SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 4.7.2.

SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 4.7.2. This looks like to be some items from the next pack combined new updates to the unreleased Manipulator Pack. Updated October 2, 2016.

New changes since last patch

  • Box art for Scavenger Pack now available, so the pack is more or less finished.
  • New direct sold armor set – Nathema Zealot’s Robes (The distinctive garb worn by the mysterious Force-sensitives that oversee the Sanitarium on Nathema)
  • Color change on Relic Vagrant armor set in Scavenger Pack
  • Weapon set divided into two packs, with completely new design
  • Senya’s weapons in Scavenger set that are rated as Platinum.
  • Color change to Covert Pathfinder to make it not same color as the operation drop mount.
  • Vectron Locust mount now has a flourish.

Images of the Manipulator Pack/Hypercrate


Images of the Scavenger Pack/Hypercrate


Manipulator Pack vs Scavenger Pack

  • Manipulator Pack – To be released on Patch 4.7.2 (October 4)
  • Scavenger Pack – Next pack to be released after

Armor (Sold Individually)

Nathema Zealot’s Robes

  • The distinctive garb worn by the mysterious Force-sensitives that oversee the Sanitarium on Nathema


Armor (Manipulator Pack)

Coil Explorer’s Armor SetBronze


Rune Seeker’s Armor Set – Bronze


Gifted Wanderer Armor Set – Silver


Sanguine Commando’s Armor Set – Silver


Dark Advisor Armor Set– Gold


Secret Agent’s Armor Set – Gold


Armor (Scavenger Pack)

Casual Connoisseur’s Armor Set – Bronze


Trade Envoy’s Armor Set  – Bronze


Force Disciple’s Armor Set  – Silver


Relic Vagrant – Silver


Artifact Seeker’s – Gold


Desert Scavenger – Gold


Weapons (Manipulator Pack)

Frontier Hunter’s Blaster Rifle – Silver


Frontier Hunter’s Blaster – Silver


Frontier Hunter’s Sniper Rifle – Silver


Weapons (Scavenger Pack)

Senya Tirall’s Lightsaber – Platinum


Senya’s Lightsaber Pike – Platinum


Frontier Hunter’s Dualsaber – Silver


Frontier Hunter’s Lightsaber – Silver


Frontier Hunter’s Assault Cannon – Silver


Mounts (Manipulator Pack)

Meirm CaimanBronze


Rendili Stormlight – Bronze


Coastline Luxury Sidecar – Silver


Speckled Manka Cat – Gold


Z-4C Slingshot – Gold


Sunburst Vorn Tiger – Gold


Scavenger’s Luggerwahl – Platinum


Mounts (Scavenger Pack)

Vectron Harvester – Bronze


Covert Pathfinder – Silver


Groomlight Vrake – Silver


Emberscale Drewback – Gold


Vectron Locust – Gold


Scavenger’s Luggerwahl – Platinum


Misc (Manipulator Pack)

Advanced Soft-Purple Hawkeye Crystal – Silver


Tropical Grophet – Bronze


Creature Companion: Exoboar – Gold


Pet: Model Manaan Submarine – Silver


Title: The Manipulator – Bronze

Misc (Scavenger Pack)

Pet: C3-KR Probe Droid– Bronze


Pet: Cyberlight Mewvorr – Silver


Mystic Hazel Color Crystal – Silver


Droid Companion: TY-4N – Gold


Title: The Scavenger

Decorations (Manipulator Pack)

Gallery View: http://tord.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/source/cartel-market/packs/alliance-packs/manipulator-alliance-pack/

Decorations (Scavenger Pack)

Gallery View: http://tord.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/source/cartel-market/packs/alliance-packs/scavenger-alliance-pack/



  • Jason

    More retextures. Wow. Glad I quit this game, I come here once every while to remind me why it was a good choice.

    • Shawn

      Same. Come looking for OPs updates hoping EAware has got their head out of their collective assess. Nope.

  • Quinn “Fellow Gamer” Gillespie

    Half Bleh, Half Awesome.

  • j’oe

    i like how ‘upcoming items’ = CM stuff only. like, always

    • Ben Gimson

      Only place new items come from so that’s no surprise.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Force Disciple set looks good 🙂

    • Indeed it does! I’m glad we’re getting it. Also, I can’t believe it’s the nicest set of the bunch, yet only Silver rating—what a steal!

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Don’t jinx it.

  • Abmong

    Is it just me or have dyes… died. If so give us a new dye creation system so we can create new dye combos ourselves.

  • Tyler

    The mounts look great! Everything else is pretty meh

  • Naq

    Its like they made 3-4 good things, new good things, and then the boss stormed in and was like “How are we on the next pack” and they were like “Um…we only have 4 things done, but they are really good.” “Just ship it, toss in some reskins and some crap by the new guy Blind Gary and get it on the store, I read on Dulfy some people were complaining about no new pack.”

    • Darth Twinge

      This made me laugh harder than it probably should have XD

      • Naq

        I scrolled up, read “Borg Anus and Stink Orb” and nearly shot coffee out my nose…sometimes I forget what I write and do it to myself.

  • Kirill Zhmurenko

    If you wonder what that metal ball with a blue laser is, here IT is http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Silentium%E2%80%93Abominor_War

    • TMNJ

      This is most likely laser tuning, i saw it in datamined stuff. Also, there’s a possibility that all weapons with laser sights got rid of it. I unterstand why they did this and i don’t like it, but i’m ok with this change (not a fan of glowing like a christmas tree weapons)

  • LilithB

    BW should just replace the one who makes armor meshes för SWTOR. Take the dev/s who created the armor for ME. Because no matter how many years that pass we still see the same boring base meshes. Look at SW: The Force Unleashed; It is possible to create something more modern looking that fit into the Star Wars theme. Majority of the time when I see the “new” armor in a pack I don’t think how cool they look, I think: “wow that’s ugly, hope I don’t get that”. Can’t the person responsible for the armor for once in their life look at other Sci-Fi games for inspiration?

  • These actually look really great. Most of the armors in the second pack are fucking outstanding.

    • LilithB

      It’s the same outfit variation they’ve having for years in pack after pack. There’s nothing new about these. The Sith Recluse armor was one step in the right direction.

    • anoneemoose

      Whoever designed these should get a massive raise, and then be chained to their desk until a set of season 7 PvP armor is made.

    • Ann Nonymous

      you are kidding me , right? they are recolours of exisiting armors….

      I want a pink womprat now!

      • Ben Gimson

        The ones that aren’t reskins are good though. There’s always some reskins in every pack.

  • Adamant

    Hehe, the random number generator “created” a new pack, get your credit cards ready, you strong in faith.

  • Don Loco

    So this is what they spend time and energy on producing instead of decent content and perhaps fixing some long standing issues. How surprising.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Another person assuming that the Cartel Market Team makes the whole game. How surprising.

      • Kirito

        They might as well. Don’t hear much from the other teams

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Maybe they’re busy working on KotET…

          • Jim

            Or they are just sitting with around their their thumbs up their asses. I’m convinced that eaware has completely given up and are just waiting for this game to die. And in the process, trying to scrunge any cash from its player base. Most of the content from the cm market is reskinned crap. There is also a lack of communication between the devs and the fan base.

            In the subject of content; I mean why would you give up a lot of the content , ex raids for a let down story where choices hardly manner is hardly fueling the game, hardly new pvp, no new end game content, making the game easy mode’ are just a few things why fans left.. I could go on but the point is most of the content is going into to the cm market because they can’t produce any new story fast enough to keep up with the player base.

            • Jim

              Damm autocorrect: My point being, it hardly looks like anything bioware does, only reflects the cartel market. As they are able to release this content more over other important things that they SHOULD be working on. And that is why people are mad or upset.

          • Rikor

            Ji’inx, you’ve got to be one of the most loyal subs to SWTOR I’ve seen. I mean, I loved SWTOR, favorite MMO and it’s where I met a lot of my good friends.. but sometimes you’ve gotta let go. Maybe you’re more easily satisfied by their content, but unfortunately, most people aren’t satisfied by the drips of content they fed monthly, the Chapters.

            I wouldn’t have high hopes for KotET. However, on the unlikely chance that I’m wrong, you may gloat to me.

            • Darth Ji’inx

              I wouldn’t say I’m loyal, it’s just that I don’t like people bashing others without hard evidence to support their claims. With BW’s spotty communications record, it can look like they’re doing nothing, while they might actually be doing things behind the scenes.

        • Risqu’e

          Maybe the other team’s projects take a lot longer to produce…

      • OneMoreShepard

        It looks like only one team left on SWTOR – CM team. Because nothing gets done about anything game-related and not cartel coin-related

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Just because the CM Team cranks out monthly content doesn’t mean the other teams aren’t working behind the scenes (KotET). Also, the CM gives them lots of monthly funds, so of course it would be more pronounced.

          • R315r4z0r

            The money you spend on the CM doesn’t go to BW. It goes to EA.

            The devs get paid to work on the game by EA. They have salaries. Spending more money on the game doesn’t mean the devs make more money.

            • Darth Ji’inx

              Source? (I’ve heard that before, but never a source.)

      • Don Loco

        As it is the cartel market team seems to be the only one left how would anyone know the difference? When is the last time you were excited to play aside from opening a new pack?

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Shroud of Memory

          Just because the CM Team cranks out monthly content doesn’t mean the other teams aren’t working behind the scenes (KotET).

          • Don Loco

            Not worth $5 let alone the sub fee. If it makes you happy then kudos, you are blessed. Takes a bit more to interest me in this pile of bantha poodoo anymore. Love Star Wars but done with this game.

      • Another person forgetting that the company isn’t in charge of hiring and funding specific teams.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Another person forgetting that they’ve got an upcoming expansion in progress that they are keeping quit about…

          • Because the story is really what people are asking for, at this point… You don’t build off of a faulty base. They shouldn’t *be* moving forward with more story when the rest of the game is buggy and stagnant.

          • Don Loco

            Considering what a horrible let down the last several chapters of the current expansion were I have no hopes the next will be any different. They promised a hell of a lot thus far and let us down big time. Pardon me for not buying their bullshit about a “exciting, wonderful (choices matter!)” expansion that will most likely turn out to be yet another 16+ chapters of killing skytroopers on rails. Fool me once, shame on me etc.

  • Saint

    same shit, different colour….they even got Covert Pathfinder, why are we even running the ops getting the mount when u can get it so much easier?

    • GameEntity

      In my opinion, basically they gave up. No one does the op, or if so, very little. (I mean c’mon lets just keep it real: The game is dying.)

