Black Desert Witch Awakening Teaser

Black Desert Online has released the Witch Awakening teaser today in Korea. NA/EU players can expect it sometime before end of this year.


Also seen at end of the video is a teaser of the next awakening, the Wizard

  • james

    How did they create a not old looking wizard for the trailer?

  • Amodin


  • Hei

    i cant make such a not old looking wizard, is it a patch or something, that EU/NA do not have?

    • gatr16

      That was the point of them hiding the face till the end… added effect. It will probably be implemented with the actual awakening

  • MartynaKochanowic

    More often than not in any game Spellcasters are perhaps the simplest class if not the most effortless classes to play. Generally – Large AoE assaults, one of the more dominant harm and utility in the game, they can stagger, solidify set up, slow, at times crush a meteor at your area. Fun occasions essentially. And keeping in mind that Witch class isn’t as overstated of a mage as in this depiction, she is the Black Desert Online’s rendition of a Spellcasting character – Witch, that will bring you bliss even at low level.

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