GW2 Gemstore Update–Dragon Kama, Returning Items

GW2 gemstore was updated today with Dragon Kama dagger skin and a host of returning items for the Back to School sale.

New Items

  • Dragon Kama dagger skin – 600 Gems
    • Leaves behind a green trail behind the weapon when you run/attack.



Returning Items (No Discount. Available for 7 days only).

  • Total Make Over Kit and 5x Transmutation Charges – 350 gems
  • Flamekissed Light Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Flamewalker Medium Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Flamewrath Heavy Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Phalanx Heavy Armor skin – 800 gems
  • Trickster’s Light Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Viper’s Medium Armor Skin – 800 gems
  • Mist Herald Back Item Skin Set – 500 gems
  • Jungle Explorer Outfit – 700 gems
  • Shadow Assassin Outfit – 700 gems
  • Fuzzy Cat Hat – 200 gems
  • Fuzzy Hylek Hat – 200 gems
  • Glint’s Gaze Mask – 500 gems
  • Inventor’s Sunglases – 150 gems
  • Magnus’s Eye Patch – 400 gems
  • Mask of the Jubilee – 400 gems
  • Mask of the Silent Skin – 500 gems
  • Wide Rim Glasses – 150 gems

Returning Items (Discount)

  • Home Portal Stone – 765 gems (15% OFF)
  • How to Dance, Volume 1 – 260 gems (35% OFF)
  • Mad Scientist’s Harvesting Tool – 800 gems (20% OFF)
  • Mad Scientist’s Logging Tool – 800 gems (20% OFF)
  • Mad Scientist’s Mining Tool – 800 gems (20% OFF)
  • Mad Scientist Outfit – 560 gems (20% OFF)

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19 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Dragon Kama, Returning Items”

Of course, you don’t hold Kamas like that but whatever. I loved those things and it made me mad that they introduced Hall of Monuments but you couldn’t put these up on a weapon pedestal.

yeah great … let’s introduce some cool-looking weapon which does not actually look even semi-realistic. massive pass on this one. No two-handed axes since the beginning of the game because of that, but now let’s do a quick rip-off with a gem store item.
…and I dread to imagine how the glasses look on a char….

Yay a cool skin! Yay gemstore… At this rate basically the only content we’re getting in terms of fashion wars is pay-to-look-cool. :[

You can farm the gold (wherever and however you like) and convert to gems. I much prefer that to having to grind a specific location like a madman for a small rng chance.

Dragon Kamas look lovely, but that’s totally the wrong way to hold them. I can’t see myself getting them when every time I see the animations I keep cringing. >.< (How would you even stab with them as per some animations?)

yep. Would have been an insta-buy for me IF they had orientated the Kamas to be held in the correct position.
I thought maybe the Dev’s new some secret kempo technique, so I researched it. Nope. They just f-ed it up.
Too bad

I can kinda get why they did it this way, since the attack animations are designed with a weapon held this way in mind, but…I can’t see myself buying them because it looks horribly awkward regardless.

Funny, back when I played Cabal like, I think 10 years ago, I thought it looked beautiful. After playing GW2, I looked back at Cabal and thought, man that’s awful in comparsion. Of course it was newer so it’s expected. I rarely play GW2 these days, after HoT it was pretty much over for me (played like… 2 weeks nonstop, and 2 weeks after almost a half year break), and now looking at GW2 without comparing it to anything, it’s ugly. The art team is really great though and overexceeding the quality that I’d expect from this engine.

My feeling with GW2 has always been that the art team is amazing technically, but fails to create things with a real atmosphere. So I’ll say: wow, that’s intricate or amazingly crafted. But I won’t say: wow, I love this place. Same with a lot of armour sets. They’re intricate but not beautiful or really cool looking. At least not in my opinion.

Can’t agree with you regarding the enviroments. I have several spots in GW2’s world that I hold dear and just love to BE there for the atmosphere and knowing whe place and it’s people.

I can however, agree with you on the armor sets. Lately they have become more and more soulless and either they look absolutely ridicolous and are clearly meant to be overly attractive for the gemstore, or they look really low effort (and still make it to the gemstore, because PARTICULES MOTHERFKERZ), or come for free and they look bad and not fitting the world it hurts. Like, honestly, do you think there is a single person in this world who’d use the bladed armor set? Not the entire thing, just most of it together. Or any of the chak weapons? It’s incredibly shit quality.

The enviroments are terrific the armor and weapons are too for specific classes and roles. Medium armor has always been Hot Garbage and so has the work going into swords, shortbows, pistols, daggers basically basically if your a thief getting a wide variety of different looks just isn’t going to happen they will all be horrible variations of the same stuff. I have manage 4 completely independent/unique looking styles but that’s as far as the inventory will allow. Focus i think are the most unique weapons in the game you have so many uniquely different looks and as always they put so much worth into Heavy/Light armors – Greatswords, Longbows, Hammers and Staffs. So i think they are very capable but there is an obvious bias when they chose to work on armor and weapons. The Chuka and Champawut was the most generic and lazy piece of shortbow work i’d ever seen I love shortbows I have just about every shortbow there is but THAT wasn’t even worth me doing another character Map Completion (Maguma) for. I thought it was just a BL ticket weapon when i saw it. i applaud the work they did on H.O.P.E. because for the first time I thought ok now they are getting serious about one handed weapon design and then again THAT happened Smh lol

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