet.
                You can get close if you put the effort in which thankfully only a minority do otherwise it would get boring real fast.

    • abaddonsmummy

      I agree.
      There have been ‘some’ nice sets recently but if they can put in the vented saber for example then they can give us some other movie sets surely.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Weird…I had a dream last night that the new pack was posted here O.o

    Looks like our Gold armors are a variant of Lana’s KotFE armor and a Theron-inspired set.

  • Macleod

    While there is nothing wrong with “basic” sets as they over do it most of the time, these are just straight up boring. 😀

  • FacelessOne

    I like how the dark advisor and the secret agent sets are just recolored ripoffs of Lanas and Therons current armors… “Well done”!

    • Darth Ji’inx

      One’s a variant (slight armor plating, cloth piece, and color differences), while the other doesn’t appear to reuse any Theron armor pieces. Besides, even if they were direct copies, I see nothing wrong with getting Lana’s new armor for personal use since we got her old one awhile back.

    • Xenovia

      You do realise that Lana is The Dark Advisor right?

  • abaddonsmummy

    There’s been some great packs recently this one not so.
    Blasters nice but no blaster rifle?
    Would like to see if there are any animations on the assault cannon otherwise it looks a bit like the crafted ones.
    …..and no more rendili’s please.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      The blaster rifle is listed here. There’s just no image yet.

      • abaddonsmummy

        Ahh I see it now thx

  • This is honestly all a bit plain for my taste. Bleh…

    • Stitch

      but now we all know that you’ll say that then turn around and buy 3 hypercrates lol

  • Batorr

    The coastline luxury sidecar looks nice. I know its a reskin, but its a nice reskin of a mount I already like. The slingshot is also a mount I will be wanting to pick up.

  • ghostbeetle

    Hmm, not sure what a “soft blue” is supposed to look like (and I also hope that they’ll bring out a lighter shade of yellow colour crystal soon), but the sabers have a nice design and the secret agent looks like a nice, practical, everyday-wear kind of thing, without ridiculuos shoulders or cumbersome life-support systems added on.
    Need to make some credits for the GTN!

  • ghostbeetle

    ‘Sanguine Commando’ looks (and sounds!) like a vampire hunter, ‘tho.^^

  • ooooll

    wow, this whole pack is weak AF

  • LanaLover

    Any chacne to see 3d model of Dark Advisor and whether it has a skirt or long tunic? Thanks.

  • gguy

    the 7z speeder looks quite sweet and the outfits are decent too =P!

  • HouseFurcifer

    on the recently added mount pics: that manka cat looks awesome as does the slingshot mount!

  • Magnus McMillan

    This is supposed to be the HK series Pack? if so I am strongly dissapointed. I was long term hoping for HK series cyborg parts and some more HK customizations….

    • Darth Ji’inx

      That was its original name. Now it’s the “Manipulator Alliance Pack.”

      • Kaliyaa

        or MAP for short lol

    • Adam Wright

      There’s a ton of droid decorations in it.

    • HK Guest

      I was really hoping everything would be named and themed HK, we can never have enough HK stuff.

  • Figures the Rendili is just a re-skin, as is the side-car one (again). sigh

    the only good things in this release (to me) is:

    Meirm Caiman- Bronze

    the Sanguine Commando armor

    and the Manka Cat + Vorn Tiger mounts. THAT’S REALLY IT! LOL

  • Mathew Chilton

    Hope there’s a rifle to match that sniper, and it’s as cool lookin.

  • Ben Gimson

    Dark Advisor… finally! 😀

    • hhkt

      You do realize that its lower body piece is gonna be a conal dress rather than a lung tunic and pants like the real tging?

      • Ben Gimson

        Doesn’t matter. Lower section isn’t very remarkable, it’s the top bit I’m keen on (even if they have decided to be spiteful and fuck it up).

  • ghostbeetle

    With the Slingshot they finally managed to put out another mount that doesn’t look completely boring from behind (Which is, of course, where I’ll be, most of the time anyway)!

    There’s some cool mounts in this game, but once you put them underneath your charas you only get to see the ass-end of ’em. The Meirm Moth is the worst – looks badass from the front, but practically none-existent from the back!

  • Bribri

    That Secret Agent Set is MINE

  • KevinSaku

    Wow except for the sanguine gear and maybe the weapons this pack ain’t got nothing seriously where’s our Arcann’s set?

