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SWTOR Game Update 4.7.1 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 4.7.1, scheduled to be released after the maintenance (5 to 9 am PDT) on Sept 7.


Game Update 4.7.1: Shroud of Memory


Bonus Chapter: Shroud of Memory! Play as HK-55 in a daring escape from the hidden fortress of the renowned galactic villain known as… the Shroud! Team up with a new Droid Companion — Z0-0M — in your quest, and prepare for mayhem, ‘meatbag’-eradication, and lots of laughs! In order to be eligible, players must have completed Alliance Alert: To Find a Findsman and Alliance Alert: Arma Rasa, have completed “Chapter IX: The Alliance,” and must have been a Subscriber from January 11th to August 1st, 2016.

New Alliance Alert: Bonds of Duty! Admiral Aygo has located another potential Alliance recruit, this time on Nar Shaddaa. A former Republic Sergeant, Fideltin Rusk now leads a team of convicts turned soldiers known as the Dead Man’s Legion and could be a valuable asset to the Alliance.

Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins September 6th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST and ends September 13th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST.


  • The following titles have been added, and are obtainable by achieving the appropriate Social Rank. Players who have already attained the required Social Rank(s) will be granted the title(s) with Game Update 4.7.2:
    • Friendly (Social I)
    • Outgoing (Social II)
    • Coordinator (Social III)
    • Guide (Social V)
    • Chatterbox (Social VI)
    • Extrovert (Social VII)
    • Charismatic (Social VIII)
    • Leader (Social IX)
  • Fixed an issue where Portable Legacy Cargo Hold and Portable Cargo Hold’s second Legacy improvement would not reduce the Cooldown by the stated amount.
  • The Darvannis aqueduct water no longer flickers in Chapter XIV: Mandalore the Avenger.
  • The Depths of Manaan Flashpoint is no longer listed as “Missing Details Data” in the Dark vs. Light Champion Level – Flashpoint Expert and Legendary Level – Flashpoint Master.

Cartel Market

  • Collections items now show their Collections status in their tooltip.
  • Players no longer receive an error message when opening Cartel Market packs while dead.
  • The “Next Pack” button in the Pack Opening UI now displays how many packs are available to open.
  • The “Reveal All” option is now usable on the second page of a pack that contains 6 or more items.
  • The “Reveal All” option in the Pack Opening UI now becomes inactive after revealing the final pack item as intended.
  • The “Next Set of Items” option is no longer present in the Pack Opening UI for packs that contain less than 5 items.
  • The following packs have had their descriptions updated to more accurately reflect Cartel Rarity (Silver instead of Super Rare). Drop rates and contents of the Packs have not changed:
    • Contractor’s Bounty Pack
    • Wingman’s Starfighter Pack
    • Builder’s Stronghold Pack
    • Initiate’s Shadow Pack
    • Core Worlds Explorer’s Pack
    • Black Market Cartel Pack
    • Regulator’s Contraband Pack
    • Club Vertica Nightlife Pack
    • Star Cluster Nightlife Pack
    • Freelancer’s Bounty Pack
    • Opportunist’s Bounty Pack
    • Pursuer’s Bounty Pack
    • Tracker’s Bounty Pack
    • Dogfighter’s Starfighter Pack
    • Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Pack
    • Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack
    • Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack
    • Architect’s Stronghold Pack
    • Constable’s Stronghold Pack
    • Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack
    • Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack
    • Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
    • Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
    • Master’s Shadow Pack
    • Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
    • Deep Core Explorer’s Pack
    • Mid Rim Explorer’s Pack
    • Outer Rim Explorer’s Pack
    • Wild Space Explorer’s Pack
    • Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack
    • Skip Tracer’s Cartel Pack
    • Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack
    • Blockade Runner’s Cartel Pack
    • Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack
    • Archon’s Contraband Pack
    • Enforcer’s Contraband Pack
    • Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack
    • First Grand Acquisitions Pack
    • Grand Nightlife Pack
    • Hypercrate: Deep Core Explorer’s Packs
    • Hypercrate: Mid Rim Explorer’s Packs
    • Hypercrate: Outer Rim Explorer’s Packs

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Significantly reduced the damage done by Grand Moff Kilran in the Solo and Tactical Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint.

