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GW2 Ember Bay Vendor Items

A list of the various items sold by the Ember Bay vendors.


Regular Vendors

Unbound Magic Collector – Promontary Waypoint


  • Karmic Retribution – 1000 Unbound Magic + 5 gold for first one, 5000 Unbound Magic + 10 gold for second one, 10000 Unbound Magic +15g for the third one. Give you a permanent chance to receive karma while killing foes in Ember Bay. Can be stacked 3 times.
  • Ember Bay Portal Scroll – 1000 Unbound Magic + 50 silver. A perm teleport scroll that ports you to the Asuran Beachhead. Infinite uses, only useable outside Ember Bay by Level 80 characters.
  • Magic-Warped Packet – 250 Unbound Magic + 50 silver.
  • Magic-Warped Bundle – 1250 Unbound Magic + 40 silver. Contains rare crafting mats.
  • Mini Holographic Taimi – 2500 Unbound Magic + 25 Petrified Wood
  • Sparking Petrified Wood (Ascended Accessory with HOT selectable stats) – 4000 Unbound Magic + 150 Petrified Wood.
  • Lava Skull Backpack (Ascended Backpack with HOT selectable stats) – 5000 Unbound Magic + 200 Petrified Wood.


Carnival Weapon Vendor


  • Prices are 20% cheaper if you have 10 Circus Vouchers from the Heart Vendor south of it (10,500 karma each).

Sword Focus Hammer Longbow
gw2-carnival-sword gw2-carnival-focus gw2-carnival-hammer gw2-carnival-longbow
Short Bow Warhorn Torch Dagger
gw2-carnival-short-bow gw2-carnival-warhorn gw2-carnival-torch gw2-carnival-dagger
Greatsword Pistol Mace Rifle
gw2-carnival-greatsword gw2-carnival-pistol gw2-carnival-mace gw2-carnival-rifle
Scepter Shield Staff Axe
gw2-carnival-scepter gw2-carnival-shield gw2-carnival-staff gw2-carnival-axe

Heart Vendors


Each heart vendor sells a different mini for Karma and Petrified Wood

Mini Rolling Devil Mini Pirate Captain Huuhes Mini Lava Elemental
gw2-mini-rolling-devil gw2-min-pirate-captain-huuhes gw2-mini-lava-elemental
Mini Vine-Touched Destroyer Crab Mini Captain Grumby  
gw2-mini-vine-touched-destroyer-crab gw2-mini-captain-grumby  

Heart Vendor – Explorer Rakk


  • Mini Captain Grumby– 105,000 karma + 25 Petrified Wood
  • Pocket Jade Armor – 3150 Karma
  • Endless Jade Construct Tonic – 75,005 karma
  • Unbound Mining Pick (rewards Unbound Magic with each swing) – 4900 karma
  • Unbound Harvesting Sickle (rewards Unbound Magic with each swing) – 4900 karma
  • Unbound Logging Axe (rewards Unbound Magic with each swing) – 4900 karma

Heart Vendor – Vice Chief Hernandez


  • Mini Rolling Devil – 105,000 karma + 25 Petrified Wood
  • 3 Bundles of Petrified Wood – Give you 3 Petrified Wood, can be purchased once a day per character.
  • Circus Voucher – 10,500 karma. Reduces the costs of the circus weapons by 20% if you have 10 vouchers.
  • Recipe: Island Pudding – 17,500 karma.
  • Recipe: Sweet Curried Mussels – 17,500 karma.

Heart Vendor – Research Assistant Ulaa


  • Mini Vine-Touched Destroyer Crab– 105,000 karma + 25 Petrified Wood
  • 3 Bundles of Petrified Wood – Give you 3 Petrified Wood, can be purchased once a day per character.
  • Aqueous Amulet – 21,000 karma
  • Aqueous Amulet – 42,000 karma
  • Unbound Mining Pick (rewards Unbound Magic with each swing) – 4900 karma
  • Unbound Harvesting Sickle (rewards Unbound Magic with each swing) – 4900 karma
  • Unbound Logging Axe (rewards Unbound Magic with each swing) – 4900 karma
  • Pulsating Destroyer Heart – 42,000 karma (required for the Primordus weapon collection)

Heart Vendor – Second-to-Last-Or-So Mate Bowz


  • Mini Pirate Captain Huuhes– 105,000 karma + 25 Petrified Wood
  • 3 Bundles of Petrified Wood – Give you 3 Petrified Wood, can be purchased once a day per character.
  • Skritt Worker Contract (summon a skritt to get items from a nearby skritt stash)– 980 karma + 1 Petrified Wood

Heart Vendor – Scientist Vratt


  • Mini Lava Elemental– 105,000 karma + 25 Petrified Wood
  • 3 Bundles of Petrified Wood – Give you 3 Petrified Wood, can be purchased once a day per character.
  • Petrified Karka Egg –21,000 karma
  • Petrified Karka Egg – 42,000 karma

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62 replies on “GW2 Ember Bay Vendor Items”

I feel like there might be a use for them if a mesmer wanted to use the human T2 cultural armor with the GS and Scepter/Pistol… images of clowns… everywhere!

