Revelation Online CBT 1 Beta Keys Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of, I will be giving out 20 Revelation Online CBT1 Beta Keys on two giveaways running from Sept 30 to October 5, 2016.


Giveaway 1: Sept 30 00:00 AM Eastern to October 3: 23:59 PM Eastern. 10 Keys will be given away.

Winners (Check your email for beta codes). If you did not receive your code for whatever reason, contact me.

  1. iHack
  2. Junior De los Santos
  3. Isaac Jackson
  4. Konstantinos Voulgaridis
  5. Matthew K
  6. Ashley Ilas
  7. fekatin_hergele
  8. Ashlaran
  9. Rafael Alves Fontes
  10. alcca123

We had 2588 users entering the contest, totaling 10197 entries.

Giveaway 2: October 4: 01:00 AM Eastern to October 6 23:59 PM Eastern. 10 Keys will be given away.

Winners (Check your email for beta codes). If you did not receive your code for whatever reason, contact me.

  1. Tom Guo
  2. Ivett Ujfalusi
  3. Dale Stanton
  4. daaaks
  5. Teddy Sraka
  6. Rye Fabon de Vicente
  7. Kiwifeatpac
  8. Juan Zapata
  9. Charles
  10. Kristian Kivimagi

We had 924 users entering the contest, totaling 4071 entries.

How to Enter

  1. Use the Giveaway interface below to enter the giveaway. There are a couple of actions you can do to increase your chances as well so read all the entry options carefully.
  2. Use this link and click on the red button that says Sign Up for Beta to create an account:
  3. Check here and your email on October 4 and October 7 to see if you have won. Winners will be contacted by email with instructions on how to redeem the code.

Contest Rules

  1. One beta key per person.
  2. I reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or invalid contest entries if I suspect security, fairness or proper conduct has been compromised.
  3. Any person found to be tampering with the entry process will be disqualified.
  4. Winners will be notified by email so make sure to provide a valid email address.

Revelation Online CBT1 Beta Keys Giveaway 2

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531 replies on “Revelation Online CBT 1 Beta Keys Giveaway”

Did like Skyforge a lot and Revelation Online seems to have similar art styles, classes look interestingly unique as well.. And of course, AERIAL BATTLES!!

I’m looking forward to understanding the story and game mechanics in this game. I tried the CN OBT and enjoyed it for the most part. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Played the CN version of this game, quite promising and so i hope to play it on the western servers as soon as the beta arrives!

This looks like such an amazing game, would be a good mmorpg game to try out since swtor is absolutely boring now, only doing raids, therefore this would be a good game to switch to. Seen the trailers and I must say, I love it

I want to try this out, because I am always looking for new mmos, possibly for my husband to play with me as well, at least when he gets bored of WoW.

Curious to see if it’s going to be good. So many games promising big things and end up a disappointment because of hype. Hoping it turns out to be good to help break my WoW addiction.

I want to play Revelation because it’ll be fresh MMO to play, but also see and experience new stuff, especially audiovisuals.



Been looking for a new MMO, ‘cos I’ve run out of things to do in TERA (Been my main for nearly 4 years now). Revelation looks nice, and seems to have a combat system similar to TERA; so I’d love it give it a shot and see if I can find a new world worth playing in.

hope i win i wanna try this game i will get my new pc soon and i would love to have this chance to win and enjoy everygame i will play haveing my new pc

i would like to have this game because i am following it for year now and i really want to play ita
aaand mmorpg is my favorite genre of games

off all the things i’ve heard and seen, this game looks truly amazing and defo worth of a beta shot. Thx for the opportunity of a beta key.

Signed: Sitaprutske

This game is all the good things from MMORPG’s combined into one game. I have been following this game for almost two years at this point. I didn’t want to download the chinese version because I did not want to ruin my hype for this game. I would have gotten far into the game and possibly burn myself out. So finally a chance to play this game would be amazing.

I want to experience the wonderful world of revelation because I love trying out new MMOs, and I enjoy meeting new people.

Ive been playing MMOs for a long time now and I just love the asian ones in general. I love the dynamic fighting and character creation. All that and even better seems to be in Revelation online! So I’d love to give it a try. If it’s really that good I’m gonna recommend it to my friends and see If i can get some of them hooked… Would be great!

I try to get that key cause I am with a group of friend at school and I want to unlock this game for our club at school. So please let us try it !!!

I’m from Brazil and i waiting so much to win this keygame to play and tell my friends it’s worth the time waiting for this epic game <3

I’ve been looking for something new. GW2 got a little stale after I finished the expansion, and I’m having a hard time getting back into it now that there’s new living story.