  • You get what you paid for…

    KotET has hit the PTS, so /u/swtorhamster and we from Jedipedia have started data mining. In order to not interfere with BioWare’s plans, we have committed to a voluntary media blackout until the NYCC cantina tour on October 5th.
    That being said, we couldn’t resist teasing you with the following:
    9 new chapters, first chapter is called Betrayal on Voss
    In some chapters, play other characters including a mouse droid and a Zakuul Knight!
    New repeatable content: Uprisings on 8 planets (solo, tactical and hard mode available)
    New (and old) locations
    New companions: Empress Acina and Shae Vizla
    Level cap increased to 70
    Crew skills increased to 600
    New endgame gear (rating 236/240/244), PvP gear (224/228) and augments (228)
    Keep in mind that everything is subject to change; this is a very early PTS patch and we may not have understood everything correctly yet. In the following weeks, we will verify all changes so we can get you correct data on October 5th!

    • John Kosto

      If these “Uprisings” are in the fashion of the Star Fortress, that will be the worst thing that SWTOR has ever done. Star Fortress was already a failure, since it was basically like saying they are too lazy to create new Flashpoints, so here, take a random flashpoint generator that creates the same mission over and over again, do it at least 6 times with each character if you want all the clone companions, and then do it a few more because this is the only new endgame material.

      I was going to say that I really hope this is not how it will be, but then I remembered I will not be a sub for KOTET so I don’t care.

    • kirk


      • Noomi

        Actually if you would check it, Jedipedia confirms it … so the troll is you

    • Ben Gimson

      “Empress Acina”

      Imma call BS.

    • sdfasfadga

      Why would Vizla join the outlander when she has the Mandalorians?
      Why would Acina join the outlander when she has the Empire?

      Unless you mean temp companions which even then sound stupid as fuck.


      • Paulo Gomes

        At this point I think they can justify ANYTHING. If they put you on Odessen using the Force to make a weapon you don’t actually need (Force user or not), anything goes. I would personally welcome Shae into the fold, I love that Mandalorian. Acina I remember from the Seeker Droids mission, I don’t have anything for or against. But being true, I want to see the reasons they give us for getting them. I’m curious about that now…

    • Paulo Gomes

      OMFG!!! I actually joked about playing the story as a Zakuul Knight in another, unrelated thread… It seems I was partially right! Loooool…

    • BohemianDupley

      please, no

  • Jonathan Parker

    I love how they finally give people Lana’s robes from KotFE, but it’s got some weird metal thing on the chest and it doesn’t even have the scarf/hood around the top. What the hell?

    At least we’re getting another halfway decent assault cannon. My Commando thanks you.

    • Veno

      It might be inspired by Lana’s armor doesn’t mean it should be a carbon copy. Like wicked huntress and Vaylin

      • Ben Gimson

        It should be a carbon copy. People wanted those outfits, they didn’t want deliberately crappier versions. Just feels like spite at this point.

        • AbnerDoon

          I don’t think it’s spite. I think this is due to them changing the companions to new new models with KotFE. This is why we don’t have companion customization’s and cannot change their gear.

          They did it to make it easier to design for the new content. They probably have to reverse engineer it and stretch it out after cutting it into set pieces.

          I am just waiting for the shit storm of the DvL companion eternally stuck in that ugly Yavin gear. 😀

          • Ben Gimson

            Meh, whatever the reason, it sucks hard that we get a fugly version of what could have been a really nice set :/

            • AbnerDoon

              Yeah I agree with that. Vaylin’s armor was really killer it wasn’t too skimpy and what did we get the 1950’s church appropriate version bleh.

      • Jonathan Parker

        With all of the carbon copies they do give us, this should be one of them. In fact, I wanted Vaylin’s armor for my Sage, but they changed that set for no reason. Same with Lana’s. Everyone wants her armor, and now we just get something similar to it. I don’t get it, Vaylin and Lana have two very unique outfits that everyone was asking for. Why not just give people what they asked for?

  • kein

    wooonderful, amazing, incredible, such a good work, bioware shows us once more they don’t care about new serious hard content, how long since we’ve been asking for new operations and tough end game bosses ?
    they prefer to create really beautiful armor sets and weapons (lol) and update the cartel market
    I’m glad I’m not a suscriber anymore, giving money to such wankers was killing me.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Because the Cartel Market Team is clearly in charge of operations…

      • kirk

        all deh ppl who *used* to do the ops, all went to andromeda, or quit/fired altogether. Most you’ll get now is likely some scrubby op the barebones team left on the game put together and it likely wont be good or challenging.

        • Darth Ji’inx


          • kirk
            • Stefan

              Didn’t know George Smith was the solo developer of all the ops, that’s an impressive amount of developing he did. Good on him for finding something new after all that work.

              • GiftoftheMagi

                ONLY ONE DEV FOR OPS?!? Jesus, I bet the guy aged 25 years in one…

    • Alex G

      And yet, here you are complaining about a game you don’t play…

    • Just some random guy

      Ehh, mate, u livin’ under a rock or something?
      They said more than a year ago: “No more new OPS”.
      After shitsorm that happend they rephrased: “No more new OPS till we have some good story justification.”
      Which is just the same thing phrased differently, as they are the ones controlling story, so if they dont want OPS, there will be no new OPS. Sooooo, don’t expect new OPS.

