cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales September 20 – 27

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales September 20 – 27


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Speak for yourself; I, for one, have too many characters and practically none of the titles I wanted on them (except on my Pub and Imp mains)–let alone all the pets and mounts I was hoping for.

But, yeah; if you’re a more inveterate player, this is pure bullshit meant to appease the armor-hoarding/credit-farming masses.

It doesn’t change the fact that you care about new packs only because the game doesn’t offer you more excitement in other ways. If people want to care that much about cosmetic bullshit, they could play one of thousands of simple facebook games. SWTOR should be more than that, but have that as a bonus feature, not as basically the main thing people look for nowadays.

(Disclaimer: I’m not arguing for or against Cartel Packs. I’m only pointing out some relevant information pertaining to a character’s appearance.)

I think a lot of people, including me, care a great deal about their character’s appearance. What’s the point of killing epic bosses and strong rival players if you look like a disheveled hobo while doing it? It’s good to have excitement in terms of gameplay (story, OPs, PvP etc.) and have a nice-looking or badass character.

People always fire off the line about cosmetics being worthless; meanwhile, every MMO known to man sells cosmetics to make a profit. If raid gear was guaranteed to make them the same kind of money, you can beat they’d all be selling that instead.

Cosmetics are probably one of the single most important things in an MMO, albeit not for everyone but quite important all the same.

Oh I agree. Cosmetics are part of the cocktail of a good MMO, but there are other ingredients required to stop it tasting like shit.

SWTOR definitely needs a new op. But frankly the second any new content for the game comes out, people burn through it immediately and go back to complaining there’s no content right away, despite the game delivering more new stuff more often then it ever did before and more often than most other MMOs bother to either.

Honestly if people feel burned out they should just accept this maybe isn’t a game they’re going to play for all 12 months of the year and they’ll enjoy it a lot more.

Not sure how you calculate “new stuff more often than it ever did before”.

I would rather have a new daily area and/or an operation every 3 months, than have a crappy 30-minute corridor killing chapter with awful story, that tries to sell itself as the most amazing storyline in SWTOR, when it’s literally the worst one. I am not saying it’s actually that bad, but it’s worse than the original stories, worse than Oricon, worse than Shadow of Revan, and maybe even worse than Makeb. Who would have thought??

The first 9 chapters weren’t that bad either, but with the exception of Plunder & Profit and Mandalore’s Revenge, the rest is so sooooo bad. The Kaliyo chapter? The worst. The Aric Jorgan chapter? Average at best. The Valkorion chapter? Oh my god the boredom. The SCORPIO chapter? Second worst. The Battle of Odessen? Puke.

Sorry, it does not classify as effort to me.

That’s up to you, but I find the allaince base and alert missions to be far more solo content to dgest in short bursts and sessions than any of the stuff intoduced in previous expansions which was largely a lot more of the same kinds of gameplay whereas this at least introduced stuff like the eternal championship and star fortresses. Sorry if you don’t like the new stuff but since this seems to be the only expasnion that ha a budget worth a damn.

Plus considering you gave the jorgan chapter a more favorable view than any of the others, I think we’d disagree heavily on what defines good/bad since that was the worst by far for me. xD

My problem with the “new” content is replay value. Star Fortresses and the Eternal Championship were interesting to play. Once.

Then try taking a different approach, replay the game drunk, play it drunk, play it sleep deprived while drinking energy drinks, play it while autoerotically exfixiating yourself… come on people where is the creativity?

“The Battle of Odessen”

Thing that annoyed me both about The Battle of Odessen was that there was actually no battle on/around Odessen at all XD

Yeah, but I said ‘on/around’ because there was no battle at all. Battle of Yavin was a space battle, whereas at Odessen Arcann parked up, the Outlander boarded his ship and duelled him before his own ships turned around and nuked the flagship. Wouldn’t call that a battle, personally.

Geez. So sick of your unrepresentative opinions. Go look in the mirror if you want to see something boring, average and puke-like.

I have KOTFE for this! But thanks, next time I need someone to formulate an opinion for me about the game and how bad it is currently, I will ask you before I express myself.

Mirrored my ratings of the chapters there. As long as you’re running from something (first 9 chapters) I think the expansion is cool. As soon as you hit Odessen… Man, Profit and Plunder has some humor in it (AND my fav comp Vette), and the Mandalorian chapter was cool because, let’s face it, Mandalorians kick some serious ass. And the music was great!

