SWTOR New Blur Trailer for KOTET Coming October 7

SWTOR will be unrevealing the next Blue Studios Trailer for KOTET expansion on October 7. A short teaser was posted on Twitter.

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Hahaa, “group content”? Well, i have to admit, i’ve heard about one, ill repeat ONE!!!!!, new flashpoint (granted, i didn’t research much) and i can bet my whole escrow that it will have solo mode.

You’ve just got your group content, dude. You can watch that spectacular clip with your cat, your dog, AND your hamster. Enjoy!

Based on datamines from there’s something called “Uprisings” which do indeed have solo, tactical and hard modes.

Eee?? Update engine?? They are not willing to spend money to create content (you know, like in “group content”, so you can play with other ppl, usual mmo stuff) and you expect them to invest in new engine??

Dude, WoW runs on an engine that is positively medieval compared to the one SWTOR uses! The engines for these kinds of games are not things you can just pop out and replace, no matter how much you may want to! You’d probably have to build everything new and from scratch to do that! Completely illusory!

I know that… I may not be graduated in programming, but I’m aware that when you change a command line, you have to tweak here and there all the command lines before and after that have a direct relation (and sometimes not exactly) with that one that needed the change.

I might have exaggerated a bit there, but even WoW had its engine tweaked a bit not long ago to have better graphics and overall look without major sacrifice to performance, so it is possible to at least improve the game looks without needing to change the engine or build everything from scratch.

Well, then you already know more than I do (although I think I heard WoW’s “tweaks” did not consist of changes of the underlying engine but ‘merely’ the adding of some new programming layers on top, within the limits of possibility. I have no clue if similar measures are even possible for SWTOR, what with the “unfinished” version of the engine they used for that.) about these things.
Which only leaves the question why you were asking something you already knew? Since, however, I couldn’t care less about the answer, lets just pretend this conversation never happened in the first place. May Happyness find you!

They can’t they went with the beta version of the engine. They don’t even have the majority of the people who tweaked it into what it is now anymore.

the whole theme with the izax god has gotten rather blatantly obvious at this point. adding a 4th child just confirms the suspicion that valkorion is going to turn out to actually be izax. i bet he didn’t actually defeat it, instead it possessed him and has been causing all the damage to destroy and devour worlds to regain it’s former power, taking a consort, having the exact same number of children, etc.

Disappointing that they invest money in these trailers rather than in the game. That said, at least the trailers are always awesome.

so touchy… it was 3 seconds long… not much of a tease there… just wasted time when they could be actually making content for a game that is falling apart before your eyes.

Nope but social media shows us what they do with money… Instead of puttinig those sources into new PvE and PvP content they are wasting it for cinematic, nobody needed stuff…

The point of trailers is to get you excited for the game or movie it represents with a short clip. But now theyre trying to get us excited for the trailer with a short clip?

Tbf, it’s a Blur trailer this is teasing. I’m not excited in the slightest about the next ‘expansion’, but a knew SW trailer from Blur? THAT is exciting.

The reason they only showed 8 seconds is because they are currently hotfixing the rest of the trailer as it currently doesn’t work properly…

What a waste of money. We all know what KotFE part II…. I mean KotET is already. There’s nothing new to report. It’s just more chapters of the same garbage. They should have used to money to add decent MMO content.

If you’re that bothered look it up yourself. The high cost of Blur trailers isn’t exactly a trade secret.

Lol! You proved my point above, this is response of someone talking out of their ass. Don’t bother to back up your claims just be an ass and tell people to look it up themselves.

Sorry, please feel free to produce some evidence of your own if you want to be pedantic.

You’re the one arguing about something that’s been pretty well known for years now, keep in mind, not me, so if you’re going to try and drag the conversation off on a tangent by whining about sources instead of just admitting that you know full well these trailers cost far more than the price of a proper expansion, why not practise what you preach, eh?

I’m not the one saying “well known fact” and then refusing to prove it. The fact is you can’t prove it because the proof doesn’t exist. It’s a well know Internet “fact”. All the “proof” that is out there are people who have no real idea throwing out unproven numbers. Do you really think it costs 200k for a new op? You are delusional, keep talking out of your ass.

Ah, no sources from you either, then? Gotcha.

