SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion Info

SWTOR has released some details regarding the upcoming expansion releasing Dec 2, 2016.



Play Your Star Wars™ Story – Your Way!


Battle to rule the galaxy in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Eternal Throne, a bold new digital expansion from BioWare. Be the Outlander and command a team of hand-picked allies as you face one of the most dangerous families in Star Wars™. Mother against daughter. Sister against brother. It’s a fight for control of the throne. You decide who will live, who will die and who will rule the galaxy. Fight to influence the galaxy for the light or dark side of the Force™!

Best of all, Knights of the Eternal Throne is FREE to all Premium players!

  • YOUR PERSONAL STAR WARS™ STORY – Step into your own Star Wars™ story from BioWare, featuring nine chapters, five new levels and two new planets woven into an epic saga where you fight to rule the galaxy.
  • MAKE DYNAMIC DARK VS. LIGHT SIDE CHOICES – Decide the future of the galaxy and determine the fate of your allies and enemies – your every action drives the galaxy closer to the light or dark side of the Force™.
  • START YOUR SAGA HERE – Be The Outlander, a Level 65 veteran of the Great Galactic War, and embark on a handcrafted story-driven saga.
  • RULE WITH GALACTIC COMMAND – Grow your influence as you ignite light and dark side enemies, battle new Uprisings and unlock the most powerful rewards – all starting at Level 70 in the new and ongoing Galactic Command system.
  • BATTLE WITH ALLIES IN NEW UPRISINGS – Join with up to three allies in erupting action-packed battles and confront the galaxy’s most notorious adversaries rising to challenge your influence in Galactic Command.
  • PLAY YOUR WAY – Choose to play any story chapter or battle in three new challenge levels – Story, Veteran, or Master mode – whatever suits your playstyle!




  • Get eternal access to the new Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion FREE at launch including one free*** high-level character to start your adventure. (One per subscribed SWTOR account)
  • Enjoy unlimited access to the new Galactic Command system unlocked at Level 70 as you fight to grow your power and retain control of the galaxy in ongoing battles and Uprisings – alone or with friends – to earn the most valuable rewards.
  • Receive 500 FREE monthly Cartel Coins to trade in for gear, XP Boosts, speeders and more!
  • Must be a Premium player (subscriber status) as of December 2, 2016 to play Knights of the Eternal Throne.




Lead the Alliance in an explosive battle against the Eternal Empire as Empress Vaylin begins her conquest of the galaxy.

Fend off deadly assassins and join forces with an unlikely new ally.

Settle scores in a lethal showdown to safeguard the Alliance.

Discover a mysterious and deadly new world in a bold fight for survival.

Escape certain doom with help from an old ally.

Spearhead a daring undercover mission into the heart of enemy territory.

Hunt your enemies to a dangerous and forgotten world untouched by the Force.

Defend the Alliance against the greatest threat it’s ever faced.

Clash with the Eternal Empire’s strongest forces in the final battle for control of the Eternal Throne.


  • * To qualify for the Knights of the Eternal Throne Pre-Order Rewards, the player must be a Premium player (subscriber status) as of the date listed by the reward. Knights of the Eternal Throne rewards are delivered through in-game mail or mission and are redeemable as of the launch of the expansion.
  • **To qualify for Early Access to Knights of the Eternal Throne, the player must be a Premium player (subscriber status) continuously from October 25, 2016 through November 27, 2016. Qualified players may enter and play Knights of the Eternal Throne beginning November 29, 2016, three days ahead of official launch.
  • ***As of the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne, Premium players will receive one free high-level character (one per subscribed SWTOR account) to begin their new Knights of the Eternal Throne adventure.
  • NOTE: Beginning November 29, 2016, players with unused advanced character tokens in inventory can use them to play Knights of the Eternal Throne.


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False advertising at this point. Sell an RPG but say its an MMO to convince people to sub. Its working so why would they stop:)

Sadly, these guys are idiots.. They just don’t get it or they don’t care. The game will be dead soon i’m sure. They’re just milking it for what they can on its way out. Especially considering the new movies/content coming out and the age of the game. They’re lucky to have made what they have of this game with the lack of content. Sad.

Wait… You don’t keep the allies you made in KOTFE? I mean, those that did not betray you outright…

If I rember correctly, before the launch of KOTFE they revealed 9 chapters with a short discription, but they also showed the additional 7 with a ? and placeholder images.

Yes. But this doesn’t mean there won’t be story content through 2017. Even as ‘Chapters’. What it does mean is that KOTET is more overt about these 9 chapters being the story arc. Not stringing us along for the ‘real conclusion’ (so much as before at least). Nothing stops Bioware from making a new form of chapters, or more ‘bonus chapters’, or even just padding out things.

Hey look it’s KotFE all over with no new raids or flashpoints… So I see Biofail learned nothing from subs leaving before KotFE was done… I’ll just be enjoying WoW a game that has new mmo content like raids and dungeons.

I’d better enjoy a Monster Hunter Online. Atleast there you get a gropus and constnt multiplayer, even on story quests.

Sad when WoW is seen as a better alternative.. SW has so much more. Such a rich story annd universe being wasted and all we want is more! Ugh. These people disgust me with the lack of vision and/or care.

BATTLE WITH ALLIES IN NEW UPRISINGS – Join with up to three allies in erupting action-packed battles and confront the galaxy’s most notorious adversaries rising to challenge your influence in Galactic Command.
lol the group content they work hard on

So… is this now a completely single player game, that we are paying monthly…. for some reason? I’ve supported this game for four years, but even I am getting a tad tired defending it. :/

It’s got a great story… but what’s there to do for all of us that have like 20 alts sitting at 65, of which we’ll probably get ~3+ to 70 on the first week and have them geared in another week or so.

Think they just threw a bunch of imp comps on left side, and bunch of pub comps on right side, Don’t think it means anything more than that.

I love how they’re going to try that sub trick again to have people hooked in this game for Shae Vizla. Saying it now, Shae Vizla inspired gear and you’ll able to play as her for a chapter.

It’s 14$ a month. I stay subbed even when I’m not actively playing. It’s an incentive to sub, no one is forcing you.

If they did it like the last time a 3 month sub and then you can unsub since it seems to state all 9 chapters will be released together since you chose which chapter to play.

seriously? I’d take it. It would still be miles better then the HK stuff bc at least Shae is interesting.

I wonder what this “pick your allies” is meant to be? Something new, where we have to make a choice, or just a fancy discription for pressing N.


Well the trailer as usual looks fantastic. I have enjoyed KOTFE quite a lot so I look forward to this. Have they mentioned when Dark vs Light ends?

well, last year with kotfe, they told us up front there would be 16 but only 9 at launch.
This time, they are only saying there’s 9. I’m hoping that they are doing what they should have done last time, and stopped at the initial 9 and used the rest of the time towards making a daily area and some group content :O

It’s definitely worth for someone who doesn’t own many epic mounts and companions. But seriously, I subbed last year for Nico and don’t use him at all. Worst deal ever. The same abilities as the rest of companions and he doesn’t have his own little story. No point of getting Shae for me.

I use him for the first 10 levels when rolling a new character. instant level 1 companion in your mailbox XD

but yeah thats about it…

Looks like all the chapters are released at one time at release. Choose to play any story chapter or battle in three new challenge levels – Story, Veteran, or Master mode – whatever suits your playstyle!

A question, if I sub up until release and play the chapters and then unsub will I still have the expansion. Thank you.

Most likely yes. It was like that during KotFE. once you sub yuo have access to all content that has been released up to that point

I won’t be fooled again, even though i like the difficulty feature on the story. Show me any kind of news about end game content this expansion and i’ll sub. But until then, i’ll wait.

The ranks rewards are shit. Now, they made some badass cinematic. Telling us about any PvP maps or any Operations. All I heard was story story story. Too recycled plants which isn’t even big. No, news of new class’s. Some balanced class works. Seriously, these guys expect to subscribe to what just story?

1) Give us Operations
2) Remake the game in another engine (seriously a gaming computer can barely run this shit)
3) Good ranked rewards + stop the hackers + new PvP Maps
4) New Classes
5) Bring us Hybrid specs back ( We aren’t 7 year olds and people complained it was hard fuck them and think about the actually players. We want hard and challenging content not some WoW shit that isn’t challenging.
6) Support System pls
7) Stop with your monthly rewards your HK-55 Rewards are cancerous we won’t fall for it.
8) Fire all the developers and bring back the original developers that made Star Wars what it was.
9) You don’t listen to the following above then fuck the game and make KOTOR 3
10) If all of the above aren’t done in 3 + 4 months. The game is legit fucked.

hahahaha? new classes? you make me laugh! they can’t even balance their current classes what makes you think they can do another one?

