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SWTOR HK Bonus Chapter Story and Companion Recruitment Guide

SWTOR HK-55 Bonus Chapter story and companion recruitment guide.

Shroud of Memory


  • To access the HK bonus chapter, you must have been a subscriber fro Jan 11 to August 1. Then you will need to go to your player ship mission terminal to get the mission.
  • You also need to have completed Chapter 9 of the story, To Find a Findsman and Arma Rasa alliance alert to get HK-55 back.


  • There is a 10 point achievement for completing Shroud of Memory and you also gain a new companion Z0-0M. A this time if you were not a subscribed from Jan 11 to August 1 there is no other way to get access to the bonus chapter, achievement or the companion.

Video of the Story


Z0-0M Companion Gift Preferences


    • Like: Weapon, Courting, Luxury, Cultural Artifact, Trophy
    • Favourite: Military Gear, Technology, Maintenance
    • Love: Republic Memorabilia,

Bonds of Duty


  • Completed To Find a Findsman mission that recruits Yuun and completed all previous alerts with Bey’wan Aygo.
  • Completed Chapter 16

Reach Influence Rank 10 with Provost Marshal Rusk

  • Defeat Black Sun gang members and loot crates of Smuggled Contraband in the Lower Office Atrium of Nar Shaddaa’s Industrial Section.


  • You need to reach Influence Rank 10, which is 10,000 influence. If you have at least Rank 5 Influence with Hylo Visz, you should have the option to get 5000 influence by just talking to Rusk


  • The Looted Intelligence you can loot off the Black Sun Mobs in the Lower Office Atrium only give 250 influence. However, the crates you can loot around the area give you Illicit Goods that give 500 influence. So if you are already at 5000 influence you only need 10 Illicit Goods or 20 Looted Intelligence or a combination of the two. Remember to swap between map instances if your instance is too crowded.


Recruiting Skadge

  • While the most common option while talking to Skadge is to kill him, you can recruit him if you chose to make a deal with him and get both Rusk and Skadge for your team.
  • Of course you can kill Skadge or Betray Rusk


Achievements (Courtesy of Wadd)

To get all the 3 achievements, you have to do the “Bonds of Duty” recruitment mission on 3 characters:

  1. Get Skadge and Rusk – Choose the option to make a deal
  2. Kill Rusk – Choose the option to Betray Rusk (Darkside choice), Skadge and his thugs will help you kill Rusk and his team
  3. Kill Skadge – Choose the option to kill Skadge (Darkside choice), Rusk and his team will help you kill Skadge and his thugs

Companion Gift Preferences


  • Like: Luxury, Trophy
  • Favourite: Military Gear,
  • Love: Weapon, Underworld Good


  • Like: Luxury, Technology, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy
  • Favourite: Weapon, Republic Memorabilia
  • Love: Military Gear

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459 replies on “SWTOR HK Bonus Chapter Story and Companion Recruitment Guide”

The moves were temp, but they were placed in the first quickbar. I only point that out since I use the keyboard and wasted some time in the first fight wondering why the moves weren’t activating.

Skadge: defeated – Kill or incarcerated Skadge -> 50pts
Tho idk what is the second hidden probably to recruit him..

underwhelming, at least. i expected major stuff, like when the double heroics on nar shadaa… this was shit…
i was really curious what they had for the shroud based on the datapad on rishi’s cantina.. but this.. this ruined everything..

Blizz!!! His name is Blizz!!! Give the little guy some respect, he’s the first Jawa to go out and explore the galaxy!!!!

My experience wasn’t quite as good as earlier companion recruitment since they didn’t have any dialogue about rank 10 influence. The other characters who could skip with level 10 influence all explained to their former comp why the mission should be skipped, whereas Rusk ends the dialogue tree and then you can immediately speak to him again and he continues as though you provided enough for him to get the intel needed.

Actually, as a consular you can skip the quest and recruit Qyzen right away (assuming you previously had at least 10 influence).
In case of Lokin, as an agent you don’t have to bring him the crafting mats (still have to do the Rakhgoul event part of the quest).

I meant all 3 I listed how a way to skip. I had rank 10 on Lokin (easy to do pre Knights if you just pour gifts into him before starting the Xpac), so I got to skip. Qyzen is the only complete skip in the game if you had rank 10 (ie no more mission after talking to him)

Like the other person said, main majority of those that dress up like that are dudes. I’ve seen the ERP guilds dress like that as well and most of those ARE dudes pretending to be chicks online. How do I know this you ask? I used to do the same shit way back in the day for stuff online. A sucker is born every minute.

for fuck’s sake, it’s a goddamn fake picture. calling it slut shaming is fucking retarded. complaining that someone is shaming a slut is retarded enough

Its okay if they want to get their two cents in. They want to be special and all that because his opinions went against another person’s opinions. Maybe white knighting against a fake picture? I mean, it is the internet after all so have to see on what the rebuttal is like :p

Yes, clearly you have mastered the art of invisibly blending into your surroundings. To say nothing of the protection that outfit offers in a fight. I can already see Daniel Craig wearing that in the next James Bond movie.

Grrr of course they had to add an achievement for recruiting Skadge. Oh well, my goody goody LS guy continues to collect Pokemon.

It has the credit symbol next to the option. When I clicked it, it brought up the same turn-in box that the Alliance Supply Crates use, asking me if I wanted to give him 5000 Influence. I didn’t want to test it.

Have you actually used that option?

Gr3yStar says it doesn’t take away any influence. Maybe you could note that in the guide?

you had to stay subbed to get it, when there’s really no reason to sub at this point IMO they dont produce content, all they can muster is cartel market garbage and a lack luster SINGLE PLAYER story that no one asked for that is pure garbage.. cutscene, then fight skytroopers rinse repeat, so it essentially did cost money seeing how you cant just sub for a month and get the story + hk chapter now

If you are subbed normally, then this was a BONUS. Also, you can’t get access to the HK chapter by subbing for a month.

But a bonus on top of what, I wonder. What did we get for our monthly sub that wasn’t this chapter garbage? We’re not paying for anything new. The amount of content they released overall is mediocre at best.

I’ve been subbed since before Rise of the Hutt Cartel, and continue to be subbed for the regular conveniences it entails. Extra character slots, faster leveling, artifact item use, etc. This chapter, Nico, HK-55, and Z0-0M, are all just added welcome bonuses to me.

You, on the other hand, sound like someone bitterly choking on their own bile for having passed on the opportunity attempting to alleviate their own irritation at the expense of those who didn’t miss out.

Good luck with that.

i haven’t been subbed for nearly a year, i still have 25 active lvl 65 toons, i can use artifact gear, companions IDAF about because i simply dont play outside of when my team raids, there’s litterally no reason to stay subbed.. unless you just love Eaware having your money for their lack luster productions… Hell Wow has tripled the content produced since Swtor got anything Meaningful last.

Do I need to finish all 16 chapters to get triggers for rusk and skadge? I aleady did the hk-55 bonus mission though

Heads up for all of you achievement hunters out there. If you want to get all companion achievements, you’ve to to kill Rusk, recruit Rusk, kill Skadge, and recruit Skadge. Personally, that last one made me die a bit inside.

