SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne Betrayed Trailer

SWTOR has released the cinematic trailer for KOTET expansion, titled Betrayed. The expansion will be released on Dec 2, 2016.

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Ok, at least now we know who is that person on that teaser picture.
The trailer is amazing, my only hope KOTET will not turn up to be a soap opera about that Valkorion`s family problems

No, I did not…
Sorry, could not help myself with the way you reply.
Well, in the very beginning it had something to do with players character. I loved my characters interractions with Valkorion (Dreams of the Empire was actually good, for me at least), with Arcann a little. But as much as I do not want to I have to partly agree with you. Yes, we were growing alliance, faced Arcann, did some quests… I liked playing chapters, but I`ve stoped feeling like my character is part of that story.
My hopes were with Valkorion again and his “You are ready” in the end but after that trailer I do not know anymore. I will still play new chapters… but… its really a shame… It comes from bw decisions hardcore supporter

The main reason for you being there (and you I mean your character) is to make an excuse for Arcann to kill his father. THAT is the main reason your character is put there. From then on, you are just rolling with the punches. I think you are right on the money. “You are ready”… Ready for what? What are you doing there? As I wrote above, you are not the main character, you are a supporting character in a story that is not your own.

Its a shame, really. So much preparations and for what? To be a side kick.
I want to write about how wrong you are about importance of our characters to The Galaxy, in that storyline and bash you around about it, but we both know you are writing the truth… at least until KOTET will prove opposite (IF that will happened) but that trailer as amazing as it is, it nearly killed all my hopes for that to happened. I will love my interractions with Valkorion still ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope we are both wrong, and that KotET will be amazing. I wish no wrong on this game. But I just don’t feel like that’s going to happen. But let’s wait and see…

no new OPS….SM/HM/NiM for single player … this is ridiculous. Galactic command system???=new group content … bitch please…

I never saw anything about new content, so not sure why you are complaining about something when nothing is known about the expansion except the release date and the title of said expansion.

So this trailer really just further proves that the player is really NOT the main character of this story, and is almost a minor side character. I realize that due to everyone’s different characters they couldn’t openly insert the Outlander, but even a mention of the Outlander threat/Alliance… something that ties us in. But nope. The last expansion was seemingly trying to make us feel sorry for Arcann and Senya at the end (which my Sith Marauder does NOT), now we are supposed to further feel sorry for Senya… and maybe even Vaylin a little bit. Ugh.

I’m ready to just end all this and go back to war with the Republic.

Feels like minor side character at best. That a shame, I had so much hope for KOTET. I really hope I`m wrong but that trailer was unable to make me feel any better. Our characters turned up to be nothing more but a plaything for Valkorion and a side kick for the rest of them.

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So, was that actually Vaylin in the end, then? Because up close it looked nothing like her :O

Great trailer as expected anyway, though my theory about who the kid was going to be was wrong, which is a shame. Vaylin is less than interesting for the most part ๐Ÿ™

Well, at least this proves SWTOR still knows how to make a cinematic…

I still wonder if Vaylin isn’t Vitiate/Valkorian’s new host body…

In the end, i already felt sorry for Vaylin, the brothers and Senya, the children never had a chance because their mother was not there for them and that meant the emperor could corrupt them with ease, so i am guessing the expansion will be all about us saving Vaylin and helping Arcann come to terms with what he has done.

As impressive as the trailer is it doesn’t feel like Star Wars. I am not such much talking about the plot but the design of the characters and world. It feels something more akin to Tron than to Star Wars. Of course, this is just my opinion but it is something that has bothered me since seeing the first cinematic trailer of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Sure, there are lightsabers and force powers but there seems to be a real disconnect with the universe in the trailer and the rest of the Star Wars media. Perhaps I am the only one to think this, but with no references of the Jedi and Sith or the Empire and Republic this seems to be barely recognizable, from a style perspective at least, as Star Wars.

The idea is that it’s a third party — an unknown empire emerging from Wild Space, a very mysterious chunk of the galaxy. It would be like ten thousand warships coming out of Greenland and conquering every major country in the world. It is, to some extent, designed to feel foreign. However, in KOTFE’s trailer there were indeed multiple references to the known galaxy (Korriban, Sith, Empire symbols and lightsabers, Republic symbols and lightsabers, Lightsabers in general, their crystals, Force powers such as push… etc.