They got the classes pretty balanced this time. Just the notes in my opinion and others it pretty good. Although, some tweaks can be made.

Pretty balanced? Haha sorcs have better pvp survivability than a tank. Oh and are like far aND away the most viable healer in pvp.
Pve ok, sorcs are actually semi limited by energy regen now. Certainly for sm ops/ hm fp and even for the hm ops I’ve done knowing the class is far more important than gear and people why cry balance sucks in pve probably dont know their class too well.

You are in so many ways incorrect. That upcoming expansion it’s pretty fucking balanced. If you can see it wake the fuck up.

Definitely right about all of that. I want some new classes and do something more with starships and battles. I want to fight other players in space and raid other guild’s space station strongholds. We should be able to have MORE of this type of content or your game is just…. fucked.

couldn’t agree more ive been holding out in hopes of a couple new ops but as already said expected to be disappointed so looks like my swtor days end in dec when my sub runs out been a good 18 months and ok last year but cant justify another year of s and v tfb df dp ev ec kp ugggggg

1. Ok here I can agree. It’s been since 3.0 and revan that we had a new op. I don’t see them doing it in a free expansion but it is needed. The raiding community has evaporated.
2. I’m hardly a techie, but I built my own pc and it runs the game fine. Amd 380 gpu. The issues with stuff like having to jump for it to realize you’re out of stupid or getting shot through pillars are annoying though, if that’s what you’re referencing.
3. Never played ranked so idk. As for new pvp maps, it’d be nice but we did get odessen pretty recently. Also this (at least since I’ve been playing circa 2.0) has never really been a pvp focused game. Yes it has pvp. But that’s not the primary focus.
4. Never going to happen man. They don’t seem to have the funding to bring back class stories or even faction stories. New class? Even more involved. Plus if it has no back story like the original 8 why’d I want to play it anyway?
5. Meh I’m perfectly happy the way things are honestly. I main tank and heal otherwise. I don’t need more people telling me being a tank geared and speed tank is useless. Or that I should be pulling 2k dps as a healer and still miraculously keeping everyone alive. Hybrids would be yet another reason to boot tanks from tacticals. I’ve quit doing pug FPS because I’m sick of the we don’t need a tank-vote kick before I phase in attitude.
6. I’m not really sure what you’re looking for? “support system”? Like a tutorial? Or an actually helpful ticket/bug reporting system. If the second case I agree honestly. Too many tickets have gone ignored or gotten essentially a sorry we can’t help you.
7. At least we get something. I mean it’s hokey that they think hk stuff will buy my loyalty indefinitely. I keep subscribing because I want to do ops and stuff with friends. Their rewards really arent a variable in my equation. Rewards that actually meant something would be nice. But idk what i’d want, honestly.
8. This seems purposefully inflamatory. I mean firing pepole would probably mean the end of the game. What if the original devs don’t want to come back?
9. As much a I’d live a kotor 3 having come to swtor from bioware single player rpgs myself (like kotor 1/2 and mass effect), I think we have the closest thing we’ll ever see to it. Revan has been dealt with, Disney scrapped the EU, all the cards are simply against a true kotor 3. Honestly Disney seems much more focused on the original trilogy era, so I doubt we’ll be seeing much new in regards to the kotor-era.
10. 3-4 months? Ludicrous man. It took them 1 month just to fix broken ops bosses. Do yeah while there are changes I’d like to see, patience is a virtue padawan. For me the biggest downer is ops. It’s long overdue for something there and that’s where I’d have liked them to focus.
Even for someone like me who came from single player rpgs and loves exploring lore and enjoying getting into my character their one size fits all story is getting a wee bit old. Whys my main (jedi guardian light side all the way) suddenly becoming alliance commander (and possibly galatic commander based on the info here) after he told kira the jedi existed to serve not rule. He has no desire to rule, so whys he doing it? Because bioware is lazy or doesn’t have the resources to create a plot for him.
In regards to ops, did anyone seriously think we’d see any? Free expansion and the name practically screamed kotfe continued.

It was a dynamic dark vs light choice. If she had taken the light side choice she would still be blonde. CHOICES MATTER! 😀

Not sure why Shae Visla would want to join me after I screwed her over in KOTFE. Maybe she likes the abuse.

Well, hopefully they won’t over exploit her popularity the way they did HK-55. Otherwise we won’t feel that way about her next year 😛

It doesn’t look like they’re doing the monthly chapters, meaning there wouldn’t be lots of monthly rewards.

Also, unlike how they handled Nico, Shae’s actually played a role ingame after the launch cinematics, and we know her.

Why does vaylin look ugly as fuck in the end? The tattoos looked cool but then I saw her ratchet ass face.

Good question. I think, they think we are to stupid to understand that Vaylin is super evil, without making her eyes looking evil and her face ugly.

Too stupid to know that typos happen, no matter if you know how to spell a word, no matter how stupid or not you are?

Will it be all the story chapters at once and ending an arc ?
Or is it going “to be continued…” with others chapters following like with KotFE ?

so, trailer was really cool and I still wish for swtor to be a movie rather than a game at this point…
YOUR PERSONAL STAR WARS™ STORY: I presume by this they mean single player rather than what we want.
MAKE DYNAMIC DARK VS. LIGHT SIDE CHOICES: well atleast they aren’t lying anymore, choices wont matter but they will be “dynamic”, yay I guess?
START YOUR SAGA HERE: just more level boosts? no group content so I am betting 90% wont be needing this.
RULE WITH GALACTIC COMMAND: so no more eternal empire thankfully, I hope. and well why add group content when your the emperor, BW does know what their doing see… oh and if this means garrisons from WoW they better do it better than bliz.
BATTLE WITH ALLIES IN NEW UPRISINGS: who loved star forts? no one? well damn guys you could just add a new FP or 2 and don’t make it bloody tactical or solo and we would be happy.
PLAY YOUR WAY: well I can’t criticise them for trying to make it replay-able.

so, now onto the rewards, and damn I am sad about them…
Shea Visla as a comp: I can’t change her gear and she wont have a story so why do I care?
New mount: well I would rather have the armour of the guy standing next to it, I have a walker so meh..
3 days early access: well okay early access but make it week at least, the content wont take a day I bet so why make it 3, if it’s a week at least their will be more time before people complain -I hope-

CAST OF CHARACTERS: um, why did they need to do the royal family? unless thexan is back? in that case yay for the not dying!

And finally they haven’t mentioned anymore chapters more than 9, so I hope it ends their and they decide to release the actual expansion with meaningful content after that or announce it…

The armor the guy next to the walker is the old verpine/underworld smuggler gear which you can now get a legacy version by turning in alliance smuggled goods crates to Hylo Viz, though granted the underworld and resurrected gears, at least from my perspective, have a much lower drop rate than dreadguard and arkanian gear

For those who wanted to know what the final scene was. I believe it was Zakuul being destoryed and Vaylin did it. Or it could be Nathem where Vitiate did his ritual to destroy all life.

Um star fortresses also had a 4 man version. They were called “heroic” version, 3 people could accompany you. So to the OP, yes, exactly like Star Fortresses.

It says “challenging your influence”
I interpret that as you can run it with just 3 companions if you want instead of players. probably the overall formula is somehow different from flashpoints a little bit…

I want some new classes and do something more with starships and battles. I want to fight other players in space and raid other guild’s space station strongholds. We should be able to have MORE of this type of content or your game is just…. fucked. Sadly, these guys are idiots.. They just don’t get it or they don’t care. The game will be dead soon i’m sure. They’re just milking it for what they can on its way out. Especially considering the new movies/content coming out and the age of the game. They’re lucky to have made what they have of this game with the lack of content. Sad.

Well said. They seem to just not care.. how they can go another expansion without a single raid but raise level cap and gear rating is pure idiotic. People who dont see this literally live in a bubble.

You want star ships and battles? Wrong game. Better check out Star Citizen, Rebel Galaxy, Star Conflict or Dual Universe

Questions raised by the trailer: When did Vaylin get her forehead jewels? Is there a ritual in Zakuul culture when you get these? How does this work?

Thought this game was a MMO and not a RPG game. Its already been over 2 years ago they introduced multiplayer content. With the info we got now we have to wait atleast another year before we get some multiplayer content. I and propably most people who like to do ops are extremely disappointed.

Tl;Dr no new endgame content, another year of pure story single player with maybe and optional 4 man flashpoint. Well, this is all I needed to see to end my sub this month. Peace.

