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GW2 Cami’s Final Voyage Rising Flames Achievement Guide

GW2 Cami’s Final Voyage achievement guide with locations of all 7 of Cami’s Journals.

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  • 7 AP, 1 bag of blues/greens with rare chance at ascended materials.



1. Infernal Cape: Look around the tip of the peninsula.


2. Shipwreck Beach: northwest of the cursed circus, buried in rocks after the beach labyrinth.


3. Bleeding Pulpit: located northeast of the bubbling caldera


4. Lava Flats: Slipped under rock overhangs in the pool area.


5. Basalt Rise: below the largest rock outcrop east of the vista


6. Fractured Caldera: northeast of Smooshatron


7. Caliph’s Steps: hidden directly west under the second staircase within the ruins.


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5 replies on “GW2 Cami’s Final Voyage Rising Flames Achievement Guide”

Yea, most of the chapters are, much like the tablets, hidden in places with enemies, meaning you can’t stand still and take your time to read them. What I did now was take a screenshot, move to a safe space and then read it. But thats kinda arbitrary. I’ll also have forgotten page 1 by the time I find page 3

Found them all, thanks! The instructions for #7 were a bit unclear – I was looking for it at the level above where it was – but other than that, I had no problems!

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