Black Desert Sept 28 Game Update Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for the Sept 28 Black Desert Online game update which includes Berserker awakening.

Event & System

  • Berserker Awakening has been released, get more information here!

  • [Event] Increased Drops throughout the world (9/28 ~ 10/19)

    • Combat (killing monsters): Black Stone (Armor), Black Stone (Weapon)

    • Gathering: Hard Black Stone Shard, Sharp Black Stone Shard

    • Fishing: Ancient Relic Crystal Shard

  • [Loyal Explorer Event] Please be aware that you will not be able to summon 2 of the [Event] Lost Penguins at once in game. We advise you to either exchange them to get a higher tier version, or pick your preferred one. (Even if they’re both super cute)

  • [Known Issues]
    • Users can experience a loss of EXP from a PvE death while below level 10, this is unintended and will be corrected on the following maintenance.

    • The Item description for the [Berserker] Metal Piercing contains an error. The description states it is for the ‘Eyes’ when the item actually fills the ‘Nose, Mouth, or Chin’ slot.

Item & Pearl Shop Changes

  • [Female Classes Only] Fixed the issue where the backside of ‘Le Vladian’ underwear was partially dyed.


Mechanic Changes

  • Registering price of Tier 7 and Tier 8 horse market has been increased drastically.

  • Horse Price for selling to the NPC and Imperial Delivery has been adjusted to 50% of the Horse Market registering price.

  • In preparation for the major ocean content improvement patch scheduled for the 12th of October, smaller content patches will be progressively applied resulting in changes to some areas of the underwater landscape.

    • Please use caution when exploring the underwater content as this system is being overhauled you may encounter some potential hazards.

Quest Changes

  • Berserker Awakening quests have been added, be sure to check out our short break down of the awakening highlights and quests here!

Interface Changes

  • Size of [Maid List] window has been adjusted.

  • The ongoing task list on [Guild Craft] menu has been improved.

  • Fixed the issue where the [Guild Craft] progress status was hidden behind the menu.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where Harpoon fishing did not always work properly.

  • [Witch] Beer drinking animation for the Cool Draft Beer and Cool Dark Beer has been fixed.

  • The Lord Greeting animation of some NPC’s has been fixed.


  • Nephanor

    Also something else they snuck in that wasn’t in the notes. The sorceress is no longer wielding a sickle, but a scythe. Yes, they fixed that translation. Thank goodness, I was sick of that one.

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