GW2 Cami’s Final Voyage Rising Flames Achievement Guide

GW2 Cami’s Final Voyage achievement guide with locations of all 7 of Cami’s Journals.

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  • 7 AP, 1 bag of blues/greens with rare chance at ascended materials.



1. Infernal Cape: Look around the tip of the peninsula.


2. Shipwreck Beach: northwest of the cursed circus, buried in rocks after the beach labyrinth.


3. Bleeding Pulpit: located northeast of the bubbling caldera


4. Lava Flats: Slipped under rock overhangs in the pool area.


5. Basalt Rise: below the largest rock outcrop east of the vista


6. Fractured Caldera: northeast of Smooshatron


7. Caliph’s Steps: hidden directly west under the second staircase within the ruins.


  • Name

    Can you include the lore as well?

  • Answerer

    Yea, most of the chapters are, much like the tablets, hidden in places with enemies, meaning you can’t stand still and take your time to read them. What I did now was take a screenshot, move to a safe space and then read it. But thats kinda arbitrary. I’ll also have forgotten page 1 by the time I find page 3

  • Sygg Shadowmoor

    Hey Dulfy, what mod or kind of overlayer are you using for your pointer to change ingame ?

  • Ardenwolfe

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Imry

    Found them all, thanks! The instructions for #7 were a bit unclear – I was looking for it at the level above where it was – but other than that, I had no problems!

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