SWTOR Musco Responds to NYCC Cantina

Eric Musco has posted a response to clarify some of the things that was said at the New York Comic Con last Friday.

NYC Cantina Discussion – Official Response? | 10.11.2016, 03:34 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by Jamtas

So I appreciate that Cristina Petrarca did some live tweeting during the Cantina of the information spoken of to go along with the site updates from Friday. (and thanks to Dulfy for linking them all as well)

However, I just wanted to see if Eric, Ben or Charles was going to make a post summing everything up that was discussed as well so we can get some clear idea of everything?

  • Are chapters being released all at once for the “binging”, in batches?
  • Mention of a livestream in January regarding operations. Is that true, or is it not operations but Group content of which we won’t describe what kind until then?
  • More livestreams to come to go into more detail on Uprisings, alerts, etc
  • End Date for DvL?
  • New PvP maps/new types?
  • GSF content?

Just wanted to see if there was any official word on these to counter the speculation that is occurring in the absence of clarity.
Thanks in advance!

I got you covered:

  • All 9 Chapters are being released with Eternal Throne’s launch.
  • What we said is that after KOTET’s launch, the team is refocusing on group content. Our hope is that as a part of the January Producer Letter or Livestream, we will have more specific updates on what is to come. This includes all types of group content, but was a specific answer to the question of Operations.
  • We will have a whole bunch of livestreams and blogs between now and launch to go into details on many facets of the expansion.
  • Dark vs Light is intended to end with KOTET Early Access on November 29th. However, I believe the Dark vs Light part of it to decide which Companion will be awarded, will end a week or so prior to that.
  • PvP / GSF – Refer to answer above about Operations // stream in January.


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“we will have more specific updates on what is to come”

“We will have a whole bunch of livestreams and blogs between now and launch to go into details on many facets of the expansion.”

That answers a lot. LOL

…what I’m getting from it? Bioware’s throwing in the towel with the Zakuul stuff, most likely. They’re going to spend KOTET’s release to wrap things up and set a new status quo that they can work from in the future.

Unless each KOTET chapter is 2-3 times longer than the KOTFE ones, there’s just no way wrapping all of them up in one release was their plan (What’s Valky up to, how did Koth give Scorpio das boot, what’s up with Vaylin/Scorpio, what’s up with Senya/Arcann now, what about the Scriers that were supposedly waiting in the wings, where did the Eternal Fleet and Gravestone come from in the first place, not to mention the Republic/Sith Empire crap that’s going on…).

…and yeah, probably the right call. Better to cut your losses and salvage what you can than continue down a path that isn’t working. The sad side of taking risks :(.

the new chapters have been datamined a good bit, you can read up on what’s gonna happen in them on torcommunity.

Yep. If you follow their formula for KOTFE, for KOTET they basically cut out all the “old companion recruitment” filler chapters and condensed it down into just the chapters that moved the plot forward.

How they manage to give us the rest of our companions back will be interesting.
Would be kinda cool to see a couple as operations/FP bosses like Scourge/Scorpio we have to defeat to recruit.

They don’t have to utterly abandon everything Zakuul while ending an emphasis on it.

Here’s what’s gonna happen – you’re gonna have an even higher leadership role in the story, this is obvious, and from there, you have a staging point to explore pretty much anything. With points of interest all across the galaxy and now an engineered lack of direct full allegiance to Republic or Empire, Dark or Light, the writers can take us anywhere. Its not perfect, but I don’t see the necessity to do say a 3rd season of the Eternal Empire when it can just continue being one of the locations of many, with potential for some focus at points.

Yes. For now at least. But not only that. We can fight them. We can be petitioned by them. We can work to improve them in the way we approve. Etc.

Just something for the GSF community would be great, along with ops. They have waited so long for something. It’d be a nice final farewell to the community, for everyone really.

By January there will be no one playing to make content for…

But they did learn that story content is not enough, at least that will translate to other MMO developers, again…

They should have learned that back when the game launched. Back when we had more story. Back when the story was class stories that gamers really wanted more of and not this single story for all. Back then story was not enough and the game turned F2P damn near faster than any other in history save one I can think of.

You would have thought Bioware learned that lesson then. Apparently not.

To be fair anyone that makes a Star Wars MMO is going to see a huge influx of players in the first few months, just due to the brand, and a rapid decline shortly after.

