GW2 Taimi’s Outfit and Spectral Glider in Gemstore

GW2 Taimi’s Outfit and the Spectral Glider are now available in the gemstore for 700 and 500 gems respectively.


Taimi’s Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Pattern















Spectral Glider – 500 gems

Dyeable Glider with two dye slots



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32 replies on “GW2 Taimi’s Outfit and Spectral Glider in Gemstore”

That would be nice but I think the current anet has an issue with female skin,( for personal characters not for npc’s there’s a lot of half naked npc’s) so I wouldn’t bet on it.

Themselves I and others would buy it for any price. I’ve reached the point where I actually won’t buy ANYTHING u till this happens

I do t get they are ok with standalone gloves, shoulders, helmets, and even bootstrap but HELL FUCKING NO YOU ASSHOLE! If we want a standalone chest or leg piece what the fuck?
There are some good ideas and that’s don’t have a whole outfit or armor set that we can’t have , such as the bikini which already exists partially. And if you argue the armor weights, well fuck you because outfits

Oh I already know the most appealing cloths to the majority of gamers are the ones that show the most skin that’s why you see almost everyone in game wearing the same exact armors because they don’t have very many skin revealing options to choose from so everyone just wears the same thing.
Not sure what’s wrong with the current anet ( maybe they have those fanatic people who believe women can’t show skin or hair or anything working for them) but the anet who made the original guild wars created many beautiful,stylish skin revealing armors and everyone loved them. So yea if they did add that sort of thing to this game they’d make a lot of money off of it I’m sure.

You know… until now I didn’t even realize Taimi had an outfit change in the game…

Even so, I’m saving my gems for Marjory’s outfit… damn Anet and their teases… they KNOW players want Marj’s outfit, but nooooo. And I’m STILL waiting for a Grenth outfit dammit!

Yeah Rox really needs one, even in S1,S2 etc she was looking so plain. I hope they give her something cool, and it will be an occasion to give Charr race players something nice. We all know the poor souls need it.

Exactly what I want it for. I’ve managed to put my necro in what appears to be full heavy plate with glowing green bits protruding all over the show. Gliding beneath an effigy of burning green flame is a bit much to pass up on.

But seriously now,this glider shows how anet can make some GREAT effects that can by dyed! Seriously,flame effect with 2 dye palette? We pretty much have endless combinations of dye colors ! It will be hard to see someone with the same color on that glider.

inb4 everyone dyes it white

I just don’t get it, why do we get a white-greyish colour by using 2 shadow abyss?… Where is the logic in that? I mean… why not just make it pitch black?… Only reason why I won’t buy the glider..

OMG!!! Where is Marjory’s new outfit?!?!?!?!?!?! I need it, i need it pretty bad!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Spectral Glider is pretty cool. If my Necro wasn’t a Sylvari with a complete “plant” theme going for her, I’d be using this one on her.

Taimi’s Outfit is one of the nicer looking “medium” armor suits. Shame that it’s an outfit.

Spectral glider will be a hard decision. The effects are super cool but the part over the head and the spine take away from it so meh. Outfit looks like so many other outfits, not to mention uni boob and more clunky boots. So many players out there would make better designers!

Update: Okay, I did not phrase this accurately enough. The specific problem is achieved by a) nose bridge scaling b) particular face types.

I know, just commenting on how with the face clipping, part of the helm was embedded in the asura’s face – and how Aura may be into those sorts of things.

Bit off an odd point this, but based on Tiami’s armor almost looking as if it contains liquid, some lore developments and some other esoteric stuff, I think Tiami may be injecting herself with blighting pod fluid. I put a longer post about the tinfoil theory on the GW2 forums but a mod moved it to the Lore section – a sub-forum so obscure I didn’t even know it existed up until now.

I want Marjory’s Outfit 🙁

ANet: okay guys so heres the plan, we have Marjory looking sexy as ever lets get her into her new outfit and stuck in Episode 1.

Players reached the final chapter of the first episode: OMG That outfit looks sexy I hope that is added.

ANet denys you of your outfit and adds Taimi into Episode 1-2: Okay lets give them Taimi’s outfit now.

Player has disconnected from the game.

Bought the glider and can’t get enough of all the amazing color variations. Especially after the last two birthday gifts (although shadow abyss on it looks dull).

My character looks totally badass with the spectral glider and his spectral Longbow!! I love that combo!!

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