Hey. Did anyone else get that in game mail about the HK bonus mission but can not find the mission in your mission log? Yes I subbed for the whole time, and yes I completed Chapter 9 of KotFE, and the the HK-55 and Yuun recruitment missions already.
The only mission I have for Fallen Empire is Knights of the Eternal Throne.

Didn’t even think to look there, funny the in game mail said mission log. But looking closely at Dulfy’s image, it was on ship. I should have figured. Thank you for the help.

I had the same problem, the toon I wanted to do the quest on had all the pre-reqs done, (all chapters done, Arma Rasa done, etc.) They are rebooting servers tonight to try to fix it. However, if you have any toon that’s available to do Arma Rasa that hasn’t done it yet, do that quest quick and that toon will now have it available. That’s how I was able to record the quest for my channel using my Merc instead of my Guardian.

Hadn’t thought of it, but the personalities are similar. Voice is different, but definitely the same personality.

As soon as ZO-OM appears and starts talking, I was thinking Dory. Then the first memory wipe happens and I’m like….really? Then the Shroud got the whole Shadow Broker treatment. RIP originality

I don’t see much resemblance between the Shroud and Shadow Broker. If I compared ZO-OM to a previous Bioware character it would be Revan.

Shadowy mastermind gets something that grows tired of him, kills him and takes his place? And no one thought Shadow Broker, really? Did you read the codex for ZO-OM? Also, why would Revan have any similarity to ZO-OM besides memory loss?

I was honestly expecting something completely half-assed from Bioware, since this is something only a fraction of their players would ever enjoy, but at least in terms of the writing and story, they went all-out. There was a near constant stream of black humor (the best possibly being with the Exarch if you spare her), and a level of snark from the main character unseen since the Inquisitor’s class story. Z0-0M is an absolutely adorable companion, as well. She reminded me a bit of Gir from Invader Zim (and it seems I was not alone in that observation).

Sadly, the implementation is a bit buggy with terrible lag on usable abilities and mobs acting in strange fashions. Hopefully this will be fixed during the server restart.

Also, good on Bioware for actually making Alliance Commander influence pay off in some way. I managed to get Rusk in a finite amount of time despite a mob of twenty other players racing each-other for the same kills and items. Hopefully this will be the start of a trend and we’ll see easier recruitment based on higher influence in the future.

I only had those ability and mob issues in the beginning lava base. Although I did play it later in the day so they may have done something backend or were fewer people in the coil. Really enjoyed the writing. The chapter reminded me a lot about KOTOR with the twists and humor. When I saw the Exarch scene it called to mind Jolee Bindo’s discussion about “swirling force”

This also seemed to reinforce the information in the Jedipedia datamine since this chapter used many of the gimmicks that were listed.

I think that recruitment via Alliance Alert will be over soon. Most of the remaining companions are Love Interests or have a skill or background that increases their chances of being a chapter focus character. I personally hope that they keep Alliance alerts and use the things they have learned to give us short fun missions with currently enlisted crew mates.

Sadly, I’m afraid I have to disagree, simply because of the ending. They shit all over the villain of one of the best questlines in the game, by giving him a lackluster (though better than most of the others) singleplayer ezmode-no-brain-required chapter that not only serves to put the nail in the shroud’s coffin, but does what ME3 did to the story about the reapers; they took a badass egoistic genius and then revealed “he” was nothing more than a ridiculous droid who has amnesia every 5 minutes. And not a single puzzle in the chapter either. In the freaking finale of the shroud storyline!!! I did love the humor and the unique perspective of the chapter, but overall it was simply another mark on the checklist of bioware’s “which part of the old game to piss on next” list.

And with that you have lost any and all of the best questlines in the game”
And with that you have lost any and all credibility.

Really? Tell me, is there another heroic in the game that requires 4 players to cooperate to such a degree? Is there another where you can LOL as the boss dies with a simple push of a button, along with half your group? (that light bridge is the ultimate troll) Is there another mission that has you speeding through nar shaddaa, jumping from speeder to speeder in an awesome action sequence?

People who dismiss the macro missions as being bad never got past the traveling that you had to do. Now that QT has no cooldown, It’s one of the most fun in this game. Course, I wouldn’t wait too long to experience it, cause the dumbasses at bioware are going to end up dumbing the finale heroic down like aurora cannon cause hurr durr solo, instead of making heroics group content again and adding them to GF like they should.

Yes, there is. The Dreadseed one. And if it was JUST the Heroic, I’d agree with you. The fact is, however much you try and focus on the positive, the negative far outweighs it.
And I did both those quests the moment they came out for pre-orderers on both factions, so I already have experienced it (and thank god I never have to do so again!).

And this is why you think it is bad; you did it before the QT changes. It’s not as tedious as before. And the dreadseed heroic can be easily done with 2 players, it can even be done solo, although the second boss takes like 20 min lol. So come back to me when you have an actual valid answer to my questions 🙂

How does one “accidentally” kill Skadge when there is a pop-up that tells you, “Are you sure? You are about to kill this character and they will never be accessible again!” that you have to click past?

I thought it was a joke because for Gault there were like five confirmations asking me if I was sure I wanted to kill him and then I got him anyways.

I think perhaps he means in the original BH story. I forget the actual options, but it does seem like killing Gault is a real option but no matter what you choose, you end up with him regardless.

Wait! Wait, wait….wait….


Damnit, I’m gonna have this boner all day now.

If you let the janitor (Jollo) live, once you complete the mission you get a decoration of him as a reward. Not sure if anyone else mentioned it. At least I did.
And I have to say, if you let the Zakuul Exarch become your follower, later on her death was just too funny.

Missed opportunity by Bioware. I can’t be the only person who wished that they could have acquired a blind Twi’lek melee companion who uses a Vibromop.

Are there hidden achievements for not recruiting Rusk or Skadge, like with Lokin and Xalek? Thanks in advance.

I need clarification on that: Can both Rusk and Skedge be killed on one char during recruitment mission.I managed to do few attempts but it seems only one can be killed
rejected) .Or I do something wrong ? :/

I’m certain for all the achieves, you must run through it 3 times. I tried all possible combos to kill both in one run and could not.

not a bad chapter, i liked the twist. and also the arma rasa alliance (the one you recruit HK-55) actually effect this mission. a bit amusing that the choices that matter only comes to effect in a bonus mission, but there you have it 😛

The lag was horrible, truly horrible and completely made it unplayable for me. I finished it but the lag made it impossible for me to enjoy the chapter. I’ll try again a week later or so with a different toon. Looked very nice and full with HK humour though.

Haven’t played this yet … haven’t even startet KotFE yet … but watched the HK-/Shroud-Episode on YouToube … so funny, so hilarous … when the airlock opens for the exarch’s grand destiny, couldn’t stop laughing for minutes on.

There is a error in the HK thing that worried me at first, so here’s a PSA 😛

Game Update 4.7.1 Known Issues

The in-game mail for the Shroud of Memory Chapter erroneously states that
the Mission was placed in the Mission Log. Players will need to pick up
the Mission at the Mission Terminal on their ship.

I was almost going nuts and hoped it would be a bug that I got the mail but not the mission in the log. After chilling an hour on nar shaddaa someone pointed out that the mission is available on the player ship.