Difference being, of course, that you won’t find many people agreeing with your blatant fanboyism 😉

You were asked for sources for your “well known fact” and you CAN’T provided them because they don’t exist. You were asked for sources first and you said “you look it up”. Your responce is typical of someone who has no facts to show, it’s always the guy that has no facts that says “you look it up” rather then gives the proof. I could be wrong, I’ll admit it, I have no proof, but then again I’m not the one claiming that what I’m saying is a “well known fact”. Difference being, my head isn’t so far up my ass I can say “I could be wrong”.

Blur trailers are expensive. CGI trailers in general are expensive. I don’t have a source to confirm that most of the grass in England is the colour green but I’m pretty sure it is because I’m not an absolute fuckwit.

Everyone knows that CGI trailers are not cheap, and Blur are commonly said to be one of the more expensive studios. I don’t need a source, just common sense. I appreciate the concept is difficult for some to understand.

That said, if it makes you feel better; I could be wrong. But I’m not. That’s not having my head up my arse, that’s just me not having any interest in compromising with the ego of a Biodrone who can’t bring himself to admit that the money for this trailer could go a long way to improving the ever-declining quality of the game. EAware can do no wrong after all.

So, do come back when you’ve got some of your beloved evidence for your own ‘argument’. Because you’re the one with the ridiculous theory to prove, not me.

The average calculated estimate that I’ve seen after looking around on a few sites is about $200,000+ per minutes of CGI footage.

Is that for Blur, or more generally? Everything I’ve read/seen in the past says a million a minute for Blur. Regardless, even at 200K a minute the trailers still cost more than a new raid would.

Well known fact, really? I my experience “Well know fact” is just code for “I’m talking out of my ass”. You have no idea how much it’s costs for a trailer and even less idea how much it costs to develop new content. Don’t try to worm your way out of this, I’m calling you out on your bull shit. You’ve even admitted you don’t know by saying “I’m sure someone on here can provide a link.” There is absolutely no way at EA overlords would allow them to spend more money on the trailer then the content. It’s like putting a $10,000 paint job on a rusty AMC Gremlin.

Ok now go ahead and tell me how this game is a Gremlin.

2 million or so is enough payroll to produce quite a bit of content.
Huge malinvestment of their already limited budget.

They have been forced to reuse and repurpose assets (all the way through ziost and yavin) from before EA took over and fired most of their staff. Monthly story content with no ops and 1 flashpoint is all their current staff is capable of.

I replayed all the kotfe chapters recently and have a fresh appreciation for the vistas, music and dialogue presented. Lot of work and beauty in there even if the nature of the content, seen from a perspective of boredom some months later = fertile ground for whingers. Having looked at other games and levelled a new toon for DvL has reminded how much there is to admire about swtor.

So you enjoyed leveling through all the replayable content (FPs, OPs, PvP, GSF) for a 20th time, but already have distaste toward replaying KotFE a 2nd time. The valid complaints for more new replayable group content over one time solo play story is reconfirmed with your statement. Thank you, I will pass your experiences on to BioWare.

I swear if their entire announcement on October 7th is ONLY this trailer with a quick “wait until December for the next ‘full announcement'”, I’m gonna flip my shit

“There will be a teaser about the trailer about the announcement in December! Are you excited yet? We at Bioware are damn near stroking ourselves this is so good! You’ll love it, we promise!”

Heh the “what a waste of money better spent on ops!” is so predictable and so funny.

The cognitive dissonance it must take to ignore the fact that TOR 2.0 patch cycle that focused on operations nearly tanked the game…

That’s your opinion without any facts to support it. Been around the game since launch, and I’ve never seen so few people playing than right now (and the past 4-5 months).

So you answer the opinion without supporting facts with… anecdotes? Well here’s another.

I’ve also been playing since launch and our guild doubled in size with new/non legendary players on jedi covenant/red eclipse ever since DvL started. Dunno what server you’re on that’s tanking, but everyone I know who came back to the game came back for SoR’s x12 xp or Fallen Empire and left the game soon as they finished chapter 3/ignored all the dread war ops and Hutt cartel stuff.

Even on TRE queues have been notably longer across the board. I waited an hour for a HM FP the other week, as a tank, before deciding finishing the Witcher’s HoS expansion would be a better use of my time.

