SWTOR Game Update 4.7.2 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 4.7.2. Scheduled to arrive on October 4 after maintenance ( 7 am to 11 am CDT).


Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins October 4th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST and ends October 11th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST.
Relics of the Gree is back! The Gray Secant has been spotted on Ilum, which means only one thing: The Relics of the Gree Event is back! From October 18th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST to October 25th at 4:00AM PDT/12:00PM BST, Black Bisectors are called upon to lend a hand!


  • There is no longer placeholder text in the Pack Opening Confirmation Dialogue option and tooltip in the French and German client’s Pack Opener.
  • Conversation text can now be seen on the Mission “Shining in the Darkness” in the French and German clients.
  • Fixed an issue that caused weapons to appear under some Droid Companions if equipped.
  • Rancor Decorations now require Large Hooks.
  • The Ziost loading screen now has the correct background.
  • The visual effects of Blade Storm and Zealous Strike are no longer lagging on Jedi Sentinels.

Cartel Market

  • The loin cloth of the Wicked Huntress’ Robe is no longer static.

Missions + NPCs

  • Fixed an issue where it could become impossible to converse with Rusk at certain Influence levels on the Mission “Bonds of Duty.”
  • Added missing visual effects in the ‘Shroud of Memory” Chapter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused areas of the Battlecruiser in Chapter XV to disappear at certain camera angles.
  • The Companion Interaction UI is no longer blank after recruiting Rusk.


  • Leveling out of a PvP bracket while in a Warzone will no longer cause a player to be backfilled into the match, creating uneven teams.
  • Darren B

    finally they fixed the loin cloth on the wicked huntress outfit

    • Abmong

      we’ll see :p

    • Darth Ji’inx



    Aaaaaand again no sign about finally adding into vibroswords tuning slot.

  • Ben Gimson

    “The loin cloth of the Wicked Huntress’ Robe is no longer static”

    Best bullet point in months.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Finally 😀

  • OneMoreShepard

    And they need FOUR HOURS to roll out that hotfix? It’s not even a proper patch, lol

    • perra

      The 4 hours are for the standard server maintenance. The same as with every patch.

  • Ossy

    Reading trough those notes I realised that this patch is nothing more than an excuse to add Cartel Packs.

  • EleniRPG

    “Rancor Decorations now require Large Hooks.”

    Why? Why????? Please tell me I am misunderstanding this note. They should be adding Medium Hook placement to a bunch of decos that now require Large Hooks, not the other way around. What harm was rancor placement in Medium Hooks causing, anyway? There are not many of them, and they are really not that big.

    • Mr Peabody

      Like the fountain of fire and blood, why the hell is that a large hook? It is literally the size of a medium.

    • Naq

      Its to balance SvS. No longer will rancor placement imbalance stop solid stronghold vs stronghold players from winning their matches, I can’t tell you how often I have been a few points from climbing a rank in Ranked SvS from Interior Techorator to Fung Shu’edi Master, and then some dickbat puts his rancor on a medium tile and I am back in queue again. Nerf Abzab speeders next please. Shout out Ebon Hawk, best SvS server!

    • Ben Gimson

      Often wonder if the ‘decor guy’ is just really bitter about being the ‘decor guy’, and so deliberately tries to fuck it up for people :’)

      Some items are just unusable because of the ridiculous hook requirements.

      • Naq

        Or because they are 9x bigger than they should be. Frozen Hutt, droid workbench, etc.

      • Amodin

        I think some of these developers are on the “gifting program”. They are being given a gift to stick around and develop the most worthless shit to go and f*k up what didn’t need to be changed in the first place.

    • dtxu

      Decorations and the hook they fit on are totaly random. The guy deciding on this is one of the bigger idiots working at BioWare.

  • Ramzzess

    Straight peenor

  • Paradigm_Shift

    Very short patch notes,,, what is the stealth nerf going to be?

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that Warzone patch before…Oh well we shall see….

  • Farlas816

    What about the new packs?

    • Wychh

      It’s in this patch

  • Cloudz

    Still no fix for courting gifts and still no dev comment on them since the announcement that they would be fixed in 4.1. Not even able to exchange them…

    • Fred Garvin

      It’s on their “Wall of Shit We Will Ignore.”