I like them. I don’t actually “like” them but I feel they enable people to get a unique look tat isn’t catered for anywhere else in game. Two looks at once actually: The joker/harlequin look and the bankrupt/broke look.

With that money you could craft Quip and get the best troll-clown wep ingame.

The prices are absolutely retarded for that design. No effects, no sounds no nothing…they could have went wild with the circus theme. A full collection costs what? 1k gold? That’s essentially a legendary if u have a few mats stored away.

I agree that quip is a higher quality version of these weapons. Except that quip is only available in pistol form. If you want a joker character which doesn’t wield pistols, these are your poison.

On the costs, though depressing, they are probably correct. These are basically fixed price gem weapons. Instead of 500 gems (costing 165 gold), they cost 100 gold each. The quality matches the quality of the recent gem weapon skins and the added benefit of directly purchasing exotic equipment has also traditionally been fairly high (south sun weapons were 10 gold and 40 – 100 shells weren’t they?).

Obviously you’d prefer to purchase the skin without the exotic stats it’s attached to, but presented together this seems about right :/

Thing is
1. Who even cares about exotics nowadays. Most are salvage..and also most can be found at around 2g on the AH if u want to MF.
2. Sotushun weapons. We all know how big of a success those were….

As for the conversion from gems to gold kinda thing u explained i didn’t look at it like that. That doesn’t make it any better tho. The skins suck.

I’m pretty sure that most players who could afford to pay 100 gold for an weapon would prefer to just purchase the skin without the stats – and new players wouldn’t dream of making this purchase, avoiding the issue entirely.

Anet has just stacked every legit cost multiplier in the game on this set:
– multiplier for exotic equipment
– multiplier for requiring no zone specific currency
– multiplier for providing a new high quality (Even if ugly) skin
– multiplier for the shop not being locked behind a succesful event chain.
– 10% potential karma discount means the undiscounted price is raised 5% above what it would normally cost.

I don’t like this sort of shop but I don’t mind this price limit being set as a precedence for future weapon sets in this category. Gold has been getting progressively easier for veterans to amass (meaning in the long term) this price won’t be so outrageous if the cost cap is never raised.

Tl;dr Not as outrageous as it looks.

It’s outrages BECAUSE of how bad they look and how lackluster they are. If they had anything special that would make them stand out they would be worth the multipliers you listed.

As you said…it’s at the level of a BL skin, but with a terrible lackluster design.

In my opinion they are no where close to having a good cost / reward ratio

For better or worse, personal taste doesn’t factor into item prices. Its a decent design. Plus they have bells embedded in them which jingle about – which is quite novel.
The problem with GW2 is the moment you zoom out you cant see most of these small detains on weapons anyway :/

wait what. legendary for 1k gold? please craft one for me. i’ll give you 1k gold. you just need to do everything else including map comp for me. my ingame name is delusional3k.2016

I did, i crafted astralia. I started with exactly 990 gold. As i said if u actually play the game it’s impossible not to have either laureals to transform to mats or mats gathered. Rest is just a precursor.

Even if u buy the precursor for now values at ~320g if u buy it DIRECTLY. So that leaves u with ~700g for mats.

So are delusional. Give me the money and i WILL craft you a legendary…you are just too blind or ignorant to actually do the math.

so convenient of you to choose the cheaper legendaries. anyways, who said i wanted an axe or a pistol. 1k gold gives me a FULL collection. not one skin.

and are you serious on that offer? i’ll buy any legendary from you for 1000g. heck i’ll throw in another 500g because there’s no single sell listing for any legendary on the TP for less than 2k gold.

i must be delusional.

I chose a legendary..i didn’t state which legendary. I chose That particular legendary as an example (quip) because it fits THIS discussion…circus..funny..trolly weapon skins.

Astralaria is a brand new legendary… which u have to work for + craft stuff using mats. As i said i started crafting it at ~990g in my bank. When i finished it i had ~50g left.

Please stop are making a fool of yourself. The only way a legendary costs more then 1kg to make is if you literally have absolutely NO mats in your bank…like absolutely none.

Be sure u will pay me way more then 1500g because of the time needed invested into openining the precursor quests finishging them etc. That’s why u see the big prices on TP. But if u make it by your own it doesn’t cost that much + the mats u stored.


“Give me the money and i WILL craft you a legendary…”

now i have to pay you more. pfft. i’d rather throw my 1k at an npc merchant.

Well..i tried to do u the math and you didn’t read. I can’t help you if u are an ignorant little prick who doesn’t listen to common sense and numbers on paper.

Sry but u will have to continue the rest of your gaming experience thinking legendaries are very expensive to make while the rest of us have fun making them cheap and selling them to u for lots of $$.