  • Mike

    I understand, looking at the tape I see here in the last few years, only new things in the cartel convenience store and small changes balance ………. but did nothing about the new content …….. staff there is reduced greatly, the conclusion that my assumption of what they scored in the game for a long time, giving the order that Pump the that can and stretch what we have long done all you can and hold on to the last and then just close game and everything right …… and this becomes very sad (((((((((((((((((((

    sry for my english (((

  • Kubrickian

    Covert Pathfinder looks like the rare mount that used to drop in Heart of Ruin before it was nerfed out of existence. Or maybe it’s because the HM Ops people have mostly left the game and that’s why we don’t see it on the GTN.

    • Terry G Roberts

      There is no point to do the boss anymore because nothing significant drops from it. That and the casual community that is this game now will not beat their heads against this simon says boss fight. Also, unless the engine trail is a different color, that mount is identical to the covert gateway mount.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Covert Gateway was the original.

  • Coil Explorer’s Armor Set – this is ceap! A recolored Mandalore armor with a helmet that’s in the game since 1.0. One of the laziest jobs by BioWare.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Well it is Bronze rarity…

  • Secundum

    Talk about reskinned trash.

  • Liron Ben-David

    reskin is strong in that one.

    The reskin is my ally, and what a reskinned ally it is.


    I am Darth Reskin, heir to the legacy of cashgrab and loott box, Dark lord of the reskins!

    • djangoku

      Hmmm… that, sir, was exactly my thoughts… how could you know?

      • Liron Ben-David

        Ain’t it obvious? I reskinned your thoughts.

  • TMNJ

    Seems like they based Scavenger pack on Rey and Jakku. Not the best choice IMO, considering how flat and unoriginal she was along with the rest of the movie, but the pack looks fine.

  • Vakarian

    Again another load of packs and again Bioware showing how unoriginal they can be

  • Teddybomber87

    Dark Visor yeah but mostly i only want the Decorations .These are good stuff i think.

  • gua543

    I can’t believe that there are still people that post comments like “oh, this and that is nice” The game has been reduced to waiting for the next pack to see what shiny new armor you can get for your chars that, besides gathering dust, have absolutely nothing to do. And your reaction is to encourage Bioware and keep on buying the stupid packs? This is why this game has gone to hell. Enjoy your KotET or whatever rubbish name they decide to give to their one-size-fits-all half arsed “expansion” with “choices that matter” and other fancy phrases that are little more than hot air.

    • MuppetDetector


  • Ben Gimson

    Some nice chests and decorations. And finally the trash can decor! Looking forward to these.

  • Excellent, the scavenger pack adds a Trash Can! The perfect place to put all of the other items these packs contain!

    • Sozinho

      Don´t forget to right click it and select “Empty Trash Bin” to delete forever…

  • abaddonsmummy

    Some nice gear and some awful gear. A mixed bag.
    Liking the blaster rifle, mounts and companions.
    Always wanted a Exoboar.
    Scavenger gear way better than the manipulator gear imho.

  • fake

    Do we really need another hood up jedi set? Force disciple looks quite interesting, totally unhappy to see another nice Jedi set with forced hood like on 90 percent of them.

  • Kai Zykken:

    **The scavenger pack is obviously an homage to Rey from “The Force Awakens”, let’s REVIEW a few notable items:
    1-Scavenger’s Luggerwahl: I can clearly see a Luggabeast creature mount, (a creature encountered at the begining of FA), also Swtor’s first CM Platinum rarity mount. If that thing is going for 50mill+ it better help me with my crew skills, or maybe have some special abilities (fingers crossed it comes with its own personal Jawa Butler… if such thing exists)
    2-Vectron Locust: Rey’s speeder, in a way a reskin of the Vectron available currently on the CM, but nice to have the original colors, instead of blue… (so a reskin with the original skin, does that make the original model a reskin for not having the original skin? Mindblown *_*)
    3-Desert Scavenger & Artifact seeker armor sets: we saw many scavengers, including Rey, wearing similar outfits and gear in Niima outpost on Jaaku. Great job adapting these sets and items to swtor’s timeline.
    4-Droid Companion: TY-4N – Gold: I knew it! these Decorations vendor droids can actually fight, let us hope this droid throws all sorts of decos at our enemies! Maybe it can throw a bed for you to rest and heal aswell, Brilliant xD

    VERDICT: Not bad, although am still not understanding why they are releasing this stuff now, almost a year after FA . (But better late than never… right?) The Scavenger pack surely seems promising, My only hope is that it comes with vibroblades similar to Rey’s staff, and the Force will surely be strong with this one! 7.5/10

    • Darth Ji’inx

      TY-4N is a Zakuul battledroid.

    • fake

      for the next pack i sure hope to see kylo ren themed pack 😉

  • BC7T

    I can understand all the re-skin comments, and those asking why resource goes to CM packs when it could go to new group content. The problem is that as long as people are prepared to pay for it, they will not cut the cash artery that is the CM.

    I see myself as a member of one of the minority populations in SWTOR, I like stronghold decorating. I have on rare occasion spent real money (and definitely not during the last 12 months), but generally I get my decs from the GTN or by spending my monthly coin grants, so I don’t see myself as perpetuating the CM need. Although without the CM there are very few decs to make your place any different to another, so I suppose I am part of the problem! That isn’t my point though.

    I’m really happy with the decs in these 2 packs, I’ve been waiting for more cabinets, tables and containers for a while, and now it looks like I can bring a little variation into my storage areas. I can also extend my range of contraband available at my Smuggler’s Haven.

    My fingers however will be forever crossed for a Cantina Band that acts the same way as the Jukeboxes. That is something I would happily assist the flow of the cash artery for.

  • Kirito

    Relic Vagrant and Artifact Seeker looks pretty neat, but it’s still not Centurion 😐

  • Nelly

    I really hope the next expo has new group content.. It’s so much more satisfying to struggle with a new OP or boss and get a very cool drop from it than it is to just grind credits and buy it off the GTN, not to mention the ungodly inflation ever since heroics became such an easy money maker..
    I still enjoy PvP and RP, but PvE has been reduced to a shell.. long queue times for way too easy content that you can’t even clear because the average skill level of the game population is now somewhere between turd flinging monkeys and sea cucumbers… And why would they improve? SWTOR became an MMO that prides itself on single player(!!) content and it’s so mind numbingly easy that you can basically press your autorun and let your comp handle everything while you do other stuff..

    • Naq

      I am leveling a sniper for DvL, Pyre and I queue’d for a random flashpoint, we got manaan. We were both 23 when we queue’d we got a 43 tank, and a 65 dps. I thought this was going to be fast and easy cause you must learn SOMETHING in 43+ levels. Nope. So many wipes. Our 65 DPS eventually wandered off and was replaced by my companion, and its sad, but once we dropped the deadweight players for simple pathing, 5 ability, limited AI, everything was way easier. It makes me VERY sad that companions are more dependable, and maybe smarter than the average pug. And I explained the fights btw. I tried working with them. We all spoke the same language. But for some reason the instruction to stay out of puddles, or keep the last boss in the fire, were just too complicated to permeate the pudding filled canals of their ears.

      • Sozinho

        I am trying to do al the FP HM for the DvL event, and something similar is happening to me. Level 65 players with empty armors, tanks in dps gear, healers that only heal themselves… I am thinking to stop trying to get the achievement. 🙁

        • Kenshi

          What server are you on?

          • Sozinho

            I play on Harbinger, not logging too much this days.

        • Naq

          I am pretty sure I am only going to the second to last tier in DvL, I don’t think I have the patience to get the top tier, plus who has 8 character slots open this late in the game? I’d need to buy 6. Best of Luck sir, you are brave.

          • Delphine

            I haven’t been keeping my toons once I get them to lvl 50, just deleting and using the same slot for them. I switch over to the lvling toon after I get frustrated with the people in the HM fp que.

          • John Kosto

            I am also going for 5/6 tiers, because the last one has so much work that I don’t have the time or the energy or even the will, because I get so bored when I login these days.

            Having said that, you can always level a class to 50, then delete that toon, then start the next class, until you have all 8 achievements…

            • Naq

              I might look into it when I hit 65 on my second toon and I’m done everything I need for the hopefully chiss companion. It was so easy hitting 25, not even 3 hours, I think I could do 50 in no time if the interest is there. I’m only 1 tier in though so far and already frustrated with my first tactical flashpoint experience since coming back….its not looking like I’ll have the tolerance for lvl 8 50’s.

              • John Kosto

                When the details about DvL were announced, I thought that the problem with that last tier would be the leveling of 8 toons to 50, but with heroics and the xp bonus armor that you get as a reward, that part wouldn’t be that horrible actually.

                But completing EVERY flashpoint in HM, and getting to 550 in ALL crafting skills, and all these other requirements, require for you to actively play this game. And that’s something I am just not into right now. I login 2-3 times a week at most, and play maybe 2-3 hours each time at most. So yes, it is a matter of tolerance..

        • Nelly

          In the past, we had normal mode to all the FPs, it wasn’t super challenging or anything, but still needed a balanced group and some understanding of gear and mechanics.. It trained players and helped them understand how things work before they started doing HM content.. Heroics required a GROUP and even story missions would require some effort from a new player.. I can say with absolute certainty that the average skill level across the population was leaps and bounds higher than it is today, with faceroll heroics, tacticals that don’t teach you any of the required tactics and NPC companions that don’t even need the player.
          It’s a sorry state of affairs.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Tacticals killed group content. It really did. The vast majority of the players do not know what to do in Flashpoints, let alone Ops. And it’s not like you need a college degree to play these things.

            But the worst is that so many guys and girls out there are not willing to learn! They just don’t care. I can just imagine the surprise in those people’s faces when they go do Ops and are confronted with simple things like killing order, aggro management, taunts, cleanses and the like.

            The game used to have a learning curve. Ever since the proliferation of Tacticals that curve went to hell. A sorry state of affairs indeed…

            • Andhros

              I think you might be wearing “nostalgia goggles” there. I had problems with those players long before tacticals appeared. I mostly avoided Group Finder and stuck with my guild since running into poor performing players(who usually blamed other players before rage quitting) occured far too often.

              • Paulo Gomes

                No, there were always problems in GF… But there were considerably less than today. Yes, it’s true that you did get the “odd” GF group. But these days it’s a blessing if you get a normal playing group at all! And don’t get me started on Ops, we’ll be here for a loooong time… You see, the game is SO easy to play that when these guys get to things like HM FP’s they are completely screwed! Most rage quit because they cannot understand that it’s their problem. I tell you, one guy actually complained that it couldn’t be his problem because he never died doing the story… THEN rage quitted looool… I actually have come to enjoy it, I get good laughs from it…

      • Paulo Gomes

        Naq, remember when Treek and HK were the best comps in the game? SO MANY TIMES I got some guy or girl tanking in a FP and just wished he’d quit so I could pop out the little Ewok that was a much better tank than those guys lol.

        • Naq

          Qeyzen has tanked almost every HM for me. From tanks who quit the second they queued into something they knew they were skillcapped for, to tanks who thought they were gods gift to the game that needed a humbling votekick. Qeyzen bless.