Items + Economy

  • The Eternal Brawler, Battler, and Conqueror head pieces now have Voice Modulation.
  • Fixed stretching issues on Exemplar head pieces.
  • Weapon Tuning Slots have been added to Explosive Conflict and Ravagers weapons.
  • New moddable weapons are now available from the Eternal Championship Arena Token Vendor.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Zakuul Knight’s Shield in Chapter XVI: The Battle for Odessen now has a name in French and German.
  • The Ancient Threat no longer spawns without interacting with the Unknown Talisman.
  • It is no longer possible to avoid one of Arcann’s attacks and skip a phase of his encounter in Chapter XVI.
  • The “Empowered Bash” ability in Chapter XVI now consumes all Absorbed Force Energy when activated.
  • Conversation options now show in French and German clients while on the Mission “Shining in the Darkness.”
  • Missions that reward Complimentary Experience Boosts now reward the non-Cartel Market version of the item.
  • Missions that previously rewarded Minor Experience Boosts now reward Major Experience Boosts.


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165 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 4.7.1 Patch Notes”

They might as well remove that specific condition to get the achievement, it’s not like you don’t have 100 useless things to do for DvL anyway.

They’ve fixed it, but the boss now has a 100% damage reduction energy shield that is bugged to never go down.


“The following titles have been added, and are obtainable by achieving
the appropriate Social Rank. Players who have already attained the
required Social Rank(s) will be granted the title(s) with Game Update


Those Social-level titles are already in the game, and I know for certain that I’m currently using “Friendly” on a char that I created in 4.6 when DvL first hit. PLUS, I have already had the list of titles retroactively granted to all my characters (well, at least all the ones I checked) who have been Social 10 since pre-3.0.

Are they just now working in the documentation for a previous patch?


>players must have completed Alliance Alert: To Find a Findsman and Alliance Alert: Arma Rasa

Did they ever fix the hidden achievements for the Arma Rasa mission?

I know the achievements aren’t required. It currently shows 0/0 though so it almost looks like they deleted the achievements.

Yeah, Treek’s achievements have been broken for a long time also. Akgh’al Usar was broken and they fixed it – i think.
For some reason the characters in that area of the achievement system seem very unstable.

Bastila Shan’s armor is bugged for almost a year. The Hate machine title is stil bugged, you cant get it, and many other existing craps. But at least we get some cool new changes in cartel market… again…

My older Sith have the title, but my newer ones don’t have it even though they’ve been doing both Heroics every week for several months now.

Many more titles, codex entries, etc. bugged since 4.0 or even since release : e.g. Balmorra titel on the Mando H2 at the moment, once again, on pub side, Nar Shaddaa Person of Note (from last update) not made avaiable for sith warriors retroactively that already did the nar shadda class story, Makeb “The Arc” still inside Nar Shaddaa codex list (since … spring 2013, more than three years no correction of this bug), and so on.


Hopefully a complete StarCitizen will be released soon and Roberts has learned a lession from errors of other MMO so we get a real good MMO this time … but until then I’m stuck with SWToR, for better or worse.

iirc, you have to actually go and talk to the dudes and get the story (and do them in order), not just get them via the terminal.

“Players no longer receive an error message when opening Cartel Market packs while dead.” who the fuck do that?!?!

Basically saying “now if ur dead at Soa, you can still buy cartel packs and waste your cash till the end :)”

I don’t think the mission requires a subscription. It only requires completion of Chapter XVI and Yuun’s recruitment mission.

I thought since this wasn’t a postponed alliance alert it wouldn’t be included in past subscriptions. It seemed to me that they were setting the stage for “bridge” material to keep people subbed til KotET. Rusk this month and Zenith for October, of course if I get it that is nice.

Funny, yet not… Things fixed:

Cartel Market notes |——————————————————————–|
Everything else notes |–|

I also noted that when I was reading. As far as I know, False Emperor, Jindo Krey Boss fight is still bugged.