I understand the concept of an unknown empire emerging from wild space would feel foreign. However, the aesthetics still don’t look right in my opinion. To be honest I have never been a fan of bringing in a third party, I personally think it seems too contrived and frankly unnecessary. But that wasn’t my original point. My point is that you can have a foreign party and still have them fit with the overall style of Star Wars. Take Valkorian for example. With his needlessly large shoulder pads, overly intricate and impractical LED emblazoned armor he does not mesh with the relatively simple practical nature of Star Wars design. He looks over-styled, like the designers couldn’t stop and needed to keep adding more and more layers and lights to the point that he looks gaudy, like some kind of space Liberace. This is something that swtor has struggled to get right throughout the conception and existence of the game and it has not gotten any better. If you like the new designs that is great, this is just my opinion after all, and I am happy Bioware’s art department has pleased at least one person.

I have a new working theory..this is all happening inside The Matrix… and as i am doing the same content from 2 years ago Morpheus walks out to me and says: “Look at the truth. There are no raids.”

Wow that was boring as hell!!! So KOTFE was all about Arcaan and his Daddy issues and not your player as demonstrated with the KOTFE trailer and of course the chapters that followed and now KOTET will be about Vaylin and mummy dearest??

So when the hell will Bioware remember people play SWTOR for THEIR character being a part of the Star Wars universe because nothing in this trailer outside of the lightsabers was about Star Wars whatsoever and the focus is on nothing but Valkorion and his God forsaken fucked up family. Well with no OPS and the story being once again having nothing to do with your character being the focus, looks like a population drop on the servers is imminent. *Shakes head*

This is an awesome trailer, i’ve shed a few tears. That said, can you compare this trailer to “Deceived” trailer… no, you cant. Its boring as hell.

Maybe if you take it separate from the game its like 100% cool, but in the context: this year story will solve the royal family issue, no new ops. I’ll go to the cantina event today and if its true – I’ll check in with you guys in a year.

This is more personal, but far from boring. KotFE has been as far from feeling like a Star Wars story as you can get, and this trailer doesn’t have any Star Wars feeling to it at all. At the same time, it’s my favourite trailer to date- there’s actual feeling behind it, where the others were just awesome battle scenes.

It actually made me care about Senya. Vaylin too, remarkably.

Dont care about raiding or pvp, am here for the story. Unfortunatley like the last one, this one looks niether Star Wars nor interesting

I guess they didn’t learn from 3.0 that a December release is a BAD idea. Release will be buggy and broken as usual. Then they all go on holiday for Christmas. January will be recovery from the holiday. First patch not even thought about until late January and released sometime around mid Feb. All current ops will be out of sync for the new level cap. etc etc. The list is endless.

Correct. Ops are pretty much dead. There is no reason to run them since the game went solo now. Then again nothing really ever said a person HAD to run the Ops unless you wanted to round out some of the stories behind them.

You don’t have to do anything, technically. What you do in-game is entirely your choice. But there’s only so many times you can do the same stuff over and over again until it stops being fun and starts feeling like boring.

Considering there are still many outstanding bugs and issues from KOTFE that have yet to be fixed (to say nothing of the issues pre 4.0), you seriously can’t believe BW gives two flying fucks when it releases new content when they don’t bother fixing past broken content half the time.

Okay, so nothing worth paying for. Sorry, but the chapters take like no time to play and redoing them is not fun, so yeah, not really anything to justify paying a monthly subscription. Thanks for turning an MMO into a single player game…..

Fuck me!!! Checking out, it looks like KOTET is just a repeat of KOTFE except instead of Arcaan as the main bad guy, now it is Vaylin but again the same shit will happen like it did in KOTFE: Find new allies (What the 40 others can’t fill the role??), do a daring raid or attack that is inconsequential, final battle v1.0, final battle 2.0 etc etc.

Read the chapter descriptions for KOTET and look how similar it is to KOTFE and it’s past 16 chapters but this time compressed into 9:


Lead the Alliance in an explosive battle against the Eternal Empire as Empress Vaylin begins her conquest of the galaxy.


Fend off deadly assassins and join forces with an unlikely new ally.


Settle scores in a lethal showdown to safeguard the Alliance.


Discover a mysterious and deadly new world in a bold fight for survival.


Escape certain doom with help from an old ally.


Spearhead a daring undercover mission into the heart of enemy territory.


Hunt your enemies to a dangerous and forgotten world untouched by the Force.

Chapter 8 END TIMES

Defend the Alliance against the greatest threat it’s ever faced.


Clash with the Eternal Empire’s strongest forces in the final battle for control of the Eternal Throne.

Interesting that this “expansion” will only be 9 chapters this time round. Looks like they are banking on this “Galactic Command” as their new “content”.