  • Deshik

    I suddently want the dark advisor set after viewing the main pic.

  • Deshik

    When does this patch go Laiv

  • Veno

    I say it now but that scavengers pack is looking NICE

  • kirk

    its pretty insane people still sub to this game when they produce 0 content and only CM items that you have to pay for. o well i lost faith in Eaware long ago.

    • Decimal

      And yet you still come here and post.

      • kirk

        posting about a game i used to love and enjoy, and subbing to it completely different things.. but i guess Morons simply cant tell the difference.

        • Decimal

          No, you can’t, can you?
          This is a fan site. Clearly you’re not a fan. You’re a hater. Your posts are not welcome.

          • kirk

            i hate that bioware (Eaware) has given up on the game yes, you are correct.

            • Decimal

              And yet you still take the time out of your day to spread your misery wherever you see fit.

              • Rando guy

                No I don’t think he his. He is stating his opinion just as you are. I’m sorry it is a problem for you but his opinion is just as valid as anyone elses. Just because his opinion differs from yours, it doesnt make it wrong or irrelevant. Who are you to tell them where to spend their time or what to post?

                Anyway, some are unhappy with Swtor and want/ expect more. While others are happy with the current style of the game. People are allowed to voice their complaints or joyments over a game, regardless if they play, played, etc. I think the only thing that is not needed is hostile or insulting posts. Most of us out star wars fans and have our own views on a video game ornate wars. Lets us not degrade others just to increase our e-peens.

              • Rando guy

                :edit: Have our own views on how a video game should be. * it was late and I worked 13 hours :/

              • abaddonsmummy

                They literally have NOTHING better to do.
                Pity them i do.

          • Ben Gimson

            You don’t speak for everyone. I’m subbed, and find the posts of people who aren’t raving fanboys to be refreshing and most certainly welcome.

            • Decimal

              I never claimed to speak for everyone.

              • Ben Gimson

                Smashing, because as you might have noticed you’re part of the minority.

                If anyone’s posts aren’t welcome, it’d be yours 😉

              • Decimal

                I’m in the minority? Ha! You’re silly.

              • Cloudz

                It’s a bit hard to see who’s in the minority when BW restricts posting to only current (not even past) subs. Based on the comment section on pretty much any SWTOR article though I would say you’re in the minority. You’re likely to find more positive posts on the official forum because people who are discontent with the game likely are not paying for it anymore.

              • Ben Gimson

                On the contrary; I’m correct.

              • abaddonsmummy


              • abaddonsmummy

                I’d rather hear him speak than the boring moans of the ban hammered, rng whiners, or the ‘not got my op’s yet and when i do i’ll be back a month later to moan again’ idiots that take up space on this forum.

          • John Kosto

            Personally the only posts that are not welcome are offensive posts and posts that try to tell someone else that their opinion is not acceptable and not welcome. But that’s just me. I guess you don’t do well with posts that make you think that your bubble is ruined.

            • Decimal

              Personally the only posts that are not welcome are irrelevant posts and post that mindlessly complain without furthering the conversation in a meaningful way.

              • John Kosto

                You clearly mean “in a way that I like”

              • Decimal

                Clearly that is also what you meant.

              • John Kosto

                No, not really. I was very precise with what I meant. You were the one that typed in an ambiguous and subjective manner.

          • Cloudz

            Your post, Decimal, is why so many people have left. On the official forums people constantly say “if you don’t like the game then leave” instead of trying to get the devs to listen to opinions other than your own. They left and the result is a game that has no new raiding content, little substantial PvP updates and now requires you stay subbed each month for new story content unlike the expansions that gave it to you all at once.

            Dulfy is less of a fan site and more of a informational website. She posts all news both good and bad. Even if it was a fan site, that doesn’t somehow mean that people not satisfied with the product should not speak up. That’s not how things improve.

            Honestly though, I just wish BW had a better communication (not PR) team. Courting gifts get multiple posts on the forum, but never any dev post. Supposed to be fixed in 4.1.

            • Jo

              If someone leaves the game, they should probably move on. Constantly whining about the game not having new ops, pvp map etc, is pathetic. When they add new ops it will be because of revenue garnered from subscriptions and microtransactions. The gamblers and white knight neckbeards are the people who pay for the game to continue. If the whiners who used to “love” the game really want ops, they should stfu and play other games while people with subs pay for the devs to get around to some ops.

              • Darkwraith Turk

                how does it feel to have extremely poor judgement

              • abaddonsmummy

                How does it feel to be irrelevant.

              • Darkwraith Turk

                Like you? Faggot.

              • Cloudz

                That makes no sense. From a business perspective you’re telling people who have a problem with a product to not say anything and just not buy it. From a player perspective you’re telling people who have a problem, but want the game to improve to also not buy it. There’s no possible troubleshooting or improvement possible because in each case people simply leave and don’t say why or don’t say how the business can get their customers back.

                It has the devs grasping at straws as to why people are leaving. Without players speaking all they know is CM is selling. If “whiners” who used to love the game really want ops they should tell the devs they want ops. It makes no sense for another player (previous or current) to tell someone else to play another game if they want SWTOR to succeed.

                We’ve gone about a year, at least, without any ops and people have been subbing. There’s no ETA, preview or anything on ops. There’s no reason to assume that your money is going into making the ops instead of more chapter PvE content. I mean if people aren’t supposed to complain how are the devs gonna know that people want ops?

              • Paulo Gomes

                In December it will be 2 full years without a new Op. Not that I’m counting or anything…

              • Shawn Hargrave

                the people who have left are the ones who really love star wars and kotor and expect better. The people who stay and contribute this garbage are idiots and bieng abused and shit on and dont realize it.

                this is a discussion forum no one needs to leave or stfu here regardless of thier view of the game.

              • Guillermo

                Excuse me, the people who stay and contribute to the game which is clearly not garbage are technically better and appreciate the game. Also, you are a complete asshole to call them idiots by assuming that they are abused do not realize it? fuck you, you are no one better to state that nor are you damn perfect for not playing SWTOR. Above all, I pity you for making an assumption which you clearly do not see it through their point of perspective ,since you are no game developer nor do you really have any experience to actually know or state about the game.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                you need a therapist dude you are in a abusive relationship and do not realize it. Have you met and spoke and with the devs ever? I actually have numerous times face to face at comic con a couple of times.I have played the game from alpha through all betas so i know what im talkin about here more then you apparently who is just bieng a raging fanboi here. Yes you dont realize your bieng abused i feel sorry for you i refuse to give 15 bucks to a company that lies shits on me and treats me like shit and ask 15 bucks for it

                Its idiots like you that keep ea’s pockets rich while bieng slapped across the face and you get up and defend your right to be slapped. So its complete fanboi tools such as yourself that make us “true” fans sick b/c we want more from a star wars game then gambling packs and rehashed content.

                btw i wasnt even talking to you or repsonding to you but i guess you took it as such lol

              • Guillermo

                I stand by my comment and whatever you say to me is not going to cause an end of the world event. So, enjoy being a prick and smart ass to people that barely even know you.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                Lol replying to a 5 month old post upset are we? Enjoy bieng a fanboi tool one of 3 left btw

              • Guillermo

                I responded late and I did not think you would turn out to be a complete jerk. So, have a nice life and remember that no one has to take your attitude if you are going to behave like that.

              • Shawn Hargrave
              • Guillermo

                You proven my point.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                What you have proven is you’re a fanatic Nutjob who obsesses over a dying game and is a fanboy with a huge hard-on who replies to post 5 months old posts andgrandstands nobody cares dude go get laid

              • Guillermo

                I stand by my comment and whatever you say to me is not going to cause an end of the world event. So, enjoy being a prick and smart ass to people that barely even know you.

              • John Kosto

                Wow what a horrible post. Making new ops requires a huge budget? Seriously? But creating a planet like Zakuul only to use it (waste it in my opinion) to single player mode does not require money? And all the people that did endless raiding during 2013-2014 were not subscribers that supported the game? Great logic there.

              • Paulo Gomes

                I just love it when people talk of budgets when no one really knows the numbers to anything… I guess it’s a Internet thing: you coat your opinion with a loosely thought-out number that corroborates it and becomes instant fact…

              • Shawn Hargrave

                what i dont get is why does a star wars game a huge franchise even on a budget? at all. If ea doesnt have confidence in their own game why should i? all the rehashed content and armors just stinks of low budget not worth the investment

              • Paulo Gomes




                That’s the best post I’ve seen, bar none. You are CLUELESS… But funny. I like you.

                Keep ’em coming. I love having a laugh.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Just not the group content you want.
                Plenty for the rest of us to do.
                Stop throwing your toys outa the pram cause you dont get the shiny you want.
                The world owes you NOTHING.
                You are clueless.

              • Paulo Gomes

                You need to get your facts straight. It’s not “the group content I want”, it’s virtually NO GROUP CONTENT. In what will be 2 years time the only thing passable for group content are a couple pvp maps (finally), and the Star Fortresses. And the Star Fortresses can be done solo… No Ops, no Flashpoints, not even a goddamn Daily area to grind. So check your facts, I’m glad there’s plenty of things for you to do. But don’t confuse OPINION with FACT. I’d say I’m not the clueless one here…

                “The world owes me NOTHING”… Yep, you’re absolutely right. Neither do I. I don’t owe allegiance to anything, not to a game, nor to the company that develops it.

                When and if the people that manage this game are fully behind making a game worthy of the Star Wars franchise I will come here, like I did in the past oh so many times, and rave about it.

                Until then I’ll just call ’em like I see ’em… If that’s all right with you…

              • abaddonsmummy

                Who are you kidding there’s loads of group content.
                i’m on every night playing group content.
                What are you doing?????
                They make a new op and it’s cracked in a month. Then what do you do?
                Self absorbed or what!!!

              • Paulo Gomes

                We don’t seem to be speaking the same language… I refer you to actually READ the comments before replying anything. Yes, there’s loads of OLD GROUP CONTENT. That’s great. In fact all the old group content is great.

                Problem is, it’s OLD. There’s no NEW GROUP CONTENT. And for someone like me who’s done all of it, yes it can be frustrating.

                Now go back and have another read. You might find it enlightening…

              • abaddonsmummy

                They’re making new content all the time, if it’s not the ‘group’ content you want then go and play something else that makes you happy.

                I don’t find it frustrating because any new group content will be old in a very short space of time.

                The other persons comment made sense sadly like all your comments yours don’t.

                Please be enlightened.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Oh you see? Discussions like this are pointless. Now you change your tune: now it’s not group content, now it’s “they make new content all the time”. Well, I know that. But that’s not the point of this whole discussion, is it? Is there a point to this, where you reply to something I said but COMPLETELY miss the topic?

                So please keep on topic. Stick to your arguments, don’t switch lanes whenever you feel like because you can’t make your comments stick.