I’m already depressed at the notion that this story will likely have no resolution after yet 9 more chapters. It’ll be drawn out until next summer in half hour increments.

So no new ops or warzones? This release is even more disappointing than KOFTE. Plus, it looks like there are only 9 chapters total instead of 16, so no episodic chapters either.

Oh wait, maybe BW will use the rest of the year to release ops, warzones and bugfixes??

Lol I kid I kid, they will only release reskinned CM items.

So if we stay subbed a whole year do we get a special chapter to play as Thexann? Tell me it is so I really want to throw my money at a solo player online game and need to make sure EA gets the max profits.

This doesn’t feel like a digital expansion at all. Just feels like a few more hours of chapters tacked on to 4.0 with an arbitrary level increase.

Oh cut the crap… I’ll be a sub if these guys mail me a Shae Vizla sex doll. TAKE MY MONEY BW, I BEG YA!!!

Last year they promised something better than cross-server qeuing is coming BEFORE the next ComicCon. My PvP server is dead, and there is nothing announced to fix that. Empty promise

Yeah probaby… sadface.

I wonder what that was about: LAST years ComicCon.

Group Q&A from ObiWanBaikonur

Q: “Last year at NY ComiCon (2014), you said that there was something ‘better than cross-server’ coming. What is it? Where/when is it?”

Musco- I did say that, and I’m going to give you the Community
Manager answer that we see cross-server queuing as really addressing a
symptom, rather than the actual problem. The real problem is that Group
Finder pops aren’t happening as fast as we or you would like. That’s for
Warzones, Flashpoints, Operations, all of it. So, we that is the problem we are trying to resolve.

Backus- I will probably lose my job for this, but I can say that
there are two things that we are actively working on to address your
concerns here and what you describe as ‘better than cross-server’. I
can’t say much more than that, except that you will see an announcement
and implementation before next New York ComiCon.

Musco- *with a wink* Subject to change!

so the solution to having to wait on other players to be available is being able to use your companions instead of other players to do these FPs

Actually, the better than cross server was the New Pack Opening Experience. I mean that’s why everyone has been paying $15/month for the past 5 years (almost) for, isn’t it?

What was “better than cross server” was when they allowed every server to be PvP or PvE, and made transfers free/cheap. That way you could go to, say, Harbinger like everyone else and play even if you prefer PvP. Not sure if that’s better, that’s just what they said.

Probably people who seek new ops and warzones will kill me for saying this but isn’t it the time for a new race? I want Nautolan and Kel Dor 🙂

Why not add Wookies, Gamorreans and Trandoshans while you’re at it? I mean, they have the same chances of seeing development as new proper endgame content.

So our beautiful Old Republic Universe, she of the great Exar Kun, Naga Saddow, Revan, Malak, Kreia,. etc Of mighty temples in Korriban and Tython, of punishing landscapes in Tatooine and Hoth, From the jungles of Yavin to tainted world of Oricon, She of 1000s of jedi fighting against 1000s of sith. This big beautiful universe has now been been shrunk into a soap opera about a dysfunctional royal family that has no place in neither canon nor legends material.
Season 1: jealous little boy with daddy issues
season 2: crazy little girl with mommy issues.

Yes because the Star Wars movies weren’t about a dysfunctional family at all. I’m just not going to read the comments in here anymore. It’s bile for bile’s sake.

If you’re going to compare the saga of one of the most iconic villains in the movie industry (if not the most iconic), to the story of KOTFE/KOTET/KOTMG then you shouldn’t read the comments indeed.

Be a subscriber by December 1st and get
“Shae Visla’s Halter Top”

Be a subscriber by January 1st and get
“Shae Visla’s Box of Tampons”

Be a subscriber by February 1st for early access to the new stronghold:
“Shae Visla’s Barbie dream house”

you know until you said that i forgot they said coming this fall. maybe they use a different seasonal calender then us

Fall/Autumn ends on the Winter Solstice everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. It has nothing to do with what country your in, it’s all about the tilt of the Earth that determines the seasons.

Good to know. Still, they are well within their own timetable. Also, I don’t know if I’m replying to someone in the Southern or Northern hemisphere.

December 2 is indeed fall. And every day in December before the 20th. It’s the same every year really.

Shae Visla companion? Why they want riun last good character that remain in this game?
And it is just my subjective opinion but “Premium Player” sounds really bad?

Well, there must be some sort of reason why they changed the term to the same wording a rival company is using as well…

This is the wording EA uses in other games for keeping a sub. In their FPS it gets you early access to expansions and some free skins here and there.

It’s a little confusing but not too surprising since there is an EA exec heading BW now.

Sounds better. Sub/Suscriber can be confused with Submissive, as in “bring out the gimp!” I’m sure they focus-grouped it.
“Umm, I logged in last night and some guy that said he was a sub wouldn’t come to my SH and ERP with me. I told him “Bitch you better get your ass over here, right now, you said you were a sub and I’m a dom!” And then he said “Reported!”

So will you be at the cantina since you know everything!! What’s your role at BW Austin? Your a loudmouth naysayer, if you don’t like the game, F#CK OFF, how pathetic is your life to comment on a website about a game your not subbed too and by looks don’t like yet have ALL THE INFORMATION… Your just a F#CKWIT.

I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying, “No new group content?” It seems to me that the, “Uprisings,” for the, “Galactic Command System,” is the group content BW has been saying is coming. Now, what that looks like and whether or not people enjoy it remains to be seen.

Also, I am ecstatic to see the option to select from several difficulty levels when doing the chapters. I thought most of the end-chapter fights had the potential to be good, if only you couldn’t Kool-aide-man your way through the mechanics without any threat of dying.

I would also like to propose only 9 chapters as a good thing, because that means they will be forced to put out new content in the spring (PVP, OPS, or (God forbid) GSF?), or risk losing what loyal player-base is left.

I’m going to be cautiously optimistic that BW with pull out of it’s tailspin with KOTET as Blizzard did with Legion

Two years since the release of ToS in December. And Ravagers. And those are just the two most recent ones. The other ones are older. And better.

But hey… Who’s counting…

Yeah, because this was really just one expansion with 25 chapters that these scumbags tried to pretend is 2 expansions “for free” if you sub, when really they just tricked most of us into subbing for the last year for 1 hour of new solo content each month. I hope President Trump nukes Bioware & EA….

‘Premium’? Really? Confusing people by changing the names of things to make it feel like there’s more newness than there really is? :’)

The only way EA can redeem themselves is to wrap up this game after this expansion and announce new Star wars RPG by early next year

Ok so it’s official, no new Ops. There will never be another Op, this is the way the game is going now. So all you people that have been bitching about new Ops please SHUT THE HELL UP. It’s not going to change so just move along if you don’t like it. This expansion is proof.

Yep, they can also get rid of subs and make everything free and give all cartel packs out for free…but also that I’m not expecting.

Guildmate of mine told me that they have actually been working on ops. According to datamining. So here’s hoping.

Well I guess someone needs to irritate the likes of me. It wouldn’t be without toxic assholes. Where Memedragon? He hasn’t posted any memes that have nothing to do with this thread yet.

Loooool… “Toxic asshole”. That’s a good one, Have to tell that one to my wife… On second thought, maybe I’ll hold on to it… hehehehehe…

Don’t know about Memedragon, unlike some people here I only post with this account, I don’t have any others to pretend lots of people think like me…

You know, I’ve been thinking… EA and Bioware care only about profit, right? What if we all just won’t sub, won’t buy CM stuff, stop giving them money at all? If they speak only language on money we can speak it too, right? No proper group content – no money, no proper handling this game – no money. No proper dev feedback – no money.
But I know this won’t happen, there’s always be people on a hype train who’ll pay to anyone for anything just because it’s Star Wars.

Yeah, I had this thought too. I want to play this game, I really like it, but the way devs chose is really upsetting me.

Yep, also a new movie every year for the next 3- 4 years will only bring more hype. Most are just SW fans with an umbilical attachment to the universe. They couldn’t care less about quality of the game. As long as they can look like Darth Maul or dress up like Kylo Ren. EA has figured this out and know its always going to be cash cow, no matter what they do. Pity because enthusiasm will eventually die someday.

>SW fans with an umbilical attachment to the universe
That sounds pretty close to me. Yet I usually trying to use my brain to do stuff, so I can see when someone’s trying to feed me shit with SW label on it.

So with the level cap rising and no new raids coming with this bullshit “expansion”, what are they going to do…..flex all the existing raids up AGAIN to 70??? They mine as well name this expansion Star Wars: GTFOH

They can’t, just like the other guy that said the data minding showed there were no Ops. They are both hearsay like AbnerDoon said. People just throw around whatever “facts” they want on the Internet.

well ask him because it would be great if it was true, but without a link I’m not going to believe it.

