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GW2 Rising Flames Achievement Guide

A guide to all the achievements for the Rising Flames story episode (Living World Season 3 Episode 2).


Sept 25 – Added the new hidden achievement – The Friendly Ghost (see under misc).

Meta Achievement

Rising Flames Mastery – 5 AP, Dragonscale Epaulettes


  • There are 29 achievements available on the list (including an unmarked achievement called Patron where you need to give 1000 gold to the circus Ringmaster) and you need to do 23 achievements to complete the meta. So you can skip a couple of the difficult ones like the jumping puzzle, Mursaat tokens, or Hungry Hal.
  • Here is what the Dragonscale Headdress and Epaulets looks like together. They are identical among male/females and different armor weights.


Story Achievements

Automatic Story Achievements – 0 AP, 1 Mastery

The following achievements are automatically rewarded at end of the story instances and grant no AP

  • Beat Taimi’s Game
  • Destroyer Sampler
  • One Head Better than None
  • The Machine in the Flame
  • Trip to the Circus
  • Old Foes, Old Ghosts
  • Dragon Vigil – 1 Mastery Point

Simulation Top Ten – 10 AP

  • Complete Taimi’s Game Story instance without being defeated (can be downed) . What you need to watch out for are the lava spots created when the destroyers die. They can be cleared up by using the orb that spawns in the simulation room. Getting downed in one of the lava spots is a sure way to get yourself killed and fail this achievement.


No Bombs Allowed – 1 AP

  • Stop the destroyer bombs from exploding in the Dragon Vigil instance. The bombs you have to pick up are those pustules that are regularly placed against the shield in the middle. They have a timer before they explode so you just need to pick up all pustules that are placed during the fight and throw them back at the destroyers, which will also advance your I’m Rubber; You’re Destroyer achievement as well.


I’m Rubber; You’re Destroyer – 1 AP

  • Kill 40 Destroyers with their own pustule bombs in the Dragon Vigil story instance. This requires repeating the instance multiple times since a single instance won’t have enough destroyers for you to finish the achievement in one go. The bombs leaves a burning field once they explode so just kill the destroyers while the burning field is still active to receive credit.
  • If you are in party with other players, only the player who throws the bomb will advance their achievement, the kill credit is not shared.

Maintain Aurene’s Shield –2 AP, Draconic Headdress Box

  • Don’t let Aurene’s Shield drop below 50% HP in the Dragon Vigil Instance. Can be a bit tricky to do solo depending on your class but very easy with two players since the mobs don’t really scale. Remember to use the pustule bombs on the Destroyer of Hope to remove its Aura of Death, which allow you to deal massive damage to it for a short period as well.

Dragon Duty – 10 AP, 1 Mastery

  • Complete the Dragon’s Vigil story instance without being defeated. You can get downed, just not completely dead. Easier with two players compared to solo.

Ember Bay Event Achievements

Ember Bay has a bunch of events chains that are happening in various parts of the map. Each event chain will start with a preevent and then usually end with a boss fight that also grant you achievements.

Event Map


Broodmother Down By The Bay – 3 AP

  • Kill the Broodmother west of Castaway Circus Waypoint

Krackin’Karka – 3 AP

  • Kill the champion Karka near Ashen Skerries. There is a pre-event to escort

Dominating the Dominator – 3 AP

  • Kill the Molten Dominator near Burning Grotto. If you have Thermal Propulsion, you can use the Thermal Tubes southmost of Promontory Waypoint to get straight inside the Furnace Chamber where the Dominator event spawns. There is a pre-event where you will need to rescue some skritts before the dominator spawns. Killing the Molten Dominator will spawn updrafts in the Furnace Chamber that allow you access to a Thermal Tube up top that can carry you to the Metal Mountain and beyond.

Queen of the Fire Islands – 3 AP

  • Defeat the Circus Sloth in the Performance Field. There is usually a pre-event escort before the Sloth Queen comes out.

Return of the Jade Construct – 3 AP

  • Kill the Jade Construct near Caliph’s Steps. He is a fairly challenging boss that requires quite a few players.

Verm the Burnin’ Wurm – 3 AP

  • Kill the giant lava wurm Vermingus in Fractured Caldera.

Collecting Coalescence – 3 AP

  • Unlike the other event achievements, only the pre-event counts for this achievement. The event you are looking for is a 3 minute event called Defeat the dragon minions before they absorb too much ley-line magic. You need to do the pre-event in 3 different locations for the achievement to complete. Failures on the event counts too.

Skrilla’s Benefactor – 5 AP

  • Skrilla has an event in Skritt Anchorage where you need to donate to her 3 times to complete this achievement for 5 AP. Could be 3 copper or 3 gold, your choice.


