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GW2 Token Collector Rising Flames Achievement Guide

A guide to locating all 40 Mursaat tokens for the Token Collector achievement in Ember Bay.

Tokens Inside the jumping puzzle (Chalice of Tears)

Some of the tokens are one way trip unless you have a portal so make sure to have a mesmer handy.

  • 23-24. Sopor Titanum: Within the walls of the easternmost part of the volcano (one way trip near end of JP. Can do it at end of JP).
  • 25. Caliph’s Steps: Hidden within the outer walls of the inner magma falls on the north side of Chalice of Tears (start of JP)
  • 29. Sopor Titanum: Within the terrifying walls of the eastern side of the inner chamber (Past the first checkpoint)
  • 31. Sopor Titanum: Drop down the southern part toward Titan’s Perch (One way trip next to the 3rd checkpoint)


  • 40 AP, Dragonite Ore/Empyreal Fragment Consumer (25 per use, 6 uses per day)


Video Guide


Overall Map


1. Infernal Cape: on the eastern side of the volcano

Inside a cave to the right of the lavafall


2. Burning Grotto: In the northern exit of the Furnace Chamber

Look up from #3 and you will see this token


3. Burning Grotto: In the northern exit of the Furnace Chamber


4. Burning Grotto: Hidden a crevice in the back of the Furnace Chamber

This token now exists at the bottom floor of the Furnace Chamber and is very easy to find!


5. Smoldering Inlet: On the rocks northeast of the Magma Outlet


6. Lava Flats: At mouth of the Lava River

Use the updraft and leyline to reach the mouth of the lava river. It is on the left crevice so you need to drop down a tiny bit to reach it or you will miss it and fall into the lava.


7. Fractured Caldera: To the northeast of Quickk’s Retreat

Run up to Quickk, and to the east of him is a hole in the ground you can drop down and grab this token.


8. Smoldering Inlet: Between rock shelfs in the mouth of the Magma Outlet.

Inside a hidden cave top of the mouth.


9. Caliph’s Steps: Under a rock shelf on the western beach.

Go into one of the caves on the beach and you will find this token.


10. Burning Grotto: Within the top shelf of the Furnace Chamber

Need to kill the Molten Dominator that is part of the event chain in Furnace Chamber (spawns after you rescue the skritts) and then use the updrafts to get up. This token is hidden just a bit below the very top of the chamber in a rocky shelf.


11. Smoldering Inlet: Near the penninsula in the inlet, within a small underwater cave.


12. Osprey Pillars: On the southwestern area in the besaltic pillar underbelly.

Get to the top and back of the little island and glide down from the top. You should see a little opening within you can grab the token.


13. Performance Field: Look for a crack in the wall in the Sloth Queen’s quarters.

You need access to Sloth Queen’s den, which is only accessible during/after her event for a few minutes. There is a some hay near the wall not far from the door and there is a little crack in the wall you can enter and find the token.


14. Infernal Cape: Within a magma fall on the northwestern side of the volcano

First you need to get access to the metal mountain by using the Thermal Tube up in the Burning Grotto that you have to get to via updrafts that spawn only after Molten Dominator is defeated. Once you get there, go down to the skull structure on the right side, carefully glide through an opening in the skull in the mouth section.


15. Fractured Caldera: On the upper rock-shelf tiers of the western side.

Make yourself to the Thermal Tube to the west of Quickk’s Retreat (use Leylines in the Fractured Caldera to reach it). Once you are inside the tube, start gliding once you reach top of the arc and take a sharp right towards a shelf on top of a skull like structure with 2 pirate skritts on top.Keep following the shelf, drop down and on your left look for a cave passage blocked by some rocks. The rightmost rock can be climbed to reach this token.


16. Infernal Cape: Under the volcano, hidden underwater

You need to swim west from Promontary Waypoint and there in the water is a little crack you can swim through. After the crack is a long water tunnel and if you swim to the end of it you will reach the token.


17. Skritt Anchorage: At the highest point of the Dread Shiny.

Use the leyline to reach the top and then break free from it and glide to the token.


18. Burning Grotto: Within the outer rock shelfs on the southern side

Swim through the little cubby hole and take a left


19. Burning Grotto: Under the Furnance Chamber on the southeastern side.

Swim through the underwater cave of some sort, take a right.