Has anyone ever told Bioware the definition of insanity? They serve as a textbook example.

They earn a lot of money with ppl buying things on the CM which mostly is just visual modification to you char.. Adding content to the CM is cheap for them as well so I would say this is a clever way to earn money.
I personally do not see the advantage of idling on the fleet in new clothes every month. Content that is appealing to me was not added in the last 6 months (at least) …

Why fleet? PVP, Ops, FPs, any activity. People WILL see flashy items, mostly because they check the newest items every day and leave angry comments like “I wont spent my mamas money for this useless crap! Give me wings of an architect for 50 cents and I just might think of getting it on 90% discount!”

They just came out with a massive cartel market update – of course there’s a ton of cartel market things being fixed

I… don’t think I did… I was pointing out that before this patch there was a massive change to the cartel market; so of course they’re still working out the kinks in it

I got the sarcasm – what I don’t understand is the complaint about it. I mean there are glitches that have been introduced by the new system – don’t we WANT them fixed?

Of course we want them fixed – the problem here though is that CM takes priority over everything else, and things in the game go by the wayside for this development “team”.

The perception at this point is that all they will focus on anymore is the CM, and don’t give a damn about the rest of the game. That is apparent to me, as I am seeing things that have plagued this game for a long time go ignored, or they return after years, only to be not touched.

Yeah never noticed any stretching from that headpiece tbh. The huntress waist, however, has completely ruined the already diminished appeal. Nothing ruins your screenshots like a huge smear running from your character to the edge of the screen.

Can’t see it being fixed though. The underworld smuggler coat still has that issue even now.

It’s still possible. They broke the Havoc Squad Officer’s helm a few patches before they broke Vile Huntress and it (the helm) was stealth fixed within the last patch or two. The helm broke first and was fixed. Maybe the Huntress will have its turn soon? Although, the helm was a more noticeable bug.

I don’t use that helmet personally, but you’d have to be blind not to notice the issue on the huntress set. As soon as the character moves the belt part does some spider man web shit. Looks awful, and for something bought with real money it isn’t really good enough.

Hopefully they fix it, but I’m really not optimistic. Always seems to happen to the nicer sets too :/

I, too, have the Wicked Huntress set. It gives the impression that my Sorcerer is perpetually excited, but he’s not. :/

The Depths of Manaan Flashpoint is no longer listed as “Missing Details Data” in the Dark vs. Light Champion Level – Flashpoint Expert and Legendary Level – Flashpoint Master.

You grow tired of the same food all the time. Even if you don’t like cheese, you can’t eat the same ham for the rest of your live. If someone likes to eat the same thing all the time good for him but most people want more of what they like and not exactly the same thing. Even if you like TOR more than it’s competitors, don’t you want more of what you like? You buy the ham for a reason. Taste, quality etc. Many people play TOR for operations, flashpoints and group content in general. Why would you still eat the ham when all the good parts are taken away from it? You’d expect the ham to keep his quality and taste. TOR is loosing it’s group focus. The reason why many people prefer it over other things like cheese.

Yea, I got on and looking around in the free version of WoW again, hadn’t been there since the release of Star Wars. Sadly the lack of new ops and new flashpoints they are producing here has me starting to look. I’m just finding it hard to keep paying for the 30 minutes a month they give us that is new… and not even that some months. So basically you have one night of new stuff if you fiddle around then nothing for the other 27-30 days. Also realized how nice the re-specialize works in WoW and that hasn’t changed in years but is still light years ahead of here. Oh, and doing the Dark vs Light event, opened all the packs and I didn’t get one rare item. The odds shouldn’t be that bad that I should see something rare in how many packs? About 100?

Just imagine to create content of a single chapter: create concept, create worldspaces, write screenplay, write cutscenes, make cutscenes, find and work with voice actors, test it. apply patch to test server. patch RC, post RC on live servers.

Its a very very shortened list of things to do every month. I`m not counting CM packs, only content for a chapter itself.