      Unless some freaking miracle happens, but then u will be pleasantly suprised (yey?).

      • BrianDavion

        they could have VERY easily justified ops in the new story had they shown any imagination.

        • Just some random guy

          Dunno, haven’t played it. Dont intend to. I’m too lazy to install the game.

          That just goes to show that they don’t want new OPS.

          • Guest

            “Haven’t played it. Don’t intend to. I’m too lazy to install the game.”

            Then why the fuck are you here?

            • Shawn Hargrave

              why the fuck do you care so much? what is it to you if he post or doesnt post?

              • Paulo Gomes

                Why the hell do you care if he cares if the other guy posts or not???

                (Start of COMBO here guys!!! Come on, let’s do something interesting involving TOR…) 🙂

              • Shawn Hargrave

                i dont im asking him why he does lol

              • Guest

                Ohh I see. I can’t ask him why he’s here, but you can ask why I care. Who the fuck said I care? I was just asking him a question. Why do you care if I ask him a question? It wasnt directed at you. He literally said he has never played the game. My question was an actual legitament question, unlike yours that was just a troll.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                says the troll on a guest account first we both have the right to be here niether of us should be asking the other why there here. I dont give a shit either way i just get sick of suposed fans on guest accounts bieng fanbois raging about peoples right to post here b/c thier status of playing the game or not. Like i said we both have the right to be here and post regardless of whos playing or not

              • Guest

                “Neither of us should be asking why THEY’RE here.” I didn’t ask you anything boy. You are sticking your face where it was never invited. “Sick of SUPPOSED fans on guest accounts” really, I’m not a fan because I use a guest account? “we both have the right to be here and post” Where in the hell did I say you couldn’t? All I said was my question to SOMEONE ELSE who has NEVER PLAYED the game was legitament and yours was that of a troll. “I don’t give a shit either way…” You keep replying to posts about a question that wasn’t asked of you, so you do give a shit. OK, your turn, go ahead and tell me once again how you have a right to be here and say whatever you want. Go grind your ax somewhere else.

                By the way, who put the sand in your vag? Do you need a little extra cash to buy some Summers Eve? I’d be glad to help you out with a couple bucks if it will shut you up.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                upset are we? why do i have to shut up? whats a matter cant handle criticism on an open forum? this isnt your forums dude get over yourself your just a little bitch like all the other “fans” who hides on a guest account and grandstand boohoo. As for cash i make 10-15 grand an hour at a medical marijauna dispensary i own so im good on cash. Not going anywhere crybaby suck it up

              • Guest

                Ahh, now I understand you. Getting high on your own supply. ANYONE who has to tell how others on the Internet much money they make is exaggerating.
                I never told you to shut up I asked if you would two differnet things, and I see I have my answer. By the way what criticism is it that I can’t stand, how my question was legitament and yours was just a troll? OK your turn again, avoid the subject at hand and take something I just said and rage against it.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                yeah cant really get high on your own supply when the state is involved dipshit hospitals are involved and more. You did tell me to shutup then offered to pay me if i did. You came on here to rage at that guy for posting then asked him why is he here? if thats not trolling i dont know what is. I dont hide behind a bitch guest account and grandstand dude.

              • Aca

                FU Shawn

              • Shawn Hargrave

                LOL yaaawn hands aca bent wookie

              • Risqu’e

                Why the hell do you care, that he cares, if he cares, if the other guy posts or not?


        • Ser JuJoo Guppy

          The confrontation that kicks off the KOTFE story, where Valkorian dies, could’ve easily been re-writen to be a neat and epic op. The Eternal Championship was a no-brainer option to have a SP version, 4 man FP version and a ops version, as it is already set up just need to add in tougher opponents and it wouldve been a nice smaller op to mix things up. Thats 2 new ops that wouldve been easy to do. Havent played the last few chapters, but assuming Arcann attacks you, could’ve had a op of defending your odessen base.

          They had many opportunities, they are just lazy sh*ts that don’t care any more it seems.

          • BrianDavion

            now see THAT I disagree with, tying critical story content behind ops isn’t a good idea because not everyone does it. but there’s lots of oppertunities for ops irregardless. supplementry stories etc and the like.

            • Eban

              In Shadow of Revan you had the option to complete the story in solo mode or face revan in an operation mode.
              Kotfe there was no option.

        • Fred Garvin

          Ops is not part of the story-driven RPG (Rail Playing Game) focus.

      • Honza Hladík

        hmm.. No one around me remember such quote. Would you, please, provide us some evidence of that? Some source? What we do remember though is that they’ve said they won’t let us wait that much for the next operation (right after 3.0 dropped).

        But this seems to be unfortunately true what you say here..