20. Caliph’s Steps: Next to the magma fall at the sealed entrance

Use either Thermal Propulsion or run to the lava fall right under Sealed Entrance POI and drop down to grab this one.


21. Bleeding Pulpit: Hiding in the north outer wall of the Pedestal of Flames

I would suggest using the Thermal Propulsion from Promontary Waypoint for ease of access, you can just glide off the second off and look for a hole on the ground. Once you are inside the hole, make sure you go left and not right.


22. Fractured Caldera: Along the riverbed of the magma outlet

Swim into the lava river/cave near Smooshatron and you will find this token not too far inside.


23. Sopor Titanum: Within the walls of the easternmost part of the volcano

This is at the last step of the Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle, right before the last long glide to the mountain with the chest. Instead of gliding to the mountain though, you want to glide this way towards some rocks. There is a hole there you can drop down and grab 23 and 24 at the same time. You can do this after you are finished with the jumping puzzle as well.


24. Sopor Titanum: Within the walls of the easternmost part of the volcano

Both tokens are at the very bottom of the hole with one of them being at the very bottom while the other is on a ledge slightly higher so glide down carefully.


25. Caliph’s Steps: Hidden within the outer walls of the inner magma falls on the north side of Chalice of Tears

Once you enter the jumping puzzle, do not go up the lava river into the large cavern of Chalice of Tears. Instead, take a right path and you will find a little hole to your right that you can drop down to grab this token.


26. Shipwrecked Beach: On top of the highest rock spire next to Ivy’s Circus Spectacular

Use the leyline and Thermal Tubes inside Fractured Caldera to get to this Thermal Tube near Quickk’s Retreat that will carry you to another tube that can propel you high enough in the air for you to glide to this spire.


27. Infernal Cape: On the horns at top of the volcano.

Once again you will need to do the Molten Dominator event in Burning Grotto so the updrafts appear in the Furnace Chamber. This time ride the updrafts to the very top and use the Thermal Tube to shoot yourself across to the Metal Mountain where you wil find this token.


28. Shipwrecked Beach: Somewhere in someone’s messy hut within Ivy’s Circus Spectacular

Probably the easiest to reach, under this hut not far from the waypoint.


29. Sopor Titanum: Within the terrifying walls of the eastern side of the inner chamber.

Unfortunately this one is inside the jumping puzzle. It is shortly after the first checkpoint, after a long glide there is a hole with a couple of Lava elementals that you can kill.


30. Skritt Anchorage: Within the walls of Rock Face Scratch

Need to be on or finished the story step Igneous Breach to access the token inside the skritt camp or they will block you from entering.


31. Sopor Titanum: Drop down the southern part toward Titan’s Perch

You need a portal for this (or some way to return where you were) as you are unable to return otherwise and dying inside the cave/hole will reset all your checkpoints. This token is beside checkpoint 3, the checkpoint you reach after you first long glide. Instead of climbing up from the checkpoint, there is a hole to the your left (if you are facing away from the checkpoint) you can glide in and grab this. Portal back after.


32. Caliph’s Steps: On the third shelf up to the northwest of the Sealed Entrance

Fly into this cubby hole near the vista and drop down to the last ledge before you hit the ground.


33. Caliph’s Steps: On an upper tier of a large room to the northeast of the Sealed Entrance

Same route as 32 but this time you are dropping to the right instead of left into the purplish looking side of the hole. When you drop down you want to be very careful to not lose any height as the token is on a rocky shelf just near the ceiling of the room below.


34. Caliph’s Steps: Look within some orifices on the Twin Skulls

Take the Thermal Tube from Castaway Circus Waypoint. The third tube will drop you in the eyehole of a skull rock. From the eyehole jump down and go into the nosehole where you can find this token.


35. Burning grotto: Under another rock shelf within the southeastern waters under the Furnace Chamber


36. Burning Grotto: Hidden within the upper rock tier of Furnace chamber on the eastern side.

Kill the dominator again to spawn the updrafts and then use it to get to the top of the Grotto. Drop down on the eastern ledge near the top to retrieve this token.