Can you do it alone? With 10 people? 20 even? Every month for a year. Go ahead.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to argue here, because I’ve said nothing to suggest otherwise to that…

Probably the same reason I’m here: amusement. It’s also like a train wreck. You can’t look away.

Actually, blame Dulfy maybe for having such an accessible/comprehensive site. I grew so accustomed to coming here every day when I played that it’s just part of my daily routine.

– Definition of “relevant”

adjective rel·e·vant ˈre-lə-vənt

: relating to a subject in an appropriate way

Yep, I logged in WoW recently, looked at changes, looked at graphics, checked forums, and left for the next year or two.

The only thing good in WoW is cinematics.

Some friends wanted me to go play the wow expansion with them.. (they prepped for a month or two before it came out..) I haven’t played since 2007 and I got in there and was thinking…. hmmm… I just couldn’t get into it.

Yes they did, already some weeks ago; also all 5 titles for dark or light side are available now (not only those two available since release); so well … maybe BW will announce this also as a new great evolution of the game (what was already in the alpha/beta but was removed in the release in end 2011).

Lulz! Reduced the damage of Kilran. BioWare, that’s not the problem with Kilran! It’s the Bug that makes him invinceble! One you know the machanics of the Flashpoint you don’t give a F about the damage he deals. him taking no damage is the issu.

It would be really nice if this team startet to read their forum, play their game, and test their game and game changes!

I’ve done him quite a few times recently and sometimes he bugs at the start of the area instead of going to the bottom of the stairs.
What to do is run the stairs (behind him) and he comes out of cover for you to dps him then it carry’s on fine.

The Eternal Brawler, Battler, and Conqueror head pieces now have Voice Modulation.

I just have one small comment on this… AWESOME!!!!!!

Anyone knows if they will fix the issue with non-usable exotic crafting material from old cartel packs? And I got around 100 GRAY quality obsolete crafting materials from packs… it is insulting at best to give people who pay real money absolutely useless things from gambling packs!

Welcome to gambling.

Don’t buy cartel coins, just sub, and enjoy the game.

We’d be getting better content if we had more subs and less cartel coin buyers.

Don’t be an idiot. You can be a sub and also buy CM packs. What else are you going to do with those huge amounts of CC? Only so much shit you can unlock, because not everything that is unlockable is worth it.

Buy a pack and sell it for credits or gamble on it. The issue is that gray obsolete items was not intended. He just has to put in a ticket and they will mail him the correct items.

Well, thanks, mate, dont know why are you answering to yourself tho…

I just wanted it to be fixed for everyone, not just me.
I guess I`ll form a ticket for those items today.

Also my most concern is blue and purple quality obsolete materials, I got plenty from packs.

And last one –

Buying CC is my way to support the game I love. Whatever I do with packs is my dam business. Thanks for understanding.

I occasionally buy CC for packs and subscribe… I didn’t for the longest time but I actually really enjoy the expansion enough to say … here you go.. yes I will support this game right now. The packs do tick me off though.. haha

I started playing again recently after 2 years break. Bought the expansions and 70 bucks of cartel coins. Withholding content in a game with so little new content is incredible. I have no issues with subscribers getting some insignificant bonuses like vehicles etc. But real actual content should be available to everyone.

lol.. I just wonder if their going to penalize me for 2 days of non subscription (hadn’t played didn’t realize I had to update my information for a new card) btw.. Fred, do you post on the G&M forums? Someone uses that name there to.

I’ve heard that if you contact CS and they see you only missed a day or two for reasons like the one you stated there’s a chance they will take care of things for you. My experiences with their CS were always positive and they fixed issues quickly.

I do not post on the G&M forums. That is an imposter. I am the one and only fully qualified male strumpet who services the entire quad cities area – Moline, Rock Island, Davenport, and Bettendorf.

(chuckle..) good to know.

CS must be hopping most of the time because it takes them longer now to respond to issues then it once did. I didn’t subscribe for the bonus chapter but yeah.. be a bit disappointed if it’s not included.. I’ll certainly take your advice and contact them if that’s the case (haven’t logged in yet)

Guess what, you don’t only get the chapter for the $120, you are also a subscriber for 8 month with all the subscriber benefits.