And I’m in a guild whose numbers are always going up, but there’re rarely ever more than 20-25 people online even though the guild is eternally close to the cap. People join, play for a few weeks, then leave. Doesn’t mean population is increasing, and in my experience there seems to be less people this year than last.

You can’t say you’ve played from launch and this expansion is the worste server populations have been. Remember launch in the “Dead Server Phase”? Ha

I wish we got a similar cinematic for the Shadow of Revan expansion, would have been great to see a close-to-reality Revan in action 😛

I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t announce the announcement of this announcement of the future announcement previously…

LoL… Well Japanese i could understand but american? Nope… Taking only EA for example… The give us dead on start Battlefront… U need to buy game and buy pass to be able to play this game… Really… This is your americans in charge… Zero resolve, zero constructive products only money…

While i completely agree that the person your arguing with has no valid points and is a moron for saying that EU cant make games. Saying that all American gaming companies are crap cause EA sucks is really unfair to all the good ones. For example Blizzard is American based (HQ in CA) but you can count on one hand the amount of games they have screwed up in the last 10 years and they even came out and said when they messed up and apologized. Im not a blizzard fan boy by any means (only just starting playing Overwatch my first blizzard game) but they make a great example for the opposite end of the spectrum that EA is on.

Americans are video games and entertainment. The US still sets the entertainment tone. PCs, consoles, all started in the US. In typical foreign form, we make it and you reengineer it. Also, paying for your defense, so you can drink tea and complain about yanks.

Excuse me? What? Defense? You mean what? Iraq, Syria and whole situation in East? Well I have news for you… Those beloved americans whos paying for “my” defense are washing their hands right now and pretending that this isn’t their faul. Those great americans leave Europe in biggest imigration crisis… Crisis they started because of their Wars in East… And all because of oil… This are those great americans and their defense…

Just because you got totally owned by those teams consisting of Europeans doesn’t mean they’re the problem, it just means you suck at the game(s) in question and should probably work harder to increase your skill level. Preferably by teaming up with a few of us and allow us to teach you some complicated concepts such as “team work” and “objectives”…

BULL! ….this game sucks now because of you guys. put Americans back in charge.
tell me this game is better now, go ahead …i dare you.

In charge, you mean Bioware, the company that was founded in Canada? (We all know Canada is the NA equivalent of Europe.) And whose games started to decrease in quality around the time they got bought up by that american company called EA? Americans ARE in charge, that’s the problem….

A very well constructed counter-argument. The inclusion of a significant amount of facts backed up by links to trustworthy and non-biased sources, combined with well thought out and verbosely written counter-points really gave me a pause there. You sir really know how to argue in an intelligent manner…

One of these days white dragon will do something that will get him banned. Karma is one of best flavors of justice.

I could describe what you came up with as lame as well, but that would be a compliment that you don’t deserve. But I do have to give you some credit for trying despite your complete lack of intelligence, manners or any sort of imagination.

Ok, could you please elaborate on the close connection between the creation of video games and the military and why that is relevant here? Because I see absolutely zero connection between the two.

Still, my country have very few interactions with the US from a military standpoint, and we certainly don’t “depend” on it for our national defense….

On a side note: are you intending to vote for Trump in the election? #makeswtorgreatagain #factsdontmatter #orangeskinnednpsftw #wouldmakesense #f*ckhashtags and so on….

Why don’t you head back to Breitbart where the opinions, intelligence level and complete disregard for facts and common sense is more akin to your own?

Bringing out pictures containing personal insults just tells me you’ve either given up the argument and know you’ve lost. Or it’s a desperate last ditch effort to win in the same manner that burning all your CDs on a boss at 96% heath because you realized you can’t heal properly is….

What he lost? EA holds all cards and BW can’t do anything without their acceptation… So again who’s in charge?

LoL I’m afraid leave my dog for carying to americans and u want that they be in charge in gaming business? LoL defently nope…

Europeans? Last thing I remeber is that EA has only right to SW Games inculde this one… And EA is… a right great american company… So who is screwing up this game if EA makes whole decisions?