I decided I really wanted to try out Revelation Online ever since I saw a screenshot while browsing a 4chan thread–it was of a vast tower on a rocky hill. What impressed me was the sense of scale. I don’t see that in my current favorite MMO, GW2; the landscape’s impressively engineered and detailed, but that just makes it feel like a theme park (pardon me for using a loaded term) rather than someplace adventures happen. I’m an explorer at hearts, and everything I’ve read about Revelation Online seems to resonate with that. I don’t mind the pay-to-win elements if they’re inherited from the Chinese version, having been enlightened after I read a very informative Reddit comment about them; I won’t expect to be able to compete with the players who invest the most money, just as I never expected to be able to directly compete with the players who invest the most time. I still hope to have a unique experience.

Dying to play Revelation Online because it has combined many elements from various mmorpgs that Ive been dying to experience for a long time. etc free flying, fishing.

I wanna be able to show the game to people on my stream and play with my friends who already have the keys

i was looking for a new mmorpg that would look great and i was looking for a game that could have dual swords since that’s the chars i like to play usually and i hit the site out of nowhere but looked at the blademaster and liked it really much. I would like to try it soon to see how this game feels and tell my friend to come and join me on a new adventure x)

I’ve been looking forward to this game for many, many months, since I first stumbled upon this.

based on reading some of the features on the homepage, such as ;eveling up via hot spring, flying, aerial combat, varied PVP styles, fighting for the rights to a dungeon, a mechanic that relies on class roles rather than simply having “op characters,” and so on, I simply thought this is, at the very least, a must-try game. It truly sounds like the game is everything I could ask for. I really, absolutely cannot wait for this game to be playable (Maybe I can, but the wait will hurt).

I will be direct and concrete, because that’s how I am xD I want a CBT key to test the game as soon as possible 😀 Soon I will accumulate personal tasks and I do not know if I’ll have time to try it later :/

[Delroy C.]

First game I’ve actually been really hyped about since Blade and Soul which I could never play since it crashed every 1-2 minutes into the game.

I wish I would get a key ;( the gameplay is so beautiful. It looks like it will be more interesting than blade and soul!

nice, i am a fan i got a drawing of revelation online if you want to see, can i please get a key?

I hope i get the key since i really like MMO it is really interesting and i heard there is a unique feature like marriage, fly and other feature that i didnt know i want to try 🙂 I hope

I have been playing MMORPG’s for a long time and have been waiting and hyped for revelation before it was anounced for the west. I really hope this is the MMORPG our community has been waiting for. Getting a CBT Key would be amazing, i’ll be playing this game a lot and maybe make some new friends too hopefully 😉

I want to play Revelation Online because it offers many popular features I that I truly enjoy in an MMORPG. It has vast seamless open world, unrestricted flight, a diverse aray classes and engaging combat, multiple avenues for PvP, and an interactive social system just to name a few. It’s like an amalgamation of Perfect World, Aion, and Blade & Soul.

I have a friend playing on the China servers and want to check it out after his reviews of it. Also, do you not have EYES?!? Watch a trailer, man! If the REAL game is only 10% as good as the trailers make it out to be, it’s gonna be friggin’ aweSOOOOOOOOME!

And if it’s better, I’m gonna find a way to digitize my consciousness and upload it to the game world.

I love how this game seems to combine do many great elements, from previous MMOs, into one excellent looking game.

The only thing that could make it better, for me, is controller support, if only partial.

I’m really curious to see as to what the Swordmage can do. The class seems like a high fantasy Wuxia character, condidering the levitating swords that the class manipulates, as well as that flying sword mount, which I believe is separate and anyone can get.

I was fascinated with the flying swords as both a means of travel and fight since watching Yu Yu Hakusho and the character Botan first appearing on her flying oar, well an oar, not a sword, but still pretty fascinating and unusual. Later on I played Talisman Online and Perfect World Online (PWI) and both had a little bit of both. Seeing it in a brand new game makes me tingly on the inside, whether or not I will be lucky enough to be chosen, I have made little research on the class in hopes to be surprised whenever I get to try it, although I know it’s more of a range DPS.

Talisman Online had the Wizard class that had two levitating swords “sheathed” on his/her back and used the to attack, there were also flying sword mounts, and with both combined, it was an amazing sight.

In PWI I was a “freshman” into the game playing a human Swordmaster and I was just visiting he capital Earthblade when I saw some player flying high on their sword mount. They were so high I couldn’t even make out what the character looked like – just a silhouette and it’s been imprinted into my memory ever since.

PWI also had the Mystic class of the Earthguard that could use Magic Swords as a weapon type and although it wasn’t the type of weapon that will levitate around the user, it was still a good combination, especially when paired with the flying sword mount which was also present in the game at the time I played.