I treat random hearsay like…

Dark Helmet: I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.

Lone Star: So what does that make us?

Dark Helmet: Absolutely nothing.

lol I just read someone else on another thread say that dataming revealed no new Ops. Oh you people and your dataming “facts”.

Data mining confirmed no new operations 100% no new operations if you tell people otherwise you are lying.

The expansion is confirmed to be 9 chapters only, with no monthly episodic chapters.
The developers know we want ops, and are well aware of that. So once the level cap has been raised, and the new epic story-line drops, and with new uprising MP mode (which we don’t know anything about, (except that it might be similar to Mass Effect 3/Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer)… Well am pretty sure they are not going to take a one year break… I expect new OPs to drop (at launch or later), it is unavoidable. I just wish the new MP mode pulls its weight, and entertains us, after all it’s stated to be a bold expansion, why not try something daring and add to the mmo genre? I still have faith in SWTOR.

Here’s the thing though; if they are making this into a single player focused game, who gives a dancing shit about “harder modes” for doing the story? There aren’t many single-player progression teams out there. It’s an absolute waste of time and resources. Single player people want new content; you play through the chapter a maximum of 3 times (pretending that choices “matter”) and there is nothing new to see. Then on to the next. They really have no idea wtf they are doing, and its going to kill what once was a great game for good this time. Look at the SWTOR forums and all the posts here below.

Today might be the single biggest sub cancelling exodus they ever experienced, which is hilarious because its the day they are ANNOUNCING a new xpac….

I sure hope the penny pinching a-holes at EA notice and roll some heads at Bioware. I’m sick of all this fuck shit

Umm “single-player progression teams”? Isn’t everyone that ever plays alone a single-player progression team?
And technically you can’t cancel a sub, you just don’t pay it next time.

Ok fine, you can “cancel” an account. I don’t consider it canceling when it continues until the time you already paid is up. You don’t get your money back, if they gave you a remaining time refund on say a 1 year sub then yeah I call that canceling. I guess if you want to call them and waste the time to tell them “I’m canceling my subscription” you can. Until your sub expires you are still a sub you can’t change that. The way Y-Tho is talking is like a bunch of people will call them and “cancel”, when in reality they just won’t resub next month. I would guess 99% of the people that quit won’t call them, they will just not resub.

Exactly. Cancelling your sub only happens with those people that have long-term subs, like 6 months or even a year. Most people let their sub run out, but use the term “cancelling” instead. I’ts a subtle but important difference.

Well, My subscription ends next week on the 11th I believe. I’ve removed my credit card info from the website so they can’t automatically renew it so that will be my cancelation notice. I’ve been a loyal subscriber since day one but I think it’s time to move on. The game offers nothing new or challenging anymore. Don’t let me kid you in saying it will be easy walking away but if someone notices at Bioware that hordes of people aren’t subscribing anymore, maybe they will get the clue?

I was a sub from launch to December last year. At one time I maintained not two, but three subs because two of my children wanted to play and asked me for it (they were smarter than me, they quit long ago).

Last December I decided it was enough. Paying for a game that no longer catered to my needs. I continued as a pref with occasional subs when the content was to my liking (end of KotFE, getting Vette as a comp). Boycotted the Cartel Market and tried to play with the 350,000 credit limit (which you can get away with, if you know someone who is a sub and you trust enough to hold money for ya).

I’m not worried if lots more people will do the same. I can only act on what I think is right for ME. I suspect “they” are not worried very worried about subs, since the Cartel Market keeps this game afloat.

I don’t believe the hype that the game is doing better than ever. Not by a long shot. But the alternative is no Star Wars game at all. If EA pull the plug on this one, they will be the ones to design a new one. So no silver linings there either I’m afraid…

Just do what you think is right FOR YOU. Best advice I can give…

Hummmm… Wrong, you can cancel your sub. It brings absolutely no refund on the money you already spent, but you CAN do that if you’re REALLY pissed of at those guys…

“10. Cancellation of your Account

You have the right to cancel your Account or a particular subscription to an EA Service at any time. If you do not agree to the terms in this Terms of Service, your sole remedy is to not use EA Services and to cancel your Account or applicable subscriptions. You understand and agree that the cancellation of your Account or a particular subscription is your sole right and remedy with respect to any dispute with EA, including any dispute related to, or arising out of: (1) any term of this Terms of Service or EA’s enforcement or application of this Terms of Service; (2) the Content and Entitlements available through EA Services or any change in Content or Entitlements provided through EA Services; (3) your ability to access and/or use EA Services and/or any Content or Entitlements thereon; or (4) the amount or type of fees, surcharges, applicable taxes, billing methods, or any change to the fees, applicable taxes, surcharges or billing methods for EA Services and/or any Content or Entitlements thereon.

Contact EA’s Customer Service Department at, (for PopCap products) or (for Star Wars™: The Old Republic) to cancel your Account. EA reserves the right to collect fees, surcharges or costs incurred before you cancel your Account or a subscription to an EA Service. You are also responsible for any amounts owed to third-party vendors or content providers before your cancellation. Any delinquent or unpaid fees and other unresolved issues with EA Services must be settled before you establish a new Account.”

I mean, I would at least have a *little* faith, since nightmare and hard modes are more mechanics AND more hp and damage, but at the same time I’m as defeationist as you are on any hope Bioware will put effort.

No monthly new chapters? Woohoo! I stopped playing last year just prior to KotFE being released to wait for the whole lot to be released, and haven’t yet meandered back. More monthly chapters would likely have delayed that even further. NOTE: Yes I’m cheap, but I would have been quite happy to pay cash for the expansion as I did the previous ones.

Anyone else notice that Thexan has an actual game rendered image here? Foreshadowing?

Also, they added an extra ‘n’ to his name, which I’m assuming they did to match Arcann’s name.

I even headretcon the Clone troopers are regular recruits (who gained the nickname clones because they all look the same in their armor)

I have my doubts about it being a stupid mistake, he can be that “unlikely new ally”…most likely not, but one girl can dream, right?

Hell, can’t these guys get their own characters’ names right? What’s next? Darth Vaderr? Luke Skyewalker? A little competence goes a long way…

I know, that was a sarcasm. And it’s a shame about Thexan. But I have to agree with you about Thexan having in-game image

According to datamined audio files of the soundtrack there are quite some soundtracks labelled “Thexan” something. Who knows

Nope. they use it in the advertising above as a feature of the new expansion so my guess is its going to continue through the xmas holiday period when theres a natural bump up in subs. Quoted from above – “MAKE DYNAMIC DARK VS. LIGHT SIDE CHOICES – Decide the future of the
galaxy and determine the fate of your allies and enemies – your every
action drives the galaxy closer to the light or dark side of the Force™.”

I could live with that. I was kind of figuring it’d end around early November, but an extra month would be cool, too. Real life stuff going on was making time for doing some gaming a lot lower on the priority list this past month. Already got up to the “get a new DvL Companion” part, so finishing the Legendary part is really just extra icing, you know? Definitely wouldn’t be disappointed of having a couple extra months to take my time finishing it off, though, if that’s the case. I was amazed at how fast you could level up toons to lvl 50 with the new DvL armor, just mainly doing the Weekly Heroics. Good way to make money, level up, and knock out those crafting requirements. Not too shabby, in all.

So now we can pay $15/month for a mediocre interactive TV show. HBO costs less and has better stories, granted they’re not interactive. If you sub after today then you are a sucker. The term rope-a-dope comes to mind

What you find as not entertaining, could be entertaining to others. Plus, the cost isn’t an issue for many people.

If you don’t find it enjoyable doesn’t mean that others won’t.

I have HBO, SWTOR, Sirius radio, because I enjoy them all. You don’t like SWTOR and it isn’t worth 15 bucks to you, but because I like it means I’m a sucker?

Calm down.

No, the fact that you would pay $15/month for garbage means you’re a sucker. Let me explain, when you freely enter into an exchange of goods and services with another party, and that party is sucking cash out of you for a subpar product, you’re technically an idiot.

In this instance you are paying BW for an extension on a mediocre story, what seems to be procedurally generated 4 mans, and the same shit that has been around for 2+ years. And you’re doing it at a rate of $15/month. The cost doesn’t add up to logical people.

If you’re good with that… fine. But, you are a sucker

“No, the fact that you would pay $15/month for garbage means you’re a sucker.”

