GW2 Guild Chat–Rising Flames Livestream Notes

GW2 Guild Chat Rising Flames episode livestream notes.

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  • Aaron Roxby – Game Designer – Did story stuff in instances and open world.
  • Nellie Hughes – Team Lead – Worked on the open world stuff.
  • Link Hughes – Game Designer – Map design, open world jumping puzzle


  • Thermal Propulsion was originally suppose to be lava walking but that was not very fun (you don’t get burned walking on lava, you get increased walking speed on lava, you can turn to stone like the dwarf). We found that players loved the movement stuff better. There was suppose to be a lava waterfall players can walk through if they had the Lava Walking mastery.
  • Ley Line was designed as a highway going counterclockwise around the island while Therman propulsion goes the other way around the island.
  • The Ooze knocked Nellie off the jumping puzzle chest when she was cheating using dev hacks.
  • Josh Foreman helped Link designing the jumping puzzle. They had to use rope props to outline the paths as they would forget which way to go otherwise. Initially Josh didn’t wanted checkpoints in the jumping puzzle but that seemed really punishing.
  • Lava sprouts and horns on skulls are suppose to guide you on where to go next in the jumping puzzle.
  • Tar Elementals originally populated the island but someone pointed out that Tar Elementals take extra damage from burning so they got removed.
  • Skritt pirates found the dwarf and thought he was god and all the skritt pirates become religious and started fighting the destroyers.
  • Originally the Karka area with filled with Smokescales but fighting a bunch of them at the same time seemed challenging so they switched to karkas. Smokescales also were hostile to Destroyers and they would fight each other.
  • Initial concept for the simulation room in Taimi’s Game instance was suppose to be inside a volcano and you had different props from various part of the world propping up but it was a mess. Moto was Josh Foreman’s idea.
  • Skulls in the central volcano are linked to the dwarf machine parts, so depending on which one you turned on a specific one will lit up. Same with the volcano eruptions.
  • Originally Nellie wanted the egg hatching animation to be completed with squishing sounds and alien like egg birth but they didn’t have the budget for the animation.
  • Hungry Hal achievement was suppose to be a long term thing. No one knew that there was suppose to be a mastery point attached to it. You are suppose to use Thermal Tubes to reach Hal rather than running through the Mursaat Fortress.
  • Sloth for open world was because they didn’t want cool bosses to be locked behind raids. They are not trying to make a cadence out of it. If the raid designer wanted to let them out in the open world, they will do it.
  • They know about the Strange Rock, they can’t talk about it.
  • nadrian3k

    What strange rock?

  • Hentai Akuma

    Strange rock…?

    • Strange rock is something that_shaman found via datamining. It was this very rare rock you could get from the skritt stashes (<1% drop rate) and it seemed to have some purpose.

      • Hentai Akuma

        Oh cool thanks

      • nadrian3k

        My thought is it’s a legendary ring. Just like questing for precursors, you have 3 sub-versions to create the precursor ring…the nice looking one. At least that’s the vibe i get from looking at those images.

  • Ardenwolfe

    I bet the Strange Rock is part of the ‘mysterious item’ objective.

  • Raizel

    “The Ooze knocked Nellie off the jumping puzzle chest when she was cheating using dev hacks.”
    Did I miss something? o.O

  • Alot

    Budget too low for dragon birth? Well then, I guess we can tell how well GW2 is doing at any point in time by noting if important moments happen with custom animations, custom character poses, custom spoken lines with free movement or in the worst case, those semi-moving crayon drawings they so fond of -.-

    • Robert Neff

      Yeah, I’m guessing you haven’t seen the actual egg-hatching scene yet?

      • Alot

        Yeah… I have. You may have missed the point there.

        • Robert Neff

          So the point of the egg-budget bullet point wasn’t that they were too broke to do a good animation, it’s that the obnoxiously complex animation of an egg hatching like a real, squishy egg would cost too much of their allotted funding for what it would add to the experience.

          Just because they don’t have money to waste doesn’t mean the game is failing.

          • Alot

            The point was that one could guess how the team’s budget was doing by noting how good or bad the cinematic was doing at the end of a living world arc.
            Seriously guy. Full points for passion, zero for comprehension skills.

            • Robert Neff

              Why do you keep coming back here and commenting on most posts if you’re just going to call doom upon the game and forecast its demise?

              Kind of a downer to have somebody point out a flaw in a game you like every time you see them.

              • Alot

                While it’s unfortunate you are unable to amass the positive stimulation you require, you picked an odd post to lament my negative attitude.

                This post wasn’t negative. I was commenting on the oddly direct correlation between remaining budget and cutscenes – as was pointed out by a Dev in the ama.

                The impressive part is that you managed to pick out an inappropriate “negative” sample post out of a literal sea of negative posts – an achievement I compare to jumping out a plane and failing to hit land or pointing at the night sky and failing to point at a star.

              • nadrian3k

                Why are you being so negative towards him being negative about your negativity? So rude.

              • Alot

                Cannot tell if being sarcastic -.-

              • lulz

                Because whining about whining is the new thing to do.

              • nadrian3k

                You must be new to the internet if u think that’s new. Whining about whining appeared right after “Hello world”

              • Robert Neff

                If you can’t see how your original comment could be interpreted as negative, you may have some reading comprehension deficiencies of your own.

                Try this. “Wow, you can tell how well this restaurant’s doing if they can’t even spend money on a new sign.” Doesn’t that read as a sort of passive-aggressive jab at the company not making money?

              • Alot

                Of course I can tell how my original comment could be viewed as negative. It would be a laughably inept way to view the presented facts, but as always, someone has to set the bar – or in your case, the flooring.

                I provided a list of cutscene techniques based on their probable order of costs. You seem to have assumed two conclusions based on this. The first that I believe that lower cost cutscene techniques are inferior narrative devices to more expensive ones and that second, that I didn’t like the dragon birth cutscene.

                Yondle your gaze back to my first post and point out where I either state or imply that I either didn’t like the hatching cutscene or that it was not well done. Then you can point out where I say there is a problem with different levels of voiced cutscenes, animations or crayon drawings.

                On your restaurant sign however, I can only recall 5 events in GW2 which received this level of animation (facial animation included). Mordremoths mouth dying, Eir dying, Marjory not dying on the breachmaker, possibly the twisted marionnete and possibly when the flame legion tried to raise their leader to godhood – or perhaps he just struck a dramatic pose.
                So yes, said restaurant brought out the most illustrious sign they keep and stated they would have made the sign even better looking if they had the budget, to which I stated that the health of the restaurant can be judged by the quality of their sign.
                But back to the basics. Point out the negativity mate.

    • TheDoctor

      It was a joke, not a dick, don’t take it so hard !

  • Aerinndis Athyrium

    Taimi’s simulation room is SO holodeck!

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