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GW2 Chalice of Tears Jumping Puzzle Guide

A guide to the Chalice of Tears Jumping Puzzle in Ember Bay.


  • As of the 9/22 Hotfix, you must hit all checkpoints to be eligible for the achievement. Portaling to the end no longer works but you can portal to each checkpoint individually.
  • Thermal Propulsion mastery is highly recommended to avoid the annoying Jade mobs along the way.
  • You need to have Advanced Gliding for the last part of the jumping puzzle
  • Bring a ranged weapon because you will need to kill lava elementals along the way.
  • Do it on a mesmer for least headaches or be grouped with a mesmer


  • There are checkpoints along the way, you will pop a blue aura when you get close to them to let you know you have reached them.
  • Checkpoints are buggy and they will disappear if you swap maps, DC, or die outside the jumping puzzle instance. If that happens you will need to start all over.


Jumping Puzzle Guide

The original video features a harder/more annoying entrance so use this easier entrance for the jumping puzzle.


Here is rest of the video (skip to 1:55)


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

48 replies on “GW2 Chalice of Tears Jumping Puzzle Guide”

whats that now? portal stone? Do you mean the home portal stone? In which case I’m not sure I understand how it would help with the JP .. or … did I miss something else entirely? (likely)

Quick info for people that wonder about this JP:
1. Is it a pain in the ass? Yes.
2. Is it worth it? [the chest at the end and 2 smaller ones on the way]. Not really, I’ve got rare item [30-40silver] at the end. Might have been luck though. And you get 3 petrified wood. Rest is just normal JP stuff, meaning blues and greens.
3. Can I get a tp from mesmer? I think so, but it will take 2 or 3 mesmers since it’s really high up. Just use “TP to a friend” we can get them from time to time, so most people should have one.
4. Can I open the chest if I will cheat? [use TP] no, you need checkpoints to open the chest. But, you will get the 10 AP and Mastery Point.

So, if you hate JP’s, avoid this one. You will be angry a lot during the run. I as a person that likes JP and is kinda good at them, have spend around 1 to 1.5 hour~ with Dulfy’s video [btw there are shorter ways around sometimes that I discovered during the run]. I did it not on a mesmer though [I just like doing everything with my main for the first time] so if you’ll play as a mesmer or will have one with you, You will save a lot of time thanks to portals.

i just used a tp to friend to get up there and i didn’t get credit.

i really honestly suck at jps. there were two of use who did it, and neither of us got credit (person who did puzzle already had credit)

You said this so much nicer than I would lol, thank you. I personally get fed up with people raging against Anet everytime something is difficult… of course, I’m older, so try beating Ninja Gaiden on original Nintendo with no forgiveness what-so-ever…. Here you can bring a mes, try it as many times as you like, forget it and come back later, or skip the dang thing. I get frustration at games, but I also know a whiny craptard when I hear one.

I am fed up with this puzzle… I will end up spending 12 hours trying to complete it like I did when Mad Kings cock tower first came out.

i loved that clock tower tho i was that person that did it after 5 or 6 goes haha i had good frame rates witch was super important for that one do the jp just take it slowly try do it as a mesmer or gets a friend to tag along

after all that, I got a lvl 76 exo and 1 rare from the chest (and maybe a piece of petrifieed wood but it was hard to tell because I already had a fat stack of it). it was barely worth 1G. Actually opening the chest with the checkpoints is only for hardcore completionists and jumping puzzle fanatics. I’d recommend pretty much everyone just use TP to a Friend for this. or have multiple mesmers help you out. I parked two mesmers at the chest to help facilitate this when the map is busier

So…i got 7 wood things + green stuff + some ascended “throw away” bullshit + 1 yellow.

U kidding me?….yet another “do 1 time” content i guess.

Also why isn’t this JP under the JP category for achievements?…5AP too much?

So instead of fix the buggy checkpoint, they decided that it’s more important to ‘fix’ this easy way of getting the achievement. Good job Anet. Screw you.

So hey, spend 40 minutes working your way up this volcano, get portaled by a random, friendly mesmer to near the top. WELL FUCK YOU NO CREDIT. Great job anet.

Yeah they have NO right to expect us to actually have the skill to beat one of their puzzles! Its obviously their fault if we want to take a portal! I think they should hand out everything for free! Random legendary drops! No work to get achievements! … Sorry, i probably went overboard on the sarcasm…

Considering they have another JP that involves carrying an item to the end to open the chest, and that JP does award the achievement upon reaching the end (regardless of having the item for the chest or not)… I was pissed because I got help from an unasked, random person (who didn’t even know that was ‘fixed’) and got screwed out of it.

Dulfy, so you know you have missed a checkpoint and thus cannot get credit for the achievement or chest using your guide now. You need to fix it.

I’m pretty sure there is a checkpoint at the very start of the JP (where you basically run through the lava, can be seen at 1:48 of your video). I was being TPed there after failing to get to checkpoint you’ve marked in video at 2:52, but I’m not sure if it is needed to get chest and achievement ATM.

A friend couldn’t open the chest unless he hit all five checkpoints. I noted this because Dulfy got the “can’t open the chest” indicator at the top of the JP in her guide, which is required to get the achievement now.

Seems like she covered all the checkpoints. I managed to get the achievement using her guide. (Although it took an hour and we have 3 mesmers).

Hey Dulfy, Thanks for everything over the years! Just a heads up, you don’t need advanced gliding for the last part. If you aim for the 2nd pillar/wall thing at the end, you can land and wait for your stamina to regen.

Hey dulfy, thanks so much for your guide. Just wanted to point that there are 5 checkpoints , not 4. There is one at the entrance of the jp 1:48

i followed the guide and had to leave midway for daily t4s on a diff character…when i swapped back it must’ve forgotten all of my checkpoints cause when i got to the top i also couldn’t open the chest…..and i actually DID all of it myself…how to fix?

So you can’t teleport to friend straight to the top. But you can use mesmers to port to each checkpoint in turn and THEN make your way to the top. Slightly less frustrating than doing the whole thing alone.

There is another way to get to the chest if you don’t have advanced gliding. Look at the pics below.

I also put up a “updated” video on it. Aswell showing the entire jumping puzzle from start without the help of portals or “tp to friend” item:
(skip to 1:04 for the start of the JP or 8:50 for the scene shown in the pics)

Had a party of four. One guy dc’d 3/4 the way through. No credit for him. Another char-swapped then returned; no credit for her. You must persist through the entire instance without logging out, because of their terrible checkpoint system. And honestly, this is not a fun JP. Skip it if you don’t really want it.

I don’t suppose there is an alternative to the flight at 4:25? I just can’t seem to get to that, I’m too low, ‘Advanced Gliding’. 🙁

This jp is the dumbest piece of lava munching shit storm jp I’ve ever encountered. And they hid tokens in it.

Someone needs to punch whoever thought it up and made it in the mouth. HARD. Until he/she bleeds.

I agree, this JP is a wonderful collection of bad design in gaming, the genius who created it should be awarded for this pearl.

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