Oh, yeah, you don’t pay a dime for the product, so yes, you don’t have full access and are handicapped. And? Why shoudl anybody host a game for you totally free? This game has one of the biggest trial version. You can play the whole fucking game for free up to level 50. 8 class storys! I payed 60 EUR for this content in 2012 and had to be subscribed to play. Now it’s for fee! Not enough?

“This game has one of the biggest trial version”

It really doesn’t. SWTOR’s F2P is shite. It’s a glorified trial and they should call it as such since it just isn’t a F2P game. The only benefit of subbing is you can actually play the game properly without all the ridiculous restrictions that make the experience thoroughly joyless. Oh and the 30 minutes of sub-par story a month, ofc.

SWTOR is probably the weakest game I’ve ever played when it comes to value for money. Most other games offer incentives for subbing rather than just taking the handcuffs off. So saying ‘all the subscriber benefits’ is hilarious :’)

If it’s shite, don’t play it! Because this is the game. Why all this bias, if you don’t even like what you get? Why do you want more of it, for free, if it sucks?

I play for the communities I’m part of and because they made sure this was the only SW MMO on the market when it was released. And I don’t get anything for free, I’m just pointing out that there’s no benefit to subbing and that the ‘F2P’ system simply isn’t.

Riiiight.. say it to WoW sub and its 20$ 20 pet shop.

Just so you know, SWTOR is the only Sci-fi MMO out there worth attention… I`d be glad if you point to an existing Sci-fi MMO worth at least a month of sub. Star Citizen is off charts, it not even ready.

I don’t play WoW, but as I understand it they actually release content. And idc what the genre is, the F2P model is shockingly poor.

And BW dont actually release content? Please…

For example WoW is free till level 20, so like… 8 hours of gameplay.
While TOR f2p is really poor, it still alows you to play all the story, do all the standart content.

And as I saw, WoW community really have mixed feelings about Legion update. I tried it, I didnt like it, but hey, I left WoW long time ago because I started to prefer Sci-fi over fantasy. Some people enjoy TOR, some people do the same with WoW. And guess what? To have everything from a game you have to actually pay.

You’re missing the point; you don’t get anything by subbing other than the lifting of the restrictions. All it does is make the game playable. That’s a pretty shitty incentive to sub. ‘pay a sub fee or suffer a really shitty experience’.

Like I said, this isn’t F2P. It’s a glorified trial.

First of all – you get full access to the game, without restrictions. Yes, it could be done better, but most things remain when you switch to preferred status.

I dont say its adequate or even fair, for example beeng unable to use guild bank as a non-sub is rediculous!

I dont have the statistics about their income from different sources, but swtor is in top-3 MMO by net income. That says alot really. While player base is not so huge as in WoW (13 mil subs), swtor subs are mostly well payed 20-30 years people. Its not a problem to pay for sub, like you say, its the content we get. And most people really after CM stuff.

But hey, could you really say that KotET was bad? I loved my experience, and BW did alot to make this game better, and they keep doing it.

Its all about personal taste, I dont mind keeping my sub for what I get from devs now, I think its worth it.

Swtor is in the top 3 because it’s Star Wars. Simple as that. Without the SW IP this game would have died off after that abysmal first year. But you’ve hit the nail on the head there ‘most people are after CM stuff’. That’s how F2P should work- selling cosmetics to earn money. As it stands we pay a sub and get incredibly little for it, while having to spend even more money to get any new cosmetics because new cosmetics are exclusive to the cash shop.

There’ve been one or two months where I’ve spent more on CC than I spent on subbing for an entire year. It’s either a sub game, or it’s a F2P game- the only reason they get away with having both (for now) is because of the IP. Which is disgusting in and of itself.

As for KotFE being bad? Yeah. I’ve read and written better fan-fiction. It’s as far removed from the Star Wars ‘feeling’ as a game has ever taken me. The ME series had more of a SW vibe than all this Eternal Empire shit.

