Black Desert Witch Awakening Teaser

Black Desert Online has released the Witch Awakening teaser today in Korea. NA/EU players can expect it sometime before end of this year.


Also seen at end of the video is a teaser of the next awakening, the Wizard


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That was the point of them hiding the face till the end… added effect. It will probably be implemented with the actual awakening

More often than not in any game Spellcasters are perhaps the simplest class if not the most effortless classes to play. Generally – Large AoE assaults, one of the more dominant harm and utility in the game, they can stagger, solidify set up, slow, at times crush a meteor at your area. Fun occasions essentially. And keeping in mind that Witch class isn’t as overstated of a mage as in this depiction, she is the Black Desert Online’s rendition of a Spellcasting character – Witch, that will bring you bliss even at low level.

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