        • guest

          BW hasn’t said they will release new ops, they have said new PvE group content. however the eternal championship is group content so don’t get too excited

    • Zefram Mann

      Because new outfits make money and Ops only appeal to 5% of the audience that will cry and whine anyway no matter what they’re given.

      • abaddonsmummy

        This, this and this again sir.

      • lockstockbarrel

        Mock it all you want, but the lack of group content will or has already lost them more than 5% of their subs and it still has more replayability than the crappy one size fits none storyline they delivered. Eventually, they actually have to give players something to do while looking pretty, or even the CM won’t save them.

        • Healy


  • K-Man

    The Cartel Market team is seriously wank… how much more garbage can they churn out before they realize what they’re doing is terrible?

  • cozizel

    Betting that the Dark Advisor’s armor set will be Lana’s and Secret Agent will be Theron’s in the next expansion

    • Ben Gimson

      About time Theron wore some new clothes tbh. It’s pretty immersion breaking that after 5 years he still wears the same civvy outfit day in day out.

      • Guest

        He opened like 20 hypercrates and got only that set.

        • Ben Gimson

          Sounds familiar XD

  • Darth Decimus

    It’s both funny and sad to see what the game has become, only CM bs for the whales and kids that buy it.

    • Quinn “Fellow Gamer” Gillespie

      Bloody Whales… >=/

      • Fred Garvin

        Found one…

    • BohemianDupley

      Gone was the day when they constantly adding new real contents. Remember back in the day when we first time being introduced to rakghoul resurgence, and then there was hypergate, and then TFB. Soon after Makeb, and then DF/DP ops. Ah, those good ol’ days.

  • Whitedragon


    • Sadriel_Fett

      Yep. I don’t get that, either. Makes a fairly decent looking outfit completely crappy now.

      • Mathew Chilton

        in some cases it makes the outfit, though. The agent purple crystal gear looks silly without the cape for instance. But in this case, bleh.

    • Guest

      A cape is essential for a Warrior. Who doesn’t want to jump through the air wraith their cape flapping behind them?

  • FP

    Why would a Jedi need 2 detachable breast pockets and a scrubby looking helmet – Gifted Wanderer Armor set?

    • Quinn “Fellow Gamer” Gillespie

      I don’t think it’s meant to be a ‘Jedi’ themed armor set.
      Looks like more of a Hunter’s deal.

    • Fred Garvin

      Or a fannny pack for that matter?

  • Dr-Waffle The-Third

    Oh whaddaya know, a new meh “update.”

  • ShawnStillSucksTho

    Swtor, the game with more mount variety than active players.

  • Kirito

    Sorry, but these outfits look like shit. I wish they would just go back to the days of Centurion, Battlemaster and Champion gear

    • HK

      Vanilla was easily the best

    • Kaliyaa

      The majority complained about how hideous those were when they were out. Likely why they got away from it.

  • AbnerDoon

    Ceiling submarine. 😀

  • But seriously. Why would anyone buy this pack? I don’t see anything in it that is any different from what is already out there. It’s all very plain and unremarkable.

    • BohemianDupley

      Nah bro, the manka cat looks kinda cute

  • .l.

    finally no more shitty sabers

  • d8

    Soft blue crystal? Don’t we have enought light blue crystals i this game?

    • Deshik

      but this one is soft. 8D

    • Jawa Jay

      I wish they’d do a red one that is red not pink and maybe make it not so white in the middle. like a light red core with medium red glow.

      • Guest

        I wish they would actually make an actual orange crystal. The orange one looks more yellow.

  • Jawa Jay

    Soft Blue Crystal?? Does that mean it’s limp?

  • Acher4

    Some cool pets and speeders.

    And the new companion seems cutie toothy, hehe. (too bad it will take a lot of time to actually get him 😛 )

    Liking the Advisor’s and Agent’s gear also.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    I hope the cannon will not have some fucking light that turn on and off

  • Karrotops

    Gift Wanderer’s armor would look so much better without those stupid pouches, like seriously!? I bet they purposely put the pouches to make the armor look bad.

    • Zefram Mann

      Why would they purposefully sabotage your desire to buy the pack? Do they have a crippling fear of money? That train of logic leads me to believe you’re not nearly old enough to buy cc anyway.

      • Captain R

        I kinda agree to the preveious guy, those pouches looks wierd on that armor. But without them it would remind too much of conservator and defender armors.

        What this pack lacks in armors, it compensates with really nice mounts and decorations this time. Too bad no more platinum sabers, but maybe we`ll have one pack with them on sale soon, so GTN prices will go down a bit.

      • Karrotops

        I was joking with them purposely doing it, just feels weird why they would do it even if it resembles another armor.