I really, really, really miss the days of sub-only games. Cheapskates who can’t be arsed to get a job have thoroughly ruined gaming :/

Wowo, slow down, cowboy, relax!

First of all, SWTOR is not about sw only, its the only playable sci-fi MMO right now. Gladly will hear any contros. You can think whatever pleases you, but the fact is the fact. Alot of games focuses on ingame purchases, its not the F2P thing, its about modern concept of getting money from players. People will pay for the feeling of being original. Again, you`re not Forced to buy it for CC.
In case you dont know – you can get all the CM stuff from GTN for credits. Which Im doing for the last 9 months. I buy CC sometimes to get stuff I want, and to support the game. I really dont spend that much on it.

People always want everything for free. I dont blame you for wanting a better F2P, but hey, no money no honey. Its just how it works.

EVE, Wildstar. I imagine there are others, though I only follow MMO’s for franchises I like. Not into MMO’s in general, so I have no idea what else is out there beyond the bigger titles. But I agree, fact is fact, and fact is without an IP as beloved and potent as Star Wars this game would have tanked. 200 million budget and went F2P inside of the first year. That’s downright bad.

And yeah, you can buy stuff from the GTN. However, with BW constantly pushing up the rarity of items and with the player base shrinking that’s becoming far, far less doable if you don’t have all day every day to use grinding credits. Some of the recent items have been insanely expensive.

I don’t want better F2P either, tbh, I just want a better game in general. Used to pay a sub for new content, now the sub is just to lift restrictions. Expansions used to mean new content, now it just means drawn-out cutscenes with tedious pockets of combat between them. I’d rather go back to buying expansions because when we paid money for them we got more than a few hours of material to chew over.

As it stands, I get more for my money subscribing to Star Citizen than I do for swtor. SC isn’t even out yet.

You really keep doing it… Ok.

EVE is out of question, its a very specific MMO with specific playerbase, tried it once, its a spaceship sim, not quite a character RPG. Wildstar is kinda meh, I saw gameplay, tried, but doesnt hook me.

SWTOR started too loud, and without achievement system, event system, few raids and soft PVP they lost alot. I agree. But look now – its all defferent. Its not the same game that lost positions 5 years ago.

And here I want to draw your attention – please, even for once, give a goodamn staight link to playing statistics, that clearly shows that player base is shrinking.

Can you? Or I should believe on on your words? Because i see clear fluctuation during patches and not quite populated mid-weeks, but evening online on servers is pretty much the same as it was on start. I speak about not very popular Progenitor EU server. 90-150 players on fleet, planets from 10 to 50, starting planets up to 100, and FP each FP at least 1 team. so around 1.5k-2k per server, maybe more.

You think its small online? its half of what its been on start.

And its average numbers, accoring to my own runthroughs.

Yep, market is insane now, but thats hardly devs to blame, its greedy people who using game to farm creds and sell it for IRL money. I even saw Ebay links with selling vented sabers for 60$…

But you really think that everyone can afford a Porche? Or Vented saber? Nope. Its people who work to get it.

It eludes me why you think that rarest items should be accessable to majority of people. And thats hardly a reason to say, that game is duying.

Really keep doing what? Not agreeing with your ‘everything is rosy’ outlook? No, I don’t have any statistics, and neither do you. I’ve been playing since launch and play across two servers, TRE and Prog, and yesterday I was queued for a HM FP as a tank for almost an hour before I simply gave up and went to play something else.

And sorry, people had to ‘work’ to get the vented saber? The people working are the ones who don’t have time to piss away grinding insane sums of in-game cash for a single item. There’s making something difficult to get or rare, but when half the items in a pack are close to 10 mil upwards something is quite wrong. People have jobs, and the only alternative is to throw hundreds of £’s at the game on the slim hope that they’ll get the item they want. Also never said the game is dying, just that the population has dropped, noticeably after KotFE.

Comparing a vented saber to a Porche, though, doesn’t even warrant a serious response.