Even when playing Western MMOs I choose the sword-wielding characters, although they are something completely different – just a simple rugged mercenary or a footman hero-to-be, they are still the closest one can get, considering all the caster classes use staves or wands. Which sort of makes Asian mythology and Wuxia in particular really exotic and appealing to me for that matter.

I guess one could say I’m obsessed with swords, but I can’t help it – especially when I see a character class as majestic and esoteric as the flying swords style/technique/kenjutsu (if you want), that’s where I’m at.

I am looking forward to playing this game with my friends. The occultist looks like a ton of fun, as does the gunslinger. I am torn. Decisions, Decisions.

This game looks fantastic, i love this style of mmorpg, and i played Archage,TERA,Blade and Soul and others mmorpgs games that have a action combat camera and skills, this is the most perfect setup for a immersive mmo, im in love with this game because he looks like the best aspects of every mmo that i said before 🙂

I have to say, this is a very interesting looking game. I had a look on youtube on the character creator and the level of detail you can adapt is quite amazing. Also for an asian mmo to step away from the usual level grinding and not forcing you to group up to advance, seem to make this a game that has something for everybody.

You think that taking 4-10 months to reach max level is stepping AWAY from the level grind? I think you might want to do a bit of research on this game.

I don’t and I would appreciate it if you didn’t jump to conclusions because your reading skills are poor. There is a reason I said the “usual” level grinding, because it has a different approach to that. I never said there is no level grinding at all. That is entirely your invention.

This looks really cool. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about it until now! I’m watching reviews now to see how the game play is. Looks like a mix between Archage and Lineage. I hope there’s crafting in game!

hype maximum, i already play it on chinesse server is a great game i really want to test the english version.

I’ve been wanting to play a really good and interesting MMO and this one looks interesting and fun, the others I’ve played have been a bit boring.

I really want to play Revelation Online for several reasons. Some reasons being the graphics and the combat system. I enjoyed games like Blade and Soul, TERA, and ArcheAge. Revelation just looks like the perfect mix of those plus more! Has housing aspects, marriage/couple option, different combat styles to chose from, one of the best character customization systems I’ve seen, and just so much to offer. Can’t wait to get on that grind for it when it comes to CBT/OBT!

Wonderful chance of testing the game out !
Thank you Dulfy and good luck everyone !

The game is worth playing in my opinion because of the cool fly feature presented in the videos !
I’ve been able to fly in-game since Flyff but none managed to impress me yet. Although Aion had potential, RO is in a league of its own !

I can’t wait to play this since it looks really fun and I love the fact it’s open world and has dungeon crawling aspects. It will be a fun game to experience with my friends and I’m evening saving up for a gaming pc so I can enjoy the graphics at its best!

Want to play this game just for fun 🙂
And I became interested after seeing a magician with a revolver in trailer 🙂

lol…i wondering if u gonna make guides for RO. Best guides i take from 3 years on GW2 its from Dulfy. pliss get RO too under u “wings”…its coming…

I have been looking for a new game for awhile and finally chose Revelation Online. The art is amazing and original and the game play from what I hear from others who have played in Chinese server is really good too. I am out of work right now and job hunting so can not afford to buy a Founders Pack at this time.

Seems to have low PC requirements which makes it even more appealing. I found this 2015 post saying: Minimum: Intel Duo core 2.4G RAM 2G GeForce GT610 7200 HDD Recommended:
Intel i5 3.0G RAM 4G GeForce GT650 SSD + HDD

Looks gorgeous from the youtube videos I’ve seen.

I want to test the game since from reading about all the features and game design, they’re doing everything right in my opinion. The equalized arenas along with options, cool skill animations, gearing up looks good (personally love gearing up through PvPing like I could early on in Archeage), and I saw some cool costumes from the other versions I believe. The only thing holding me back from deciding whether or not I want to all in this game on release is in-game mechanics and popularity. It’s difficult to tell from watching videos whether or not the combat is fluid and I won’t really know unless I get some reviews from people I trust the opinion of or try it out in beta. Learning stuff about the game in general before release would be nice too. Getting in with everyone early on makes it easier to get integrated in the community for guilds and such.

The game looks beautiful and the classes seem interesting. PVE sounds fun but I’m a bit hesitant with pvp (specifically open world). I’m still willing to give it a try 🙂

Been keeping an eye on this for a long time now. Would love to give it a shot. . TERA has been my main for well over 4 years now, but I’ve run out of stuff to do. Revelation Online seems to takes lots of the best features from a lot of MMOs and packs them in to one. This definetly makes it an interesting option to try.