37. Burning Grotto: Hidden within the outer rock walls of the Furnace Chamber to the northwest of the magma pool.

Use the southmost Thermal Tube from Promontary Waypoint and instead of letting it shoot you all the way into the Furnace chamber, let go right before it passes through the Grotto walls so you can land on the ledge to the left and then drop through the hole marked below to get this token.


38. Caliph’s Steps: Look within the rocks between the two Twin Skulls.

This token is hidden on the left skull shaped rock on the left side of where the mouth is. There is a little tunnel you can enter.


39. Bleeding Cape: Between the rocks where Destruction’s Maw and Pedestal of Flames meet on the northern side.

Use the Thermal Tube to shoot you up and let go of it by holding down spacebar. Glide to the marked corner and drop down through the tiny hole there. You want to slowly descend as the token is right under the opening.


40. Ashen Skerries: Look among the karma eggs in the Karka Hatchery.

NE island with all the karka eggs. Easy to locate.


By Dulfy

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167 replies on “GW2 Token Collector Rising Flames Achievement Guide”

15. Fractured Caldera: On the upper rock-shelf tiers of the western side.
The way i got it is :
Get the Ley line above the Thermal tube that i’s pointed , or go up the rock and get the other ley line.
The hole is behind you when you land, next to the fallen rocks.
After jumping in the hole u got to turn around at once, it’s tricky jump.

15 you take the Thermal Tube East of Quickk’s Retreat, before you land start gliding and make a sharp right towards a skull. If you are on the right ledge 2 Skritt should be there. You go straight, then drop down and their is a crack on the left. The cave looks empty but you need to climb up some rocks and the token is on the other side. I already looted it so it doesn’t show up

Thank you!!! The thermal tube you’re referring to is actually west of Quickk’s Retreat but the rest is spot on. This one was well-hidden so thank you for the details and photo!

Thought I was the first to post this. Didn’t notice you’d already done it! Anyhow, I have a different set of pictures up above that might also be of help. And your method of accessing it is probably quicker/easier than mine.

4 is accessed by going in the SE side of the grotto, underwater. There’s a very small crevice to squeeze thru.

edit: can’t upload the screenshot.

#25 appears to be stuck behind an invisible wall. You can clip through it to see it and even target it, but can’t actually reach it.

My bad. I checked the list – it’s # 11.

I hunted all over and their seems no way into it. It’s completely encased.

4. In the backroom you fly up after you defeated the champion, then at the top you slowly descend. At the east side of the cave you land in a opening and then you jump in a hole that is there, very sneaky


Go to the Crumbling Trail WP north of the fractured caldera.

Ride the lei line south high above the caldera. I use the thermal tube to get enough altitude to catch the lei line, but there are other ways.
Drop out of the lei line as you are leaving the caldera onto a small flat area with three imps. KILL THEM ALL. (I hate those guys.).
If you face outwards from the edge of the ledge the imps were on, you’ll see a ridge ahead of you and to your right. Find a rock to jump off of to give you enough height and glide to the low end of that ridge and land on it. Work your way to the top of the ridge. Picture below illustrates this

North of there and a little west is a cave entrance. I’ve linked a picture. Note the distinctive rock spikes left and right of the cave entrance.

There’s a spot near the back of the cave you have to jump to your left to get up on top of a pile of rocks. The token is just on the other side.

14 is in the second skull counting from the top, inside it there’s a ledge that, and on that ledge, obscured with falling lava is the token, though it’s unreachable in a normal way or gliding. Either you need to land somewhere higher and look for some hole, or even try to flow with the lava from the very top if it’s possible at all.

Now it’s fine, first I was trying to go through that crevice 😀 But I can confirm it, as of now there probably is no other way to get there outside of the “cheaty” one. I think this crevice was destined to be the right way but someone failed and despite it being quite big it’s not passable.

i was able to reach it with my thief with the staff (5) pretty easy else well gl for be able to reach it : p

#3 & #4 is very close to each other its just the other way around. After you got number 3, turn around and jump up above the “roof” of the corridor instead of down to the passage way.

sorry but can’t post the image. Is in a quite large cave almost of the top of the cave. Like on the side of the last updraft