Anyway… just wondering, why Vaylin had blond hair as a child. And OMG, I`m not the only one who go dark side mode after haircut

My sister was born with a full head of black hair, by 2 she was an almost white shade of blonde, it darkened to an almost brown as a teen and now at 44 her kids and a-hole she is married to has turned it grey.

That will never happen. They save time and money by not having to add the code to make the characters change in the cut scenes. This way they don’t have to worry about that Marlo Ragnos headgear disappearing from Lana’s head or Senya’s black and gray skin when she’s wearing a dancer outfit. It sucks but it’s the new way of the game. You never have Vette or Skage or any of the other old camps in cut scenes after you get them and can change their outfits, it’s only the new characters.

Well, I guess technically they were right about the “Coming fall 2016” bit, since technically winter doesn’t start until Dec 22 or so.

lol if only they spent as much time on the actual game instead of these trailers /smh was pretty obvious that vayln was girl in the promo best advice is wait till the whole story is over and pay once if at all. I suspect next chapter theyll rotate the other brother back from the dead and rehash it a 3rd time very sad

Until Vitiate/Valkorian is truly laid to rest, he’ll still be floating out there to reappear as a threat.

true i supose he can just go eat another planet and knock up some more chicks and start the whole thing over again

Considering he was in at least two hosts during the original game time period (Sith Emperor and Valkorian), it would not surprise me if they already are out there.

Ok, i’m probably the only one but i’m going to admit that i didn’t like this trailer at all and just for one reason that really annoyed me :
They tried too hard to make Senya look like a carbon copy face of Rey. And i find it ridiculous.

I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since a kid.
But over the years Star Wars is only reference over reference, over “wink” and playing the nostalgia card and it’s just a huge caricatural parody of itself.

I really loved the KotFE trailer though ^^

the trailers arent bad it just comes off like they invest a huge amount of $$ into them and the game isnt able to hold up to the trailers lol

You joking? Dude, I think you’re the only person who thinks they tried to make her look like Rey. That’s just a silly idea.

So i assume Valkyrion sealed the Light Side part of Vaylin away and we will probably have the chance to remove that barrier in order to get her as companion. Just a thought..
Remember all this happend before Ziost.. before he got this whole “There is no dark and no light side” vibe.

That’s next season, in chapter 2 we get the crazy bald, cyborg we spent the last year trying to kill as a comp, so next year we will get the crazy, beautiful bitch as a comp.

Great trailer. Epic trailer. I really love the trailers these guys make. No shit here, being truly honest.

Unfortunately, it seems they are making the same mistake as with KotFE. I won’t go into the group content rant, or if this is an MMO or not. Enough about that, it’s all been said already.

No, I’m talking about the greatest mistake done with these expansions. As I saw someone on the site say, the mistake is that you are not the central piece of the story. This is NOT about you, or your character. It’s about someone else’s issues, and you are just a bystander.

You are NOT the catalyst for what goes on around here. You are merely one of the pieces that get moved around in the universe from time to time when someone else, the REAL protagonist(s) of the story decide do act. You are one of the supporting members of the cast, not the star of the show.

Great trailer though. If we could play as Vaylin or Senya this would be epic. As it stands, it will be more of the same.

i hope people catch on to only subbing at the end this time instead of paying monthly for this if at all.

Lots of people are going to do that. Lots that I know of in-game. And lots did that already with KotFE. Want to check out the chapters? Youtube is your friend…

This issue you have *might* end after KOTET. From what I get from datamine spoilers. But I can’t promise.

..I I don’t get it. What’s the use of this trailer, at all? I mean, it looks gorgeous, and quality wise it ain’t bad, but… story-wise, what the fuck does this add? This should’ve either been in KotFE as normal world-building/character-building storyarcs, or in KotET itself. Basically how they promote KotET is ”here’s a random bit of history”.

Call me a hater if you pathetically need to (I know there’s too many fanboys with pink-colored glasses on out there) but it just doesn’t make sense, from a story-telling point of view.

I totally agree. After watching this I felt that it was an awesome cinematic piece, that doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

yea it doesn’t, I had a hard time connecting this with the sacrifice trailer and trying to make a timeline of what happens after what if we merge the chapters and both trailers together.