Says the one who pays for HBO and not just torrents movies and shows. lol

Isn’t subpar subjective? I won’t sit here and say the game is perfect, but is any service really? I enjoy what they put out and the cost (~$13) a month isn’t an issue. You don’t need to insult your fellow players because some of us still find parts of it enjoyable. You need to grow up.

I enjoy the story and if they can afford to put a trailer that costs millions to produce the game is doing okay and will continue to be okay without you.

It’s entertainment and I still get entertained by the product. I’m going to assume you can’t afford it and thus anyone who can afford to subscribe is “a sucker…technically an idiot.” It’s okay though. If you give me your information I’ll gladly pay a month or two of sub and play with you to show you it can still be fun.

-Technically an idiot

I agree with your argument, until you decide to label other people suckers.

In all the bashing I did to this game, constructive for the most part, not-so-constructive sometimes, I NEVER encouraged other people not to pay, to leave the game or generally imparting my own views and ideas on the gameplay of other people.

So maybe these “suckers” are recent additions to the game. They are “in love” with all the content they still have to do. Or they are long time players who feel just fine with the direction the game has taken.

I say, more power to them. This game still has undeniable quality. No other MMO… or maybe I should rephrase that: no other online game of this type has the lore and attention to story detail this one has.

Of course it has problems. I too do not support it atm. But bashing other people that do will get you nowhere, except to label you as a hater. That’s not what the community needs, in my modest opinion.

Don’t need to now you only need to sub one month to get all of KOTET because they are releasing all the chapters at once.

Because I can read all the chapters titles and descriptions are listed which they did for only the KOTFE chapters that were released at launch last year the other titles were blank. Charles Boyd did a interview on the passionately casual podcast where he said the month to month chapter release didn’t go over well so they are changing it this time.

Shae Vizla as a companion? Woohoo!

Also this:

Hunt your enemies to a dangerous and forgotten world untouched by the Force.”

Hello, Nathema.

galaxy and determine the fate of your allies and enemies – your every
action drives the galaxy closer to the light or dark side of the Force™.

LMFAO – I love how that is changed from make choices that matter to simply making a dynamic choice now.

So still no new raids.

I’m very doubtful they’re even profiting off the title anymore, unless the whaling really is more successful than I thought. I guess they must have given up on giving any incentive to sub other than something not worth sub price.

Not coming back this time. Fool me once (Shadow of Revan), shame on you. Fool me twice (KOTF) and then shame on me. Fool me thrice (KOTET), not happening. Not today. Bye, Bioware. Hope you enjoy Andromeda’s fan-fueled release.

Well you’re wrong about the no profit. Cartel Market generates a lot of income for them, which is why they drive it so hard into the game. It’s frustrating sometimes because of my shit luck with crates, but it’s not a deal breaker for me personally I just buy what I like on the GTN with credits.

So the summary of my post in tl;dr nonsarcasm format:

Game is currently funded by cartel milking.
Subs aren’t contributing, so no reason to make raids to incentivize subbing.

Well there are multiple games funded by micro transactions like the Cartel Market. But seriously all arguments aside BW has there model for the game, if it isn’t for you go find another game. Seems like a simple solution to me.

Oh the whaling is very successful. Let’s face it, this game has become a theme park to people that want to feel like a Jedi or Sith lord. They can dress up as they wish. Nobody cares about actual playing, or the vast majority doesn’t. Ops? That boat has sailed, and it ain’t coming back to port.

Even if it did, would it matter? Where’s the people that raid these days? You had whole progression guilds going to other games… Even the people that used to make the class guides here at Dulfy have moved on!

What’s the point of new Ops NOW if I can’t even find cool people to do it with??? Group Finder? Going to the Fleet and get a group? That can work… For SM. Other than that I will respectfully decline, I have to take care of my mental health…

Incentive for subbing? Correct me if I’m wrong, but raiders and pvp’ers are the two largest groups of people that have to sub to get some playing done. What have they done for them?

I can answer that for you: virtually nothing. It’s time we realised people like us are not welcome in this game…

Well, I’m enjoying Creator Savage in FFXIV. I guess I’ll continue to do that while watching SWTOR die.

I kind of agree with you though. They kind of irreparably screwed up. No amount of ops or promises of ops is gonna make the raiding community return.

They screwed up once when the game went f2p. Again, for lack of content. But I held on, because I thought they were going to make great stuff. And they did. The best stuff came in that period.

Can the game survive a second screw up? Here’s hoping it will. I’ll be in Tamriel until/if it does.

This game is so dead. Not since yesterday. This game died a long time ago. Despite the people that left after the free month play time after launch, the first big hit the game took was patch 1.2, I lost like 90% of my 50+ guild members with that patch. Never going to forgive or forget what EA and Bioware have done to this game. They should be the companies of eternal shame. Yes, I know that they’re not 2 companies actually but who gives a fuck. They ruined this game in a way like no other could have. I’m glad that I stopped playing this garbage 1 1/2 years ago. You know SWTOR is all about choices right? The best choice you can make is to leave this game.

Where did they fool you with SOR? SOR was awesome actually as an expansion in total, AND it had 2 new operations (since you mentioned raiding). If you didn’t like it, that’s your problem, but they didn’t fool you with SOR.

No nightmare, bugs on launch that weren’t hotfixed for weeks, a progression breaking bug that allowed you to indefinitely loot Coratani, and after month 4, no release of literally anything until an announcement that they weren’t doing ops anymore.
Many broken promises. The raiding community left *way* before they announced they were giving up on raids because of how badly done the patch was. Sure, it was good for like a month or so, but the problem with MMO’s is that you have this sort of thing called “content” you have to produce.

They did have Ziost and Colossal Monolith, I agree that AFTER that they did not take care of new content, but at least the game had a lot of things to do and progress for a few months. With guilds. Playing with buddies and trying to get better. None of that exists anymore.

And after that, after bw geared from people that się story wad bad (imo was not) they focused only on story. Sure they released ethernal championship but it was not enough. No Real deal endgame content in kotfe killed the game.

SOR was a disaster expansion release.
Combat lag on Yavin 4/Rishi was so bad it was unplayable for months.
The 2 operations were broken again for so long( forget if they even got fixed it was that long)
Bioware did their usual non communication for months.
Crafting also was a broken mess I recall.
Sure there was more issues (cba looking back)

I totally disagree. Other than a few minor (to me at least) issues, at least it had great planets, a nice story, a daily area, new content, new operations, and a much better gaming experience in total, with many quality of life improvements (instant quick travel, all taxi stations unlocked, the established stronghold system etc)

Lag on Rishi existed, but only for a few weeks after release, they fixed it pretty fast. Temple Of Sacrifice was not broken. In Ravagers, Coratanni was broken for about 2 months before they fixed it, and yes, that was a major problem.

I don’t remember any serious problems with crafting.

Combat lag lasted for months(3 or 4 appx).
ToS operation was broken for around 6 months (Underlurker boss was a mess)
Rishi had lag to death and parts of the planet would just disappear so your toon would float around in mid air.
Story was poor and alot of people (myself included) thought it didn’t do Revan justice.
Also it was the horrible one story for all, (classes or imp/rep didn’t matter) your getting shoehorned into this linear rail road story where choices don’t matter.
This game during 2.0 to 3.0 was going well but 3.0 was when things went badly wrong. Kotfe made it worse and with the looks of it Kotet is going to be more of the same sadly.

I don’t know man, I had a lot of fun playing the game during and after SOR. I never had the issues you mention, not with the Underlurker, not with Rishi, and definitely not with the story, which I liked.

Considering that it was impossible (and super expensive) to have all original actors reprise their roles for 8 different stories with 16 new voice recordings, I don’t see how it could have been different. It wasn’t like Makeb or Oricon were any different before. They all had the same story for all classes (with minor differences between pub and imp side).

At least with Yavin and Rishi we still had side quests, dailies, weeklies, good rewards for these weeklies, and instanced bosses (with Ravagers, TOS and CM on Ziost). There were still a lot of things to do.

I didn’t like the story in SoR, not because it was bad. I just think they should have left Revan alone. But to each his own, it’s a highly subjective matter.

But one thing they did that was awesome was let people decide how they wanted to end it. If you were an Ops kinda guy or girl, you could do that. If you were not, bang! Do the dailies and leave that part of the game ’till later, if at all. I wish they would do more of that.

And while we constantly talk about Ops, we forget the dailies! I loved doing dailies! I know some people hated them, but for me a typical TOR day would be me picking up one of my toons, doing some dailies, sometimes to remember how the rotations actually worked looool, and then get a group going to do some Ops…

SoR -without the bugs at the start- was a perfect xpec.