Not sure what ‘started too loud’ means either. It started with a crappy engine, a lack of content and a team who evidently had no idea what they were doing (and admitted so). It didn’t start loud, it started badly, and that’s likely why the team seem so half-arsed in their efforts ever since, because odds are EA made their money back in initial sales when everyone thought the game was going to be massive and awesome, saw the massive drop-off and stopped giving it the kind of funding it should have.

You can enjoy this game and like it, but I’m not sure how people STILL find ways to defend the piss-poor management of the game and the utter absence of balance between quality and profit.

Really wish EA could buy the rights to SWG and just reopen that as-was for those of us who want to play a SW MMO again. I’d happily pay the current sub price thrice over every month just to feel like I’m in the Star Wars galaxy again. TOR is just more disappointing with every new thing they tack on.

There are a total of 10 mounts and 11 pets on the WoW cash shop and new ones are rarely added. Mounts are $25 and pets are $10. Around the holidays you can get these for around $15 and $5 respectively. You know exactly what you’re getting without spending over $40 to potentially get trash. Some of those pets were directly tied to charity donations.

The remaining hundreds of pets and mounts are available to all to get in game while questing or running group content.

To bring it up as a negative or compare it to SWTOR doesn’t make sense. They are completely different business models.

With that being said, I didn’t mind the Hypercrates when I also had other content to run in SWTOR. I dropped hundreds of $ on them because I had the cash, enjoyed opening them, and then selling the items I didn’t want or sharing them with guildies.

This post is almost a copy of another I saw about a week ago. You totally miss the point, babe.

Can you name any and I mean ANY adequate Sci-fi MMO games out there?
Defiance? Nope, burned in a week or so after release. Star Citizen? Not even close to completion. Destiny? Not much.

You totally miss the idea that SWTOR is the only one MMO game in SW universe, which itself have dozens of fans, and the only MMO with deep Sci-fi and RP element. Group content? Yes, could be better. But you really miss diversity.

Maybe I missed your main point because you lead with a smart-ass dig at another game with a useless apples-to-oranges comparison just like the one that was made last week prompting my comment then.

To me, SWTOR needs to stand on its own regardless of what other SW or scifi games are doing. It doesn’t earn extra points for being the only one or the best of a bunch of crap games.

I don’t get what diversity you’re talking about?

“I don’t get what diversity you’re talking about?”

Exactly you dont. Go sub, see.

It was not a comparison, dont be such… yourself. I stated that WoW has 20$ 20 items market. I havent compared it to anything maybe except your bitterness and full of regrets life.

SWTOR is fine, and it will be better, and sure as hell it would become better faster without folks of all ages, spending their useless lives on writing bad comments about it.

Lol…so now you’re just going to be irrational and hurl personal insults because you have nothing intelligent to say. Funny.

You mentioned WoW’s cash shop specifically to attempt to make SWTOR’s look better. I don’t have to sub to see what SWTOR offers because I was subbed for nearly two years straight and, other than linear-cliched-story-chapter content, nothing has been added since I unsubscribed.

Just because someone doesn’t like what you like or doesn’t just post rainbows and sunshine about a game on a public forum doesn’t mean they are bitter about life. It means they have 2 minutes to type a response on a website before going about their business…which includes playing games with actual content. How you think a game will get better without feedback about what ppl don’t like is beyond me.

You dont have any idea of what I was going to say or what I meant. All your conclusions are from your own deluded mind.

You have to at least play the game to tell whats wrong and whats good in it, otherwise your blubbering is irrelevant. Its like saying “Porsche is a bad car, I never had one, but I saw it got crashed alot, so its a very bad choice. Ride bicycles! They are Free of sub!”

Just because I like TOR I will defend it from heartless people like you, who live by the rule “If I dont like it – its garbage”

I have an idea for you – dont waste your precious 2 minutes, just go play games with content you think is better.

And this game will get better with adequate feedback, and not from constant whine and asspoison from such people. Like I already said – dont play the game – dont waste your precious time here. Disagree? – well, just…

You’re stating the obvious and are off-topic in relation to my comment.

Since you mentioned them, those benefits do not make up for the lack of other new content for many players. Stay subbed to what? Run the same Ops again? Run around on planets I’ve already explored on multiple characters? No thanks.

