SWTOR CM Weekly Sales September 27 – October 4

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales September 27 – October 4


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  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    We don’t get new content but at least we were getting some cool stuff from cartel packs. still no new pack :/

    • Secundum

      Who cares about a new pack? We had one not one month ago.

    • Drivan

      Awww Shucks, there isn’t an new pack of reskinned cosmetic gear for me to spend an exorbitant amount of real world money on so that I can make all of my Star Wars based barbie dress-up dreams come true…
      O whoa is me, what ever shall I do????

      Seriously, there will always be new cartel market stuff for you to spend real world cash on…

  • kirk

    can you please put some New group content on Sale? doesn’t exist? awl man *facepalm*

    • Don Loco

      This is the new content, haven’t you been paying attention?

      • K

        Unfort. At this point we would be idiots to think they are releasing actual operations.

        • Don Loco

          I don’t even care about ops, just some decent content instead of “kill skytroopers on rails in a story that makes 0 sense for any non force users” would be nice. Something that acts as if there are 8 DIFFERENT classes in the game but so not holding my breath.

  • Whitedragon
    • Memedragon Infinity

      I don’t think I can beat that. You win this day…

      • Whitedragon


    • Kaliyaa

      Her daughter has career day at school. “My mommy is a dildo dipper! She dips aaaall the dildos!

    • Fred Garvin

      This is the most SWTOR relevant meme you’ve ever posted.

      • Whitedragon

        like i care

        • Captain R

          Wonder if those two are the same person

    • Snarf

      Why is she dipping your face in purple paint?

      • iowaboynca

        Better yet, ask yourself why they’re wearing hairnets?

        • Fred Garvin

          Cause you have to pay extra for a dildo with hair on it, silly.

          • Captain R

            Trust him, he knows better. He loves it hairy.

    • Sneakers

      So this is what the developers spend all their time on, dipping BPCs ( Big Purple Cawks).

  • schwen

    lol @ all those losers who have been trying to sell the sensuous dress at stupid prices on harbinger.

    • Valethar

      They’ve been doing that since it was first released. That one has always been ridiculously overpriced.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Looks like the only packs that haven’t made their one week return at this point are the Nightlife Packs.

  • GAY


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