GW2 Gemstore Update–Lava Lounge, Cosmic Logging Tool, Pirate Hat

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Lava Lounge for 1000 gems, Cosmic Logging Tool for 1000 gems and the Pirate Corsair Hat Skin for 300 gems.

Cosmic Logging Tool – 1000 gems

  • You call down on a black hole from the sky to chop your trees.



Lava Lounge – 1000 gems (2 week option available for 150 gems)

  • Just like real life, the rich cannot mingle with the poor. Now imagine a world class resort, high in the sky above Ember Bay, away from the RPing of Divinity’s Reach where you can relax, mingle with the high class and call down on the plebs below in map chat as they slave away farming your Petrified Wood and Unbound Magic with their filthy hands while you eat your velvet cake.
  • This is an item that bring you to an exclusive area in SW of Ember Bay filled with crafting stations, banks, TP etc. Permanent pass for 1000 gems, 2 week temporary pass for 150 gems.


Pirate Corsair Hat Skin – 300 gems



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41 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Lava Lounge, Cosmic Logging Tool, Pirate Hat”

I long for the day when they’ll make a hat that won’t shave my toon bald to wear it…. but like with capes, apparently making a hat that can show some hair at the bottom is too hard for Anet

Most of people would want that, and as far as I understand that some of the hairstyles would be impossible to do, they could go the GTA Online way. When you’re in the shop and want to check out some hats, some of them will tell you “you can’t wear that hat with this hairstyle” or something like that. They should just ignore some of the crazy hairstyles and do hats/hoods for the normal ones.

Well if you wear a hat your hairstyle is usually not preserved but pushed to fit. Therefore it shouldn’t be an issue to add hair to the hats (bonus points, you can use ALL the colors on them!). The only “issue” would be short hair with the hat and long hair without but… eh… I don’t think that’s something people would complain about.

There is also what a lot of games do, which is the default hat hair hairstyle. It’s that if you put on a hat suddenly no matter how short/long you hair is it defaults to some usually short style that sticks out of the hat. It often makes no sense in terms of the style you had before, but it’s better than nothing. At least the hair color can match up easily enough.

Not “impossible” at all, look at Vindictus, that game is 6 years old and it has many fully physics-capable hairstyles that are all compatible with different hat and helmet options.

yer i agree all they need to do is make it not come thro the top the rest is good if they can spend all this time on the points new skins they can do that

i never bought any tools with gems, but im starting to think on doing it. do you share the tools with all your characters or is 1000 gems for each character?

Well, if you have HoT you got a free one once you use the lv 80 token no?

I haven’t used mine so I haven’t checked.

It’s still only 1 slot, so it’s gonna be faster to put all 3 tools in bank and swap. Instead of 1, relog, another, relog, and the last, relog. Overall it’s a pain and I just keep my tools on my main. Rest of my characters walks with normal stuff. [I still have a ton of tools from wintersday that give snowflakes]

Did you read the rest in this discussion? Just a little bit above I’ve said that you still need to buy them and they are not cheap. When did I ever said you can only have 1? Reading comprehension please.

I already tried gliding into it. 3VCTN or whatever the eviction golem is called still teleports you to right in front of him and says you’re not authorized

so we should expect a cosmic sickle to complete the set. I’m holding my gems until such an item comes out. Speaking of permanent harvesting tools there is an imbalance. assuming we get the cosmic sickle, Anet needs to fill the other gaps so we can have a complete sets of all permanent tools. we’re likely getting the cosmic set in season 3 living world but we would still require 3 more non-set specific mining picks. if you were go obtain every permanent gathering tool as of now including the alleged cosmic sickle you would have 3 sickles and 3 logging axes with no mining picks to complete those sets. this is a big problem imo.

Can we please have an item code for the pirate hat on each armor tier? I want to preview it on my actual character before buying and the gemstore preview is making my heavy armor charr turn naked when I try it there.

Thanks John. I’ve seen other posts saying folks got sent to the golem trying to glide to the JP. I wondered if that applied to all gliding from the platform.

The whole circus/carnival shit in this map is mind numbingly immersion breaking :(. Awesome map with these retarded jokey bits ugh

While they’re a bit of an eyesore, yea, they’re not that strangely placed. We were told that many ships were swept away when Orr rose.. of course it was still a decision to make it a circus instead of a trade ship or something, but I suppose they chose a circus to make the island not too depressing/monotonously somber

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