FOR #4

If you go to the molten dominator boss and kill, take the updrafts until you get near the top before the last updraft. Looks towards the west side of the cavern and it’ll be in one of the crevices there.
-Brisingr Reamz

Just so you know, I was able to see it only with the Mursaat Armor equiped, and so did a friend of mine. Dunno if it’s related…

No sorry, I don’t know exactly how it worked… anet will probably fix it in few days/hours to go easily.

since there was no report on the official forums about this,i made a post about it. Hopefully it will get fixed soon,and we will be able to pick it up

#39 Regarding my own personal experience. Like the video says, you MUST be in glide mode as you go through the hole. When I got through, I ended up stuck in a spot that fortunately was close enough to activate the token. BEHIND the token was an obvious tunnel so I suspect there’s another way to access the token.

Did anybody actually get to 33? Every time I try it, even when gliding just below the ceiling it’s too low to reach the ledge.

Same. I’ve tried it at least 15 times now, no exaggeration, and always seem to be just an inch too low. Talk about precision. I’m going to keep trying because apparently I hate myself.

Edit: Figures after I post this I get it on the very next try. Definitely need to hug the right wall as close as possible.

“Where should we put some of these fun easter egg tokens?”
“How about at the bottom of inescapable pitfalls within the overly long, complex, hard, and annoying jumping puzzle?”
“Won’t that mean players will have to do the jumping puzzle multiple times since the tokens can’t be grabbed on a successful trip up?”
“And wouldn’t that annoy our players?”
“Well… shouldn’t a game be fun?”
“You’re fired.”

One run is all it took for me to finish the JP and get all the tokens hidden along the way. Besides, there’s only 1 token that prevents you from going back to the JP. Bring a Mesmer, like I did, and that problem is solved as well.


Well, someone has issues. I’ve seen many people claim they have to do the JP more than once to get the tokens, but 4 of the 5 you can reach without having to start over the JP (2 during the JP and 2 when you’ve finished the JP). Thought I’d mention it. Also, plenty of people have Mesmers. In fact, the JP is crawling with them. A lot of smart people there, it seems, who thought the same as me: I’m not doing this on anything else than my Mesmer. And no, I’m not exceptionally good at JP’s. It took me more than 2 hours to finish this one. You don’t need to be smart to think ahead, just sensible.

Dulfy from number 31 you can log out and then log back in. you will end up inside a set of teeth. Once you get out of those teeth you can take the path you did going up the lava at 22:50 in the video.

Get to #39 from #16! swim straight up to the surface from #16, then a short JP to #39. Super easy, no precise gliding required.

Q: Has anyone EVER got anything worth from using these salvage items? Other then junk and rarely green items (also junk) ? I understand they are meant to be a toilet..but that doesn’t mean all salvages should be shit or different connotations of the word.

On rare occasions you’ll get things like Vision Crystals, Silver Doubloons, Azurite Orbs, Wintersday Gifts etc. I basically just use these to get rid of my excess Ascended mats whenever my mat storage overflows.

13. Performance Field: Look for a crack in the wall in the Sloth Queen’s quarters.
The door has been fixed. It will close after the Sloth Queen has walked out. Until then, a rubber-wall has been places to prevent people from entering before the sloth is defeated.

They said I would never achieve anything in life, that my greatest success was being the winning sperm… how you like me now that I appeared in a Dulfy video, mom!!

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Make sure flash plugin is up to date – Version: + updated chrome/firefox.

Disable hardware acceleration for flash – see here:

Disable flash and activate on a site basis: firefox > click on the triple bars icon on the top right > addons > plugins and set shockwave flash to ask to activate. then the plugin will stay disabled per default but can be activated on a per-site basis.

Use an ad-blocker

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the advice of putting a ad blocker is a good one. not only your web site but other web site that run adds that have issue. makes a huge difference. seams that some adds also run some bad script to track people or run fraud scam. most often web dev or owner of those site do not know about this. if they would some would remove those adds. I have return to your web site with adds blocker on and no error in console. so it must be the adds on the website.