It sheds new light on old information. WHY was Valkorion indifferent toward his sons? WHY did he always turn his back and walk away? This trailer explains that — it even shows a clip from the previous trailer from a new perspective — HER perspective. I find it to be very interesting. I do worry that someone who hasn’t played the game won’t understand it as much as someone who has, and I think that may hinder the trailer from pulling in QUITE as many people as possible, but on the other hand it is more rewarding for the players who HAVE played, and that has ALWAYS since the beginning of the game been something the SWTOR team has failed to do — appeal to and address the LOYAL PLAYERBASE as opposed to the outside pool of *potential* players… and FINALLY, with the writing they provided Blur for this trailer, they have done what they’ve failed to do for almost five years.

Also, it explains why Vaylin’s hair is black. A question we didn’t even have until the start of the trailer. Learn something new every day! XD

Exactly, as I said, it served to tell a story that
1. Should’ve been told already in KotFE.
2. Should’ve been told else in KotET.

Not as a trailer, not as marketing for their brand new expansion. This is how they’ll hype up what’s to come? This is their commercial of how KotET will be… in other words – they didn’t have enough written yet to make a real trailer? Take the Mass Effect 2 trailer for instance; also CGI, unsure if it was Blur, but that one told the story of the game wonderfully: Shepard having to recruit these people for a mission, and at the end it showed a scene that actually never appeared in the game as it was in the trailer. Did it matter? No. Did it hype people and give them a sense of understanding what’s to come? Yes.

Does the KotET trailer, which – as said, is cool and nothing wrong with in itself, provide that sort of information about the product that’s coming? Not even one bit. Unless KotET won’t be about the Outlander at all, but instead are contineous flashbacks about Vaylin.

this video was beautiful, it made me very sympathetic to the villains i’m supposed to hate, to senya whom i fired upon and wanted dead. it left me confused.

Right? Now we see exactly what happened between her and Vaylin, and I love how they put it in the background of Thexann and Arcann being raised by Valkorian from the original trailer. I honestly don’t understand why she hates Senya more than Valkorian. She tried to raise her, he just wanted to exploit her incredible power. It’s interesting to see Vaylin as a kid, figuring out that her anger fuels her power more than anything, and how it makes her a bit of a monster.

She is a bit of a monster. Its not even ‘normal’ Force childhood. There’s story behind how she’s this powerful. It flavors who she is.

Vaylin is much the ‘I’m expected to be this evil way because I was always expected to be this evil way’ character. Any redemption may come from the idea that all of this is an act for her. Doing what she’s expected as per her reputation. As per her father’s expectations. As per her education. As per any ‘artificial’ corruption in her. But that if the Force and the politics of the galaxy and Zakuul were not applied, she’d could have been that happy girl.
(And the brothers could have been family partners.)
(And the mother could have been a satisfied caretaker.)

A lot alludes to this being a family that in other circumstances would have been ‘simple farmers’ like Valkorion so claims (I think) he had taken a turn at being.

So we can hate this family/parts of them but the point is that often our choices and identity are already decided for us. Not all. But more than we’d usually like.

did anyone notice, at the end vaylin just did abit lightning, it was the patrol that made the fire. so she’s not able to control fire I guess?

Its bullshit, cause she did go to get her but in American kid logic, if she didn’t leave her in the first place to be “groomed” into the darkside, she wouldn’t have to in the first place.

That was not Senya’s choice. Valkorion is the one who basically decided how Vaylin will be “raised”

Like i said, American kid logic. For example if a father slaves away at a job so that his kids can have the good life. They hate him for missing a few games or recitals etc. or If you give a kid up for adoption, even if the kid has the life of luxury, that will resent you for giving them up etc.

Senya gave her up to Valkorian to essentially be tortured. We already knew that it was Senya’s idea to seal her power.

I don’t know, on the trailer it seems that Senya didn’t really have a say in the matter against Valkorion, who witnessed Vaylin’s real power when she was crushing that Zakuul Knight in his armor.

In dialogue, Senya outright tells you she was the one who went to Valkorian. The trailer implies she realised just how bad it was halfway through.

Still does not compute! He’s the godamned fucking emperor (#notmyemperor), he would have known from the moment of her birth that his daughter is a force prodigy!
I’m guessing it’s the revelation of her dark side affinity that finally makes him take her away for “training”. And it seems to be confirmed that Vaylin resents her mother because Senya was trying to stop her from using her dark side powers. (the real problem there seems to be that it almost looks like Senya is trying to keep her from using the force at all! Which makes no sense to me.)

but what really bugs me is what everybody else seems to have forgotten:
How the fuck did the guy who ate two planets (and wanted to chow down on the entire galaxy) turn into this wannabe farmer/father figure? What is the bloody point of Valkorion anyhow? Are we to assume that they never had any real clue what more to do with Vitiate and they just decided to drop that storyline and hope nobody would notice? I want my Star Wars back!

