Black Desert World Beer Festival Event Quest Guide

A guide to a new series of event quest introduced with the World Beer Festival running from Sept 14 to October 26.

This event quest chain is only available from Sept 14 to October 26.

1. In Search of the Perfect Beer

Go to Velia and talk to the town drunk Artemio Fiazza. He will give you a new event quest asking you get some rum from Islin’s inn. You need to be least level 30 or above to start this quest chain.


Go to David Finto and buy 1 rum from him for 100 silver. Make sure to purchase 1 Dark Beer as well since you will need it for the next quest. Return and hand the rum back to Artemio.


You will get 1 Cold Draft Beer as the reward, giving you 20 energy when consumed.

2. Dark Beer is Just Fine, Too

You get this quest from Artemio after completing the first one. If you have the Dark Beer in your hand, give it to Igor Bartali that is just outside the inn. Otherwise run back to David Finto inside the inn and buy it for 1000 silver.


3. Current Event

Grab this quest from Igor Bartali after finishing the previous quest. Head to Northern Guard Camp and turn it in at Caresto Fonti.Receive 1x Cold Draft Beer and 5x Honey Wine as rewards.


4. Xian Merchant Guild Beer

Obtain this quest from Caresto after completing the Current Event. Go to Heidel Plaza marked on the map and consume 1x Cold Draft Beer in your inventory to progress this quest. If you don’t already have the Knowledge on Heidel Street Dance, talk to the Villager girl the guy is fondling with for the knowledge in exchange for a bit of energy.


You will be rewarded with a Cold Dark Beer that give you 20% combat and skill XP for 30 mins.

5. Origin of Leight Ale

Retrieve this quest from the villager and head to Northern Wheat Plantation as the quest indicated. Turn it in with Pasenia to receive 1x Cold Dark Pie and some High Quality Cheese Pies (+8 Worker Stamina)


6. Live It Up at the Beer Festival

Obtained from Pasenia, go to Calpheon and talk to Fresio to get his opinion on the Leight Ale. You will get 1x Cold Dark Beer, 3x Smoked Sausage (+1 AP for 45 min), 3x Plentiful Assorted Side Dishes (+5% Life XP for 110 min) and 1x Standing Beer Keg Furniture.


This Standing Beer Keg furniture is not new but previously you can only get it as a rare drop by stealing from NPCs. So this is great news for anyone wanting one for their house.


  • JC

    btw there is a minimum level on this quest, in the patch notes it says level 30.

    • Ah cool thanks I will add it in.

  • Keiko Mushi

    I didn’t get the October Fest title for completing the quest line. I suppose that means more games over the next few weeks. I shall win them all… or not. 😀

  • Terry G Roberts

    a beer event on my 21st birthday

  • aikatears

    can we do this on our alts?

    • no it is once per family.

  • Myr

    Do we get to keep the beer after the event ends?

    • Yup you get to keep them all

  • Qnrad

    Is this game F2P just like GW2 and SWTOR now or still B2P??

    • Still B2P

      • Qnrad

        Oh well.. i’ll w8 🙂

        • ivanakamarkus

          still B2P and P2W i dont know how will this game look like when it goes F2P xd

          • Qnrad

            Why P2W???

            • felix durand (roramohan)

              It isnt p2w but there is a Cash shop that Can give u some advantages bit they are negligeable

              • noneedtoknow

                p2w is a collective term for the usage of RMT that benefits the consumer in a game. It can either be power ups, extra turns, or more energy in terms of mobile games. Or the ability to enhance or take over the free market in another. Currently the game has very little to do with power, but it has a lot to do with money.

                At the moment, I can make 40-50m in a day if anything sells, because the value pack does not kill my profit. I can make noble wagons and horse gear without losing a profit because I can still sell at the minimum price and still make a pretty penny. Because of this, I am able to push out players who do not buy value packs because competing in the market is a loss to them. This led to the point where my server had a low supply and high demand for goods. The issue is that those that wanted to undercut and try to profit would bleed red if they tried to increase the supply. This led to a lot of players on my server relying on pve, grinding, and trade npcs. The issue is that these require a lot of time and it would require them to compete with each other. My guild used to be active, always doing pve for money, but they started to feel it slow down when more people started to pk for rotations.

                While, I was still flourishing by myself. Having turned BDO into a tycoon game, I am profiting off of the lack of supply, lack of enthusiasm to sell on the player market, and the fact that player interactions will only cause players to bleed money, most people prefer to trade with npc, farm, and sell their horses and other items to npcs in hope of getting money through horse seals/medals for Black Crystals. Today, Uno has no horses in the markets because of the fact that people are driven out of the player markets. Gathering tools are very cheap, but only those who can sell at the minimum price will do so. This leads to the fact that steel is now popular, but will result in a loss of profit for many people. This lack of enthusiasm also created a deficit in rare items. People used to sell more often, but it has also slowed down.

                IMO, the game has become an uninformative tycoon game where the weekly updates contain far less information than they should and websites like these are far more beneficial to the players. Most of the players in the game are like npcs. No one interacts with each other and it plays too much like a single player. Heck, by being a solo player, I am now richer and more powerful than my guild mates who partied together and etc. Currently standing on 800m after spending a lot on kzarka and the dandelion. I have seen most of my guild mates quit because it made them feel like they did not belong.

            • Sirienna

              This game has never been B2P, it’s FTP since the begining as long as you purchase it the first time ! Dulfy mod…really?

              • Nolor

                Umm… That’s literally a definition of B2P 😀

  • Nick

    The game is on sale atm for 10 dollars.

  • Michael G. Hurston

    I could do the first one, but can’t give him the Dark Beer.

  • noneedtoknow

    Why don’t they ever tell us that there are event quests with theses events? I never knew we had a quest line outside of getting daily beer.

  • Remy Bolduc

    i cant do the quest can some know why ? im lvl58 so its not mi lvl

    • This is from last year, this year start in a few and I will have a guide on it soon

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