I would like to go back to having 5 separate ones for each class…. now they’re all the same, no personality, no separate stories, no customization, no interest…

If you have legendary status and are into lore, you find that some companions are creatures you just refuse to be in the same room with. Skadge and kaliyo are the prime examples. Both are anti social, brutish maniacs.
From a light side point of view, they are the worst type of criminal.
From a dark side point of view, they are just cannon fodder you like to kill when they open their mouth.
Both sides dont think they make decent allies. And you know shit is about to get real when both sides agree 😀

Quinn is a different case. His general behavior isnt similar to skadge or kaliyo. Yes, he betrayed his warrior master and we cant kill him for that. Its because hes a companion during the class story. I know, it sucks, it doesnt make much sense. Would he betray us during KOTFE he would be killable like kaliyo and others. But he isnt a general asshole, anarchistic or a dick like skadge. He is kinda cold, calculating, efficient and on some points I can understand why he doesnt like vette even if I dont agree with him on those points.
But skadge shows that bioware like to be assholes. They brought back the worst companions instead of the popular ones. There is no excuse for that.

You used to be able to kill companions in the beta. Then ppl whined about losing their healer comp and they took it out.

Well, back then the level cap was 50 with no new companions in sight to replace them. Right now my main has 36 companions… I wouldnt shed a tear losing certain companions and still have more than I actually need.

First we have to get him back. But having the luxury of two warriors, a dark side female and light side male, Im sure I find out how its going to play out 🙂

I’m just thinking of Baras being banished and ending up with the Eternal Empire. I’d love to see a Warriors reaction to Quinn doing the literal exact same thing.

Kaliyo is kinda awesome. Anarchistic is not always bad. She is the good type of anarchistic. Skadge is a psychopath.

I dont want to spoil the story incase you havent played through the agents storyline yet. But I had good reasons to stop the romance with kaliyo and rather go with the ensign.

I have a female agent who is not interested in Kaliyo, since she (the agent) is mine. Forever. My male agent didn’t progress any love stories either, but I don’t see Kaliyo that way, I just think she is pretty cool in general.

The good thing about this Alliance Alert is that you get to recruit/reject two companions at once. If you roll a new character and reach endgame content, the alliance missions are way too many…

Can I kill Skadge without getting DS points? My sage knocked him out but it would have been a lot more satisfying gutting him for LS points. 🙂

Just a note on the prerequisites, I didn’t need to do any of the previous missions for Bey’wan Aygo, just Find a Findsman mission that recruits Yuun.

Did you finish Chapter 16? that’s the other one I forgot as i was trying to do all the achieves, but need to run through to 16 on a third char as you need to do it 3 times to get all of them. Once to recruit them both, and one each to reject/kill them.

Hated Skadge. He’s the only companion of a ranged character to not complete the 1K kills achievement. Only Gaurdian/Warrior have companions unfinished due to loathing melee combat.

I was so looking forward to greasing Skadge with my main bounty hunter, then realized I never finished Lokin’s mission, so I’m locked out of the Rusk/Skadge mission til the Rakghoul event comes around again. AAUGH!

In another of your comments, you said you were blocked from taking the mission, but you’d done all of Aygo’s missions except for Lokin? Did you finish Chapter 16 on your bounty hunter? My Jedi Sentinel never began the Lokin mission (no WAY am I gathering and then giving back eight HUNDRED grade 8 herb units per character), but she was able to do the recruitment mission. She finished Chapter 16.
EDIT: I didn’t do Qyzen’s mission on my Sentinel either. That one’s given by Aygo as well.

Not on that character, I still have the last two missions to go. I missed the Chapter 16 requirement, derp! I can knock that out tonight. Thank you for poking me in the head. 🙂

I’ve done the Lokin mission on 6-7 different characters, and the way to go is to give Ragkhoul stuff, not the green level “herb” stuff. That’s just too many.

I like Skadge. At least he was honest about being a psychopathic mass-murdering child-killing dog-kicking criminal scumbag. Yes yes, he forced his way onto your crew, but guess what? So did every other companion in the game!

SJWs dont like Skadge because they think one of his lines imply rape when it could have implied anything from murder and torture.

He did come off rapey. And there was another instance that he would threaten Mako. Either case he needs to be shoved out the airlock. He is a liability. And as such needs to be dealt with. Permanently.

My Hunter would have killed the puke the first time he threatened his life, doubly so for forcing his way onto the ship. That I never got to annoyed me but not sure it’s worth paying a sub for the chance to kill him yet.

Dulfy, I don’t think you need to do all of Aygo’s Alliance alerts. My Sentinel only did Yuun’s recruitment and finished Chapter 16. She didn’t do either Qyzen’s or Lokin’s recruitment missions, didn’t even begin them, and she was able to do the “Bonds of Duty” mission for Rusk.

“Of course you can kill Skadge and then betray Rusk and get none of the companions.”

No you can’t. I’ve been trying over 1 hour of reseting. If you kill Skadge (or the stun him option), you get Rusk. There is no more option to betray him.
If you betray Rusk, Skadge helps you and is recruited (there is no option to refuse him).
You can only lose one of them on one character not both. You need 3 chars to do everything.

1 char recruit both of them, 1 get Skadge & lose rusk, 1 get Rusk & lose Skadge.
Must have 3 characters with chapter 16 done.
(And doing ch1-16 2 times is already so boring, and you need it to get that mission…)

actually it looks like dognim does all the cheeves with 2 options, you dont need the “recruit both of them” option.

Is there an achievement for getting both companions? I’ve rejected one each to get the achievements done and I don’t see the point to get them both when skadge is a piece of shit

Sorry let me clarify…

I got the achievement for killing Skadage and keeping Rusk.
The achievement for betraying Rusk and keeping Skadge.
Is there an achievement for keeping them both during the same encounter or no?

Why are the devs so hesitant to bring back Mako? I guess they don’t have a story role for her yet. Interestingly, she is the only companion who believes your PC is dead. I wonder if she became a computer security specialist, married, settled down and raised a family unlike anyone else in the Star Wars galaxy.

Now that would be good storytelling; you find Mako or only to discover they’re now with someone else. Rather than the current trend of “oh, hey, been a while- we still banging or…?”

They seem to be waiting until the end to bring back the best companions and or love interests of each class. With the exception of Vette, although most Sith Warriors probably went with Dark Jaesa.

Some of your choices actually influenced the options available, the story was decent, it feels like you’re actually doing something important for a change and the twist was actually surprising.

Now, why couldn’t they have made that the case with KotFE? :S

No, BW are too lazy to do anything but linear. They could easily expand the story to be smarter and wider in scope and thus more repeatable, but that would require effort that they clearly aren’t willing to commit. KotFE has been the worst addition to the swtor story yet.

Fully expect KotET will be the same unimaginative crap for yet another year.

Just out of curiosity, how could the story be wider in scope without branching into separate storylines like we had back in the good ol’ days?

Easy, give us choices for things that don’t change the overall plot. Have subplots with complete freedom and their own consequences, or occasional class-specific missions that are self-contained stories.

Or, heaven forbid, actually allow us to choose the direction of the main story rather than offering shallow, illusory choices that don’t change anything at all.

Like I said, BW are too lazy to do anything but linear.