                If all my comments don’t make sense, then why the hell do you reply to them??? Seems to me it’s a fool’s errand… But hey it’s your time, you can spend it any way you want…

                You are either really thick or intellectually challenged, it seems to me. And your poor attempts at sarcasm are wasted on me, I have had better and a lot more consistent sarcasm from other people here. Try harder.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                its tools like that make the game what it is. They dont seem to realize or understand that thier in a a very abusive relationship.Theres also the gambling addictions now lol to that these people fall for.

                Like i said the “REAL” kotor/star wars fans want and expect more while the addicts and carebears/fanbois will eat shit on a silver platter with a glass of bantha piss for a meal if tor would serve it to them.

                The “REAL” fans arent afraid of disccussing this while the fanbois just rage and demand you leave and cant handle criticism ive never seen anyone but fanbois demand people leave…..

              • Paulo Gomes

                Man, it’s just sad. I try to not hanger other people, and I understand that there are a lot of guys and girls out there that like the game. But some people just can’t seem to cope wit the fact that there are a lot of disappointed people that wish this game could be awesome. Like it was for a time! Yes, I used to champion this game like crazy! But for me it’s not so anymore. And it’s been this way for a long time now.

                So some people just get angry when we burst their bubble. And I’m fine with that too… IF they make their arguments stick. IF they make sense. Sadly many times that’s not the case.

                On the positive side, I may just do what the white knights want. I WILL stfu. Just got my ESO account, if it’s any good (and I think it is) I will even stop posting here. Let them have their single-player story on rails and their Shinnies Market. I’m going to play an actual MMO… 😉

              • Shawn Hargrave

                agreed its just mindbogling though that a star wars game is on a budget and doing so badly if it gives the impression that ea doesnt have have much faith in the game so why should i?

              • Paulo Gomes

                Exactly. IF it’s so awesome a game right now, greatest number of subs, a real cash-cow for EA…

                Where’s the commitment? There’s no money? From EA???? One of the biggest giants in the freaking industry? They should be burying other games right now! Everybody and their mother should be leaving whatever MMO they are playing to join the TOR party.

                Instead we get the “not enough resources” talk. Oh come on. No resources… but they are working on Mass Effect Andromeda… Right… So TOR is NOT a priority…

                Like I already said in this Forum, you can’t have your cake and eat it too man! It’s either doing really well or it isn’t. And until people start asking themselves these questions we’ll get nowhere. Like I said: sad man, really sad…

            • Decimal

              Well, duh. If you don’t like a video game, don’t play it. The logic is simple and applies to all video games. Coming around and bitching about it does not help and only fosters animosity towards the one doing the bitching.

              To the point: I do not like football. I find it boring and painful to watch. But do I go to ESPN and complain about how much I hate football? No. Why? Because I’m not a bitch.

              • Cloudz

                What if you liked football and they made a change you didn’t like? You’d just simply shut up and stop watching instead of giving your opinion on why you liked the game before the change? Let’s say they replaced the football with a turkey. You wouldn’t say *anything* if you liked the sport previously?

                In this case we’re talking about a lack of content long overdue. Either EA is just plain stupid and don’t read their own forums (do I need to cite courting gifts still being a problem?) or they honestly don’t know people want ops back. In either case people talking about it is a good thing. Silence tells the devs there are no problems.

                If people were just saying the game sucks without explaining why I’d agree. People that give reasons why it sucks and explain what they’d like to see (e.g. actual content instead of more CM stuff) give the devs a reason and a way to fix that persons opinion of the game. Most people complaining are people that previously liked the game and want it returned to the way it was before this unexplained change to monthly story updates instead of one time expansions that included multiple Operations.

              • Darth Twinge

                if the football was replaced with a live turkey, I might actually start watching.

              • John Kosto

                Wouldn’t be live long enough to make it entertaining for the whole game, but I guess the first few punts would be very exciting.

              • Decimal

                If I liked football and the game changed to a point that I no longer liked it, then the answer is clear: I would no longer like it. I would move on and find something else to occupy my time. Plain and simple.

                As to your second paragraph: there is a huge difference between expressing your discontent to the developers and another thing entirely to come on to a fan site and mindlessly bitch about changes to the people that actually do still play the game.

              • Cloudz

                I guess that’s where we differ. If something changed to what I thought is for the worse, I would voice my opinion on why and how it should change.

              • abaddonsmummy

                You WONT change it you CANT change it.
                Stop whining and move on!

              • abaddonsmummy

                Exactly these are the morons that if they had a gangrenous leg they would bitch and moan about it rather than getting it cut off.
                The majority have been banned for exploits and are butthurt about it.

              • Ben Gimson

                Or, you can’t handle the fact that EAware are doing a terrible job and driving their customers away in droves. As a fanboy, however, you lack the mental capacity to acknowledge that, so instead resort to laughable claims like the one above while you bury your head in the sand.

                And you call everyone else morons?

              • abaddonsmummy

                Or maybe the truth hurts.
                I have alt’s in 4 different guilds and numbers keep growing.
                Keep making up the truth if that suits you.
                I’ll keep enjoying the game.

              • Ben Gimson

                lol, if you believe that then more power to you. But we both know what the reality is 😉

            • abaddonsmummy


              • Ben Gimson

                Intelligent input, thanks for trying XD

              • abaddonsmummy

                Your welcome.

          • Darkwraith Turk

            Get shot in the street

            • Decimal

              Was that a demand, comment, question? Its hard to tell without any sort of punctuation.

              Feel free to try again.

            • abaddonsmummy

              Clever answer moron.

          • p4v7

            Just because some criticizes your fav games, it doesn’t mean he is a hater. Usually people who scream ‘hater!’ don’t have much to say about their game. So yeah, let it sink for ya.

            • Decimal

              First, he did not criticize my “fav games” – just to be clear.
              Second, someone who hates on anything is a hater. He clearly hates on EA and BioWare. Therefore, he is a hater.

            • Shawn Hargrave

              its called being able to handle criticism which 99% of fanbois dont seem to be able to here cant blame them though with ea brainwashing and abusing the fuck out them with thier munchowsen syndrome

          • Fred Garvin
            • abaddonsmummy

              Why not this forums is full of haters.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Clearly you are mistaken. This is a discussion Forum about a game. All posts are welcome until stated otherwise or removed. Yours too. Try to keep an open mind.

    • x-0

      Every month 1 chapter isn’t 0 content.
      Maybe it’s not the content you wish, maybe it’s not all the content I want. But it’s content.

    • Ramzzess

      The PvP is addicting as hell, honestly.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    Maybe those last two items are something like tuning for armors

  • Jonathan Parker

    Last two look like tunings. Maybe the first one adds a laser to everything, and the second one is some sort of acid coating. Don’t know why you’d cover your weapon in acid, but there you go.

    Anyway, lots of good looking armor here, and some good weapons too. Another pet model to add to my collection, and some interesting decorations too. Not a bad haul, if I can get any of it for a decent price on the market.

    • Ben Gimson

      Looks more like a vapour effect. Steam or something.

      • s9

        Rakghoul pest!

  • GAY

    • Destiny

      It nice that you have chose to come out of the sarlacc pit this community will support you in every way 🙂

    • For realsies though… everyone of these items look like they were copied from another pack. I’m sick of the Cartel Market gambling bullshit. I have six accounts and I think that all of them save for maybe one is getting canceled ASAP. We’ve been playing other games here for the past couple of months and it just goes to show how terrible EA is when it comes to sucking their customers dry. Every single feature of the game is tied to gambling in some form or fashion. They can fuck off. I’m going back to Fallout or Destiny or Elite: Dangerous. EA is just a bunch of money grubbing faggots.

      • Djangus Roundstone

        you’re back!

  • Bobbob

    With each pack they just get worse. A couple of the mounts are nice and the player companions. Other than that, Reskin city and a whole lot of ‘MEH’.

  • John Kosto

    A surprising improvement in quality. I actually like more or less all 12 armor sets from the Manipulator and Scavenger Packs (as always, with the exception of hideous helmets, but who cares, I hide head slot anyway). Especially Dark Advisor and Force Disciple.

    The weapons are cool, I could see 1-2 of my toons equipped with those, most of the mounts (even the re-skins) are actually cool (Covert Pathfinder, Vectron Locust and a Dewback!) and even the crystal colors look somewhat original, at least the Soft Blue one.

    The Scavenger Pack does indeed look like a Rey themed pack.

    • Ser JuJoo Guppy

      A massive amount of the armors are directly copied pieces thrown together with other pieces from other sets… I don’t even mean armors cut / sliced / edited, I mean they took a helmet from one set, a chest from another, etc etc and called it a new armor.

      Its incredibly lazy and just flat out rude to their customers. But, there is a reason I just buy off the GTN now.

  • Zack Cool

    Hmm, the droid from scavenger pack looks fairly close to the droid comp they already made for the cm, prolly coulda just made it a customization and made something else for this pack.

  • Maul71

    Covert pathfinder is going to rock!

  • Darkwraith Turk
    • Don Loco

      This exactly.

    • turk the twat

      Do you have a picture to say what a twat you are?

      • Ben Gimson

        Salty much?

      • Darkwraith Turk

        Nice name, but I think you should hop off my cock for a bit.

        That doesn’t mean hopping onto Biowares right after though. Give your ass some rest.

  • Sarigar

    Going by the content of these packs, it looks like the storyline for the next expansion (at least the start) is going to be “Commander! We need you to go all over the galaxy in search of a magic/ancient dingus that can save us from the awful thing about to happen!”

    • Ben Gimson

      Tbf, if- once this ‘Eternal Empire’ fan fiction is finished- the story became about exploration and discovering new and dangerous areas of the galaxy, maybe venturing off into space nobody has ever visited, that could be pretty cool while keeping things grounded (as opposed to chosen one plots, which suck).

      Grab a ship, take Theron and Lana along for main story + continuation of the romance arcs and go on exciting adventures where the fate of all life in the galaxy is, for once, definitely NOT at stake.

      Sadly a cheap treasure hunt does seem more likely, if the theme isn’t just totally random 😛

      • Andhros

        I agree and disagree. Bonding with Valkorion and being the sole ruler of the alliance were the poor choices since they forced the single player route. Fighting for the future of the galaxy is considered core to the Star Wars experience.

        The sad part is that those two problems were unnecessary. Valkorion could just be a powerful force entity attempting to manipulate the player(s). Lana(ds) and Theron(ls) could be part of the ruling body accepting the decision of the highest role like in FPs and those chapters go back to being single or multi support.

        Exploration sounds fun, although I figure you would find a new galactic threat leading into a new season. Many MMOs have a tedency to unite the 2 factions only to sunder them again later. Maybe you break Zakuul so thoroughly that the Rep/Imp war goes to the focus with those 2 seperating into factions where 1 becomes the quest giver and the other the antagonist(could be fun for cross faction romance). Only to then pull everyone together for a new threat.