    • Wychh

      I send a bug report weekly on this 😀

  • Jason Thomas

    still no fix on combining LvsD pack items with other items to make it open in collections ? Awesome i have Satele’s & revan’s armor sets i cant unlock because of this. Thanks Guys

    • Лев Сафаров

      I have trouble with unlocking revan set, some parts was from dvl, some i bought and helmet from reputation vendor. After contacting support, they added me full set and its in collection now.

      • Jason Thomas

        same for me on both satele and revan set

        • Cynch

          send in a ticket on the sets you have that aren’t in your collections and they’ll fix it for you. They always have with other rep items in the Cartel Bazaar. It takes no more effort than complaining about it here.

    • Nelly

      I sent them a ticket regarding the same issue with my Sith Recluse set and they manually fixed it, do so as well with the sets you want, in their reply the tech support guy told me they plan to fix it in the future for all outfits, maybe if they get 500 tickets a day about this it will motivate them to patch it once and for all.

    • bexs

      Yeah they’ve manually fixed 3 sets for me, each within a few hrs. Just send a ticket.

    • Sto’ena

      Get all items at the same time into your inventory out of the cargo hold and they unlock. Worked for several sets for me.

  • pvefarmer

    I just wonder when they fix problem with 10 ppl ops. Still you can’t enter without your team joining random instances…

    • John Kosto


      • pvefarmer

        yes, 16 😉

        • abaddonsmummy

          Just all enter at the same time, no hassle.

  • deletebioware.exe

    They really know what has to be on top of the priority list.

    “Rancor Decorations now require Large Hooks.”

    • Ffs

      Well said. Wish more people understood

    • yourfavgamem8

      Yes how dare they sort issues.
      Deletebioware yet you are still here?

      The lols

  • Vigilanis

    Would rather they fixed the Zakuul weapons racks so they don’t sit in the middle of nowhere on the floor on large hooks and we can actually place them on mediums….but still at least they are looking at decorations which is promising…I think lol

  • Whitedragon
  • NinjaRaiden

    I wish they would finally add hair underneathe the hoods, I cannot stand seeing my character a bald head when I wear a hood and there is quite clearly hair when I take it off, its so annoying.

    • Xenovia

      Well it depends on the hood. For example the hood of Revan’s chest does not make you look bald. But with the Outlander armour set it shows a lot of bald skin which is ugly af.

      • NinjaRaiden

        Son of the sets, for example the Huntress one that was released recently ish, that looks like Vaylin’s outfit, my god give it hair, Ziildrog set, DEFIANTLY needs hair on it, some of like the really forehead and head revealing ones main, ones like, yeah Revans outfit where it covers pretty much everything, thats fine keep the hairs off, but the rest please Bioware, needs it so bad.

        • Xenovia


    • Zak Ember

      I know, right? That’s a definitely a quality of life element I’d love to see, along with a “hood up/hood down” option for a lot of those same pieces of gear.

      • LetMeAtThem

        Quality of life elements take them years to implement 🙂 Seems releasing shitload of useless packs is easier.

  • gigidix

    I hope that Rancors on medium hooks have been as gamebraking as this patch makes it look like.
    Otherwise: BioWare, rly? Are you now completely nuts? Who decides about this shit? And is this person mentally healthy?

  • gog

    I wonder if the Rancor deco hook change is just a troll job from somewhere at Bioware. There are a number of decos that would be better off with another hook size to them, yet they somehow only changed that one. Changing hook types seems like the kind of thing that would be pretty easy to do in their engine compared to other things.

    • Ben Stinkers

      They did ignore Strongholds now for months. I was sure they totally forgot that there are any Strongholds in the game. And after months the only thing about strongholds they do is this??? WTF!

      • gog

        Kind of what they did to the Galactic Starfighter, only that one was even worse in term of being forgotten once it launched. At least we got Yavin 4 as a SH after the initial 4.

  • d8xC0

    Have Rancors on medium hook been a problem? No.
    Does the change solve any problem or improve anything? No.
    Do Rancors only on large hook make the game more fun? No.
    Does BioWare earn a single cent by changing Rancors to large hook only? No.

    So why for gods sake is there an idiot at BioWare who thinks it should be changed?

    And why isn’t there anybody at BioWare who tells this idiot to shut up in the team meeting?

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