In regards to solo vs group content the way most gamers (I assume?) use solo content is to binge play it. At launch there was a TON of content that was pretty good and that lasted a good while to keep players engaged. Eventually though people got bored of running through the same content.

Whereas group content is more replayable and so more enduring once you’ve experienced it.

BW really should have considered this, they simply cannot get single player content out fast enough to keep people interested without adding group content.

each day more players join the game,i have been recruiting for my rp guild and many i recruit on korriban are new people,many are quite decent people aswell.

If you want to leave,then do so…like,right now…

As always no answer for group content thats why i went for WoW at least there is a lot more content in it… been in this game 4 years its just stupid how it went to garbage rpg and completely forgot that it is tittled as mmo…

I guess you didn’t read the information that Eric posted:

“What we said is that after KOTET’s launch, the team is refocusing on
group content. Our hope is that as a part of the January Producer Letter
or Livestream, we will have more specific updates on what is to come.
This includes all types of group content, but was a specific answer to
the question of Operations.”


they gave a vague answer in hopes that people will continue to subscribe, but no specifics…If they don’t have specifics now then they are not doing anything.

They just want people like you to stay subscribed, knowing that you wont ask questions and give them more money for trickles of content.

And giving vague answers in an MMO is any different than any other game how?

BDO, WoW, GW2, they all do that. This is absolutely nothing new.

Not really, SWTOR is the king of this string you along vague answers, but you will not see it, go play your empty, single player MMO.

Oh I see it, but I am also not a close-minded twit that just blindly follows. I have given my fair share of Bio-bashing on this game. That doesn’t make what you said correct.

“Group Content”
Thing is, most people that are asking about group content want an Operation. The actual question itself was specifically about Operations. They love to bundle flashpoints & Operations under the umbrella term of Group Content. That way they can promise Group Content, and deliver it… with flashpoints. Not an Operation, which is… ya know the end-game of an MMORPG, which… ya know is the type of game that SWTOR is.

First of all when it comes to “group content” you have to believe what BW is saying and that they truly are refocusing on that. I can’t say I believe the. They said we would never go this long without OPS but look at what they said and how that turned out.

Second, They only “hope” to talk about it in January. That means they don’t have a clue. After all this time. Over 2 years now and BW still has no clue. Nothing concrete they can talk about when it comes to OPS and group content. They don’t even think they will have a clue in January and can only hope they do making sure they have an out. We hope……

You might see something in 2017 but damn. What a big window to try and hit. You think they can?

Mate i heard them saying that 3, 4 times in the start os KOTFE at the january streams and in june ones… same was in the release of dread of oricon and at the start of SOR they said they would never delay operation more than 1 year but look what happened…

Wow was dead for four years, read the forums.
Legion has revitalised it but it was a looooong time coming.

More group content, yay. I just started playing the operations currently in the game (never had a guild before), and it’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing SWTOR. Also, good to have a confirmed end date for DvL. November 29th, that’s manageable. I only have the hard mode flashpoints to go, so it’s good to know I won’t have to grind them all in one day anytime soon. I can space them out a bit.

Perhaps, Ben. We’ll just have to see if they intend to resolve this Zakuul story arc in the final 9 chapters and see if the writers somehow steer the course back to the war between the Republic and Sith Empire or if they set the stage for a new kind of Empire after the demise of Zakuul.

I completely disagree with Saplaks calling KotFE “Garbage RPG”. Are you kidding me?! I have greatly enjoyed this story-based content over the past several months and appreciated the immense amount of effort that was required to bring it to life. Those gorgeous cinematic trailers alone are inspiring and a joy to watch! I would LOVE to see the studio that produces these SWTOR snippets get hired to do a feature-length CG Star Wars film.

Comments made by players like Saplaks and so many others are especially irritating to read because it seems to them that everything and ANYTHING the devs do for the game is constantly disregarded as “crap” because it doesn’t focus on what they happen to enjoy most.
Let’s be fair: The game, as whole, is a joy to play. Some things are better than others, just like the rest of reality. I completely understand the frustration players have over neglect and poor communication from the dev team. I happen to be a passionate fan of GSF and our beleaguered community has been suffering from dev neglect for over 2 years! However, as sucky as that is, I don’t condemn the game for producing something new and different.