What a COLOSSAL waste on money.
8 minutes at what, about a million a minute?
For something that might get viewed 2 or 3 times by the average player.
and they can’t scrounge up enough resources to put out an op?

I’m disappointed by the content of the trailer too. Bad writing, terrible characters A 6 minute Blur trailer isn’t going to change my mind about a terrible whiny one note villain. The Thexan/Arcann trailer was light years better than any of the actual gameplay we got after it, I’m not going to get my hopes up about this. At least it looks like we get to visit Nathema in chapter 7.

someone doesnt know how large companies budgets works… marketing money would never be used on ops, ops money is never used by marketing ๐Ÿ˜

SWTOR is just a big p2w hole without previous and this upcoming expansion, I might give it a try but wont last for long after finishing KotET becasue as we all know BioWare arent willing to update PvE content.

It’s a nice looking video, and it’s nice to have something new to look at, but since I don’t really care about Senya all that much, and it doesn’t add to the story, as far as I can tell, it left me a bit flat. If there was a point to it, I missed it.

I’m confused. That doesn’t look like the Vaylin we know at all. Is this cinematic all pre-KotFE? Senya looks younger throughout the whole thing, but does that mean Vaylin eventually became the calm and collected (relatively) psychopath we have now? Or, is that last scene post KotFE, and she’s gotten even crazier after she took the throne? Why would she massacre Zakuul knights like that?

tell me what can be the reason vaylin hated her mom, she did try to save her from valkorian. But at first she was light sided as first but then she tried to destroy that dummy soldier and fail and failed then suddenly her dark side came out. So it looked like she was dark sided from childhood under the hood then it makes sense she hated her light sided mom

Seems to me it was because her mum was teaching her letting her play and fight, but then dad found out, and took her away and let her fester with those nut cases, and left it was her mums fault for letting her be taking and locked up.

When KOTFE came out that “movie” with the brothers you never saw their sister. This next expansion will be about her. These were flashbacks if you didn’t know

Something I’ve kinda thought about since KotFE started: this whole storyline is honestly kinda wasted on TOR. The Valkorion family and the Eternal Empire are, in my opinion, the most interesting thing we’ve gotten out of this game, but they’re too good for it. Hell, the writing team seems to be much more invested in them than the Alliance, and I frankly don’t blame them. The Outlander and the Alliance are really only there because the player has to exist.

KotFE and KotET would be much better serviced as either a movie series, TV series, or single-player RPG where you play as a member of the family, or someone close to them. The politics of the Valkorion dynasty are just so interesting, but we won’t really be able to have as much fun from the framing device player characters have in TOR.

Most of the 8 original class stories of SWTOR are better than KOTFE/KOTET in my opinion. And I am not even going to the Dread Masters storyline, which is freaking phenomenal. Hell, even the prelude to Revan and the Rishi/Yavin storylines, ending with Temple of Sacrifice are actually pretty good.

The Vitiate and his dysfunctional family story is ok… but I don’t think it stands out that much. Maybe you’re right though. If that story had been presented in a different way, other than the Outlander doing stupid things one after the other while killing 100000 sky troopers with silly robotic sounds, it would have been a lot better.

Hell yeah man, Dread Masters up until all the Oricon stuff… That’s EPIC TOR for you right there. I loved it man, I still occasionally go do Oricon just for the hell of it. I go up to that place where you can scan all the towers with the binocs and fucking take pictures for the Force’s sake… Epic man epic…

I do Oricon with ALL my toons. I also do SOR with most of them. I never do Ilum, Makeb, Macrobinoculars & Seeker Droid missions and hell, I do NOT do KOTFE with any toons anymore… 4 times was more than enough :/

I completely agree. The original content to the game is authentically the feel of Star Wars. This zakul/valkorian stuff is just dull fan fiction on paper thin backdrops to kill trash mobs on easy mode to get to the next chapter. Only the HK bonus mission had the feel of the original.

yea, sacrifice was so much better and it’s probably cuz they all looked cool and tbh valk’s wife isn’t that hot >_> the story is good though

Since these are flashbacks….I assume she was blonde when she was a kid and “innocent”. Since the darkside took over….she is brunette in KOTFE

I thought of that explanation, but that’s a pretty lame symbolism if they’re going for this… blonde = light side but then her inability to connect with the Force and have control over it make her go to the dark side and get black hair? Yeah I don’t know..

