GW2 Musaat Robes, Backpack and Glider

GW2 Musaat Robes, Backpack, and Glider are now available in the Gemstore for 700 gems.


Musaat Robes (700 gems)

Dye Pattern















Musaat Backpack and Glider Combo (700 Gems)






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47 replies on “GW2 Musaat Robes, Backpack and Glider”

Me: let’s see what the new backpack/glider looks like maybe it’ll be a good buy opti…Ahhhhh! Giant spider! Kill it with fire, KILL IT WITH FIRE! Where are the damn elementalists when you need them!!!

What should happen with this, and also the White Mantle outfit, is that as soon as you walk into Divinity’s Reach, ALL the guards become hostile and attack you while the NPC’s flee in terror.

that would be awesome! there would also need to be some secret white mantle npcs hiding there too, like a safe place for people wearing white mantle outfits.

So basicly milking / overpriced cashgrab to exploit your love towards something that was in the previous game, not even this one.

That’s what people say who don’t realize these things used to be implemented to games as rewards for challange. Before too many people thought it’s funny to spam “I’d pay for this” when a new teaser of anything came. Guess what, now we all have to pay for it, instead of having it in, you know, the game as a goal to achieve. And this is where your kind of people still defend this shit tooth and nails and fully prepared to say “oh you can buy it with gold”. You’ll never understand in your lifetime (regarding any field of life itself) when, who, how, and how deep puts his hand in your wallet. Oh no. You are inviting them to do it. “It’s optional”.

it is optional. you can buy it with gold if you don’t want to hand over your credit card. if you don’t have the time to farm the gold, then certainly you’re working enough hours to make the expense trivial. or you can always try to play the market a bit, or git gud at the mystic forge and make some mad $$$.

because as someone who remembers when they put this stuff “as rewards in the game” – let me tell you, it wasn’t fun running raids in WoW or trying UWSC for 2-4 hours a day for several months just to get that drop i really wanted. now you have the same option readily available to you…or you can skip it and give anet cash for it – your pick.

Male norn is outrageously ridicolous. Look at those gloves. That’s not even made for anything that resembles a human being. A damn mountain of meat male norn doesn’t have a torso / chest as wide as those gloves on the very same picture he is wearing the gloves on his hands!!! Nobody looked at this on quality control and said, wtf dude?

This is my main concern about GW2 armor designs for the past 2 years, they are so far away carelessly blown off from the original design guidelines (such as: make it “real” and believable inside GW2’s universe) it’s hopeless. Look at bladed armors for example. Who and for what purpose would put a spiky birdgate on his head? It’s not protective, it’s not comfortable, it’s not even looking cool, it’s a freaking mess. Along with most of the blade armor set pieces for all weight.

They’re meant to form a Raven’s beak with the pauldrons, it looks like.

And don’t act like this is anything new. If you want to complain about unprotective armor, I will point you toward the Stag set before anything else.

Unprotective wasn’t the key word, that I see you have difficulties to understand. Just keep buying low quality crap then, I don’t care the slightest.

Yay, another outfit without tail clipping. This one goes even further to even armor the tail, yay for acknowledging that charr are indeed a race in their game.

The people I have seen wearing these outfits have red names like they are enemies, but they are invulnerable. It’s kinda kool, but at the same time annoying because I start attacking them instead of the real enemies.

Fool is not really offensive. It’s like “silly little rascal”. I think fool was a pretty accurate description for what the OP said.

Want me to call you a Wahhhmbulance? Cuz you appear to have a serious case of the “Doing nothing but complaining” disease.

This is the reason why I never want to come back to GW2. Wtf IS THAT?! What is up with the concept artists? I like the pvping aspect and the lore but the gears always turned me off. Its too bad.

please feel free to stay away then. i think the mursaat skin looks good on the more human shaped characters. sad for the norn tbh. but i dont play a norn so…

Wtf is it? It’s the Mursaat armor from back in GW1. It’s a design that has been around for over 8 years.There’s much, MUCH more to this game than just battling other people. If you only like the game for pvp but hate everything else about it, please, do us all a favor, don’t play lol.

Please FIRE the designer that continues to design armor with this between the legs dongle. We have expressed our dislike of it over and over again.

Who cares? They could have charged 2k gems for each and I’d still buy. Been waiting for this since I first saw them in Gw1.

The skin looks nice but honestly, has anyone else noticed the new skin Marjory is using? Or the new skin the skin Taimi has? Those are 10 times cooler imo.

The only way the murasaat skin would have been cooler is if it also made you levitate (no speed gain) like the actual mursaat. A combination of skin+wings.

Because for ONCE Arenanet listened to the community. Fret not, there are plenty of other outfits that make no sense in a hostile enviroment such as that of Tyria.

The mursaat outfit shouldn’t be that covered up, it should look like a mursaat like the male version does, I mean they could of covered the nipples on the female version but leave the rest open like on the male version, makes no sense whatsoever to make it completely covered up and bulky like that on the female version, it looks so ridiculous.
And I don’t think the ” community” asked for such things, pretty sure most asked for male and female outfits to be equal opportunity and not have one covered while the other is not so covered.

Why isn’t this an appearance pack?? Seriously! It should be something like mursaat glider+backpack, mursaat robes, total makeover kit, Immortal weapon choice, and 5 Bloodstone dyes for 2k gems. It’s that easy!

Is it because the glider works as a backpack too? Then up the price to 2200 gems or something! I don’t care! I just want more Immortal wepaons D:

You’re bringing a lot of hatred to yourself here as a big chunk of the community have expressed their absolute disgust for the appearance packs since most people don’t want all thats in those packs. Most people just want the outfit, or just the backpack.

ok and why would that be a problem? you dont have to buy the pack, you can choose to just buy the outfit even if there is a pack … makes no sense whatsoever

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