I’ve noticed a lot of gamers being very short-sighted, impatient and apparently incapable of realizing that all MMOs have the ability to adapt and evolve to suit the needs and desires of its player base. Star Wars is HUGE. It is unique because it’s player base happens to also include a massive fan base of people who have never played an MMO before until SWTOR came along. I think the devs are constantly challenged with trying to please as many players as they can with a limited budget and resources. It’s like watching those people constantly spinning a bunch of plates on spindles, trying to maintain the momentum to keep any plates from crashing to the floor. It’s not easy. As a player, I figure the least I can do is try to appreciate that a little more. It only takes a player a few hours to play through content that probably took months of planning and work for the devs.

The DvL event was a great idea to offer incentive for players to revisit the existing content in a way that made things rewarding and relevant again. Because of the incentives many players noticed a spike in activity in areas like PVP, GSF and Ops. While short-lived, this was still a welcome resurgence that gave many of us some extra enjoyment while playing the game during this interlude phase.

For those who aren’t patient enough to wait while the devs transition into their next phase of the game (which sounds like it’s going to involve more group content at last!), take some time off and go play a different game, then come back in a few months and see if things have realigned for you.

They will string us along till January and the only group content will be that those who are left will all get to see the servers go offline forever.

A simple answer of yes or no to each specific category would be nice. Operations, PvP, GSF. At least let us know what you are aiming for. I’d lol if they tell us in January they are planning on all this new group content to be released end of May for the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars. I could see them totally doing something like that just to drag it out.

So true. There is an interesting argument on the STOR forums. Some poster saying in that quote above was BW clearly saying OPS were coming.

I thought. WTF! No it doesn’t.

Those are they want subscribed, non thinkers who stick around when there’s nothing to do but the hope of something new

Ok. In January they beginn to think about group content. They work so fast, you better don’t expect any results before 2019.

Uhm ok, bioWare will go into life support mode after KOTFE till which other EA studio will release a new Star Wars MMO/RP game? Dice? Every studio bought by EA will be shut town after a few years, I think we are close to this point for BioWare.

I played this game for 2 years. I stopped playing right before the launch of Kotfe. Honestly, from the look of the trailers, recent and newest gameplay videos from players I watch on youtube and other sources I think the game has changed completely.

Everytime I watch a new trailer it just becomes even more unrecognizable. No more empire vs republic THE ESSENCE and SOUL of this game. Just a side story and you play as the window shopper seeing all the action from the side and occasionally getting in on the action.

I look at the characters in the game. The story. The lore. The companions. It’s all so different from the game I loved and became addicted to.

I have tons of great memories of the game but I’m not sorry or disappointed that I did not try KOTFE or KOTET. It feels like a huge distraction from the main storylines. It looks like a completely different game. A spinoff of something that sure isn’t Star Wars.

Those of you who stayed, I’m happy you were able to find some fun with KOTFE and soon to come KOTET but at least for me ( and I am only speaking for myself) I don’t think I’d play it even if it was offered completely free.

You know what KOTFE and KOTET feels like to me? If you’ve ever watched al the seasons of Yugioh, you’ll notice that in one of the seasons, they complete go off topic with the Seto Kaiba storyline his step father, Noah, and the virtual world they get trapped in.

All a major distraction while the main storyline (the pharaoh’s return to save mankind from the shadow games) just sits there waiting for the side show storyline that came out of nowhere to finish.

I know that feeling. I do miss the Republic vs. Sith war that never really happened.

Act III was Republic vs. Sith vs. Sith, and then after that it was Republic and Sith squaring off against 3rd party factions (Hutts, Dread Masters, Revanites, the rogue Emperor).

And now we belong to a new faction, the Republic and Sith have become third party factions and the main enemy is a new faction…

Replaying the old class stories (DVL) reminds me of what was potentially shaping up…

Did you expect anything else?
I’ve been expecting this announcement for a while and the predictable responses from the same predictable people.

Huh, I never thought I’d see Biodrones at Dufy’s. Please, do enlighten us blind haters why should we be excited about anything in Musco’s post? It’s the same things over and over again, why should we believe any of it? You want to rerun the story 12 times to hear each line, fine. But don’t try to make the rest of us believe that’s what passes for quality gameplay in a MMO.

“blind haters”
Your entire whining immature self absorbed statement said more about you and your kind than I ever could.
Thank you VERY much.

