Black Desert September 14 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online September 14 Game Update patch notes that includes sorceress awakening.

Event & System

  • Sorceress Awakening has been released.

  • The world raid boss Ancient Kutum has been added.

    • Ancient Kutum is a new World Boss which spawns inside Kutum Stone Chamber – a cave near Taphtar Plain in Valencia region.

    • Kutum Sub-Weapon Box can be obtained when killing the Kutum boss which then can be opened to gain a powerful Secondary Weapon.

  • Hunting: Khalk has been added.

    • Khalk is a new Hunting Boss (Similar to the Whales) which spawns in the region between Trent and Behr towns. A party is recommended to hunt Khalk and once defeated the top 5 parties that did the most damage are allowed to loot from the Khalk’s dead body. The loot can be collected in order to craft Khalk’s Earring.

    • A special guide has been added for players unfamiliar with how Hunting works, please click here for more info!

  • [Event] World Beer Festival has been added.

  • [Event] Adventurer Support

    • Start Date: September 14th 10:00 UTC (After Maintenance)

    • End Date: October 26th 10:00 UTC (With Maintenance)

      • New Adventurer Support

      • Returned Adventurer Support

      • Loyal Adventurer Support ~ Perfect attendance (Fun In The Sun II)

Item Changes

  • Pure Black Stone has been added.

    • It is consumable item which can be a very powerful force in a flash.It can be rarely obtained throughout the entire world.

  • [Event] The following ‘World Beer Festival’ items have been added:

    • [Event] Cool Draft Beer

    • [Event] Cool Dark Beed

  • Mount appearance change coupon has been added to Loyalty shop.

    • Price of the Mount Appearance Change Coupon is 1,000 Loyalty.

  • [Event] Inventory Expansion Coupon 4 + 4 has been added to pearl shop.

    • [Event] Inventory Expansion Coupon +8 is 450 Pearls.

  • The following items have had their registration price adjusted:

    • Black Stone (Armor)

    • Black Stone (Weapon)

    • Hard Black Crystal Shard

    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard

    • Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor)

    • Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon)

Pearl Shop Updates


Mechanic Changes

  • [Scarlet Sand Chamber] Node has been added.

  • Node manager [Desalam] has been added near Scarlet Sand Chamber.

  • Beer Drinking animation has been added.

Quest Changes

  • Knowledge on Desalam has been added to [Foreigners of Valencia]

    • Players can obtain this knowledge by speaking to an NPC.

  • Knowledge on Ancient Kutum has been added.

    • Players can obtain knowledge by completing the quest or raising NPC amity.

  • Knowledge on Scarlet Sand Chamber has been added to [Great Desert Adventure Journal III].

    • Players can obtain knowledge by completing the new quest.

  • New quest for Ancient Kutum has been added.

    • Scarlet Sand Chamber   (Lv.51 or higher, NPC: Desalam)

    • Ancient Kutum’s Movement,     NPC: Martha Kiyen

    • Ancient Kutum Described in Ancient Records, NPC: Desalam

  • [Event Quest] World Beer Fest has been added.

    • Level 30 or higher players can accept the quest by talking to Artemio Fiazza

Interface Changes

  • Some class skill descriptions have been adjusted and improved.

  • Item description of [Loyalty] Artisan’s Memory has been fixed.

  • Customized face will be displayed in Character Selecting window.


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