Many of my online friends are starting to play Revelation Online as soon as it comes out. So to see if its worth it to buy the Founders Pack i would like to test it before buying

Revelation has great graphics platform with a huge world, the environment is very lively, The game also includes anti-aliasing, high-rate shader detail and shadow detail. The charaters moves flexibility, It’s may a good game for everyone.

Me and my best friend from junior high school, spend yers on Cabal online game and since then we couldn’t find another mmorpg to stick more than few months and Reve looks like 9/10 for us and our requirements from mmorpg game. We really want to try it in order to come back to great years of mmorpg long night, team speak plays:)

So I have a pretty big bunch of freinds that want to play RO, however there are still some of us who didn’t get a key. It will be sad if someone stays behind, so I wanna help them get their access to beta !

I want to explore a world that I feel a sense of potential from. And I appreciate the aesthetic of Revelation Online; I’m someone who reads translated Chinese web novels.

I did not win the last one, but hopefully I’ll win this one. If not then there is always next time. I can’t really buy the founders pack due to lack of money. I’m not saying this to make you feel bad or anything like that. A chance to try this game out after waiting almost years would be ideal. Best of luck to everyone as well.

Again – goodluck to me and everyone 😀

I’m glad I’m following Dulfy’s page like forever now:D
Couldn’t done all those achievements in SWTOR and GW2 without this awesome website

please i want to play the game i already did all of this once i want to play it so bad 🙁 this my first time trying to get into a closed beta 🙁 plz

Im really hoping to play revelation online so I can play with my guild.I’ve been practically dreaming about it ever since I found out about it 2-3 years ago lol. I hope I can get in this time but if not congrats to whoever gets beta keys! 🙂

It’s been so long since I’ve seen so much hype over a game out of China, and I’m curious to see how it’ll hold up to its Korean and Japanese competitors.

I’m literally just going through life, waiting until this game releases at this point.

It’s to the point where I’ll probably end up playing this game even if it doesn’t live up to my own hype. I’m finding myself doing almost nothing, just refreshing the forums.

Havent had any good MMO Experience since Last Chaos, which is sadly a dead game by now, yet I loved lots of the mechanics of that game. Revelation seems to offer tons of similarities, so I’d love to give this game a try! 🙂

Is it only me, or micro-transaction like
“All your speeder have max speed” and “You can flyride mount infinite time”
a little…bad?

MyGame is milking type company, game will be full of this “pay for something” bonuses, not exactly strict p2w, but with active premium, you WILL have like 20% more of everything, exp, speed, longer fly etc

Let’s get ready for round 2 :D…. i’ve seen lots of videos and i think that will be my game for some years from now x) come on guys i still need a key 🙂

So far, this is everything I’ve dreamed of in an MMORPG. I can’t wait for its release; hopefully I get a key for the CBT.

I’d love to play this game because a lot of friends of mine are playing this, and i absolutely love mmorpg games… also it reminds me of a lot of games i’ve played a lot…

So, can someone who have game tell me, what this game can offer to me when:

I have Skyforge (from MyGame too) are here any discount ??

I have Black Desert online and this looks very similiar, almost like copy 1:1, have Revelation something, what BDO not ??

wings stolen from Aion meh

MyGame like BDO are company focused for heavily milking players, I am not good with this, but i can tolerate it to some level, if game is TOTALLY WORTH OF IT, is it ??

With that attitude it’s better for you to stay out of it 🙂 Comparing to BDO – BDO is only mob grinding, Rev has dungeons.

np, for some reason I thought, that this is second batch of CBT, so there was one playable CBT already before, so i want ask more ppl about, how this is compare to BDO..cons/pros/diference..

First of all thanks for the giveaway. I was disappointed after trying the EU version of ArcheAge, Black Desert, … and I would try this game that seem to have enough content before buy it.

P.D: Thank you for all your SWTOR guides and videos, they are very useful

There’s a lot of aspects of this game that intrigues me and if I win a beta key and I liked it, the Explorer pack is reasonably priced to continue playing.

I’ve been playing for a few weeks on China but the lag has been restricting me from enjoying it to its full potential!

i played the Chinese version but i only got up to lvl 23 did not go any more because i did not understand much the English patch was not very good. but with in the 23 lvls i could tell that the story was great and the game was allot of fun to play and lvl. i just hope its not like bs where the lvling was allot of fun but end game was not because it did not have allot of things to do but after looking at the amount of things they have compared to what bland&soul had for end game is so much more. i cant wait for the beta to open.

p.s : making an account/downloading the Chinese version was so easy so try it if you cant wait and want to try it out

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