So, if it’s so obvious, why are are talking about “wasting” $120 for a chapter? What are you trying to say? Nothing!? Than say nothing.

Without subscribers and people buying Cartel Coins this game would no longer exist. You understand that? Games are developed to earn money.

Your comment has nothing to do with what I said. At no point did I say subscribing or buying cartel coins wasn’t needed for SWTOR to be financially viable or that games are not made to make a profit.

My point was that the game, imo, no longer provides content worthy of staying subscribed for 8 consecutive months just for a tacked on chapter. You can now subscribe for 1 month and receive all 16 chapters for $15.

It’s a reward for longtime subscribers. Something they should do more often.

Long time subscribers are money you can relay on and this makes it easier to plan the future of the game.

If you aren’t a long time soupporter of the game, you don’t get the chapter. Your choice. I didn’t waste $120 on the chapter, because I didn#t just subscribe to get the chapter.

Oh, I agree the HK chapter was meant to be a reward for staying subbed all year and that subbing ONLY to get that chapter would be foolish. It’s one of the few crumbs thrown to long-term subs and I’m glad it’s there for those who’ve earned it.

I’m just saying that for me there wasn’t a compelling reason to keep paying $15 a month from Jan – Aug.

Hopefully anyone wanted the chapter only paid $110 since they should have gotten the 6 months plus 2 additional months(which you can get on Amazon or Origin and have include cartel coins to further “mitigate” the cost). Still too much for 1 chapter in my opinion.

I have never understood the $15 a month argument, unless you have been in a situation where each month just wasn’t disappointing enough to get you to stop. But you could stop next month if you wanted.

I have no bitterness towards SWTOR at all and had a great time for the nearly 2 years I played. If ppl are happy with what they are providing now for $15 a month that’s fine. I’m not and have moved on to another game. Why post here then? Well…

I’m subscribed anyways.

So I’ll be rewarded with an extra chapter for that. There’s nothing wrong with that.
No, I wouldn’t subscribe for 8 month just to get the chapter, but if you play anyways, there is no need to.

I had 4 days I wasn’t subbed middle of July….I swear if I don’t get this Chapter I’m going to throw an extreme frothy. In other news, as per always, request for patch size please….?

Didn’t know the new chapter came out today. Just logged in. Saw my mail message saying I have the chapter. Look at my mission log. No chapter. Relogged. No chapter. Rebooted my computer. No chapter.

You know, I’m not even going to sub for KOTET at this point if they can’t ever get themselves in order.

Yeah, I had heard the mail they give you in-game was saying it was automatically in your mission log. I think they’re going to soft-fix it tomorrow morning sometime, so it works the way it was originally supposed to. Cross your fingers. :-p

Word to the wise… I used a Cartel Market companion customization today. It worked, and it bound to me, but it did NOT unlock in collections as it should. I assume this is a new issue from the patch. Make sure your stuff is unlocking properly before you destroy it out of your inventory.

It’s an old issue. The ones that were available from the Cartel Bazaar vendors (like Jaesa Dark/light) don’t unlock in collections. I raised a ticket ages ago with CS and was advised that it initially wasn’t supposed to be in collections but that it is and they have no ETA on it being unlocked in there. But strangely some of the ones from the bazaar vendors DO unlock. Mako’s does and most of them do but a few don’t… hit and miss I guess.

Hmm… could just be a fluke that of all the companion customizations I’ve been using and adding to collections lately, the one I did after the patch happens to be one that was already bugged.
A few months back, I had a similar issue with a Stronghold Defender weapon that I’d bought on the GTN. It was clearly the “Cartel Market” version rather than the older reputation-dependent version, and when I bound it, it got added to my collections. I could retrieve multiple copies on that toon, but it would not let me pay the CC to unlock it account wide. I got a similar explanation from customer support about how it was somehow in collections but sorta not really.
This thing with the Torian customization was different, though. When I used it, it bound to me, but didn’t get added to collections at all. Like you said though, could just be hit or miss which items are impacted and to what extent.

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