1- You had story. And not just 10mins of story; it was long and nice. I too believe by the way that they should have left the legendary Revan alone in the first place and found themselves another figure though.
2- You had 2 new ops. 2 new fps.
3- Daily area. And dailies are VERY important; it’s not a coincidence that every mmo has them. It gives you something to do everyday when you log in. Or, as you said, gives you a way to remember the rotation of that other class you weren’t playing for a while.
4- There were so many QoL improvements.
5- Plus, the following Ziost xpec was a great addition. A brand new daily area and a new WB. Great story as well.

TL; DR: They did everything right with SoR (except bugs at the start). They simply should have continued doing that.

You don’t have to TL;DR me: I love reading people’s points of view, even when they are completely different to my own. Hell, I enjoy Dulfy more than TOR these days…

Yes, they should have left Revan alone. Mostly because I played KotOR and had a great attachment to the character. We WERE Revan, for the Force’s sake.

But once they did pick up on him, I went along for the ride. Kinda like when your favourite band makes an album you think is bellow par, but it’s still your favourite band. And you’d rather listen to that that to 80% of the other stuff that’s around…

Dailies are dead. Ever since they revamped the Heroics NO ONE does Dailies anymore. Upping the rewards on the Dailies could make people start to play them again, but atm Heroics is the way to go.

And yes, while we can discuss if Revan should be left alone or not, I think the form was PERFECT. As you say, without the bugs (and there were a lot of them) a great expansion pack.

I actually remembered just how badly bugged the operations were on 16 man, that’s something I left out of my post. They were really badly optimized.

The single player final fight against Revan was bugged on release so you couldn’t actually complete it . . . . kind of a major issue.

SOR was the best thing BW have done so far, it was riddled with lag and shit but, the idea and the content was the best of the best.
The Revan story wasn’t so interesting perhaps but that’s not the point, the point is that they made the effort to have a main story woven into two new raids and two new flashpoints, they tried to remake and better the crafting, and they even brought back class stories. Apart from pvp, this is everything you can ask for really, of course it could have been in better quality but that’s it.
None of the other expansions have even come close to that level.

New story, I’m really looking forward to that. Datamined info regarding new operations and endgame content, definitely looking forward to that now that I have a guild to run with. More fucking cartel packs, never looking forward to that. I’m happy to see more of this great game, and I hope the story keeps being as good as it was in KotFE.

One person lied and now everyone’s following the lie because it’s a hyped lie to try to get raiders to come back and keep them company. It’s a sick joke.

my thoought on raids evewn though i dont do them much. until bioware satys they are happening…i treat it as rumor nothing more

I’ve heard rumors of it before, and until I see otherwise, I’m still hoping it’s true. I just started playing my first operations, all but two of them now, and I can’t wait to play more.

forget the new story, im sure it will disappoint, im more interested in the new game play modes. ive always said the SM content is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy. Looking forward to seeing how it works out, also looking forward to going on a date with Shae <3

Well, people really can’t say they haven’t been warned. Everyone said that if Musco “can’t tell what kind of group content it is”, it won’t be an operation, because else, they would have just said so and made the community happy.
They knew admitting to not making Ops would piss everyone off, so they didn’t admit it and will continue to ignore every question about Operations. This way they got a few more dollars out of the few remaining raiders that gave them the benefit of the doubt. A mistake. Musco is a liar. He is paid to mince words to “manage” the community and keep people subbed. I hope this has become clear now. I read of several people unsubbing now. I hope they do.

My guild, we swicthed to WoW a few month ago and are atm enjoying Legion with it’s 10 new dungeons (which have been given an infinite possibility for progression through Keystones), 2 new raids and 5 enormous questing areas. Oh and the next Content Patch with another raid/dungeon has already been announced.

But I suppose some people will still prefer to pay BW so they can watch million-doller CGI trailers instead of actual content.

“Two new planets”
Yeah, probably more like Onderon and Dantooine (or some other planets we’ve seen before in other works) than Zakuul and Odessen (which to the best of my knowledge were actually planets never before seen in the Star Wars universe)

One of them probably is Nathema, taking the reference made to a “dangerous and forgotten world untouched by the Force” from Chapter 7. Also, they are adding Nathema’s Zealot Robes to the CC…

But I would take “new planet” with a grain of salt… Planet for me is something like Alderaan or Tatooine, not the “planets” we got in KotFE…

This mandalorian chapter planet is instance and you can fly there anytime, but i get your meaning, there is not much space compare to planets we see in original game or 2 dlc with makeb, rishi, yavin 4.

Darvannis? Look, any map in the game that calls itself a planet is at least the size of that anecdote they presented as Darvannis. Wanna take a look at Darvannis? Go play Scum and Villainy. THAT was better than the Darvannis from KotFE…

Nathema was the planet once known as Medriaas, where Vititate performed his Nathema Ritual to become immortal and the Emperor. As history will show and it was once said by Scourge and Darth Nyriss that the Emperor erased it from the history books, astrogation charts to hide all Evidance of his crimes.

I think it could be Ziost or Vitate home planet that he nuked because they did say planets untouched by the force

Are premium members what they’re calling subscribers, and I won’t need to pre-order it, I’ll get it for free? I keep clicking pre-order now, but it just brings me to the subscription page, so is there even a pre-order, or just a fancy way of subscribing. I’d rather not miss out on the pre-order rewards if I’m doing something wrong.

Seems so, just using a different word. As long as you are subbing form now until launch you should get all the rewards plus the early access.

Under Terms and Conditions:
“* To qualify for the Knights of the Eternal Throne Pre-Order Rewards, the player must be a Premium player (subscriber status) as of the date listed by the reward. Knights of the Eternal Throne rewards are delivered through in-game mail or mission and are redeemable as of the launch of the expansion.”
See no reason to use a new word there.

Yeah there is no more paying for dlc, it comes free with subscription, and only way to access it is being subbed.

Not quite understand what Premium status means. Will I receive it automatically as a sub or should I re-sub manually? I’m kinda confused.

Looks to be a fancy way to say subscriber lol. So you should not have to do anything but continue to sub.
Under Terms and Conditions the first point is:
“* To qualify for the Knights of the Eternal Throne Pre-Order Rewards, the player must be a Premium player (subscriber status) as of the date listed by the reward….”

For some reason I read this and thought of the movie “Christmas Vacation”. I’m not sure why…hmmm…I wonder? Anyways, I liked that scene where Clark is excited to carve the turkey because, hey, everyone loves them some delicious looking turkey. Unfortunately, the turkey’s promise isn’t realized and it’s just a dried out husk with nothing of substance inside of it. Clark tries to tough it out and chew the crunchy skin and barely gets by with generous helpings of water. That wacky cousin Eddie loves it though but you know him, he’ll eat anything put in front of him. Even the dessert is ruined cause the crazy Aunt put cat food in it. Most of the family thinks it’s disgusting but, hahaha, that cousin Eddie, he’ll eat it with no complaints.

But enough movie talk. Back to SWTOR. I guarantee (if they haven’t done so already) they’ll say they added this Dynamic DvL angle because of the overwhelming success of the DvL “event” and it’s their gift to the players so they can do more of what the metrics show they love. There’s no way it was all planned from the start…just like HK. Totally not planned out in advance. Done just cause they love you, knew you loved HK, and wanted to give him back as a sign of friendship and happiness….over and over and over and over again every month as special rewards.

Just to confirm : “Get eternal access to the new Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion FREE at launch including one free*** high-level character to start your adventure. (One per subscribed SWTOR account) ”

This will be like KOTFE right? as long as we sub we can play KOTET Free & Get one Lvl 65 Token Free?

not sure what your talking about, but it’s 9 chapters all at once and it finishes the KOxxx story. finished as in no more chapters, ever

“Join with up to three allies in erupting action-packed battles and confront the galaxy’s most notorious adversaries rising to challenge your influence in Galactic Command.”

The troll is strong with this one… that’s it, I won’t come back for this update..

Vaylin in the trailer looked more like a man than a woman. Even when she’s a kid she still look like a boy.

They weren’t twins, but a triplet. One of the 3 boys has been raised as a girl, for what ever reason, but the experiment failed.

ok i might tootally off but i bet the guy set the place a fire around senya is thexann and valkorian is in his mind

I thought that at first too… but if you stop it when she attacks senya
at the end – you can see the boob window on Vaylin and her cleavage

Oohhh, you can play the story in a range of difficulty modes. I’m not being sarcastic, that’s… actually something I’ve requested along with others, and am very glad they added in.