      • Hawke

        Agreed, I’ve seen some very good armors in this game worn by npc’s that were turned into (cartel) armors for the player which were ruined by unnecessary additions. F.e. the armor with the “barf bag”, which looks so much better without it, as evidenced by Syo Bakarn wearing it. I was hoping for Lana’s new armor set but not with that silver armoring sitting squat in the middle of the chest. Le sigh. And Gifted Wanderer would have looked so good wtihout those bags on the chest or that yellow flap over the pants.

  • Zefram Mann

    Dark Advisor: Lana’s outfit with a hood-ornament.
    Gifted Wanderer: Some desperately needed options for Jedi.
    Sanguine Commando: Getting this just for the eye-patch.
    Secret Agent: is very meh, though the trousers have promise.

    The new weapons all have a very distinct and practical look. Very promising indeed.

    Sad that none of these are bronze. EA is determined to suck out as much as they can in unlock costs.

  • Captain R

    Btw, guys,

    Dont you think that Manaan getting attention for a reason?

    I`d love to have new SH on Manaan… and its more then a year passed since the Yavin IV SH.

    • Matt

      True. My favourite planet from KOTOR. More Heroics would be nice too.

    • Zasz

      It gives people false hope.

    • Ben Gimson

      You must new if you’re trying to find a hidden meaning in BW’s CM decisions 😛

      • Captain R

        Nah, I just dont give up hope 😉

        • Ben Gimson

          Heh, I envy your remarkable patience in that case then!

  • GiftoftheMagi

    I want to reserve a review or opinion to when we have all the pics…but so far, again we have a situation where the Silver Armor sets look better than the Golds. And no Bronze armors this time. And no worthless Platnium items to waste time getting.

    I am very excited for the Decors though. Tatoonie AND Manaan based items? NICE. It would be better if they announce a Manaan SH coming soon.

    • Captain R

      Totally agree! Have you seen Manaan SH fan concept?

      I really would love to have that one ingame!

      • GiftoftheMagi

        I saw the images on the TOR Decorating site and a few others. I absolutely LOVE the idea. Having both an above water landing pad and lift, and a deep sea colony and/or base would be amazing, because IF they do it right you could use it for anything, for a lab to a secret base to a smuggler’s den to a academy or whatever.

        And on the cold-hearted businessman side, it would be profitable because a LOT of players want this, so adding it in would net you a fair amount of cash in the initial rush to pay for development and if done well like the Yavin SH, would be a steady source of revenue for a long time while building a bit of good will.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Oh, BTW did anyone else notice that the Commando Armor Set looks a lot like the clothes the classic Star Wars character “Prune Face” wears?

    • Risqu’e

      Ha! even has the eyepatch

      • sad

        So they can give us OT outfits but not iconic Jedi robes… Great! :/

        • GiftoftheMagi

          Friend, have you seen the Humble Hero armor set? Pretty much Luke’s original outfit when he lived on Tatoonie.

          • Captain R

            Just so you know… Exar Kun and Freddon Nadd, as long as Revan, Bastila and etc are all from KOTOR Universe, which is 100% belongs to the Old Republic Universe. Well simply because Kotor and Kotor 2 are made by… who might believe? Bioware!

            • Harold

              Kotor 2 was made by Obsidian. The Old Republic era doesn’t solely belong to Bioware. The novels for example were written by someone no longer part of it.

              • Captain R

                Well, yeah, my bad, KOTOR 2 was from beloved Obsidian, anyway, the mentioned Exan Kun And Freddon Nadd ARE from Bioware, from KOTOR.

              • GiftoftheMagi

                …except Exar Kun, Freedon Nadd, Tulak Hord and about 30 or so other characters are NOT Bioware property. Never were. They were all created in the “Tales Of The Jedi” series before KOTOR was ever released (TotJ in 1996, and KOTOR in 2003). Due to the nature of the Expanded Universe at the time, Bioware could use the names as long as they got an official publishing license from Lucasarts AND followed any canon the creator and/or parent company (in this case, Dark Horse Comics) created. So technically as with all SW products, they belong to Lucasarts first and Dark Horse second. Bioware is borrowing them.

                Also, the events of Kun and Nadd and such happened a few centuries prior to KOTOR, which basically deals with the aftermath of that storyline.

                It is not KOTOR that Exar Kun belongs to. KOTOR, KOTOR 2 and SWTOR all belong to Exar Kun and the comic series that created him. In essence, this entire game is the result of a single ongoing comic book series made over 20 years ago. And yeah I do recommend reading them. It’s a good book.

              • GiftoftheMagi

                CORRECTION: Sorry, Kevin J. Anderson created Exar Kun in his Jedi Academy series in 1994. The head writer for TotJ, Tom Veitch, asked Anderson if he could flesh out Kun and use him in his comic series, to which Anderson said yes and worked with him on it.

                Also as a side note: Exar Kun INVENTED the double-bladed lightsaber. It was introduced a full FOUR YEARS in the comics before Darth Maul used it in the 1999 film The Phantom Menace. So basically Tom Keitch was the first writer to create and use it, not Lucas.