Task Master – 5 AP

Complete the 5 hearts around Ember Bay

  • Skritt encampment
  • Asuran researchers
  • Circus
  • Scientist Vratt
  • Mursaat Fortress


Collectible Achievements/Jumping Puzzle

Cami’s Final Voyage – 10 AP

Tablets of the Unseen – 10 AP

Token Collector – 40 AP

Skip up the Volcano – 10 AP, 1 Mastery

  • This is the Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle, which is fairly difficult and you can no longer get the achievement by portals/waypoint to friend at the end of the jumping puzzle since the Sept 22 hotfix. See guide here on how to navigate the jumping puzzle.

Misc Achievements

Hidden Achievement – The Friendly Ghost – 3 AP

  • Bring Captain Grumby 7 pieces of the Pieces of Damaged Ship you can find on the NW beaches of the map. Each piece only spawn once a day so you will need to do this for 7 days in total.


Ember Bay Insight: Bleeding Pulpit – 1 AP, 1 Mastery

  • Easy to reach Mastery Insight here in the Ashen Skerries


Ember Bay Insight: Caliph’s Steps– 1 AP, 1 Mastery

  • Need to defeat the Jade Construct to access this mastery point since it is in lava otherwise. After defeating him platforms will spawn under the mastery point, allowing you to access the mastery.


Walking on Fire – 1 AP

  • Go south of Crumbling Trail Waypoint and you will see a lava tunnel connecting to Smoldering Inlet outside. Inside the tunnel is lava and updrafts. Glide through the tunnel (or run through lava) and you will get the achievement as soon as you make through the tunnel to the other side.


Metal Mountain – 1 AP, 1 Mastery Point

  • You can access the Metal Mountain via two ways. One is gliding to it from end of the Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle. The other way is via the Thermal Tubes on top of Burning Grotto which is only accessible via updrafts that spawns once you have defeated the Molten Dominator.


Hungry Hal – 8 AP, 1 Mastery, Good Apple title

  • There is a NPC named Hal on a ledge near Performance Field that wants 50 apples in exchange for 8 AP, 1 Mastery Point and a title. His ledge can be reach most easily via the Thermal Tube nearby, you just glide off once it shoot you it the air towards Hal.
  • Apples can be obtained from the apple trees in the little island south of him. You can only carry 1 apple at a time so this is rather tedious achievement. However, there is an easier way to do this until it is hotfixed.
  • You can open the dialogue box to chat with Hal, while the dialogue box is open, use your drop bundle key (~) and drop the apple. Then click the option to give the apple. He won’t get the apple but it will count for the achievement. Repeat this 50 times.


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34 replies on “GW2 Rising Flames Achievement Guide”

I don’t think this works anymore. I just gave her 3 copper and it didn’t give me the achi. Also, now it does mention you need to give her 3 gold. order to “repeat” the instance for “I’m rubber; You’re destroyer” I have to restart the instance..if you finish it you need to do the WHOLE episode from to repeat just THAT particular mission, i have to intentionally d/c before the end of the mission and get back ingame?

Once you’ve completed the episode the first time, you can reactivate it for achievements and go to any of the instances. There’s no need to re-do the entire episode from the beginning. Just go to the start point under Tarir with Rising Flames selected in your story journal.

I just did that..but there’s no star at the tarir event..the only event star i get is at the start of the whole thing even tho i fully finished everything.

This seems to have been fixed now. There’s a purple star for me at the Tarir Underground section before the Egg Room.

Didn’t get credit for “Maintain Aurene’s Shield”. It was on a guardian character. Somewhat buggy at the beginning as I skipped the cutscene and began fighting some destroyers before moving to the center of the dias and having the Exalted only then instruct us to defend the shield.

i have finish the Story and all archivement, but i dont have the yellow star for “Master Achievment Reward” someone knows why?
I have not only the Tradesman – > Patron achivement – do i really need them for the master achivement?

I’ve just tried this the ‘normal/nerfed’ way and it’s already doing my head in. Trees also don’t seem to respawn apples that quickly.

It’s actually mocking other MMOs’ fetch quests. ANet hate things like this, and it’s a one-off, just for a laugh.

Yeah Hilarious. It’s so funny that they also do fetch quests under the guise of “collections”……

You don’t need to redo the whole episode to replay Dragon Vigil. Once you have finished the whole episode, you can go back to your Story Journal and restart the Episode for Rising Flames. After that, you can just go to the purple star to start the Dragon Vigil again (in Tarir). 🙂

Ember Bay Insight: Bleeding Pulpit – 1 AP, 1 Mastery –> Its right name is: “Ember Bay Insight: Ashen Skerries”

Do you only get one apple a day from each tree? Or does it take like an hour, few hours, several hours for the fruit to come back?

Anyone know if you need to collect 7 pieces for ‘The Friendly Ghost’ and hand them in at the same time? I’ve been collecting them for 4-5days and just handing them in immediately so I hope I don’t have to start over….

for the im rubber ur destroyer. just dont care about the destroyer of hope and use bomb on minion. shield always regen u cant fail

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