        • Ben Gimson

          Little things in the game make me think it’s one faction from here on out tbh, though I’m personally fine with that as the war between Pubs and Imps can never end, really, so any story relating to that will always be kind of shallow (and usually without a definitive result, like all the vanilla FP’s).

          I disagree about the ‘core of the Star Wars experience’ thing, though. Sure, it’s a common thing, but some of the best aspects of SW (imho) have been the smaller scale heroics. Saving the universe from some ever-greater threat to all life as we know it gets really old, and I’d hate for swtor to end up like a Marvel film where it just becomes a series of badass visuals with no soul.

          Exploration wouldn’t need a galactic threat, though. Take Makeb for an example that’s in-game; ultimately, Makeb didn’t have a massive bearing on the fate of the galaxy. It tipped the balance between the factions, but ultimately it was a self-contained story relating to one villain on one world during one, isolated crisis.

          Those stories, to me, are the ones that have the most impact. Not the galaxy-saving chosen-one plots, but the ones where you’re just solving problems on a local level. Exploring the unexplored areas outside the known galaxy could involve supporting (or crushing) a revolution on an oppressed world, unravelling the mysteries of some ancient but very much active temple/tomb or they could even bring in the Yuzhaan Vong somehow.

          Potential for awesomeness, but just on a smaller, more believable scale.

          • Jonathan Doe

            You mean like the planetary stories that most people were glad to be rid of during 12xp?

            • Ben Gimson

              No, I mean like main quests- like Makeb- as I said. And as I also said, something that isn’t galactic in scale. That doesn’t mean side-quest grade like planetary arcs, it just means a story that isn’t about saving the galaxy from the next tier of ridiculous. Saving the galaxy time and time again is tedious and just uninspired, lazy writing. For me, one of the best quests swtor has had to date was the Knight-specific quest on Rishi- it was simple, insignificant in the grand scheme of things but thoroughly rewarding.

              And I know plenty of people who still do the planetary quests too, though that’s besides the point. Most people were ‘glad to be rid of’ them because they’d already done them multiple times already.

              No quest is so good that it’s fun to do dozens of times over.

  • Luis Rosado

    Holy CRAP that force disciple’s armor looks SICK! If it had a decent hood down look with overriding head armor, I would be sooooo happy.

  • Seph

    Reskinnned a rare boss drop mount….. I guess we should expect wings of the architect next. It’s only a matter of time.

    • John Kosto

      Which one are you referring to?

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Covert Pathfinder

        • John Kosto

          Trying to think which boss drops which identical mount and cannot. Some help?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      PvP ranked winners got a rancor before the CM. Raiders got a cyborg rancor before the Eternal Championship. The difference here is that the rare mount was the first in a new series of mounts (Covert).

  • Leah

    some of those decos are pretty damn tempting…

  • Risqu’e

    LOL Luke’s landspeeder!

  • Merlinrac

    You know there is something not alrighty when the upcomings are not patches but a ton of item You pay for.

  • K-Man

    Oh look, more shit decorations!

  • Quinn “Fellow Gamer” Gillespie

    Oh come on Bioware… Bronze armors don’t /have/ to look crappy.
    Silent Ghost has proven that much. =/

    • I think so, but only because of its rarity.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Dr-Waffle The-Third

    So, I havn’t played swtor for about two months now. Every time I see dulfy updated, it’s not an update that gives me a reason to come back to the game. Just a reason to gamble for pointless reskinned items. Can’t say I’m feeling certain I’m coming back soon.

    Now, if there were actual updates, not just stupid in-game shop “content” updates, I would probably come back. my expectations for this game are at a point of: “The weird piece of bread that no one wants.” You know you will be disappointed when you eat that piece of bread, but you eat it anyway, and you are let down more than you thought you would be.

    • This… has to be one of the best analogies I’ve seen. #ShareTheMold

    • diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

      This SO MUCH. I keep looking, hoping something will make me go “Yes!”. :/ not even the new expansion makes me remotely excited.

    • Fred Garvin

      Stop buying from the “past expiration date” shelf. There are other places with many fresh baked loafs that will even throw in something to spread on it and a beverage of your choice.

  • Jabba

    I saw this on the Reddit and it made me giggle:

    TY-4N= Thank you 4 nothing?

    • FlyXan

      My thoughts exactly 😀

  • Lol

    Meanwhile in Legion there is actual meaningful updates.

    • Kaelin

      why are you wasting your free time here?

      • Sherman

        Don’t ask him that, it will lead to a flame war.

    • lmao

      Legion is shit.

      • Fred Garvin

        It’s neat the way your name is a response to your post.

    • Fred Garvin

      Be careful. Mentioning other options with real content causes PESD (Post Endgame Stress Disorder) in these parts.

  • Whitedragon

    I wish they had armor with extra built-in crit or power

    • xw-0-qw

      So everybody wears the same armor with the extra crit/power?

      • Лев Сафаров

        There is appearance designer, but i see your point.

    • Risqu’e

      So it would be pay-to-win? no thank you.

      pay-to-look-fab will do just fine.

  • Reeberus

    The 2 unkown are probably weapon tunning ? Looks like it.

  • Reeberus

    Won’t say that often, but the Force Disciple’s Armor looks really nice. And I like the blaster, going to look nice on my vanguard.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I agree.

      I can’t tell from the pic if that’s the Republic insignia or the Alliance insignia. If it’s the Alliance insignia, then this might be the Jedi Knight’s KotFE outfit. So far, the Alliance Packs have given us the Agent’s (Alliance Reconnaissance) ant the Trooper’s (Unshakable Trooper) KotFE gear. Hopefully, we’ll eventually get all eight sets.

    • DancingHare

      I like almost every armor set in these, which is unusual for me. Definitely going to be getting some. And I need that Luggerwahl badly.

  • Zefram Mann

    That Covert pathfinder has my operative’s name all over it.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Ya 😀

  • dragonagefan

    omg a pet nug

  • Naq

    I was buying all the cheap saber crystals on the gtn to add them to collections, and testing a few out with the Tython forcemaster saber, when I whirled my camera and….


    Its actually just Qeyzen with no sense of boundaries or timing with his handsome Kephess Skin, but the random angle and positioning made me laugh.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Made me chuckle. 🙂

    • John Kosto

      You’re clearly lying, this is datamined stuff from the operation that will be released with the next expansion and will reveal that Kephess is CANCER, the alpha droid that controls both GEMINI and SCORPIO, with the help of Valkorion.

  • AbnerDoon

    4.7.2 will probably be the first week of October. I got to wonder though if the new expansion is with 5.0 that is a pretty large number gap to fill. You got to figure there will be a 4.8 and 4.9. along with some one offs in there.

    • Thorwyn

      Well, before 4.0 there was 3.3.2 XD

      • AbnerDoon

        Dang that is large number gap. I guess it is all bets off then. Ah well we will know once the cantina hits hopefully.

    • Mr Peabody

      You don’t have to have every number filled before you go to the next expac. They just throw in the .(insert number here) as a way to show that it is part of the current expac.

  • Tonee

    Finally some kick ass packs. Hopefully the new TY-4N will have those bad ass war droid skins. And the weapons have that strong war like aesthetic to it. God I can’t wait for these.

    • Ffs

      You are whats wrong with the game.

      • Tonee

        Sure pal.

  • Drool Bear

    LOL, were finally getting trash cans to place all over our strongholds.

    • Sadriel_Fett

      And a tool rack for my shed.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    And another Mandalorian variant armor, except the one fans have been asking for since the first year.


  • Alekero

    seems like it will be 1st pack that i wont buy.
    armors and weaps so ugly and similar to another over9000 armors in collection

  • Kubrickian

    Since the guilds I used to try to buy the rare mounts to impress are no longer there I find it easier than ever to refrain from buying these packs. Wish they made new flashpoints and operations with the same fervor they have for making re-skinned packs.

  • dank_memester

    Glad that I didn’t resub.

  • Emprah

    The two unknowns will be tunings. One most likely a “poison’ themed one. The other maybe a laser sight?

    • Pigpen

      Can’t wait to get that stink bomb for my lightsaber

  • Vinak

    I used to average getting around 30% unlocked from each pack. Since they updated, I haven’t gotten above 12%. Most are at 0%.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Lower drop rates or not buying?

      • Jonathan Doe

        Chance cubes hold no interest if you are a long time player.
        If you are a long time player, packs have been nerfed badly.
        And the fact that the packs that were never returning, are back kind of shows current packs aren’t best sellers, even with some help from Kylo Ren.

      • Vinak

        Not buying. Don’t like the changes to packs nor have I liked most of what’s been released.

  • Udesi

    Why are the devs not doing anything for this game with all the leeching they are doing with CM so sad to see a game I once enjoyed not heading anywhere at all where as final Fantasy xiv is releasing new raids, dungeons, side quests, items, crafting items, and new gear. I don’t know whether to be mad at EA or Bio. It just sad…

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I keep hearing that EA gets the CM money, not the dev team. Still haven’t heard about the source of the info, but it could explain it.

      • Лев Сафаров

        Rumor is CM money goes to other EA games. Some people say that money game earned need to go to devs or back into it for evolution of this game.

        • Snarf

          I doubt it. In that it would be kinda stupid, if a game is bringing in lots of money, to cut it off financially and distribute its revenue elsewhere. if you have money in two bank accounts, and one gives you 0.001% interest and the other gives 0.1% interest. which one are you gonna put your paycheck in?

          • Paulo Gomes

            Precisely. Wake up and smell the coffee people… No resources??? No, not correct… No resources for TOR… There are resources for other games made by Bioware…

            • Don Loco

              Bully for the other games. One would think that putting the $ generated by the CM in TOR would go to improving that game instead of some other. Kind of shows where EA/Bioware are taking TOR if that is the case.

              • Cloudz

                Yeah it’s completely unfounded, but it makes a lot of sense when you consider the sudden push of chapter based expansions instead of the one ‘large’ one and the almost constant wave of CM after CM products. Revenue wise it’s a great decision, but I can’t see why a customer would like their pie split up over time instead of all at once.

              • Kubrickian

                After 2+ years of people faithfully buying hypercrates we realized all that money wasn’t going into swtor except for the staff that makes more cartel packs. Perhaps if we refrain from buying them they’ll get the message we want other areas of the MMO Themepark updated.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                now if you could only get the fanbois to realize this wed get somewhere

              • Founder

                You think TOR would survive without CM?

              • Shawn Hargrave

                the cartel market is the game sadly “now”

              • Paulo Gomes

                Yeah, but that’s what people like me have been saying for months, if not years now. “Open your eyes to the truth”.