I prefer ignorance, naivety and incompetence. I have higher hopes for KotET due to statements of Ohlgren. Rather than reiterating choices matter he did some elaboration. Apparently this whole narrative has been written and does include payoffs. The problem is that choices made in KotFE were planned to have consequences up to dozens of chapters later, even post KotET.

He used the characters of Ralo and Koth as examples since several actions you take have repercussions that may or may not be witnessed. On the positive side he seems to now be aware that due to the monthly cycle repercussions will need to be felt quicker since 12 hours isn’t a problem, but 112 months is ridiculous.

I expect more minor consequences and a faster turnaround. Or else, it will become incompetence and laziness unequivocally in my book.

It would be nice if some of the choices end up mattering for the next expansion, such as the Gravestone being stolen or Admiral Ranken being alive or dead, just in a small way even, like if she survived we get to recruit a different companion than if she died, or if we backed Valkorion we get some special weapon from him but if we rejected him we get one with a different skin.

it feels unfair for a player like me who has been playing the game a majority of the time since launch to not have access to this chapter, my sub was off for about 40 days but that is because I felt like there just wasn’t any content to even play the game at that time and then when i resubbed I bought $100 worth of Cartel Coins so in some ways I feel like I should have access to the chapter. anyone in the same boat?

It was well-known ahead of time that you needed to stay subbed for the entire period to get the extra chapter.
I’m sorry you lost out, but have some dignity, man.

dignity? i have dignity – which is why i was unsubbed for some time. WE GET NO NEW CONTENT. and when we get feeble scraps of it, only people who payed a fuckload over time get it? come on. it seems unfair as hell and is stupid.

In all kindness – “fair” has got nothing to do with it!
Whatever Bioware has or hasn’t provided in terms of new content in general is completely besides the point. They stated, FROM THE BEGINNING, in a very public manner, that the HK chapter would be a subscriber reward ONLY for those subscribed for the WHOLE period.
If you really wanted this chapter you could/should have known that and acted accordingly. Maybe you just forgot in your frustration over the game.


You may well have been displaying admirable PRUDENCE in unsubbing for a while, when you felt you no longer had anything to gain from a subscription.
But DIGNITY would be the opposite of the self-entitlement revealing itself in your spoiled, frustrated whining.
Simply because you feel that Bioware has let you down before doesn’t mean they are now under any obligation to change their own pre-established rules to compensate you for a frustration born from your own actions.

Since this is the internet you are free to interpret my comment as a purely baseless accusation and answer with brainless invective.
I don’t have any animosity towards you, though, and simply hope that you take this opportunity to reflect on the logic of your own position.

Yes. On that I completely agree!
I find myself wishing I could take a peek at what goes on at Bioware, how they manage SWTOR, and get a full and honest account of their internal cost-benefit calculations for this game. Are they spending as much time and money on this as, say Blizzard is on WOW? It certainly doesn’t feel like it, but I know way too little about the processes of such productions to make a real judgement call and being left in the dark can very quickly start to feel like management for mushrooms (if you know what I mean)!^^

Think of it this way, the people who got access paid for it. You did not pay for it. Very simple. You had a choice, and the information was available beforehand. If you want to play the chapter now, the buck had to stop with you. You decided to stop paying them, and now you are complaining because you feel entitled to something you decided not to buy. It sucks but it’s fairer than a lot of things. You don’t get shit unless you pay for it, which is really not too bad a deal.

Yes, and these people who payed 8 months(?) of subscription (~100 $) for 1 1/2 hour will run rampage as soon as Bioware releases token so every player can enjoy this chapter for 1.000 CCs.

There is absolutely no reason why Bioware should not do it. They milked the fanboys first and the rest later. AFAIK you will get KOFTE for nothing if you buy the KOTET DLC. Maybe the HK chapter is part of it

It’s not, and why on earth would you think that? We have almost no information on KOTET, we don’t know if it’s paid or free etc.

Frankly? Just be happy u saved some money and get urself some nice, other game for it if you want something to play.
One thing i don’t get is why you bought CC, but its not my problem.

HK-51 is way better anyways. Not really missing out on anything. Lot of the shit these guys are buying are not worth having. Any decent Star Wars fan knows how generic and shitty looking some of these items look. Kotor 2 costumes look better than half the shit these idiots brag on about.

That’s why they made this a continuous sub reward; to keep you paying even when there was nothing worth paying for.

truth. If you dont feel its worth subbing for simply dont, and certainly buying CC isn’t gonna help your plea lol.i stopped subbing over a yr ago and honestly, i wanted more endgame content, now i just feel its too late.. i dont really care much anymore, the only thing that keeps me playing now is my raid team

They were very clear right from the get-go all the rewards would be for continuous subs, NOT people like you who only play the game when there’s new content-basically, they’re rewarding continuous loyalty.

LOL, continuous loyalty! ROFL good one. EAWare loves recycling content. I have the CE, they promised a whole lot of crap about CE vendor having exclusive items and continuous updates. They lied. Few years later they sell said items as slightly repainted items in the cartel packs. They sold ‘expansions’ to SUBS even though they were subbed and then gave it for free to anyone that paid a few bucks later for the next cash cow dlc. Now they scrapped the one purchase dlc and want to dangle some useless item crap to entice you to stay subbed. More fool you then. The one time subs are getting more for their money. Sub once and get all the current year dlc and unsub. Don’t pay these fools anymore than they deserve. Looking forward when the licence eventually gets pulled from EA hands.

Well, the CE Vendor DOES have exclusive items, and while the updates aren’t continuous, there have been a couple.
And while I agree they could have been better for continuing subs, this is start, and if all the little whiny cry-babies don’t like they missed out, sucks to be them.
As for the one time subs getting a better deal? lolno. Not when you raid 4 times a week.

Updates. Like what 3 years ago? You brag as if raiding is something so special. No one gives a ****. Most of it is hideous gear and meh mounts that have been slightly altered and flung in the CM store. Booing someone because they missed out on some mediocre promotion is just shallow. If you think it’s great good for you. Keep coughing money in EA pockets, but don’t fool the rest in thinking you won something. Because EAWare will most likely repackage it and sell it once they finished milking you.

Well considering I played the game for 5 years. I don’t really fit that category either. As if SWTOR ever required concentration. The game is so basic a blind monkey could faceroll without any problems. And 5.0 patch notes indicate it’s going to get more simpler. You will be seeing lot more casuals and noobs soon enough. And I bet you will have fun. lol

I have done SM/HM and NIM. Fun first time, then boring. Dude wake up and do something with yourself. Get some fresh air before you end up being permanently glued to wheel chair. smh.

I wouldn’t be laughing if I had a no life beyond playing raids. But hey, everyone is different. Have fun do nothing. Lol.

It’s not my concern that you have no life beyond sitting in a chair all day or the fact the only excitement you get from existence is from waiting to play the next repeatable raid. I certainly don’t envy or pity you.

Wow, you really are stupid aren’t you?
At first I thought you were just a casual, but now I see that you’re just an idiot.
Regardless, I’m done here.

