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GW2 LW3 Episode 2 Arrives Sept 20 with Ring of Fire

GW2 Living World Season 3 Episode 2 will arrive on Sept 20 with a new map set in Ring of Fire Islands according to a MMORPG article.

Original article can be found here, below is a summary.

  • Ember Bay, set in the Ring of Fire Islands is the new map coming on Sept 20 with Episode 2.
  • Ley Line Gliding Mastery needed to move quickly across the large map.
  • New Mastery, Thermal Propulsion (Ancient Magic tier 2) costs 3 Mastery Points and allow you to shoot around point to point much like Nuhoch Wallows.
  • New jumping puzzle designed by Josh Foreman at heart of the Mursaat Fortress
  • Heart Quests will be returning in the map with repeatable daily and rewards
  • New rewards include a skritt contract that allow you to summon a skritt merchant, a new weapon set, and new shoulder/gloves from achievements.
  • New bosses including the Molten Dominator. Defeating it will unlock special updrafts that get you to special areas that were previously closed off.
  • New conquest PvP map also arriving with this update – Eternal Coliseum. It is a 5v5 map with 3 capture points and two new items to capture: Sword of Reaping or the Shield of Life. They either finish downed players or give health/shielding and one revive if you fall.
  • New PvP map will be showcased at the Pro League World Championships on Sept 17 on

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52 replies on “GW2 LW3 Episode 2 Arrives Sept 20 with Ring of Fire”

too late. this game is run very poorly by favoring spvp and mostly ignoring the rest of the people, where the bulk of their store funds come from.

I don’t think you follow much in the means of the game amigo. PvP has gotten 2 or 3 maps in total over the course of the entire game. PvE gets a bulk of the content, new maps, raids, fractals, and more. o.O I wouldn’t say spvp is favored. They have their PvP Tournaments but any game with PvP often does that. Why do you say it’s favored??

Its the eternal battle of pvp vs pve, pvpers feel ignored because as you said they barely get any updates and a lot of things you can get from pvp you can get in pve but not the other way round, pve’ers hate the idea that the pvp wings are only for pvp’ers and believe that the money they get in tournaments is going to waste, whlist not understanding that pvp generates quite a bit of money for a game that isnt sub based

That is exactly why this game is good, too bad Grimcrotch is a weak mindless useless that can only afk farm with pet/minions and the rest of the game is too hard for you.

Anet logic:
“We like hearts because it gives players a place to gather at.”
“We did away with hearts because it made the map to singular.”
“We brought hearts back.”

To be fair, the hearts completely missed their end goal (as you said bring players together). It was more of a “tag fast, do heart, never come back again” type of thing.

When they took them away, they introduced recurring world events. Those bring players together (even if just for personal interest) and more importantly it brings them back over and over again. It’s not just a 1 time thing.

As for the hearts comeback. I have a feeling they have been changed in some way shape or form. At least i hope they did. The old version was obsolete. It was like an invizible traditional quest npc.

Actually I am glad they are back because I am one of those people who likes to do what he wants when he wants. The meta events are kinda cool but I never liked that I have to wait till a certain time to play it.

Yes…there are pluses and minuses for each. I also loved hearts, but i can understand why they considered them a waste of time&money (as a company). This is mainly an mmo not a single player.

Meta events are fun, bring people together but also it brings out toxicity, elitism in some cases, and above all else, if not done correctly they just bring out grind (which anet did…it’s senseless grind)

Hearts, well..mostly have nothing to do with the terminology “mmo”. They are good for casuals, for relaxing and all that, but longtherm they are a waste of effort for developers.

What I understand from the info is hearts are going to be tied up with dailies, witch, in my imagination looks like the dailies in BSF but instead of “close 3 rifts” it says “go do different things”

I guess they adding hearts back so they can make more interactive dailies – tied more to mucking about in an area then repeating a set action 5 times. Can’t say I like the idea of more dailies though :/
Otherwise looks good.

No trailer? There was always a trailer 2 weeks before next episode. WHERES MAH TRAILAH?!
Probably next week, at least I hope so.

Also, is that from achivs? “skritt contract that allows you to summon a skritt merchant” if so then I guess all people with permanent merch will be salty as hell.

I wasn’t expecting them to jump directly to the ring of fire honestly. Was expecting them to reveal a new map on the main one of the patches (surrounded by already explored areas) in kryta or something.

That patch you’re talking about is the Dominion of winds. I’m pretty skeptical we’ll go there in this season, but I have dreams.. The Tengu near the door in LA have changed their dialog, I think..

Charr are related to krakaltorik i think..altho Rytlock did say, if i remember correctly, that he has to go to the charr capital to do some stuff.

I was thinking of the area between Sparkly Fan and Timberline Falls or the Deldrimore Front (consider it’s thematic to the dragon and dwarfs and whatnot).