              • Captain R

                Read what people write really… I said nothing about owning rights of BW, I said who created an image of these guys in a game called KOTOR, and so that these mentioned characters have full right to be present in TOR Universe. Whoever originally wrote about them, we are talking about Old Republic universe and TOR exactly.

                Will you also say that Darth Malak and Revan were created long before KOTOR? 😀

              • GiftoftheMagi

                Actually you did. Right there just a few inches up the page:

                “Just so you know… Exar Kun and Freddon Nadd, as long as Revan, Bastila and etc are all from KOTOR Universe, which is 100% belongs to the Old Republic Universe. Well simply because Kotor and Kotor 2 are made by… who might believe? Bioware!”

                And you might have noticed I never mentioned Revan, Malak, Shan or the rest. Yes Bioware made those, but not Kun, Nadd, Hord or the rest. They borrowed their stories and in a few cases their looks for armor sets, but that was under the previous EU agreement.

                It may be interesting to see how Rebels deals with Revan too. The writing team wants to put them in, and Disney is both fine and legally able to completely re-write his story and not give Bioware a dime.

              • Truly Deceptive

                A few decades.

              • GiftoftheMagi

                Oops, yeah I re-checked the timeline and yes, KOTOR happens about 30 years after the end of the TotJ series. My bad on that. Also yes, the original run of TotJ is over. However, elements and stories continue on from the seeds that series laid….including KOTOR and SWTOR.

              • Truly Deceptive

                And it’s not ongoing; Tales of the Jedi ended ages ago.

              • GiftoftheMagi

                Exactly. The “Old Republic” Era stories were originally created in comic books and later expanded upon in the old West End Games version of the RPG. KOTOR was originally created as a single player video game version of the second pen-and-paper RPG made by Wizards Of The Coast, aka the D&D people.

                In essence, the entire KOTOR franchise is based on three seperate companies’ work.

              • Captain R

                And basically ALL other PC games are made from D&D and table games, whats your point?

                The original idea was that Nadd and Exar Kun are part of the story in KOTOR, written by BW, they have 100% right to be in TOR. Simply because main NPC is Satele Shan, relative to Bastila, which is a direct link to at least KOTOR 1. And indirect link to KOTOR 2, but this is all happening in same universe of Old Republic.

                Any smart objections to that?

              • GiftoftheMagi

                Actually, yes. Because while the specific STORY of KOTOR belongs to Bioware as does the characters THEY created, such as Shan and the rest, Exar Kun does not belong in any way to them. No more than the term “Jedi” or hyperspace or droids.

                Your point was that Exar Kun belongs 100% to Bioware. The reality is that doesn’t belong to them in any way. The character was loaned. If you read the tiny bits given in the games, they pretty much tell note for note the story in the comics.

                There is also one major thing you forgot: Bioware doesn’t ultimately own shit. EVERYTHING made under the Star Wars franchise belongs to Lucasarts first and the creator second. If Lucasarts decides they no longer want a character or item or event to exist, or wish you to stop making something with their franchise, it ends. Period. Luckily, Lucas never pulled this trick…Disney might however.

                And I would love to hear how Dungeons & Dragons made 2K17 Basketball games. Go play KOTOR again. The system in game is EXACTLY like the RPG at the time, right down to stats, feats and even in-game rolls.

              • Captain R

                ffs.. my point was Exar Kun 100% WAS MENTIONED IN KOTOR, and SO, it bacame CANON to KOTOR. So THAT means that Kun have 100% right to be inherited as a character from KOTOR universe TO TOR Universe.

                How more clear I can say that? I havent by ANY means said that Bioware owns franchise or any characters they havent created. You simply cannot focus on what I say.

                I dont give a flying duck who created Kun and Nadd at first, even if it was your dog Blacky. I`m saying that he WAS mentioned in both KOTORS as lore and with specific items, that PC can loot and use. AND, specifically for you, beeing so stubborn, I say again – these mentioned characters are already as a matter of fact 100% confirmed and accepted PART of TOR Universe. It doesnt matter who created them.

                How D&D helped creating current variety of games, you ask? Google it! Its pretty much the same as wiki search, from which you flashed your knowledge from last time.

                It you, who need to play KOTOR again, dear. Or read more comic books. Preferably at the same time.

              • GiftoftheMagi

                Actually, you kinda have the concept sideways. KOTOR has an individual canon (in relation to itself and its own created content) and is also part of a previously created canon (Star Wars itself). Mentioning Exar Kun does not make him ‘canon’ in KOTOR. Mentioning Kun makes KOTOR part of the SW canon.

                I think the problem here is a miscommunication of intent. My intent was to show actual ownership of created material, and how that can be used as per the rules and contracts with Lucasarts.