Still related to Single-player stuff, but TRULY, at the core, for *me* it is not whether or not this is a ‘Single-Player Game’. All I care is that it has replay value. KOTFE did not, because of the WAY its story mode was designed (which the expansion centered around). But if they can give replay value to story content, then great! They get the game they want and, to some extent, I get the game I want. Do I like raiding? You bet. Do I think they should give up on raids? Absolutely not. Do I think they’re kinda screwed since their central raid guy left? Uh… yeah. That may have something to do with the lack of raids. But hopefully they can fix that and return to producing group content for people who want it (which does indeed include me).

The number one issue I’ve felt has always existed with SWTOR is that EA starves the team — they don’t give them the freedom of money, time or resources to properly further the game.

Story mode: one shot enemies
Veteran mode: enemy HP 200%, enemies get 2 additional knockbacks and 2 additional stuns

Master mode: enemy HP 750% enemies abilities are 90% based on stuns and knockbacks

I was pretty excited when I read this too. I quit after the debacle where there devs realized companions were OP and normalized them an a sea of babies cried out in horror at actually have to play the game vs watch the game play itself. I thought I’d never be back. This could actually bring me back.

when did fuckin disney bought the game ffs !!?? this game is just rpg since the KOTFE and seems to wanna keep going with it. Shame i wanted a decent star wars mmo

This game is still under EA. Disney doesn’t own it only the star wars license. Also Disney gave EA a 10 exclusive deal to make star wars games

although ea released the game with mmorpg stamp on it last expansion had nothing to do with mmo part it was just story and with the new release of more story makes me wanna say disney bought the game. i know its still under the ea but they keep pulling it to rpg side no mmo side at all

Yeah, blame Disney.

Fact is, George Lucas ruined Star Wars himself, without Disney.
And I bet Disney doesn’t give a shit about SWTOR, they are just counting the money from EA for the license.

Uh, Disney bought the game when they bought everything Star Wars.

Since this was launched before they bought everything Star Wars, I don’t see what you’re crying about. There letting this project go on it’s own path until it’s dead.

And Disney doing badly be established IP’s? Like, what, that crappy movie called “Winter Soldier”?

1. I think I know why they cut the recon walker picture off at the ankles. I really like the design, but I am willing to bet its another walker with hooves.

2. I don’t want Shae Visla as a companion. If she becomes a sub reward companion, it means she is no longer relevant to plot, and will probably never be ever again.

3. I Can finally enjoy the storyline on some kind of harder mode where I need to think out the fights? I am ok with this. Hell I am a bit excited for it, if not nervous because of previous Bioware balance fuck ups.

4. Uprisings could be anything. They’ve successfully mentioned a thing without giving any relevant details about it. I want to be excited about it but how can I be? Just….oh god please don’t be MOBA mode or something….I can just hear the executives around the big table “Whats popular now? MOBAs? Can we do that? No? I dont care do it anyway.” Or we suddenly all get stuck in first person for Team Star Fortress Classic or Zakuul Overwatch. (I might be ok with that….)

5. I hate that early access is still considered a reward. It is beta testing inflicted on paying customers. Worse, its not like it thins out the crowd. Everyone is all there barking and snarling at each other over objectives and bottle necks anyway.

6. If the trailer cost 1 million, you could pay 10 people to design ops for a full year and cover the expenses to have an office and equipment for them. I love Senya, and the video was awesome. I would trade it in a heartbeat to get the hardcore ops players back.

7. New max level? Why? Everything is sync’d levels are technically redundant. Its like a person desperately begging the doctor to leave their precious appendix alone while its killing them. Leveling to 65 is already in the game. The game that is already balanced to 65. We are stuck with it…stop adding to it. I don’t want to gain 5 levels on all my toons, not because it is work, but because it wont mean anything anyway.

8. New planets? Who the fuck cares? We don’t have access to the new planets we just got. They are an instanced mess with no value once you have completed their relevant chapters. I will never get to roleplay in the slums of asylum. Or do dailies on Odessen. Or have mind destroying erp grind sessions on…I dunno that planets name, the green fog one I stole treasure on. If you are going to give us new planets…can we fucking KEEP them this time?!

TLDR: lol smh durrrrr

And you can bet they’ll be just as short as the “chapters” in kotfe. Makes me wonder why I keep paying for a sub anymore. Quite obvious at this point they don’t actually give a flying fuck about all the input they were getting from their fans.

She clearly had a cosmetic surgery and let her nose change. Or BioWare forgot to send a picture of Vaylin to Blur. We’ll never know.

Blur Rendering Slave #1: “Who is this Vaylin?”
Blur Modelling Slave #5: “I don’t know, but I have to make her 3D model and textures.”
Blur Project Slaver: “Shut up and do your job!”
Blur Rendering Slave #1: “This guy sucks!”
Blur Modelling Slave #5: “Yeah. Come on, let’s make this Vaylin based on a male model.”
Blur Rendering Slave #1: “Hehehe”

Blur Modelling Slave #5: “Hihihi, hope this get’s the head of project fired when they find out!”

Aw, what a bummer. Another expansion for sub only.
I wish buying an expansion was a thing again.
I’m a fickle gamer who likes to spend a few days playing a game non-stop wihout much sleep then don’t touch it for a couple of months (then repeat) so I’m not a fan of subbing. It always feels like I’m wasting money every minute I’m not playing.
I would rather pay a bit more and own the content (in a sense). I wish Preferred Status merited to something at all.

Pay one month of ubscription and you have all expansions released at this time, ROTHC, SOR, and KOTFE. Plus the chapters of KOTET released at this time.

That’s, what, $15, for 4 expansions if you wait till all KOTET chapters are out.
Less then ROTHC or SOR was when it was sold.

Why do people don’t get this? You can buy it: by subscribe for 1 month and cancel the subscription. You get all this stuff, not only one expansion, like it was before.

I thank you for explaining that. I’m sick as hell so I didn’t quite understand the announcement’s phrasing and I was away from SWTOR for a while to know how things have changed. Even something like “Premium” status made my head spin, I’m used to the old terms of free to play, prefered and subscriber status.

Premium is nothing more than a subscriber. Preorder is nothing more than be a subscriber on those days to get those rewards.
BioWare/EA is trying to be cute with the wording change.

They loved changing the wording back when kotfe was first announced. Bet they change the wording over the next month just to see who they can screw out of the bonuses. Best idea for anyone that wants the rewards is to sub now and have it set where the sub doesn’t expire until after the actual release date of the next expansion.

*head hits desk*

If you’ve been a sub previously, you already have that content. I actually paid for Hutt and Shadow of Revan.

There will be no more KoTET chapters, the 9 are it!

…and before you ask for my source, please do a quick internet search for info on the expansion and find the information, Dulfy does not like other sites with this information on her site.

Another companion (I think Shae Vizla is a bit more sadd- er – careworn than the character shown. A mount to make you wonder why you did all the Yavin rep grinding. And early access. Hope all the bugs are worked out.


And I am a subscriber. =/

I’m really confused, I already have a 6 month recurring sub and the next bill date is the end of December yet it’s still asking me to add a subscription when I click play premium or pre-order

Hey Kon, if you’re a sub then you’re already premium, and you’re already pre-ordered, no need to do anything else.

Why do people keep saying she looks like a boy? No she doesn’t, she looks like young girl. Has anyone seen Stranger Things, when Eleven has shaved hair. That’s what girls look like.

Guys i ve been playing the game from its release! the situation is really really simple..what are you expecting from a f2p mmo? the game got destroyed when it went f2p end of story there is no way back! if you want new content you have to pay ! this is why i went back to wow and begin to play ff14 you pay for game and expansion you get new content!
i feel bad for swtor because i really loved the game!

No, the game was killed the day bioware was bought out by EA. It could have been truly epic when it was first released had they not been stifled by the devil. That company is intent on destroying any decent gaming development team that is even remotely a threat to cutting into their sports game revenues. They’ve been doing that since the 80s and 90s by destroying teams like Origin, Westwood Studios, Bullfrog and several others. The moment they picked up bioware every title under their banner was assured a certain and painful death. Anyone part of Bioware would be better served by immediately leaving the company first chance they get and never work for one that would sell out to them.

Same here, i’m a Founder. It was destroyed when it went F2P not because it went F2P, but because there were and are way too many limitations for F2P. Otherwise, the player base could of been triple that of today. The worst thing was new gear levels, instead of giving alternate sets. The game should not keep turning your Nim-obtained gear into junk with each major patch. That’s why I un-subed.

Thats how EVERY mmo deals with expansions. When a new expansion comes out, there is a new level cap and your old gear gets outdated. The most famous MMO, world of warcraft, works exactly like that. You are probably not on par with how mmos work but SWTOR follows the formula.

