GW2 Sept 20 New Hair Colors

A gallery of the new hair colors added with the makeover kits with the Sept 20 patch.

Aqua Shamrock Banana
gw2-new-hair-colors-aqua gw2-new-hair-colors-shamrock gw2-new-hair-colors-banana
Cherry Tangerine Seaweed Green
gw2-new-hair-colors-cherry gw2-new-hair-colors-tangerine gw2-new-hair-colors-seaweed-green

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8 replies on “GW2 Sept 20 New Hair Colors”

YAY finaly they added an actual yellow for the hair! but with this piecemeal releasing of a few dyes every couple of months, it makes me wonder if they would ever introduce a tool that would let us use any dye in our wardrobe to dye our hair…

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