                Instead we get hammered by the fanbois: “you’re a hater”, “go play something else”, etc, etc. Well, if anyone could explain to me how there are no resources to put some real content into TOR but there are resources to make a completely new game I’ll gladly listen. We’re not haters, we love the game. Or we used to.

                I commented a few months back about the hiring spree that EA/BW made to make a new MMO. I was hammered, as usual. Well, here it is. On November 7 the new Bioware MMO is here. Tell me I’m just a hater now…

              • Founder

                Without the CM there is no TOR.
                Wake up.

              • Don Loco

                Honestly there is nothing left to TOR but the CM. Wake up.

            • GiftoftheMagi

              I honestly could not care less about Andromeda.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Me neither! But Bioware feel the same way about The Old Republic, it would seem…

              • GiftoftheMagi

                I get why Bioware/EA is so focused on Mass Effect. They completely own the IP, so they can do whatever they want and keep all the cash. However, they forget that a well-supported MMORPG can basically print money.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        well bioware is just a name plate on a wall ea gutted bioware like everything else they buy out

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Okay, but is this just hearsay and going on precedent, or is there a documented source that confirms what I’m asking?

          • Shawn Hargrave

            westwood studios maxis studios those are just 2 of the studios besides bioware that ea has shut down http://simsvip.com/2016/09/14/electronic-arts-merging-maxis-ea-worldwide-studios/

            • Darth Ji’inx

              There’s nothing in that article about any cash shop money going to EA.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                i was responding to the studios bieng gutted not sure about cash shop what your saying but i would say where else is the money going to go to?

    • abaddonsmummy

      What do you man they are doing nothing?
      Do you have a special insight?
      No I didn’t think so.

      • Ben Gimson

        Do you?

        No I didn’t think so.

        • abaddonsmummy
          • Ben Gimson

            You post that link like it’s worth anything when everybody knows it isn’t. Datamined stuff is already available, and it’s pretty clear to anybody who isn’t a rabid fanboy that the game is in maintenance mode.

            Though I agree, I don’t know why you bother either. Your ‘points’ are weaker than BW’s definition of ‘expansion’.

            • abaddonsmummy

              I answered your question.
              If your butthurt at the truth it ain’t my fault.
              You don’t like the future……bye bye.

              • Ben Gimson

                No you didn’t. You have no special insight, just the same information as everyone else. The question was rhetorical.

              • abaddonsmummy

                I never said I had special insight nor do I need it. Common sense is fine by me.
                Rhetorical or not his comment was woefully inaccurate and inflammatory hence my response and you know this quite well Ben.
                Besides a rhetorical question on a forum?
                Is there such a thing?

              • Ben Gimson

                Woefully inaccurate according to you. However, back here in reality, this game has had very little in the way of content for quite some time. Raiding guilds have simply left, the PvP community is bleeding out like the victim of a drive-by shooting and now that more and more people are learning what’s coming (or, more applicably, what isn’t) even the story players are taking extended breaks to get more for their money by subbing once the drip-feeding of cutscenes is done for the season.

                You can carry on pretending like BW are doing a great job doing next to nothing if you really want to. At the end of the day, though, you’re being incredibly deluded. Or you’re just stupid in a way that defies evolution.

              • abaddonsmummy

                I’m enjoying playing the game, it has many problems but so do all mmo’s but I play the bits I like just as I play in many games.
                You’re the one here moaning about a game that you still play, so who’s the deluded one here?

              • bogey2230

                ‘… it has many problems but so do all mmo’s…’

                but it’s not a MMO anymore

                ‘…Of course, The Old Republic is still an MMO, and Ohlen said there will be “a lot of great co-op and multiplayer challenges…’

                ‘…”It’s a brand new, epic story, with some exciting co-op content to it,” Ohlen said in summary…’

                aka, zero new Operations?

              • Emprah

                Than go play another game. I’m sure there is an end game raid focused MMO out there for all the whiners here.

              • Zac Green

                Very little in the way of content? They have provided tons of new solo narrative content. You know, the only thing any rational person thought a BioWare game would do a good job of in the first place. Most of the people angry about the current state of this game are the ones who have been angry about it since before it released. And yet, for some reason, have continued to pay attention for years.

              • Ben Gimson

                “You know, the only thing any rational person thought a BioWare game would do a good job of in the first place”

                I’d argue expecting an MMO to be a poorly written, episodic, subscription-based drip-feeding of 15 minutes of cutscenes interspersed with killing tedious amounts of trash mobs each month to be far, far from what any rational person would expect from an MMO.

                If it works for you, great, yay for you. But it doesn’t work for a fuck-load more people than it does work for, and BW can’t rely on unrelenting optimism and zealotry if they want this game to maintain a healthy population.

              • Zac Green

                It’s better written than any other online game. Though that is damning with faint praise, given the average quality of such writing. I see you are one of those people who pretends the genre designation is MMO, not MMORPG. SWTOR has been weak on the MMO side for as long as it has existed, and only gotten weaker. But it has been clear that that would be the case for longer than the game has been out. Still complaining about it five years after release is a bit obtuse. Could they redesign the game completely to be more of a traditional MMO? Sure, but dramatic redesigns of old games usually manage to alienate current player bases without earning new ones, like when they gutted SWG, so it’s probably not a smart idea.

              • Ben Gimson

                Yeah, um, or they could just add new operations like folks have been asking for? Can’t say I’ve got any idea why you think the game needs a complete redesign to be more like an MMO. They managed to add group content prior to KotFE.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Careful there. Bioware USED to make great RPG’s. their last attempts were lackluster. And I’m the greatest fan of the ORIGINAL Bioware. They are my favorite games.

                And you are positively and completely wrong when you say that the people that complain today are the ones that complain since before this was released. What is the basis for that? Where’s the data that corroborates that? What is your source?

                You seem to be one of those people that wanted a Kotor 3. Well, this is not Kotor 3. It’s an MMO. And if they decide to change that midway through the journey, OF COURSE people are going to be pissed off.

                The game is not healthy. Population has been in decline since the launch of KotFE, when it had a really big boost to population. And I CAN corroborate that. You just have to take a look at this:


                All across the board, servers BARELY break Standard anymore. If that’s a healthy game population I’m Jar Jar Binks…

              • Zac Green

                TOR is easily the most story focused MMO, with the best writing. Not that that clears a high bar. And it’s the same complaints now that there have been since launch; “wahhh wahh wahhh, too much focus on story, not enough on group content.” The difference between launch and now is that at launch they made a token effort to pretend that TOR is something other than what it is, and now they aren’t pretending any more. As they declared before launch, this *was* KotOR III. And IV-IX. They were clear on that not just on day one, but from before day one. The kind of people who complain that it is too much RPG and not enough MMO have been around since the pre-release forums, with the same complaints. This was *never* a game made with their tastes in mind, and they are still bitter about it five years later.

                As to population, I made no claims about it. I talked about people who are mad. You don’t have to be mad to take a break from playing when you have finished the currently available content.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Hey, I love story. I’m cool with that. TOR is great BECAUSE of that. But you can’t have ONLY story… No matter how you want to look at it, it’s not Kotor 3. Not with dailies, pvp, Operations. That’s not a single player game. It’s an MMO, and one that was going to be the “WoW Killer”. That’s right, I remember it very well. Well, guess what? It wasn’t.

                You remember why this game went f2p? Not because it sucked… It went f2p because it was SO DAMNED GOOD people hate it up! And when BW realized people wanted more, they were caught unprepared. They thought they had enough to keep people in the game but they didn’t. So a lot of them left. I stayed. I thought it was only natural, after the GIGANTIC effort of putting out a game with not one or two, but EIGHT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT class stories they would take a bit longer to develop Endgame material.

                And they did. And boy was I enjoying this game. By the time Oricon came out, I was as White Knighted as one could be.

                Today it’s different. They are not putting out Endgame material. It’s that simple. I wanna know: what do you guys do with your Endgame toons once the monthly episode ends? Seriously, I really wanna know! If you’re a relatively new player I get it, you’re “in love” right now, everything feels fresh and new… If you’re here since launch? THOSE guys I really wanna know what they do.

                Me, I’m just gonna make my first toon in TESO… See what a game that isn’t ashamed of being an MMO feels like…

              • Zac Green

                I think what you meant to say there is it’s not *just* KotOR III. Because it definitely is that. It resolved all of the dangling plot threads from the first two games, and it seems pretty clear that if we had gotten an exclusively single player KotOR III, it would have been the Jedi Knight story from TOR.

                As for WoW killer, that was never a realistic expectation. WoW was a fluke. Aiming for the same level of success is a recipe for unavoidable failure. But it’s an unrealistic expectation I’m happy they had, because without it we wouldn’t have gotten eight class stories, which are still the best part of the game.

                For a while they put some token effort into ops and FPs, but the primary form of “endgame” in TOR was always supposed to be playing through more characters. Technically, in order to experience the entire game you have to play through every class several times. That takes a while, especially back in the days when the leveling experience wasn’t so ridiculously fast.

                As for what I do, personally, it’s the exact same thing I do with every game, online or off; I play until I’m bored, and then I go do other things with my time until the thought of playing doesn’t bore me anymore. I’ve been subscribed since launch, because I believe in giving my money to whatever the best subscription game out there is, whether I’m playing or not, as an encouragement of quality game making.

                As for the free option, they added it because unless your game is named WoW, that is what online games that don’t want to shut down eventually do.

                As for TESO, enjoy. It’s the second best written MMO out there, and it has the best PvP of any game.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Well, it’s always nice to find people that definitely have a different point of view from mine, but keep the dialogue civil and constructive. I congratulate you for not lowering the general level of the conversation, like so many people do. This community needs more of this and less of that…

                Yeah, it seems we’re saying the same thing with different words. This is the “spiritual son of Kotor”, in a different package…

                So I’ve heard! People tell me the pvp map is HUGE, maybe this time I’ll put some effort into it…

              • Ignis Parsinus

                Haven’t been here since launch but I have been around about 3 1/2-4 years now and I do the same thing with my endgame toons as I do with my leveling toons. Run Flashpoints and Heriocs to try and get (or earn money for) the cool decos for my strongholds.I would love to try ops, but unfortunately I made the mistake of going with a European server as a late night East Coast USA player so can never find any ops groups (I thought there’d be less trolls for some reason and it’s my first and only mmo I’ve ever stuck with so I didn’t want to be harassed for being a noob) and at 25 toons I’m too deep into my legacy to switch. But even then the only reason for me wanting to do ops is the story and again decorations, I could care less about progressive raiding and all that. I play games to de-stress not to stress out, I have a job for that.

            • Founder

              Just because you don’t like the new expansion doesn’t mean it isn’t new content that they are working hard on.
              You’re devaluing a hard working team when your contribution is nill,

              • kirk

                LoL @ working hard on the content… you’re funny..

              • Ben Gimson

                My thoughts exactly.