I wasn’t aware you required a qualification or degree to play a raid in SWTOR. What’s the course name called? How to sweat and scream in a chair all day? Lol. And I am surprised you’re done. Looks to me you have nothing else going on in your life beyond repeating how stupid I am. rofl.

i think everyone end with access to this expanison im betting hk55 and his chapter will in up in the cartel market. as some point. i had a small issue with being twice by a company had to let sub lapse for 2days. but i contact cs bout it got a 4days extebnison on my sub. and i guess im lucky i got access. i think all should access to it at soome point as i think it was the best and was a challenge for few minutes until master how to fight a chmpion with hk. then was what no more:P

You bet wrong. They’ve said many, MANY times it was an exclusive reward. And that’s pretty much the only thing they’ve ever stuck to.

I subbed the whole time an I don’t care if you do get it. That being said.

The whole DvL event was a big FU to the veteran players. The dev excuse was that they gave us plenty of these stupid HK rewards so we shouldn’t have anything to complain about. So it would be another big FU to veteran subs if they went back on it.

Since bioware loves shitting on its loyal player i think you still have a shot!

I’m glad you did. And i see plenty of posts from people who also enjoyed it an im glad for them as well.
Personally i feel cheated. I like to play mmo’s for group content in open world settings. This was nothing more the single player content in corridors. At this rate we can be playing on xbox in no time


You do understand, that due to specific setting (a Full goddarm universe), planets are separated from each other with space traveling. And if you tell me that Voss or Hoth are corridor like… My jug will hit you with a lightsaber hilt.

And also you do know that all dungeons (FPs or OPS) are made FOR staight forward heading from 1 boss to another? ALL MMO does that. So you whine against something inside your head.

Although I can agree that some planets leave a corridor-like feeling, Nar Shaadaa for instance, but not the whole game. The world is really huge and its open.

I think you may be the one who is misunderstanding. The gentleman seems to be referring to this specific chapter, or possibly KotFE itself, which while possessing many fine qualities, is dreadfully lacking in group content.

Also, as a player of games like Pathfinder and D&D, your comments about “dungeons” are absolutely depressing.

This is what a “dungeon” should look like, and damn WoW to Hell for daring to use the term so frivolously and setting an infantile standard.

This fine gentleman can be referring to the game in general, there is small to none explanation in his comment. While someone who played the game will understand it, some people might think that he is talking about the whole game. I simply cant leave that alone.

Yet I agree, that KotFE have a feeling of a corridor game, but you should keep in mind, that almost all KotFE levels are quite well explained to be small and limited. Possibly because we cant act there because you know, we fight against its world leader? Nope? Can you walk on Coruscant while playing as Imp agent? No, you cant.

Also, my dearest smoothtalker device, in WoW all small group content called… sorry, cant hear, what? Dungeon? nowai! How can this be?!

You also can play D&D as much as you like, it wont change the fact, how devs decided to call their group content. Depressing, isnt it?

“While someone who played the game will understand it, some people might think that he is talking about the whole game. I simply cant leave that alone.

Let’s not pretend that any great number of people who don’t play the game would be here reading this page, so with that pretense aside the last part of that statement is the most telling. You don’t really care about informing others, you just want to be seen as right (though you’re sadly not). It’s also a rather flimsy defense for the lack of comprehension you were called out on.

“Can you walk on Coruscant while playing as Imp agent? No, you cant.”

If the devs and writers wished it, then yes, you could easily have the whole of Coruscant to sneak around on. The lack of imagination in that statement is just flat-out embarrassing.

“Also, my dearest smoothtalker device, in WoW all small group content called… sorry, cant hear, what? Dungeon? nowai! How can this be?!

Because they’re wrong.

It’s amusing how easily provoked you are, and how poorly you mask your feelings. Please, do continue.

You really think you know me that good to make such a blind statement that I dont care about others? And yes, I`m right and sadly, you`re not.
Because I really care about this game, and you just want to prove to whoever you aim, your mama maybe, that you`re so clever and dont need to follow simple logic in convos. Well good for you! But it doesnt make you right. It just makes you a sad person you are.

Because Blizzard is w-r-o-n-g? 😀 And who gives you the right to say who is wrong? 😀 Omg, you so funny.

No, you`re wrong. You know why? Because I say so 😀

Oh will continue, but in the end you will loose and leave and I`ll be the winner. Go ahead, amuse me.

“Oh will continue, but in the end you will loose and leave and I`ll be the winner. “

I must sadly admit defeat. I don’t think even I could ever craft a comment that does a better job of making you look like an immature and incoherent child than your own words.

As you yourself say, I “loose”.

I feel the same michael as i stop to sub due to me not being in the country yet iv gotten all the other rewards so pointless not to give me this one 🙁

No, the one’s it is unfair to are the ones only now discovering the game who will never have had the opportunity. You left knowing that you’d be giving up on any chance to play this, and now are crying because it turned out Bioware hit a home run.

You missing out on this is content is more than fair, far more so than to the ones who never got, nor will ever get, a choice in the matter.

Exactly. I was going to say something along those lines, but you voiced my thoughts perfectly. I too was unsubbed as an option, so I don’t get to play the chapter. Life is like that, made of decisions. I made mine, have to live with it.

What’s not so cool is the people that didn’t get to make that choice, and that sucks to be honest. Someone coming into the game just now or recently that won’t be able to play this. In that respect, I think this “must be subbed from X to Y” policy from BW is kind of lame… But hey, it’s what we got…

There are other things in the game that are no longer available too though. Examples would be getting the “Founder” title and the Chevan (sp?) Event. I missed both of those, and many other things, but I don’t think it’s unfair. It’s just the way things work with a game that has such a long lifecycle.

Yeah, I guess we can see it from that point of view too… Anyway, I’m glad this Chapter is receiving positive reviews from the players. Means BW can still do it if they want to… Which opens up a whole new can of worms on why they didn’t do it with KotFE, but I won’t go into that now loooool…

Welcome to the world of a game having to incentivize you to keep playing (or at least paying for) recycled content.

In BioWare’s defense they’ve been straight forward that this is the business model they are taking and it’s been well known to everyone that you only get the HK chapter by continuously subbing. There’s nothing unfair about not getting the bonus chapter if you let your sub lapse for any reason.

Yeah, I’ve seen other ppl get the chapter if they only missed a few days due to a credit card issue or something like that. A 40 day lapse because you don’t want to play though? Doubt that will get you the chapter and it shouldn’t.

There’s a saying in English that I really like: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

If you, like me, felt there was no reason to keep a sub, and made the decision to cancel or let your sub run out, you cannot go back now on what you decided. You felt there was no reason to pay, some people thought the exact contrary.

Man up. Buying Cartel Coins gives you nothing except the Cartel Coins. How many Coins to get the Founder title, even though you may not have been a Founder? That makes no sense.

It’s not unfair. If anything it’s COMPLETELY fair.

Not unfair. People that felt this was a useless bonus chapter unsubbed. Now crying that is unfair when it ended up being a fun chapter to play. Resubbing after the deadline and buying cartel coins does not mean you deserve a damn thing.

Guess what. Life is not fair. You make a choice and move on with the outcome.

i wouldnt worry im sure it will be in the cartel market 6 months from now and really piss of those people who payed 100 bucks to play that when they sell it for 20 bucks lolz

You got to watch it didn’t you? At least be thankful Dulfy shared this with those of us who really didn’t feel like paying BioWare for whatever KotFE is meant to be.