My hair didn’t change to brown until I was a preteen, and the seemingly black hair Vaylin has in the trailer is almost certainly not her natural color, since she’s a brunette as an adult.

Too confusing…. so valk sent vaylin away and then secretly teamed up with her instead of his ugly wife whose name I don’t remember. GJ valk

I think the jist is that his establishment of Zakuul, in the state he was in then, was relatively benevolent and his family intentions relatively pure. Then the Sith part arrives in more recent years and he shows a whole other side of sociopathy and manipulation.
So yes he banishes his wife, enables the worst of his daughter, and pins his sons against each other, and ultimately abandons them all when he spots you doing your quests over the years of the game’s timeline. A sign that even if he doesn’t seem like he’s exactly Emperor Vitiate, there’s something going on in his ‘spirit’ that is intensely evil and/or dangerous and is not to be completely served (even if you ‘kneeled’ in KOTFE).

I think most details of the story of the trailer were revealed by Senya during the previous chapters, but this was fun to watch, and see the actually young Vaylin and her transformation.

Considering KOTET will have a New Lv 65 option, this trailer is very much more for new players who could be helped with even the most minimal but more relevant plot recap.

My main question is this:

Who’s at the end of the trailer? Judging from the sketch ritual scene, it SEEMS like it’s Vaylin, but the face looks very male, and doesn’t bear any resemblance to the Vaylin in-game.

It’s a woman from the body and from what she is wearing it looks like the same clothing Vaylin wears. Add in the full sleeve tattoos and I think it is clearly meant to be Vaylin.

Her face definitely doesn’t look as feminine as it does in KOTFE. Powerful dark side users tend to suffer changes facial, so maybe this is a sign. Maybe she’ll be Lana’ed and they/re just going to change her face and give her more ‘texture’.

Well ofc she doesn’t look like a girl… but she still does if you focus properly even after the dark side transition and becoming bald

No one in the Galaxy holds that much power… the beginning of the trailer showed that much… it is definitely her. Plus, cinematic Senya doesn’t look much like kotfe Senya..

how dare you?! don’t you kno BioWare is progressive, it is a man with tits. Face is 90% masculine, so either she is a butch mutant lesbian or dark force made her grow testicles

Dark side users? I thought Valkorion created an empire “beyond the light and the dark”. This looks nothing more than light side vs. dark side.

Simple. Valkorion lied. He’s evil. Straight out evil. He talks about being beyond Light and Dark but in reality he’s just as much a Dark Side user as he ever was. He just uses a pretty coat of paint. And he knows it…otherwise why is it every time he tries to ‘suggest’ an action, it turns out to be a DS choice? Val lies.

Hum… ok how about at some point the whole old republic crashes as well as the empire in an expansion and something new is born in its place (this expansions are not canon as I understand it) in which you can play either an imp or a pub class yet share the same space station in this new alliance, thus allowing at that point in game players and classes from both sides to team up to do content from then on. It can be simpler; after all they do keep making instanced planets as
they go along they could easily create something like this. It definitely doubles the population that participates in content (yes yes add more ops and stuff…) as well as it opens up a bunch of doors for other stuff. Dunno just my 2 cents.

…and yes in this idea you dont open up old planets and missions up for this (to expensive and too much work), just the new content thats going to come out after that point. I know they wont add class stories in this idea (again to expensive and too much work), but at least a light side story and a dark side story would be cool.

…maybe the light story you end up being responsible for the creation of whatever replaces the old republic in that time. Same for darkside and empire.

Well if anyone had any questions that Emperor Vally wasn’t a completely twisted, evil piece of garbage, torturing his own daughter into an insane murder machine just because is all the proof you will ever need that he is.

nice trailer

however it has absolutely nothing to do with the eternal throne.
this trailer they spend money on is pointless.

This and the KotFE trailer just make me feel sorry for Valkorion’s family for having the misfortune of being his family.
Vaylin obviously had some issues but I’m guessing they could be worked out if she wasn’t tortured or w/e other fun activities Valkorion provided after locking her up.
Senya is an honest and just person and both Thexan and Arcann seemed like good people before Valkorion f’d them up.
Then again the dude managed to screw up the entire galaxy, it’s little wonder he messed up his own family.
I just hope I’m able to reconcile with Senya in KotET, I regret firing upon her ship.

This trailer is incredible. Whoever put this together did a fantastic job. Absolutely wonderful. I really wish it was for a different game though. SWTOR has become nothing more than a vehicle to get kids to gamble money away on “packs”.

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