And one more thing about americans in charge… They are like Arcann… Waterfall of big words but tiny in action…

SWTOR is being made by Bioware in Austin Texas. Unless this guy really thinks that’s in Europe, he’s clearly just trolling.

He’s american. Some of them can’t say where North America is on map, so he might really think Austin, Texas is in Europe 😛

Wether you liked it or not, you can’t deny one of the most successful and popular franchises in gaming history.

Rockstar Games was founded in the Britain, but the current headquarters is in the U.S. in New York City. So GTA may have started out British, but now its American.

But it isn’t Rockstar Games that develop GTA, it’s Rockstar North, and they are smack in the middle of Britain.

Just did a Google search. You are right about GTA being made by Rockstar North, but you’re wrong about Britain. Rockstar North is in the UK, but not in Britain. Rockstar North is in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Wow, just wow….. You try so hard to be right, but you clearly are an uneducated kid.

“United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”

You can google that…

Witcher=sucks? How about not? Winner of over 100 Game of the Year awards, not to mention that it’s expansions could be considered standalone games… Sorry, but this comment is obviously coming from someone who hasn’t played it, or from someone who never got out from White Orchard 😛

There’s nothing P2W about Witcher 3.

You are either A) trolling (successfully) or;
B) know virtually nothing about the game.

And one more thing… I konw that education in US s**k but care to remind me thanks to who you can call yourself american? Last thing I remeber native inhabitants were Indians not white man…

It’s sad to see such low-effort trolling to be so succesfull. C’mon people. Let’s keep it at least a bit more classy.

Love the comments here mostly talking about other games at this point. Lesson to gaming historians. When an MMO decides to suddenly be an RPG the population flees.

I get your meaning. The original paper/pencil dice rpg. In this instance it would be a themepark MMO turning into a single player rpg no need for guilds/groups etc.

Wait until you see it first? The teaser of the trailer of the announcement for the expansion is…. nothing.

Well I get that argument (and I agree that the current state of the game is actually so bad that there is literally zero excitement on my part), but if a trailer is about the game… doesn’t that make that trailer also have non-existent value? 😛

It means that I am looking forward to watch a short quality clip while the future for our game does not get me excited at all.

Blur needs to make a damn movie. Halo, Star Wars, Starcraft, anything they’ve made cinematics for. They’re better than most of Hollywood.

Oh, shit. Well, they should make a movie too! I always thought they were the same, they both do such amazing work with cinematics.

Blizzard did make a movie…..Warcraft. It completely flopped in the U.S. and basically broke even thanks to China.

Warcraft had a budget of $160 million and made $450 million at the box office; since when is that considered being a case of “basically broke even”? Also, Legendary Pictures made the movie; Blizzard provided writing and production staff but their cinematic team weren’t involved.

“A dangerous #StarWars family grows stronger.” oh god I hope Valk doesn’t have ANOTHER fucking kid that would be so lame

Now taking bets on one of the following
a) Thexan is somehow actually alive
b) Valkorian wasn’t digging the Married man lifestyle and those weren’t ‘just’ bodyguards we saw in the hallway Chapter 1
c) Inevitable “Outlander…I, am your father” DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN, now wait 3 months for next chapter installment
d) Thexan is a sub/pre-order/”give us your money” reward

so bioware has enough money to spend on blur for a new hd quality trailer that cost several millions

but they cant be arsed to spend some of that money on the actuall game itself.
well im not impressed

Unrevealing? I’m thinking typo – either meant to be revealing or unveiling.

But with BioWare’s history with SWTOR and removing stuff, I guess unrevealing wouldn’t be too far of a stretch.

The endless salt from “MMO vets” about KotFE is getting old now. I sincerely hope they push further down the path set out by KotFE with KotET, mostly because I prefer the episodic story-telling over and above the endless dungeon and raid grind… and partly because it’s driven large swathes of the more toxic players out of the game.

So their Dev team is down to roughly 20 people, they are creating almost no content other then the story and even that’s very light amount of content for an MMO, and they are spending money on CGI trailers…what a waste.

This game’s player numbers is lower then ever and they waste money on this…

Only reason I’m excited for KOTET at the moment is because I want to see how the story plays out so I can come up with stories for my characters WITHOUT playing the game. I have more fun making the stories myself BW, thank you very much

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