              • Ben Gimson

                Sorry, working hard on what, exactly? Not much looking at the datamining…

    • FXIVispureawesomedude

      Sounds great.

      Now bugger off and play it.

    • kirk

      to be fair, bioware has not been the same company since EA acquisition. Most of the studio heads have left, the Major players(handful of creative minds behind the games) who created Kotor and Mass Effect are gone, It’s really just Eaware now.. and people left who will listen to everything they say. and EA is huge on microtransactions, so its unlikely this game will ever see another Decent expansion supporting group play as they’ve already abandoned it for 2 years now officially.. its best to remember how fun this game once was and just move on to other better games that still produce end game content.

  • Guest Who

    SW:TOR is a Star Wars: Legends product. All Star Wars officials have repeatedly stated they are not interested now, nor in forseeable future, to continue Star Wars material that is linked to the non-canon EU and instead wish to focus all assets on the new all-canon stories. SW:TOR is the only legends continuity product being produced, so it is hardly surprising money’s not going into it.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      yeah i hear what your saying but at the same time this is “star wars” one of the hugest franchises in the world here

  • Ben Gimson

    Hope this is today, but given there’s no mention of downtime on the dev tracker it’s not looking good. No content, no packs, none of my friends in swtor play any more… there’s nothing to do. Keep me busy with the ‘Lana’ set, dammit.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      They don’t need downtime to implement a new pack. However, their Twitter hasn’t been promoting it, meaning that the chances of it releasing today are slim. Next Tuesday’s more likely because it’ll be the first Tuesday of the month.

      • Ben Gimson

        I imagine they do, surely? To add the assets to the game? I know they activate them without downtime, but in the past they show up in collections if the stuff is already in the game.

        Either way, they’re taking forever with this one.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          Sometimes the previews aren’t available in advance, and they still add the packs without downtime.

          • Ben Gimson

            Hm, never seen that myself but I’ll take your word for it.

            • Paulo Gomes

              He’s right, it’s true. I’ve seen that happen myself.

              • Ben Gimson

                Fair enough, but downtime or no it’s high time they released this damned pack. Been waiting for that Lana outfit (even if it is a tackier looking knock-off) since we first got a glimpse of it before KotFE 🙁

              • Andhros

                I had thought they said no new packs and no new PvP seasons til end of DvL, right before the start of KotET due to spoiler fears. Of course, now I can’t find the statement so it is just my memory.

              • Ben Gimson

                I don’t remember seeing anything like that (not saying you’re wrong), but they’ve already gone against that with the last pack being released during DvL. Plus I’d assume they’d want to release the last pack in this shipment before starting a new one to coincide with KotET.

                And that’s not to mention BW and ‘no new packs’ would be incredibly out of character 😛

              • Andhros

                How many old packs need to go through the rotation? Maybe they don’t want to upset the rotation.

                Sidenote: I actually like this Lana outfit more. That weird respirator piece kept me from getting her earlier set.

              • Ben Gimson

                No idea, just know the pack with Lana’s set is the last one in this shipment.

                And yeah, it’s not terrible. Just don’t see why they couldn’t just reproduce the outfits as they are rather than messing with them :'(

              • Darth Ji’inx

                I would actually prefer Dark Advisor over Lana’s current armor for personal use. It’s partly due to the fact that I don’t RP while wearing a current NPC’s armor.

              • Ben Gimson

                Eh, I don’t really let it come into RP. It’s just presentation, really, an aesthetic I want the character to adhere to. In terms of RP ‘canon’ it’s something I can ignore, personally. Making a similar but watered down piece just feels like taunting though, tbh, since they know people want the outfit and instead give them a knock-off.

                So I’ll never be able to get that look, which is pretty disheartening given how long I’ve been hoping for them to add it.

              • Emprah

                Wish we would have some alternate outfits for companions.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                Dark Advisor seems like the generic form of Lana’s personalized outfit.

              • Ben Gimson

                Aye, but people weren’t hankering after a generic version. Big part of the appeal for me was the material tied about the neck, now stripped away. Too many basic looking sets already imo.

              • Darth Ji’inx

                I didn’t mean that it looked simple or basic, just not personalized by Lana. Not only does Dark Advisor have the chest armor instead of the scarf, but there it’s also symmetrical in terms of the gloves. Aside from those two main differences, there are other small differences in terms of coloring and smaller plated areas.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    I think I’ll wait until the packs release before reviewing, but I will say that the blaster rifle is very nice and good to see a few Bronze armors. All the decors look amazeballs…but a Platinum mount? Fuck off with that. Seriously.

  • Darthmanwe

    From what we can see here…..Recent trend continues.

    It’s a TOTAL GARBAGE SHOOT, piece of crap items every single one.

    • aeffaw

      considering the scavenger theme in the second pack, then it is even a literal garbage.

  • One or two halfway decent items with an overwhelming load of crap bundled in. I’ll wait for the GTN whores on this one.

  • Darth Fain

    Maybe the unknows are tunnings.
    Yet the green one looks like a planet to me…

  • Sally Westwood

    With all those scavenger decos and those force awakens stuff I hope they are not planning on adding a Jakku stronghold, it would suck that instead of working on that manaan SH everyone asks for we just get a reskin of tatooine.

    • Emprah

      Surely you meant Korriban SH?

  • A mighty Jawa

    Why is the Luggerwahl mount posted on scavenger pack when it appears on the manipulator pack’s image?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It could be the replacement for the platinum sabers in the next few packs.

  • Junus

    That Vectron Locust is awesome ffs. The platinum mount too, but fock it, too hard to aquire, platinum stuff goes for millions, not worth it.

  • Emily

    Does anyone know when this patch will be? Or at least a week or something? Thx xoxo

  • Sam Sarvour

    IDK if I’d classify any of the armors as “Must-Have’s” but I must admit at least half of them are nice enough I’d like to have them! A good mix of Creature and Vehicle Mounts, almost something for everyone! I’ll take to two Feline Mounts and Sharp, Zakuul Vehicles Please!!!!
    Droid & Teck decos a plus (I know who’s dropping a fortune even if I can’t) and that Droid Companion!
    Decent weapons too!
    Soft Blue Crystal looks okay but the Hazel doesn’t look Hazel to me.

  • Belgalen

    In what stronghold can you put a submarine? yavin (temple at the top of a mountain), tatooine (big ass desert), nar shaddaa (floating island) or home planet (Skyscraper penthouse)?

    • Farlas816

      I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks they might add a Manaan stronghold

      • Faxe_Kondi

        I think I would like to see a Korriban or Odessen stronghold

    • Mr Peabody

      In what SH can you put a snowblower and icicles?

    • Paulo Gomes

      If they had real balls they would make a Manaan Stronghold, underwater and all. That would be THE shit…

  • Galathir Darkstone

    The 2 Unknowns look like Weapon Tuning icons.

    • Emprah

      Yeah a green and most likely a laser sight one.

  • Dragon

    I like a couple of the mounts, but that’s it.

  • Dk-io

    So… someone still plays it ?

    • Sad

      Sadly, yes 🙁

    • Mr Peabody

      So… Someone still checks a website dedicatied to a game they don’t play?

      • Dk-io

        GW2… Black Desert… even ESO

        • Mr Prabody

          No. You checked the part dedicated to SWTOR. No one forced you to do it. I don’t play those other games, I don’t click on those updates. You are here to troll.

          • Dk-io

            So… you lost the argument..

            • My Peabody

              How did I lose the argument? You chose to read and comment about a game you don’t play. You came here to troll.

              • Dk-io

                Me troll? wow everyday i get a new title.. so i done with it

              • Emprah

                I now dub thee Dick-io, man-troll of derpwood.

              • Dk-io

                HAHA, kind of person that only get something with offenses .. poor guy

            • Abell

              Retarded brainless troll

      • FP

        Waiting for something exciting to pull me back in the game really.

  • Taylor Kornberg

    I think swtor would be more active if say some of these items and mounts were put behind reputations with new content to do. All of the mounts they release through the cartel market could be added to things like reps, world boss drops, operation bosses, and certain achievements you would have to achieve to earn them. And then make all the mounts be able to be accessed through all the characters on your legacy. It would make it worth it to go back and do old content and even new content if there were things to earn. But since everything cool is in the cartel market there will never be the sense of awards in swtor.

    • Mr Peabody

      Too many lazy people complained about having to earn rep, so now there is never going to be any new rep vendors. Just like the slot machine, a very vocal minority ruined it for the rest of us. God forbid that you have to do something more then once…..

      • Emprah

        I agree they should not be cartel items. These should be subscription rewards!

        • Abmong

          It reality the sub model is going out of date for mmorpg. Cartel items are a way to get F2P to spend money and help fund the game, so it’s a good thing. I just think subs should get bigger automatic discounts for CM purchases a perk for being a sub. Also they should just sell the items individually for a fixed price like they do with some items at the moment and get rid of the lotto boxes which are ridiculously unfair and hyper inflates the game economy to no end

      • Abmong

        it’s kind of near impossible for peeps to earn some reps though, especially the older cartel reps from packs that wore virtually discontinued. The normal play rep should get more rewards associated with them I agree.

  • Kk

    Its so sad to see a game go this direction

  • Darth Ji’inx
    • Darth Ji’inx

      Could this be the other person from that teaser image a few months ago?

      • Darth Twinge

        It makes me wonder if Vitiate has taken the “Emperor’s Children” concept to a new level and has reproduced in other parts of the galaxy besides Zakuul. :O

        • Paulo Gomes

          Noooo… please no, that means we would get more KotFE’s and KotET’s… Let’s hope Vitiate kept it in his pants…

          • Risqu’e

            He looks so much like “the most interesting man in the world” what woman could resist?

    • Zaniel

      looks like jack from mass effect…

  • Working Link
  • Xorras

    Shouldnt LS and pike icons be swapped?

    • Her lightsaber is actually a saberstaff, the pike is actually a lightsaber.

      • Amodin

        And I can literally see the failure that is coming with the handling of the pike weapon. This is going to look utterly stupid, because no character animation is going to get implemented for that weapon.

        • Emprah

          Or if they do the hero engine will break.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Interesting. That’s probably going to change based on the grips being used in the pack’s art.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        It’s been switched on the live servers. Now the pike is the saberstaff.

  • Shaun Salisbury

    Time for people to look goofy dual welding saber pikes.

    • Fabiwalker

      Maybe it’s actually bound to mainhand.

  • Ben Gimson

    Nathema? Oh shit just got interesting.

  • Raansu

    I’m guessing the pike is for shadows only….its going to look weird.

    • Chris Riches

      Might help with the annoying animations though since BW never bothered animating saberstaffs in kotfe.