You are incorrect. In STO you get alternate sets, not new gear levels. You can use the set from day 1 just as well the set from 5 years later. They are all upgradeable to the same tier.

Well, no idea what game that is but the main MMOs in the market work exactly like that. As a prime example we have WoW.

The Guild Wars 2 model for expansions was designed to address these issues. (i.e., just raising the level cap and obsoleting gear for an expansion).They came up with something called the mastery system that I don’t think people would want me to write tons of paragraphs to explain about it here. The point, for just this comment purposes, is that there IS a more modern approach . And…….the command rank system for the SWTOR expansion looks like a(n) (inferior) knock-off of the GW2 mastery system. I think MMOs are developing into more modern forms than how they were when they started.

Of all the characters they could have used in the role of main characters on the ever long list of ridiculous companions, it is absolutely mind boggling why those two made it on that list. Jorgan was a constant whining bore in the original trooper storyline that it was like replaying the smuggler class and having to put up with corso all over again or vice versa. Kaliyo. one of the more pointless characters that made me wonder how she even made it into the game as a companion to begin with. Though, skadge and broonmark were by far worse in that regard.

Vette is the only member of the original companion cast worthy of existence. I mean from a story point of view. She is the only comp who makes you truly reflect on your decisions in the warrior story and the resolving the love triangle with Jaesa is probably the only true consequential decision i know in all the class stories.. I remember how she made even my rotten dark side warrior uncomfortable and how she literally snubbed me him n I met up with they met up in KOTFE.

Doesn’t even look like the original trilogy anymore. It’s like we’re reading someone’s fan fiction on an uninteresting location of the galaxy.

Uninteresting, would you rather just see 6 minutes of chewie roaring in the millennium falcon? The “feel” of the original trilogy is just what you felt when you were younger watching them. They are good movies for the most part but don’t allow your nostalgia to blind you. This franchise has more potential that is rarely exploited.

So this is just another episodic interactive cutscene, like we’ve playing the last 6 months, or whatever it’s been? Not a real expansion with new planets with fully explore-able maps and quest hubs, new flashpoints and operations, etc? We’ll never get new planets as fully realized as Hoth ans Tatooine again apparently.

“Must be a Premium player (subscriber status) as of December 2, 2016 to play Knights of the Eternal Throne.”

Wait, really? If you aren’t subbed on Dec 2nd 2016, you missed it?

Anyone know the “expiration dates” for the rewards? I’m getting my subscription back tomorrow, on the 25th. So I wanna make sure I know exactly what time the first reward expires so that I’ll be able to qualify for the early access.

want Evil Jaesa, Kira, Mako, Nadia, Risha on the female side, Corso, Khjem, Doc and Corso on the male side myself to return.

One more question. I want the companion for darkvlight- and I did the event on another server. Can I get the companion on my main on the original server by transferring the toon or toons to my original server this combining the Legacies? If that does work – do I have to transfer b4 5.0 or after and do I need to transfer 1 or both of them? Thanks!!

Again, you don’t have to transfer one of your characters from one server to another to get the DSC Vs. LSC Event Companion Reward at all. Unless you really feel the need to waste your Cartel Coins that way.

And if you didn’t enjoy all of the after-Thanksgiving sales on the Cartel Market.

Well, I had ZERO percent completion on all my Harbinger characters. So I paid for the transfer of both toons and now all my characters have the same legacy and same eternal level for DvL so I think you might be wrong. I am glad I did it.

No, he was right. If you completed Eternal level in ANY Legacy on ANY server, EVERY TOON YOU HAVE EVER MADE OR WILL EVER MAKE gets the comp REGARDLESS of what server you made/make them on (example: I did the event on Begeren Colony. I have a toon on Harbinger and a toon on Ebon Hawk who each did ZILCH for DvL. They both got the comp). Transferring between servers was a waste of Cartel Coins/money.

Last question. I did the light v dark event with two toons in another server to get the new companion. Can I just transfer them to my main server? If so do both have to go?

want the companion for darkvlight- and I did the event on another server. Can I get the companion on my main on the original server by transferring the toon or toons to my original server this combining the Legacies? If that does work – do I have to transfer b4 5.0 or after and do I need to transfer 1 or both of them? Thanks!!

What server you did it on does not matter. Every character on your account will get the comp if you qualify (you have to have completed Eternal level).

Ok. I doubt I’ll get all the flash points done in time anyways. But it made me start a new legacy on the second server. That’s why I’m curious. Unsure if counts as the “same account”

You whole account isn’t limited to just one server or another, so if you completed the Eternal Level [Tier 5] of the Dark Side Choices Vs. Light Side Choices Event on one server, you will receive the Light Side/Dark Side Companion [based on which side won over all] — for all of your characters, regardless of which server they’re on [same as it was for Nico Okarr, and Shae Vizla]. Once you’ve earned it on one server, you receive the reward on all of the characters you have on all of the servers.

Therefore, there’s no need to transfer a character from one server to another in that case at all. Unless you really want to waste your Cartel Coins that way.

So if I buy the expansion pack does this mean I have to sub to get more chapters each month and get ripped off by paying a game that I already pay for only for me to resub and pay more. Or is the 9 chapters just that 9?

This next season [meaning their plan with KOTET for 2017], it sounds like they won’t do a chapter a month like they tried to this year with the rest of the Chapters of the KOTFE story, and instead have a ‘Chapter Bundle’ for the second half of the KOTET story [if they have more chapters planned].

I’m probably really rusty but I played the first 2 chapters on my Marauder yesterday and thought Veteran was waaay too hard.

The first chapter wasn’t bad but in chapter 2 every fight seemed to have a ton of weak/normies who do crazy damage and would spawn constantly all over the place. I couldn’t chase them down before they melted my (terrible) companion. Usually I ended up killing & looting the main dude to complete the objective and quickly dying to the trash. Bummer 🙁

Finally gave up on Veteran at the last fight in chap 2, which I won’t spoil but it involved multiple dudes constantly moving out of melee range. I switched back to Story difficulty and it was the usual deal where you can basically spam basic energy/rage builders while picking your nose and win.

Maybe Veteran would be more doable for a ranged class? Or I’m just terrible now, maybe 😛

They wont do chapters I think, but lemme update you on some f*ckups BioWare’s intentionally done.

Let’s start with CLASSES.
Force Lightning for isntance? Only for Sorcs, doesn’t exist for base class Inquisitor. And Thrash, the second melee attack? Only for Assassins, and Assassins don’t have Force Lightning. Also, Assassins can no longer phase walk/teleport, also Sorc exclusive. Equivalent result for Jedi Consular/Sage/Shadow.
Assassin/Shadow Charges have also been fully integrated into their respective Class Proficiency’s, so you can’t even swap between them.
They’re pretty much forcing each class to be more literal, and limited to what it is MEANT to do, but any extras are removed, and those extras were cool and useful… but not to BioWare (SWTOR branch, or what little is left of it)!

As for reward systems, PvP Comms and Expertize has been completely erased from the game, so you can just use normal endgame gear, which only costs Credits. That’s right. all Comms (Data Crystals) have also been completely deleted. Anything that costed Comms now cost far more credits than they did Comms, which were easier to earn, which BioWare obviously didn’t like. So now do we not only have to deal with absurd GTN prices, now even super-rich players must spend 3-100 times more Credits just for gear.

The Expansion itself is quite good, liked the ending, but holy crap, BioWare seems intent on destroying the game now as far as I know. Story is mostly epic from level 1 to now level 70, but like I said, it feels like they’re intentionally killing their own game now. Or they just don’t care.

I hope people will try and make BioWare actually give a flying frak just once and stop annihilating this game. For one, classes should be reverted to at least KOTFE layout, cuz this one is kinda crappy. It works well enough, but it doesn’t at the same time. Getting used to it is one thing, liking it is another thing entirely. And I feel quite uncomfortable.

But worst is the blasted eradication of the Data Crystals/Comms system. PvP I don’t mind too much, but the rest? So bad. Even companion gifts now have unreasonable prices, 250k on vendors. Players are gonna sell them for far more though. Urgh.

What do you people think? LIke the changes, or do you find them as moronic as I do?

I think the Force lightning one is alright. It was always an advanced ability and it always baffled me as to why new sith and those lower than lords could wield it successfully straight from the get go.

So the recently released this:

Does this mean non-subs can come back and play this as well now? Also, I wasn’t very sure on their wording in the description of this pack perhaps someone who plays the game will know more… does buying this grant me full access to Eternal Throne and I don’t have to be a sub? Or does it grant me full access to other previous expansions but to play the Eternal Throne I would have to sub once my subscription runs out? Thank you!

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