I can’t find any of the tokens in the Chalice. With the way that area is designed, the pictures simply don’t give enough information to figure out where to go. It’s the Tangled Depths issue all over again; so much is on top of other things that the minimap becomes useless.

from performance test 68% of the loading time is done by Googlead2syndication. in the javascript call stack.

after (16. Infernal Cape: Under the volcano, hidden underwater) if you swim up there’s a cavern that looks like a mini puzzle but the ceiling is too low to jump up so i think you drop in, has anyone found where the drop in point is?

Just wanted to say that i figured out how to get 31 without being in the jp at all. it would save people needing a mesmer port or from accidentally leaving the jp. The thermal just west of Quickk shoots you to another thermal platform. If you take that thermal and hold on space to start gliding at the top of its arc, you can glide around the big skull to a platform that is outside the hole where 31 is. Then you just run right into the cave/hole and grab 31 without ever being in the puzzle. (for future reference of people who do the achievements later)

Anyone have a screenshot of how to do this? I’ve glided past the burning skull onto a ledge and, if I press “M” for map, I see the token while the map is scrolling but I don’t know where it is or how to get to it. I’ve gotten on the highest ledge I can gliding. Multiple attempts. 31 is the last one I need! There is a dark skull before the burning skull idk if I’m going around the right skull? I’m close to the spot it should be but not finding any hole to go in.

It’s kind of hard to get a screenshot since I already got the token, but I’ll try to get a couple of screenshots and post. I can also show you in game if you want. Then maybe you could screenshot

fyi the path i was talking about doesn’t work. i couldn’t tell since i had already snatched the token. tried this on a friend’s account and the token is too high to reach. i deleted my initial instructions.

Just wanted to give a heads up, while many might do this exactly in order I was following more from area to area instead and so using the search function on my browser to find the names and run through them like that. Number 25 however is named wrong, yes it is in that zone which should be mentioned in the text below but the title is incorrect and will throw others off as well potentially. In the achieve list its Sopor not Caliph.

The method for the lava flats is overly complicated, it is easier to jump up the west side of the river, there is an actual ledge that you can run across that is much easier than using the leylines

Number 14 has wrongly written part of the description. It’s not the ‘right’ side of the mountain, it’s very much on the left side of the mountain.

Always appreciative of the work put in, but some of the directions here just aren’t helpful. Some of the mistakes below haven’t been fixed, and a number of the screenshots didn’t provide enough reference to really be of much use. It would also be super handy if those near to each other were cross-referenced, though I understand that’s time-consuming. Thank you for the guide anyway.

About half of these instructions are entirely useless or wrong. IN particular, it says to drop through a hole that you actually need to glide through onto a ledge more than a dozen times.

About half of the tokens are not visible on the screenshots, and about half of the screenshots with arrows have arrows pointing in the completely opposite direction to where you need to go, presumable in an attempt to mean ‘down’.

It also assumes that you’re doing it in the illogical numerical order, so it just blindly mentions locations from ‘previous’ tokens with no mention of how to get there if you’re doing it based on location.

I wanted to point out that the #23-24 can be done AFTER the end of the JP, so you don’t have to waste 1 run for both achievements. If you glide from the highest peak, you won’t be able to use the portal to come back, so you can take first the MP for completing the puzzle, and then collect the tokens.
Unfortunately I have no footage, but basically, if you are in front of the final chest, you should glide onto the narrow high rock on your left. From there, glide toward the next/first high narrow rock. You won’t be able to land on top of it, but try to glide on the inner part of the plateau, because if you stay too on the right, you won’t be able to climb a rock at a certain point. (basically you should point in the direction of the highest peak, but on foot).

Hi, token number 6 can´t be reached through gliding after the ley line ride anymore. You have to come from the back now.

A lot of these can be done differently now, with mounts obviously, although the jumping puzzle is a pain because it takes a lot of space and disables mounts. But 26 is far easier. Go to WP, aim for to lava on a springer via the map and bounce up the huge spike. It takes about 4 jumps with high vault, no messing around with Ley lines and so on.

#14 is a bit of pain, but you can go up from Quikk with a springer around the edge of the JP, get as high as possible, then look West. You can see the Skirt pirates and aim down to the right from where you are to get into the right cave.

Please correct #25. ‘Caliph’s Steps:’ Hidden within the outer walls of the inner magma falls on the north side of Chalice of Tears (start of JP)
Should say Sopor Titanum

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