                Here’s the deal: The primary owner of ALL licensed Star Wars content is Lucasarts, which hold all majority rights over said content including censorship, deletion and cancellation without notice. In other words, Lucasarts and Disney owns all of KOTOR’s canon, including Revan. COMPLETELY. Bioware has a secondary claim to the characters as in if someone wishes to use something created in their property (say, make a story using Revan), they need to contact Bioware and make sure they follow the canon they created, but they have to contact Lucasarts to USE him, NOT Bioware.

                Thus it IS important who made him and when, because it explains what they were allowed to use, had to use and how. Lucasarts was pretty good at enforcing the canon of previously created content, so if Bioware wanted to include Yavin 4 at that period of time, they had to include histories of Exar Kun because the comics predate the game by a decade. Reason is, because the comics were made first and official (at the time) canon. To be canon, Bioware had to use it and check with Dark Horse to make sure they got it right. If the comics came AFTER KOTOR, then it would be Dark Horse contacting Bioware.

                As for the old EU, pretty much everything made in a media (books, games etc) was 100% canon to anything made after that content was published. Thus the whole “Kun is 100% KOTOR canon” is right and wrong. Exar Kun is canon because he is STAR WARS canon. Being in KOTOR was as given as lightabers. KOTOR itself did not make it canon. KOTOR became SW canon and thus joined Exar Kun. There is no “TOR” universe. There is only the Star Wars universe, to which The Old Republic is a part of. Hells, KOTOR, KOTOR 2 and SWTOR only cover a small part of that part of the timeline as well. There is a ton of content outside Bioware’s game.

                And yes I know that many video games started out as attempts to recreate the roleplaying experience of D&D. But not all and not many of the first. Sports games for instance. My point however was that KOTOR was originally a licensed product to promote Wizard’s of the Coast version of the tabletop SW RPG…that just happened to become more popular than that game was. Again, not a universe of itself, just another part of a much, MUCH better universe.

          • Ben Gimson

            “Adding in “Iconic” looks and armor sets would not realy fit here”

            They were in kotor 2.

            • GiftoftheMagi

              The gentlemen is referring to looks from the films, which happen about 3000 years after the game timeline. My examples were cases where we COULD get iconic looks.

              • Ben Gimson

                Yeah, and there’s near enough identical robes to those from the films in kotor 2. Regardless, they could add N7 armour and it wouldn’t matter at all. This is a game, after all, so even for looks that don’t fit the timeline there’s very little reason not to add them.

                I’d happily shell out big money for outfits from TFU, for example, and as long as NPC’s don’t start wearing Darth Vader armour it’s only immersion breaking if a player decides to wear it, in which case they can’t complain.

              • GiftoftheMagi

                Oh, Bioware could add N7 armor or Warden armor or anything of the such if they wished…and likely get mocked right out the door for it too and rightly so.

                Also, do you mean TFA, not TFU?

              • Ben Gimson

                They get mocked for everything they do anyway, and rightly so, but at least there’d be a lot of people who’d enjoy those sets. It’s a game, and they’ve long since discarded any attempts at keeping cosmetic choices immersive.

                If I put N7 armour on a Trooper, it’d be a step up from the number of BT#4 male Twi’leks wearing pink, skimpy outfits :’)

                And no I mean TFU. The Force Unleashed.

              • GiftoftheMagi

                Ahhh, the video game. Played it and forgot it. I’m guessing you are going for Starkiller’s outfit? Considering how licenses work now, if the game was made by another company, it might be impossible to use the image.

              • Ben Gimson

                Lucasarts I think. I’d have thought, given that it’s all Star Wars and ultimately owned by Disney, that if they wanted to use outfits from non-BW games they’d be able to. After all kotor 2 was made by Obsidian and all the major outfits from that are in swtor.

                Creative elements remain, I think, the property of the company that owns the IP, which would be Disney. Not that I’m expecting them to ever put in anything like that. Would just be amazing if they did.

        • Captain R

          What is “Iconic Jedi robe” and why you think dozens of already given Jedi robes are not “Iconic”?


          • Zefram Mann

            You mean iconic moisture farmer robes.

            • Captain R

              Haha, really. Even looking at expanded universe, canon jedi robes are introduced alot in this game, in different colours.

              Devs cant really add exact Skywalkers robes to the game for 2 main reasons, and people said that like 1000 times already. The same reason they can add sabers with Kylo Ren saber effects, separate for each saber, but cant add exact “Kylo style” saber.

              But you can always buy out all franchise from Disney and do whatever you want with it, even add race of intelligent force-using flying ponies.

              • Captain R

                Oh wait… there are already some…

        • wadwaf
        • Dave Vincent’s Perm

          Jedi consular starter gear…

    • Fred Garvin

      Good catch!