Finally…. I can kill that piece of garbage Skadge. Been out of town all week for work, but when I get back Sunday there will be hell to pay!

You have to do it on separate toons. You can get both companions on one, but you can not reject/kill both with a single character.

Really? Dulfy said ” Of course you can kill Skadge and then betray Rusk and get none of the companions. ” I was so looking forward to kill both of them, not just one of them x(

There’s a DS option to Betray Rusk during your conversation with Skadge.
Dulfy says to kill Skadge THEN betray Rusk. But that is backwards, confirmed today if you opt to kill Skadge BEFORE betraying Rusk, you never get another chance to ditch Rusk.

They should add a ‘Fuck this…’ dialogue choice, where your character just nukes the shit out of them both and goes home :’)

FYI, in case anyone was wondering, there is no achievement for killing Z0-0m.
Dulfy may want to mention that so people don’t kill her off needlessly.

I was surprised tbh. Chose the option but thought it’d stop me like it usually does. No [reject companion] warning next to it or anything. Just ‘bye bye’, bang!

Haven’t checked the terminal yet to see if she’s available, but I didn’t shoot her on my main so it’s all good 😛

You should start to refer to yourself in 3rd person at all times, it will never stop being amusing to read posts from ppl who do that…

Well… This being true it doesn’t deviate from what they are trying to do to the game… It does leave personal choices much more restricted, but hey… Since they did away with the old skill trees choice has gone out the window anyway… Let’s wait and see, it doesn’t look good but it’s subject to changes. Too early in the game…

That literally made me stop playing the game today, I was so disgusted. It made me feel like why put in the effort of what I was currently doing, if it looks like I’m not going to want to play the game in a few months because of what’s coming down the pipeline. Let’s hope a lot of this gets curtailed by player feedback while it’s on the PTS.

Well after they removed the MMO part, now it appears the RPG part will depart as well. I guess then SWTOR is on its way to a single player platform game.

You should thank us for killing you in the last worthy content this game released then. Well Ziost was pretty good too, but short.

We didn’t actually kill him, he’s still around somewhere… I think he’ll come around again in GotEE*, the third part of this current string of expansions…

*(Ghosts of the Eternal Empire, where everyone that died comes back as a Force Ghost and finishes the damned Zakuul storyline for good…Thank the bloody Force!!!)


There’s gonna be another one called GotTE, Guardians of the Timeless Empire after GotEE, which is ANOTHER empire that Vitiate (screw the valkorion name, he’s Vitiate. End of story) have been nurturing in 500+ years in secrecy as a plan B in case the EE failed. Every single jedi and sith that we’ve killed will be there as enemies so we can kill them over and over…

The final expansion will be PoS (Power of Sarlaac.) The sarlaac on Tatooine, tired of people jumping into it for an easy achievement, reveals itself to be the true Emperor. It’s been controlling the universe with its mind and all content since SWTOR’s launch until now has been a dream. For the first time STORY™ will affect your gameplay as Emperor Sarlaackoriate strips all heroes in the galaxy of nearly all of their abilities. You will have 2 abilities buttons on your screen once waking from the dream: “Throw Rock” and “Run Away.” But do not fear! You are the Dreamweaver and choices matter in this epic STORY™!!

The most intense Pack Opening Experience™ ever is unleashed on the galaxy! To learn more abilities you must travel to Corellia and earn rep with the new Cartel Market faction. Every pack you open has a chance to give you one of your previous abilities back. Purchasing a single pack gives you 0.005% odds BUT prove you’re a Grand Dreamweaver by picking up a hypercrate and the odds double to 0.01%!!

You love STORY™ so you will now get the most STORY™ ever! 50 chapters – all available at the expansions launch!* Can you handle this PoS?

(*) Each chapter is a 5 minute cutscene. Click play and behold the epic STORY™.

Pretty sure “Throw Rock” will be “Punch with Rock” for melee classes, “Hide Rock” for stealth classes, “Taunt with Rock” for tanking classes and “Hug Rock” for healing classes. Besides that this seems totally plausible to me.

Also, CM packs can’t be resold on GTN, and are a necessity for advancing your character, encouraging players to purchase even more CM packs than ever before.

Due to previous instances of people yelling about things on the inter-webs, BioWare cannot confirm or deny your claims. There will be a c̶o̶r̶p̶o̶r̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶c̶h̶e̶e̶r̶l̶e̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ content info stream aproximately 4 hours before launch.

There will soon be an announcement of an upcoming announcement regarding the announcement of the announcement for the announcement of this particular expansion.All of them will contain a multitude of exclamation marks and remarkably vague promises that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, all written in a mind numbingly enthusiastic tone of a five year old in a candy shop.

No way… Guys, thx A WHOLE LOT for this, this has got to be one of the greatest threads EVER! Even making fun of a not-so-fun scenario, we can be so much more creative than the guys at BW.

Hey my mommy always used to say: if something gets you down, you can either cry about it or laugh about it. It’s always better to laugh about it, and you guys did just that to me.

At the very least, reading this has been more interesting than playing the game of late. Thx again.

To be slightly more serious than usual, the standard whining isn’t very fun or interesting to read/hear, except for trolling purposes. Rants can be fun if they contain some humor or such, the longwinded dry ones are awful tho. Just making fun of things is far more entertaining for everyone. We might as well have some fun while we wait/hope for the game to be better.

But throw rock will now be an instant cast for melee. Bioware hears you. Sometimes they feel like they’re your mother fucking rock soldier…

That would make sense, not to mention the subscriber rewards that will be a ton of reskinned rocks, rock pets, rock mounts and rock decorations. All of them incredibly ugly of course, as the good looking ones will be in CM packs, the first that will be called “Infuriated Caveman’s Rock ‘n Roll Pack”.

Indeed, can’t wait for the “sturdy techographer’s rock armor” (you wear a giant rock with some numbers and cables painted on it), or the “ventilated highroller’s rock armor” (small sparkly rocks that cover all private areas).

The rock companion will be the best. It’s a rock. It can’t move or do anything. When you move to far away from it it’ll despawn. But it’s sorta big. Average gtn price: 25 million.

LOL. It’s been like this for 5 years. Except now the story is meh. I wish it went back to Empire vs Republic war. Instead of this hog wash Eternal whatever.

I wonder is there any reason for a man (a man really?) to be such a leach. Get a girl, get a job, get a gayfriend, anything, just please, for the love of Talos, stop. I really feel pitty for you =(

There will be a new OPS Go(whatever), 4 bosses: First boss is Kephess, same mechanics as in the old OPS. Second boss will be a resurrected Kephess, identical mechanics. Third boss will be a yet again resurrected Kephess, identical mechanics. Fourth boss will be a once more resurrected Kephess, almost identical mechanics except for an enrage timer at 30 minutes (can’t make it too hard can they?) in which he throws a lot of rocks that doesn’t really do much damage anyways.

Also, rumors from a certain bar in Austin indicate that a second OPS might involve a boss named Kephess.

When you say “identical mechanics” I hope you are referring to after the nerf to TFB so he just stands there doing his Intimidating Stare (Occasionally Scratch Ass) ability until he reaches 50% health.

Naturally, they can’t have new OPS that offers a new challenge since that would just cause a bunch of ragequitting and whining from players that either haven’t done one in years due to the lack new ones or simply don’t want a challenge.

