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GW2 Tablets of the Unseen Rising Flames Achievement Guide

A guide to locating all 10 tablets for Tablets of the Unseen Rising Flames achievement in Ember Bay.

This achievement is easiest to do when you are in the Old Foes, Old Ghosts story step as all the Jade constructs are friendly to you and you do not take any lava damage.


  • 10 AP, 1 bag of green/blue with rare chance for ascended mats.


Video Guide




Tablet 1


Tablet 2


Tablet 3


Tablet 4


Tablet 5


Tablet 6


Tablet 7


Tablet 8


Tablet 9


Tablet 10




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15 replies on “GW2 Tablets of the Unseen Rising Flames Achievement Guide”

Thank you to all of you!

A friend sent me 3 Ghost Peppers last night and told me who it was for (Thank you Professor! *hugs*).

I had tried to feed that cat every meat in inventory plus the lvl 80 foods in my vault that involved meat and spicy to no avail… Anet made this one a vegetarian… *laugh*

I got the other kitty by the Skritt also.

Yea, most of the tablets are, much like the journals, hidden in places with enemies, meaning you can’t stand still and take your time to read them. What I did now was take a screenshot, move to a safe space and then read it. But thats kinda arbitrary. I’ll also have forgotten page 1 by the time I find page 3

It may be worth putting the contents of the tablets in a spoiler section. It’s irritating when some of the most shocking lore in GW2 is hidden beneath heaps of Jade constructs which can’t be solo’d – or avoided outside the climax of an extremely long story chain -.-

jade construct can be solo watch agro kill one at a time stay far brake the bar cc and make damage. jade construct where there to keep titan out in gw 1 prophecy.

So the rest of the Fire Islands must continue the story. Would very much like to see the Mursaat’s point of view when the Chosen (Guild Wars: Prophecies) landed on the Fire Islands and began their ascent to Abaddon’s mouth. Wonder how Optimus Caliph himself felt as the Chosen continued to cut them down and the ending of their campaign on the Fire Island chain draw near.

The most interesting thing about this is that it implies the Elder Dragons have never been defeated. Now treading new ground here. Very luminescent, sparky ground.

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