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SWTOR NYC Cantina Mount Code

SWTOR New York Comic Con Cantina Exclusive Mount Code is NYCantina16.

Go to your account page and place the code NYCantina16 in your account page under Code Redemption. Then you need to relog or exit the game and you will receive the Korrealis Sheriff speeder in your mailbox.You get one for every character existing and you will ever make.


Korrealis Sheriff speeder


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56 replies on “SWTOR NYC Cantina Mount Code”

Nice! Thanks as always, Dulfy. Let’s just pray they finally say something in the informal dev convos about OPs.

A reskin of the once great and rare Korealis Commander. And no chance at a black black dye. Even the cantina codes are dying.

This is what I used to do: make a new character, open the package, if there is no black black delete the character until you get a box with black black. Then send over a legacy chest piece to dye with the black black dye and send it back to your main. Takes a few tries but I’ve done it 20 times now. The only con is that you can only use legacy gear for this trick

Wish i had thought about this when i had black black, granted i still use it, but i wish i had used it on a Legacy item so more than just my Consular could enjoy it.

Probably gonna get yelled at for enjoying the stuff in this game… BUT


I just realized that the last time I logged into the game was when they released a cantina code last year… I activated it and that was it.

Have there been other cantina tour dates in 2016? Haven’t been keeping up with that stuff. Any codes for those?

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