But that’s kind of redundant since there will be a solo version with better loot than the HM one for reasons no one quite understands. Plus the HM one is really more like a SM one in difficulty while the SM one is like a tactical FP (don’t even bother with tanks and healers) while the solo one can be AFK:ed if you put follow on the friendly droid (follow NPC’s will be a QOL feature in a future patch)…

Interesting. I too have a leak from a certain bar in Austin where people are saying things. There will be a Grand Ole Ops Chance Cube. When you open the cube it tells you what Op you can run for that week. All other Ops are locked out immediately. Inside the Op, all bosses will drop Grand Chance Cubes as rewards that can contain anything from any Op, FP, leveling quest, cartel pack, cantina event, etc. If it’s gear, the stats will be random and could be from vanilla to KotET. The possibilities are endless, fascinating, and exciting!!

Gotta love Kephess…

No, really, ALL YOU PEOPLE MUST LOVE KEPHESS or play KotFE in one playthrough, without spacing, as penance…

He’s gonna die. Sort of. Then he will be not dead again. Then he will die again. And be not dead. Pretty sure he’ll survive the eventual death of the game whenever that happens…

Yeah, Hatred Sins get the sharp end of the knife if this goes live… And they were SO OP… NOT!!! lol… And getting rid of some melee abilities on ranged classes may be a funny thing, they seem to forget enemies do tend to close up on you hehehe… Let’s wait and see, after no Ops for 2 years, an expansion that didn’t end, and the DvL “event”… Well, it’s not looking good…

Well two thoughts from this: A)Jedipedia is known to be highly inaccurate, the post from reddit makes it seem a little more believable. B) As per every expac, these are suggested changes, not for sure happening. They will put them on a live or closed pts and take in the feedback. Most often when they do this they actually listen to the feedback, so because of this I really do not think they will get rid of basic classes leveling 1-10. This experience is really important for noobs or people new to the class, as you can get a general idea of how it plays and how that then relates to youre play style. I would deffinately be interested in seeing what the official patch notes say closer to the expac and what they have garnered in terms of feedback.

Ok… After having a thorough read, here are my points (and always from the point of view that none of this is confirmed):

– Not having base classes: Not a big issue imo. You have to choose an Adv Class at lv 10, no problem in doing it earlier;

– Not having multiple stances: again, not a big issue. Maybe now we’ll have people actually using the right stance in FP’s;

– Cast and channelled abilities are all instant on melee classes: not sure there. IF it has no impact on the animations it may be cool. IF it does… not so cool;

– Stealth players fully invisible: not much of an impact on pve. Pvp people on the other hand may not like this so much, but I’m not a pvp’er, so no real opinion there.

– Guard not being tied to tank classes: now this is just stupid. It takes away from the uniqueness of tanks, and I can just see the shitstorm brewing with the pvp’ers. Oh I might just buy some popcorns for that one…

But the worse aspect of this are a couple of mistakes I’ve seen the guys at BW do over and over again: is this going to be another level cap increase where I feel like I’ve been downgraded and have to grind and gear up like crazy just to get to the level I was at BEFORE??? Is it going to feel like they’re taking away something, instead of giving us something more???

And another thing: removing abilities that maybe were not essential rotation wise but were FUN AS HELL TO USE! Don’t take away the FUN from the game. We players get used to class defining moves that should not be taken away from us (Flamethrower ANYONE???).

Boy, I just hope this is not TOR’s NGE… I was there for that one, and it wasn’t pretty…

The level cap increase and gear level increase is just typical MMO stuff though. They need that carrot on a stick to try keep people invested in the game. But that said at this point in time with the game it doesn’t matter one fucking bit. With level sync, bolster, and all the other bullshit you have a minimal incentive to both level to max level now and a minimal incentive to even gear up. Also again that’s MMO stuff and they’ve made it abundantly clear through their actions that they don’t want to view this game as an MMO any further except when it benefits them through cash store bullshit and a monthly sub. Give a minimal justification for it and they can rest easy.

You make a good point. Outside of raiding, it doesn’t really matter what gear you use, it seems more important to have your toon outfitted with a nice Cartel Market market armor (or several) and then use whatever gear you get to play through the game…

The thing that’s weird with eliminating base classes is that is what determines which class story you get. So if they break the 8 classes into 16 classes upfront, it seems like new players arent going to realize that half of them share the same story and might, as an example, make their first character a sorcerer, and their second character an assasin. Thus getting the same story twice unintentionally and missing what was -originally- part of the larger scope of the game.

And I mean really this game keeps getting dumbed down again and again for ‘new players’ to the point that its pretty hard to die in non pvp content these days, plus xp is so much faster. This seems like just a huge waste of time and resources on EAs part.

They’d realise they’d be playing the same story 30 seconds into it…Simple enough to delete and start over.

And hard to die in PvE content? You must not play Hard Mode raids.

Not really. Not everyone has got 100% on raiding achievements yet. Some of us are still trying to speedrun DP NiM.

If they do it right, everyone should notice during character creation that the sorcerer & assassin are both inquisitors. First step: select base class. Second step: select adv. class. Third step: select spec.

Exactly what I am thinking … snipe for an operative may not be usefull in raiding, for rotation, but it is HELL of a Fun using while questing.
Flamethrower for merceanaries … please BW there are melee mobs, melee pvpler that come close and that you WANT to purify in cleansing fire.

I hate where this is going, becoming a kindergarden game. The overall nerf with 4.0 was bad, but this …

Concerning level up 70 : every one should be clear about that this means a downgrade by 5 level, even more if you are already hc or NiM equipped because all the hundreds of hours spending in hc or NiM raids are wasted for nothing.

No one will even be able run hc flashpoints anymore because bosses will also reset to level 70.

So if ANYONE want to get hc flashpoint decorations, titles, etc. clear 25 times the bonus bosses from hc … lost island, kaon, other, do the runs NOW where even casual players are 220 or 224 equiped thans to easy to get gear in prio EV or KP and stop time running arround in other ops for gear that will be void in a few weeks.

and sorry for my bad spelling/writing … got a damaged hand from my last training hours in the dojo so i can write with only one hand for the moment.

That’s ok, it’s all pretty much understandable… You take care of that hand though…

You know what else is curious? This will be the first level cap raise where we get ABSOLUTELY nothing new to grind. You may tell me I’m wrong, that last time we didn’t get anything new either… True, but at least last time they revised all old Ops to max level. This time we don’t even get that.

There is NO incentive to gear up. I certainly don’t need BiS gear to complete the expansion. And as someone rightfully pointed out bellow, with all the level sync, bolster and whatnot nonsense in this game you’re better off spending your time in the Cartel Market losing your well earned money in new shinnies than raiding… But perhaps that’s what they wanted all along…

Please Dulfy, aleviate our concerns and bless us with your thoughts on the 5.0 patch notes. Is it the tipping point for you?

For all of you who’ve been clamoring for new Ops, BW thought you were asking for new MOPS. Hence the codex entry for vibromop. Whoops

So in patch 5.0, Ravage Bleeds, is instant, and all the good Marauder abilities have been merged together. The only downside is damage reduction on an underused ability, and the slight nerfing of denensive roll….Plus all Maras can now heal themselves whenever they expend rage…Amazing.

