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GW2 Extended PvP Off-season and Other Updates

GW2 is having an extended off-season for PvP among other things from the PvP Team.

A message from the PvP Team:

Hi all,

Now that Season 4 has come to an end, we wanted to take a brief moment to update you on a few items.

First, we wanted to let you know that the off-season between Seasons 4 and 5 will be longer than previous seasons. We’re working on some significant changes to the league system and we decided that we’d rather wait until the league changes are ready to ship before starting the next season of PvP. We haven’t completed our internal “is it ready to ship?” checklist, so we can’t dive into the specific changes or give the start date for Season 5, but you can read-up on what we’re hoping to address in this post. We’ll be giving you a full run-down of the changes prior to release.

Second, in the next few weeks we’ll be running a poll that asks if you’d like to see PvP Leagues switch to a solo/duo queue only system, rather than allowing rosters of any size (1 through 5 players). This is potentially a very big change for PvP, so we wanted to get it on your radar ahead of time so you can ruminate, discuss it together now, and then share your opinion on the poll when it is available.

Third, many of you have asked and we wanted to confirm: the next balance update will ship this month.

Fourth, AcademyGaming will be hosting the return of Tournament of Legends in early November. More information will be released on this soon, but the short of it is that anyone can sign up (first come, first served) and earn rewards such as legendary weapons, precursors, and legendary crafting mats. We wanted to let you know ahead of time so you can start creating your teams and such.

Finally, anyone who hit Legendary in Season 4 is still owed the “Indomitable Legend” title. We’ll be distributing this title via in-game mail once we have a compiled a full list of those who earned it. There’s no action needed on your part other than keeping an eye on your in-game mailbox. We’ll post on the forums once we’ve sent the titles out.


The PvP Team


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12 replies on “GW2 Extended PvP Off-season and Other Updates”

I don’t care I only play pvp for the maps, finishers, rewards, levels, basically the esport shit it what I DONT give a fuck about. Where the hell are our Halloween news? What’s new? What’s returning?

Yea I’m wondering about that too, I hope they bring back Lunatic Inquisition and add some sort of sexy Halloween outfit to the gem store I mean I know they won’t but I can hope anyways >.<

What about players who didn’t make it to Legendary? Just, say, to Diamond or lower? Do they get the appropriate credit towards Indomitable Legend even if they didn’t complete it?

There’s no credit given as it’s a seasonal title. Each PvP season had a ‘___ Legend’ title, for those who hit Legendary to obtain.

Oh no, I don’t mean that we should get the title too. What I meant is that the achievement is a progressive one; you get 1 AP for each division that you passed. That’s what I’m interested in, not the title.

Solo and Due queue only? Its odd to see a pvp syndicate give the option to favour individuals over organised teams.

Removing solo queue was the worst thing they ever did to pvp, that and removing all build diversity and killing off all the fun builds as well.

Least its not as repetitive as SWTOR’s PvP. You get tired of facing the same people over and over and over. I mean, you win some and you lose some which is no big deal but holy crap does it ever get old facing the same people constantly…

It’s a team game, it is supposed to be played with friends. Being able to communicate with others about rotations through voice chat makes pvp more competitive and fun, at least for me.
Also, I don’t see how they removed build diversity, care to write some more about that?

I miss the real pvp, where it was about fighting. Now there’s actually talk of tactics where you avoid fighting. You can’t join a fight club and then have tactics about not fighting. Bring back the Courtyard. Bring back pure PvP!

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