Now please, bugger off farming 3k gold for other people’s legendaries.

LOL. i might not have all legendaries but i did craft 3 and sell 1. i know exactly how hard it is to craft one and that was why i was unhappy with you saying “oh 1k gold is enough to craft a legendary, why would i spend it on a whole set of skins?”

think about it bro. you really have a bad perspective.

Yes but those don’t give u the extra resource on that island. That’s the catch. Only one that gives u the resources is the infinite axe and if u use it on petrified logs..but anything other then those u will miss out.

Wait, so the Unbound tools only give you the extra UM while you’re in Ember Bay itself? Or am I misinterpreting you? Because those tools seem like a poor purchase if their special quality only works on nodes in Ember Bay and not everywhere else.

Nah i just spent too much time on that island. I discovered today doing the daily, that those tools give you UM ANYWHERE in the game. So there is a big plus to those if u plan to buy expensive items from the islands using UM

Gives UM everywhere, at least it does in guild hall synthesizers and home instance nodes, haven’t tried on regular nodes elsewhere but i assume it gives on them as well.

I was honestly thinking about that. Seems so retarded to run around with a huge skull on your back. We already had something “similar” from the balth backpack. That should have been a helm imo, you are right.

Hahahaha yes..that genuinely made me laugh. Yes you are completely right. I remember when i saw it i thought “who the fuck would actually spend time & farm for THIS? i pitty the fool”

1 day later i saw a guy in LA with the backpack (can u even imagine the farming that dude has done? and so desperate to get them considering he tanked it in 1 day?)… i didn’t know if i should laugh at him or cry for him.

theyre ascended quality though, that in itself is reason enough to farm it. it isnt actually that bad a farm to get it either. i have both the skull and sex toy backpack, because its basically free ascended quality backpack. i wouldnt use the skins though, except for the skull, which i will use for halloween.

Well you can have all HOT stats on them, especially viper and such, so yeah it’s definitely worth it… But to show it, well, quite happy there’s a turn off option ^^

It took me less then a month to get the legendary fractal backpack playing at best 3h/day considering i have a job….Just go for a legendary and u won’t need to think of stats ever again.

At least that’s how i think of it.

i opened about 150 the other day and this is what they contain didnt exactly count how much gold everything counted up to but w would estimate 15-20g for that many. And this was previous to them removing a cluster of 3 stashes that instantly respawned when you switched maps/changed character so time investment will be much higher now.

It’s basically a new way to redeem karma to gold, not sure if better.

I can’t believe I bought one of the Carnival weapons (Dagger) thinking it will unlocked an achievement or something (there has to be a reason why they cost so much).

I suspect they cost that much just so they’re something for players to work towards, and so they retain some perceived value.

If they cost 40 silver each, everyone would just unlock the whole set as soon as they hit the vendor, and move on. It wouldn’t mean anything, and people wouldn’t appreciate Carnival weapons as a “real” set.

Always happens that players complain about things that cost too much but if their price drops too much they complain that “everyone has them”.

looks very… cute. I am pondering what drives a person to wake up one day and come up with these very, very tremendously cute items.

Thank you for the list, not sure if you didn’t mention it on purpose but the Carnival Weapons Vendor also sells a Circus Patronage Voucher for 1000 gold (you can see this if you choose the text option to choose to support the circus)

I bought the carnival dagger to go with my Quip and the carnival warhorn to see if it had a custom toot but nope. All the carnival weapons have a custom draw weapon/stow weapon noise that sounds like little bells jingling but for whatever reason, this does not play every time you do it. I get the feeling it’s a little broken because it seems like it takes several seconds of not doing anything before you can draw/stow them and make the noise again.

I feel those carnival weapons are a joke on us. I wouldnt mind the price if they where ascended. 120g + karma vouchers for a skin? Maybe half that price ones better off makinng. One of the new legendaries or farming vale guardian to death and then getting ascended weapons and armor from the Raid vendor. This was the perfect chance to allow people who dont raid a place to buy ascended weapons perhaps. Im a super fannof the jester theme but thats too high a price . Anyone know what the certificate of support do?

I suppose you mean the contract of patronage ? You have a title “I’m rich, you know”, an achievement “Patron” toward the meta and 5 achievement points. Rumors say it also is 20% reduction for all carnival skins, but I’m really not sure if it’s true nor if it adds up with vouchers.

Are you crazy? If not here, this weapon set would just be in the gemstore. Don’t complain. It’s a non-gemstore set of new skins.

These Carnival weapons are neat. The price tag in unreasonable though. At best people would buy one or two to complete their “special” look, but no one will bother to buy all of them… a shame really.

Those skins tho…. is there an achievement reward linked to them for collection or are they just over priced junk?

its not attempt, it IS actually gold sink for purposse, like new mace lege is sink for mithrill and elder wood

maybe if they had some effects and made them a little more expensive, those weapon skins might be worth it. But right now, i’m thinking they too ugly to bother dumping that much gold on them.

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