The whole area between Calderon-Southsun-Kesex-LA-Bloadcoast (or the dominion of winds as u call it) i don’t think it will come with this expansion altho i also hope it comes. From what i know the KFC nation retreated from their Cantha homeland because of Bubbles the dragon. They might be tied to that dragon not this one.

The Tengu leaving Cantha had nothing to do with the dragon, the Ministry of Purity gaining power after the return of Shiro led to a Canthan government that was hostile toward non humans which led to the Tengu migrating to Tyria and closing their borders. It was the Krait and Quaggan that were pushed in from the unending ocean by the deep sea dragon.

why? you will do hearts goals anyway when you play game, and, i like map full of yellow hearts, its look so happy at world map

Oh, so the content is gated to masteries now? I hate the mastery system, it takes too long and is boring and now we can’t even do the LW updates without them?

ikr. can you believe they gated starting personal story missions behind levels too!?!!!?!??111 I hate the leveling system, it takes too long and is boring and now we can’t even do the final story arc for zhaitan at level 2 without going to 80 first? Absolutely unplayable.

its gated by masteries bcz HoT, without HoT you dont have masteries so you cant play this new content, simple and its some kind od “delay” mechanism, so you cant basicaly run from start to end location, anet force ppl stay in low lvl maps and keep these maps populated, maybe weird but i am maxed out already, so i dont care 😛

As a Revenant player, Mallyx is telling me that’s totally the solution to the Mursaat coming back. >.> <.<

…Although wouldn't the Door lead to Kormir's realm now, since she took over after Abbadon and Mallyx were dealt with?

As i know she “just “blocked the door (not destroyed), so no more human sacrifice was needed on the Bloodstone to keep Tyria safe from the Titans. And yes, Mallyx is dead, but i dont think Kormir “rule” over there; the door leads to The Foundry of Failed Creations (Domain of Anguish),which is in The Realm of Torments, what is in the Mists… And not to mention the Mists is big but also connected to the Underworld. (Grenth etc.)

AND: “The Six gods is relatively absent in human affairs for the past 250 years” (now 254, hehe…. facepalm)

So, I really dont know what will happen there.
Just dont mess up: no more suicide/random Sylvari involved stuff, etc… you know, usual things nowdays.

Yuck, lay line gliding and even more masteries.

Probably will end up playing the update with friends but I really hate the mastery system and how long it takes to level if you do not want to go on to mindless grinding of boring maps -_-

If only there were dungeons that gave HoM mastery. But no more dungeons either so aint that great.

well, i tell you, when u have all easy mastery spend and only one, who left are adventures on gold, i saw ppl killed for less

8/10 adventures are easy to do on gold. Hell i’ve done all adventures (considering i detest them) on gold EXCEPT floor is lava and AB masks in first 2 months of the game. It took at worst 2 tries.

Repeatable hearts? /pukes! 90% of the original hearts are boring as hell and now we will probably have to repeat them endless times for a reward like we have to do the Hablion and Jade – the most boring events in the game. I hope we get more original events like Dry Top and bosses like the 4 SIlverwastes ones. Or at least some more event lanes like the HoT maps.

Just like any event in any mmo if done numerous times. Sorry to tell u this but anything u do, virtually or IRL, over and over again, becomes boring.

There is a difference between cool content being overplayed to get boring (fractals) and auto-attack zerg content getting boring on the 2nd playthrough (bloodstone fen events).

Fractals are as boring. The only thing that makes them better then what u compared it with is personal preference.

Yeah, I personally prefer to do something a bit more engaging than set auto-attack and go afk to finish events but that’s just me.

tbh I think I would rather repeatable hearts than constant meta event rotations, but neither are very appealing. I think the problem is that with such a content drought since the expansion, the player base is very starved for things to do, and no amount of bite-sized releases are going to be sustainable right now. Their development team is split between the next expansion, and the current living world rather than before when they were focused purely on living world and we had something to look forward to and content to consume regularly. If they’re going to be making new maps, and forwarding the story, then I don’t know why they can’t gradually fill out the game world without making us wait for expansion packs, like why can’t we work our way to the crystal desert, and the rest of Elona each month rather than waiting an entire year for the expansion.

2 Reasons why not.

First making maps, creatures, events, story and lore, placing NPCs in the right places takes time, and no it takes more than the 10 minutes like most people think. It can take months to get everything working properly.

Second Anet has needs. Like it or not. They have Bills that NEED to be paid. They have employee’s that NEED to be paid. (If you worked for them you would expect to be paid so you can feed yourself and your family). They have Corporate NEEDS that must be met. So if you want the game world to grow without expansions that’s fine but don’t expect to get it for free.

I have no problem waiting for a year to have an expansion with content. I have no problem with small bite sized releases which guarantees me time to do the stuff they gave me to do. I have played everyday for 1478 days (at time of posting) without missing and single day and I have always had something I can do if I think about it for a few minutes.

Ok, now I’m actually glad I can go to the place my server is named after. And I haven’t been happy with the Ring of Fire for a long time. XD (Because of wvw…we get our ass kicked a lot XD)

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