  • The One

    I havnt played this game, to lazy to install it, but this shit looks bad, re-skins and no cool lightsabers like last time. I only got bad stuff last time

    • Corso

      If you’ve never played the game due to being too lazy to install it, how did you “only got bad stuff last time”?
      There was no last time!

      • Guest

        He’s a liar, just trolling.

        • IceBaby7

          The troll is strong in him…..

      • Captain R

        Simple! He wasted moms credit card last time, got a$$punished for wasting money and mom uninstalled the game. Case solved.

        • The One

          Captain R# U is spot on, how did u know that?

          • Captain R

            Simple deduction! Try it sometime.

            • The One

              wow 😮

    • Fred Garvin

      Are you sure you’re “the one”? Or maybe “just some random guy”? At least come up with different lame ass rambling statements to post; or at least on different articles. Then again you are lazy so…

  • Mark rakos

    this pack is just plain lazy rushed it they must be preparing for something else decors couple are ok rest like meh

    • WK

      “This is incomplete and will be updated once a newer patch is available”
      That and the title clearly says “Upcoming Items” not “Manipulator Pack Preview”. It seems to me like you were just looking for a reason to complain, though it surprises me that you’d even care to have a reason to begin with.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        These items are probably for the new pack, but I agree with you.

  • Whitedragon

    Level 70 and another utility point on the way kids

    • Captain R

      Are Elcor mounts coming too?

      • Whitedragon

        not 4 U

        • GiftoftheMagi

          What about Companion Mounts? I want to ride Aric or T7 into battle.

          • Captain R

            Scadge or Vette… do want

          • ConcernedGuest

            Having my trooper riding into battle on Tano Vik … you all know the scene from “Meet the Spartans” … when spartans riding spartans into battle against the persian hordes???

        • Captain R

          If Elcors will ever come to SW universe I`ll be the first to grab one!

          Dont think you`ll be there long enough to witness it, though, Whitey… sadsad

      • Ceniza

        Elated: That would be a very cool thing to see.

  • Vincent van der Laan

    But some of these oufits should be in cartel packs 😛 even if they costume made http://tor-fashion.com/dracula-the-red-eclipse/

  • Noah

    If you look at the first patch of swtor and look at both pve and pvp gear, those sets of armor had so much detail and looked like a lot of effort was put in to make the gear unique. Now we have lazy trash……

  • Hawke

    The Secret Agent’s armor set, weapons & Z-4C Slingshot look good. Looking forward to those decorations.

    • GameEntity

      My thoughts exactly…on the GTN that is.

  • Sorrai

    Wasn’t this pack supposed to roll out with the new patch today?

    • Hawke

      Thought so, hmm.

    • Guess not

    • GiftoftheMagi

      Maybe they have a few issues yet (please no more clipping neck pieces), or they discovered that they are releasing a major pack just as most kids are settling into school and college routines…and decided to wait a few weeks.

      And aren’t we supposed to have the HK Pack BEFORE this, or at all? Bioware must have J.J. Abrams running their release department….

      • Darth Ji’inx

        This was the HK Pack.

  • GameEntity

    Suggestion: Your links should open in a new tab.

    • Katsulas Lews

      Many developers consider it best to leave links opening in the same tab, as that control should not be taken away from the user. It’s the easiest thing for you, the user, to open links in a new tab.

      • GameEntity

        Seeing as how I have a web design degree, I completely disagree with you. Respectfully.

        • Suriaka the Keyboard Warrior

          So? This site doesn’t have oodles of swtor-related content added daily. It’s updated every couple of days with new info or a guide or a story. Being taken away from the site doesn’t matter.

          As the user, if I don’t open a link in a new tab, it means I’m done with the site I’m being linked away from. I always open in new tabs (it’s literally just ctrl+clicking the link) when I intend to go back to the parent site.

          Why am I arguing about this? This is dumb.

          • GameEntity

            Links that lead to a completely different site, TORFashion in this case. Should open in a new tab.

  • G guy of Gstudios

    i really want that sanguine outfit for like a thief character (already got a space pirate captain,why not add a thief to the family =P),when is this pack coming?

    • Sabretooth

      Sanguine Commando’s Armor Set – Silver

  • Zefram Mann

    I can’t help but wonder if that “Secret Agent” outfit won’t be a new look for Theron come next season. It certainly feels like a Theron outfit, and he’d look quite good in it.

    • Byron Bladestorm

      I think they intended on using it for Theron but changed their minds at the last minute.

      It would have made sense for them to give it to him as 5 years had passed and Lana was in a new outfit.

      I am looking forward to getting that outfit though as I do like it.

  • Jeremy Marr

    That Sanguine Commando armor is REALLY making me consider using a bowcaster on one of my Operatives…

  • Ren

    So when will they release this pack? Will they even be released?

    • Quinn “Fellow Gamer” Gillespie

      Likely when the first chapter of KotET releases.

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