I don’t believe for a second this will go live. First, because it will be seriously OP. Second, it goes against the history of what BW have always done with Force self healing classes. EVERY Force self healing class in this game has been severely nerfed at one point or another. EVERY one of them. So, now they do a complete turn and get all Marauders/Sentinels to heal themselves. Well, I know as much as the next guy, but I’ll believe it when I see it. My Watchman Sentinel will DEFINITELY have a lot of use as of then. Imagine self healing from the class itself AND from expending Focus…

You realise Marauders can ALREADY heal themselves? This is basically giving them an extra way in exchange for the increased damage they will take thanks to the defensive roll nerfing.

ALL Marauders/Sents? Or only Anni Maras and Watchman Sents? It seems you didn’t read what I wrote thoroughly, go back and have another go…

You mean that useless shitty little bleed heal? YEAH IT WILL BE OP FOR SURE. What a retard. It will be useless just as it was for Annihilation.

Well, let’s wait and see. No point in offending people for changes that are not yet confirmed. I repeat what I said: I don’t believe this will see the light of day.

Sooo… uninterrupted subscribers get a Dory Droid? I’m kind of disappointed I’m missing out on it. Though I’m more annoyed that I can’t get the achievement for it ’cause I had to unsub for a bit. Oh well.

Some of these changes are highly annoying. If our tank left in an FP I could always switch to a tanking stance and equip a shield to take over. It was slightly more work for the healer but the damage I did made up for it.

Overspecialization kills, and taking away player choice for the sake of simplifying the game for idiots is only making the game a chore to play.

No you wouldn’t because many raid groups only want 1 true tank, speceed and geared, and an spot-dps as off-tank. Most sm raids are always done as this and only in some hc raids two true tanks are searched for at the fleet, at least here at T3-M4.

^it also is a big, big favor to who every is left to complete a mission after someone rage quits/dc’s or just leaves and especially a weak player, holding the group back. So just switch to a Comp and assign the role u need to replace, simple and ur done, don’t have to re-queue for another player and wait, for who knows for who or what their gear is.

Yes, it does. It does not prevent people from queueing with 3 dps Juggs, one healer and piggybacking Guard to completely annihilate other teams in Ranked…


No it doesn’t, at least not for spot-dps … let a spot dps spec into tank stance, enter an operation as tank, respeccthere to dps and it is as before.

Have u every thought about completing the F/P with pulling out a Comp to play the role of the/a Tank, Dps, Heals, etc. Done it a thousand times w/another peep the the mission and we finish the mission with no Probs. i.e. mt

Oh why no! In almost four years of playing that thought never occurred to me!

To answer your question in a non-sarcastic manner, the only time any sane person would bring out a comp as a tank or DPS is if we already had a healer.

I think Dulfy got it backwards. I killed Skadge, but never got another option to betray Rusk.
It must be you have to betray Rusk when the DS option comes up, and kill Skadge later.

You’re right, it’s not. You can kill one or the other, but not both.
You can, however get both on the same toon if you want.

Hello I have very stupid question is there any other possibility to unlock this epizod. such as buying a pack / unlock for CC

No. Not yet. And I’d buy popcorns and a pack of Cokes, sit back on my chair and relish the chaos and mayhem that would ensue if it ever happened…

People would go ballistic if that happened, because that means they were subbed on all the dates for nothing, I have already played it, because I was subbed on all the dates, and while I understand that others would like to play it, because it really is a great chapter IMO, it would make it feel so stupid and redundant if you was subbed for all those dates only for them to release it for everyone else, but this is Bioware we are talking about, so it might happen, but people will go ballistic if it happens… xD

So a level increase and increase in gear tier but no new raids?? Have fun running the same operations again and again, the definition of insane. Ill see the real raiders in Legion, fuck Bioware logic.

Yep, in fact I pointed out that fact way bellow on this thread. People can argue we didn’t have new raids in the last level cap increase either, but at least they revised all the old Operations. This time you get nothing…

hard to believe this is a star wars game sometimes you think star wars big fights not a tight budget and rehashing of everything lol /smh

This is TOTALLY appropriate given what Disney is doing with the franchise.
Ep. 7 is Ep. 4 but with female Luke, black Han Solo, & all the same archetypical supporting characters.

Bonds of Duty does not require you to complete any previous alert with Bey’wan Aygo at all. Hadn’t done any alert and BoD is available

I’m confused. If that HK-47 was just a copy, does that mean that the Shroud was the one who recovered HK before Malgus’ space station was destroyed?

Not sure what to make of the leaked changes.

Some look good, some okay, some weird.

But since nothing is official, i don’t care yet. 😛

So I missed out on the HK storyline because I chose not a renew my subscription for a few months because the game was depressing the hell outta me (mostly on Bastion), and now I see the new nerfs coming to my character. Sorc heals should be nerfed I agree, but omfg don’t touch our DPS…

Loved the care free humorous aspect of it. Same as watching a bunch of serious super hero movies and then watching Deadpool. It’ was like a-ha this is what Star Wars was truly like at it’s best when it didn’t take itself so seriously.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program of King of Zakuul starring Ming the merciless and his Metropolis Android Queen.

“Of course you can kill Skadge and then betray Rusk and get none of the companions.”
How do you accomplish this exactly? After defeating and killing Skadge, Rusk is all rainbows and happiness and joins the alliance. There’s no betrayal option at this junction.

Well, I finally finished the DvL stuff I wanted to and played the HK chapter. Not bad, but could have been better.
The plot twist felt rather Shamalan-esque to me.

Dulfy, Can you please list the hidden achievements for the “Bonds of Duty” alliance alert and how to obtain them?

I don’t think there is a kill both option for Bonds of Duty. There’s also a decoration unlocked for sparing the janitor.

Dulfy, please update this guide to reflect the proper choices in bonds of duty because its not possible to kill both. The guide claims its possible to betray rusk, kill rusk and then kill skadge but after betraying rusk the only course of action possible is ti recruit skadge. People on the swtor forum are refering to your guide but nobody figured out how to do what your guide promises.

To get all the 3 achievements, you have to do the “Bonds of Duty” recruitment mission on 3 characters:

1) Get Skadge and Rusk – Choose the option to make a deal

2) Kill Rusk – Choose the option to Betray Rusk (Darkside choice), Skadge and his thugs will help you kill Rusk and his team

3) Kill Skadge – Choose the option to kill Skadge (Darkside choice), Rusk and his team will help you kill Skadge and his thugs

Dulfy, please add this to your guide, thank you.

By my count, I was able to accomplish this in two characters. I don’t see a hidden achievement for recruiting both characters at the same time.

In Bonds of Duty, you don’t need to have completed all of the Alliance Alert missions from Bey’wan Aygo. You don’t have to finish recruiting Qyzen or Lokin, for instance. You do have to have finished Chapter 16 of the KOTFE story.

You have the option to capture Skadge alive, I believe it’s a LS option, and I don’t remember if you have to fight and subdue him first, unfortunately– although it would make sense if you did.

Also, when Skadge says he’s not joining your ball and chain gang, you can ask him to explain the comment and ask Rusk if what Skadge says is true– you should receive an option to betray and kill Rusk WITHOUT getting DS points.

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