  • Cypre

    Of course, the only stuff worth a damn is platinum. they really know what they are doing. Platinum stuff is the most interesting, the rest is junk. Fock it, man…

    • BCMakoto

      Really? The first two items on my list aren’t the weapons. They come at 5th or 6th place. The first items on my list are the complete Force-Disciple’s Armour set for my Guardian and the Dark Advisor armour set for my Assassin.

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    Somehow I’m thinking that the pictures of Senya’s saber and pike are reversed.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Dulfy said that that’s how they are listed.

      I think they’re probably going to be swapped to what we expect based on the grips being used in the pack’s art.

  • Aries

    FINALLY! A pike!

    • Kaelin

      Wonder how will it work. In a pack pic it looks like saberstuff, but in that theme it goes as Senya Tirall’s Lightsaber. Its Platinum and a unique weapon, so I will go for a crazy price on GTN

      • Abmong

        yep get ready to kiss goodbye to 30-50mil…

        • GiftoftheMagi

          50 if you are lucky

          • Kaelin

            90 at 1st week! Who will offer more? 🙂

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    they ruined the non-force weapons. they look terrible. it was awesome as black :/

    • Kaelin

      agree, they looked way better being black

    • Jonathan Parker

      Yeah, black was so much better. Also, they fucked up the assault cannon again. Why slap a giant thing underneath the barrel? What is that? A battery? A weight? Something the designer wanted because they continue to hate Commandos?

    • Abmong

      I see a grey blaster and I want it painted black.
      No colours anymore I want them to turn black.
      I see the Jedi walk by dressed in their hobo robes.
      I have to turn my head until my dark side grows…

  • Whitedragon
    • Darth Ji’inx

      Says the one who is posting here…

    • Risqu’e

      which one is you in this pic again?

      • Whitedragon

        i’m the one with the camera..

  • Jonathan Parker

    That pike is going to be the previous platinum items on steroids. It’s going to be insanely overpriced on the GTN, and near impossible to get from packs. This is why I hate this game sometimes. Instead of adding a type of weapon that everyone wants, they make it the rarest item in a pack you have to pay for. This game would be so much better if they offered these things as rewards from playing the game, instead of through microtransactions.

  • Darth Twinge

    just realized how much “Frontier Hunter’s Blaster” looks like a vintage tie pilot weapon.


    • Mattador

      Wow. Good catch, would not have noticed that myself.

  • Ossy

    This continues showing bEAware’s focus on fishing for your money with their forsaken Gamble-packs. If anything, they only aim to stoop lower, inbefore the next big outrage.

  • Tuffy Garcia

    I wonder how Senya Tirall’s Lightsaber will work with that spear like model…

    • Srishunbagasundaran

      i’m hoping the movements will be different. But it is extra work so yeah.

    • Farlas816

      Probably the exact same animations as dualsabers, or maybe they’ll give the player the same animations that Zakull Knights get

      • Tuffy Garcia

        That’s how I imagined it to be.

  • Sozinho

    So the Mewvorr pets are not longer dropping from FPs? Days ago, I saw one on the GTN, 20 million…

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Ok so let’s do this by pack series. First up: Manipulator and Nathema Zealot.

    Nathema Zealot: Been a while since we had a straight-out bought armor set, and this one isn’t bad. Less spikey and with a weird helmet design, I see this as an ok stand-alone or parts set. I do recommend adding it to your Collection, although it doesn’t have a big ‘WOW’ like Arcann’s but nowhere near as bad as the Battlefield Commander garbage.
    Grade: B

    Armor: Not bad but not exciting…save for one exception. The Sanguine Commando set is an obvious copy of Prune Face, a classic SW character and as a Silver, you have a decent chance of getting a full set. THIS is the diamond of the set. The Bronzes are remashes of older sets but not terrible either. The Golds are…ok but not big deals or must haves.
    Grade: B-

    Weapons: Hello my pretties. The recent addition of worn silver and tan to the models did little to improve them but at least they aren’t all-black either. I like the design, the wear. The pistol is a bit small but that would make it a good choice for support Size 1 or ship droids. I do wish they had tried for a wood grain on the stocks but that might be beyond the rendering ability of the game engine.
    Grade: A-

    Mounts: And here is the “Fuck You Players” section of the pack. Two Bronzes, One Silver, THREE GOLDS AND A PLATINUM. Worse they managed to ruin the Slingshot with those weird wing-things. Maybe they were going for a U-Wing/Arcann’s ship hybrid but that baby is UGLY. Honestly not a lot here even if you get lucky, and I expect to see those Bronze mounts flood the market and sell for about 500-1500 credits each in two weeks.
    Grade: D-

    Misc: I want to see the “Soft Purple” crystal in action, but it’s not bad. Nothing very new but not bad. The pets are…ok I guess. An Exoboar Companion? Yes Please.
    Grade: C

    Decorations: Hells to the YES! Lots of fun things here, especially if you run a Tatoonie Stronghold. The addition of a Manaan submarine is odd to say the least, but it leaves me hopeful that we will see a Manaan SH soon. Overall, good stuff here.
    Grade: A

    Overall not a bad pack, but it does have a few stinkers. Weapons and Decoras helps a lot, armors are not bad, but a terrible Mounts section dragged it down. It would have been excellent if not split up. I say at best only get one Hypercrate.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Senya’s pikes reuse pieces from Arcann and Thexan’s saber. Hopefully, we’ll get some plainer looking pikes later.

      • GiftoftheMagi

        That was expected, considering the common source. I applaud keeping the theme, but condemn not allowing for more wear and tear.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          While it reuses some of the gold elements, they aren’t as gaudy and the rest of the hilt/staff isn’t ornate.

          • GiftoftheMagi

            Which reflects her lower status as part of the guard and not part of the royal family…sort of. Which is fine and I have zero problems with. It is the more common sabers, how they were originally planned to be and how they ended up that I was disappointed in.

            Pretty much ALL the lightsabers and variants in the game are pretty, clean and shiny, even the ones that look like they have the casings removed. In a franchise known for having wear, tear, color and that lived-in/used character, lightsabers completely avoid it. We FINALLY got a design that originally looked like something that had been around for decades in harsh conditions…and then they reskin it back to being all clean and shiny again. Disappointing.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Next up: Scavenger Pack. Ho boy…

    Armor: The return of the Casual Armors, aka LOOK AT MY BOOBS! But such a weird look, basically a space flight attendant. The Trade Envoy is a interesting Bronze look. The Silver and Gold armors suffer badly from “Random Shit Everywhere Syndrome” but for the most part still look decent and would make good parts for something else. Plus we have a few brand new parts like the Artifact Seeker’s helmet. I think the appeal here is if you see something you need for your own look, not the armors themselves.
    Grade: B

    Weapons: /engagerantmode FUCK THIS SHIT FUCK YOU FUCK EVERYTHING FUCKFUCKFUCK!!! #ragequit /endrantmode
    Ok now that I got it out of my system…This is the weakest area of the pack. The addition of brighter silvery parts did not do the sabers any favors, and actually weakened the appeal of them a LOT. Even the assault cannon suffered a bit, even though I like the design. But the real turd is the much asked-for pikesaber. One of the most requested items since packs started, and it’s a platinum. I have been against the very idea of the Platinum range since it started and now they have decided to double down on it. Expect to almost never see this saber, except for sale at the 70-100 million range. The drop percentage is laughably low, which kills any appeal for it. The only reason this area is not getting an F is that everything non-Senya is ok-ish, not terrible.
    Grade: D-

    Mounts: Again the change in color palettes changes the appeal of certain items and not for the better. The very interesting Covert Pathfinder speeder looks meh in tan. The rest are not terrible but with One Bronze, Two Silver, Two Gold and One Platinum, do not expect much from this area at all. Not bad but overall disappointing.
    Grade: C-

    Misc: Odd bunch as always. A Hazel color crystal…so weird but not exactly bad to be trying something new. We have all the primary and secondary colors covered, so why not? A nice cheap droid pet is good, and that Companion…oh yes.
    Grade: B-

    Decorations: Holy crap. Just. Ok folks we hit the reason to get the pack. If you own a Tatoonie SH or are making an outpost, village or smuggler’s den, YOU NEED THIS. So many great things to add atmosphere. The Derelict Spacecraft and Massive Ribcage alone can add some fun looks. Work tables, trash bins, HANGING LAUNDRY! Easily the best pack to help create that lived in community look.
    Grade: A+

    A weaker pack than Manipulator, and honestly I can only recommend it for the Decors. If you have to pick between the two, it depends on your focus: characters or Stronghold. Characters should go for Manipulator, SHs should get Scavenger.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      The “casual” armor looks like it reuses Mira’s top, meaning the female version should have an additional bikini top under the jacket.

      • GiftoftheMagi

        Usually we just get a band of fabric over the chest, so at least they did something different a bit. Still, that long coat and hat…ugh.

  • illi

    Pike is intriguing. Want it + agent’s armor set + grophet. What an ensemble! 😉 Rest is meh

  • rwifon

    The Force Disciplie, is the armor sleeveless or it has black sleeves? in the scavenger pack image, it looks like sleeveless.

    • fake

      Sleeveless. Uncovered body parts, except for head, appear in black as well in preview images.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Sleeveless > Look at the pack’s art

  • Kyacho

    I wonder how these two new tunings looks like on each weapon, and if they change their color with crystal

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Look at the pack art pics at the top.

  • Jano

    Which class would be best to go full scavenger theme?

    Like, make a toon with a mix of Artifact Seeker+Desert Scavenger gear, and also the Exoboar comp and the Luggerwahl mount, or similar.

    Would it be best to make this theme on a Smuggler? Or a Bounty Hunter? Or which?

    • GiftoftheMagi

      You could do any class if you think about it carefully.

      Smuggler: Easy. A treasure hunter, scrounger or salvager theme, even an outlaw on the edge of society type.

      Jedi (type doesn’t matter): Exiled, nomad, non-Jedi hermit who uses a new type of Light Side powers. Poor farmer kid that has suddenly discovered the Force 😉

      Trooper: Mercenary. Sheriff on a frontier world. Big Game Hunter.

      Sith (again, doesn’t matter the type): Rejected/failed Sith, renegade, twisted witch doctor, tribal warrior, evil hermit, alien Dark Side Force user on abandoned world.

      Bounty Hunter: Easiest, just a lot rougher than the Mandies. Skip Tracer. Ex-Bodyguard. Pirate.

      Agent: Assassin. Big Game Hunter. Survivalist. Galactic Nomad.

  • WiDe

    Emberscale Drewback – Gold

    No R in the second part

  • Ignis Parsinus

    Dulfy I think there may be an error with Senya’s sabers names The pike should be the staff version and the lightsaber should be the regular lightsaber version. Not sure if a mix up on your end or theirs but hopefully they don’t call the standard saber a pike and vice versa in game.

  • Darth Ji’inx


    The green orb under the ‘Unknown’ category is the “Rakghoul Infection Weapon Tuning” from the upcoming Scavenger Pack.

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