Agreed, appearance is one of those fun details to make a character fun to play, in addition to class etc. As far as how you can customize your character’s appearance, SWTOR is great, except for the way the dyes work. (ESO beats them there)

What I’d love to see from SWTOR tho is that those new good looking appearances comes from playing through content and unlocking achievments, not from gambling packs. Looking good because you did something challenging or weird (or just grinded a spot until you got that rare drop) is a lot more satisfying than having a bunch of RL money plus luck or a bunch on in game credits and access to the GTN.

There’s enough achievements in the game to have titles, mounts, pets, gear and decos tied to them without having to remove anything

I don’t disagree to any of that. I have 16 toons and I take very good care of their appearance. If I had to choose though, I would rather kill hard mode operation bosses in average appearance, than not to kill them at all because there are not any.

Packs are as close to new content as we get these days. Since we don’t get cosmetics from playing any more they’re- depressing as it is- the highlight of my month in regards to swtor.

At least we know Bio is concerned about the amount of trash in our galactic landfills. They’re being responsible corporate citizens by implementing this comprehensive recycling program.

Packs need to get recirculated or it just drives up inflation on GTN items that haven’t been available for a while. This is a necessary process to reduce the number of people putting stupid prices on items just cause they’ve been unavailable otherwise.

“Stupid prices”??
Supply and demand my friend, thats how this works.
If i’m the only person selling, lets say, some sniper rifle, i can put whatever price i want. It’s not stupid, it’s just how market works. Noone to undercut me.
If i don’t sell it, then i can drop price or wait for someone willing to pay that much.

Oh, and one more thing. Inflation is something completly different. It happens when currency looses it’s value, thus increasing price of EVERYTHING. One item going up or down is, as stated above, just supply vs. demand.

Btw. Selling stuff from old packs was my main source of income, back when i still played the game.

So if I notice a bronze weapon that sells normally for 1K on the gtn is no longer there, and I put up mine for 1 mil, that’s not a stupid price?

No. U are the boss. But when we are talking common stuff, chances are someone will undercut you very quickly.

And you think in wrong categories imo… doesn’t matter what rarity tag BW slapped on it. All that matters is how it looks, how much of it is on the market and how much are ppl willing to pay for what they want.
Sometimes even bronze stuff can sell for a nice price. You would be suprised how much can ppl overpay to just get that one item they want.

And when you are selling stuff all that matters is your profit, you try to get as much as you can from stock you have.

Here’s the thing: YES you are allowed to set a price of any amount to any item you put on the GTN.

However, the real question is: Will it SELL at that price?

There are quite a few armor sets that sit incomplete in my holds, simply because the remaining parts are just way too high to justify the credits. So I don’t bother and wait. I check the GTN every once in a while for the missing parts, but if they are too high I move on. As do MANY other players.

Sure, you got an awesome looking sniper rifle. But is that rifle worth 10-40 million? Highly doubtful. Are you making anything letting it sit at 80 million? Since you can only keep an item up 2 days, that means to keep it on the market until a buyer shows up, you have to spend the better part of an hour every days days resetting it and whatever else you have.

Sure, it may sell eventually. We have very rich players. But only a few and most of those have everything already. So yes you can set your price to be whatever you want, but if it doesn’t move what is the point of doing it?

Another point is thanks to Chance Cubes, there IS a chance someone will undercut you. Maybe they sold it for half your asking, and now you’re still trying to move it while he’s playing the game with his new cash.

Supply and Demand isn’t always dependent on owning the ‘only one’. It is also dependent on your market and if anyone really wants it at all, and your time which you are literally PAYING for.

A problem I see a lot in SWTOR is the players that have that one key item and never let it drop. They kept putting it up for months at the same price and it never sell. Once I track a Dark Legionnaire helmet selling from one player for 4 months, just checking it with my normal looks. It was always there, always at 85 million credits. FOUR MONTHS. No one took it. Eventually it did disappear, so I checked the player. He was gone, out of the game. As in DELETED. Four months of trying to make 85 mil and then gone for good. I still wonder if he rage-quit over it.

Or he kept putting i for the same price because he didn’t really need money. Frankly there is not much u can do with creds.
And just left because nothing to do.

True and possible, if unlikely to sell a single item. But maybe he had a lot more than what I was tracking and the cash to do it. I know a few traders do flip servers for better deals at times (seems a waste to me but hey).

“Oh, and one more thing.”

Then you added a “Btw.” That made it two more things and turned you into a liar just like BioWare.

Have some self-respect, ffs.

Tell me about it… i’ve been wanting the Havoc Squad set (the red and white) for my commando since the day it was first released and was never able to either get from packs of afford one… as if someone has 39 mil for a chest piece to waste that easy…

why are these even called “sales”? Its like saying that 2000 CC for a lvl 60 boost is a “sale” (its been the price since release)

I wish they would feature something other than “this weeks old cartel packs”. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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