Mate, I read a couple of your posts here and you never say anything concrete. You reply with unspecifics and personal attacks, while quoting something.

I asked a direct question – what makes you think that anything Musco says is actually true? What are you basing it on? I sure hope it’s not his past statements, because they sound exactly the same. But instead of giving me your point of view, you go and ignore everything I wrote, take two words out of context and jump on me. GG, seems you’re having a blast with the game and the way the devs are handling it if you can’t even give one argument in favour of it.

I quote peoples actual statements which they don’t like – not my fault.
You see what you want to see in his statements, I see a team that has not stopped working, just taking it in a direction you people don’t like. How can I say anything concrete I don’t work for EA/Bioware but I use my brain and see what direction the game is going in.
We’ve had months of player progression and now we will see group content.

To each his own I guess. I’ll reserve final judgment until next year, but I remain sceptical.

So…it seems that after the KotET launch, they will do some work toward Ops and other group content. So what exactly is the complaint here? You don’t believe him?

He specifically said that they will work on group content, and even if it is 8 man group content, it will not be necessarily operations. Having seen the direction of the game during 2015 and 2016, it’s not that we don’t believe him exactly, it’s that we can’t be excited about it until AFTER we see it.

It could be awesome 8 man group content, but it could be horrible 8 man group content (like Star Fortresses are horrible group content for example). So we’ll wait and see.

At the very least they are confirming they ARE working on something. Bioware does not allow their employees to confirm content and dates unless they are 100% certain they can deliver on that and on that date. Even since a certain incident that blow up in their face, BW simply doesn’t talk about anything unless it IS going to happen.

Let’s just say that people have many many reasons to be very skeptical and negatively prepared against new group content, since Bioware has been known to lie to us consistently about the future of SWTOR. (never more than a year between operations, something better than cross-server, etc)

They didn’t because they didn’t need to. I was always a happy kid and I am a happy person now. No bitterness towards anyone or anything. Also, it’s “you’re”, not “your”

“No bitterness towards anyone or anything.”
“Let’s just say that people have many many reasons to be very skeptical and negatively prepared against new group content, since Bioware has been known to lie to us consistently about the future of SWTOR. (never more than a year between operations, something better than cross-server, etc)”

Stating facts is not the same as being bitter. It’s called being cautious about the future of SWTOR. As you can see I am far from being the only one who sees things this way.

I see the same 5-6 guys all with the same negative, self absorbed attitude who want everything to go their way, their new content all the time and with no time allowed to wait to produce this.
It disgusting and embarrassing.

Funny thing is that from 2011 to 2014 none of these “5-6 people” (who in reality are in the hundreds if not thousands) were unhappy and all my guilds kept increasing in size, with more and more people having fun while playing this game and logging every week to do fun stuff together.

Why was there time to do all that new content and fun stuff back then but not now? The answer is all around you, but you’re too blind to see. This game makes a higher profit if it’s targeted at casual players and Cartel Market buyers. It’s not about self absorbed attitude, no time allowed and other fairy tales you tell yourself.

Why was there time to do all that new content and fun stuff back then but not now? – KOTFE (you guys seriously think this took them a week or so to complete. hilarious)
I’m in several guilds that are increasing daily, either by returning players or newly subbed.
Kotfe, DvL, etc you may not like it but it’s working, for a blind man i can see this just fine.

If they had completed KOTFE in a week it would have been impressive. Since Ziost it has been about 20 months… not that impressive for 16 chapters of story content.

Sure, it’s working, oh yeah, that’s why every night the fleet is empty on both sides and there are 10 times less groups to do content with. Very successful indeed :”)

Massive 4.0 changes? KOTFE coding? QOL changes?
And please tell me how long should it have taken them since you appear to be coding expert?

I’ve never managed to grasp how this thing works… for years, people have been wailing that Bioware is lying to them, this game is crap, it’s dead, and every change they make breaks the game more…. yet they still stick to the game, or at least to the community. If I felt that way about SWTOR, I’d quit, find a new hobby, move on. Every single reason for staying after stating that you’ve been lied to is an excuse, and it is the sole reason why SWTOR community is so toxic. I’m surprised that the BW communicates anything with us as it is, since every single thing they say will be turned into something vile.

Well, it didn’t use to be like that. I have been following Dulfy since many years ago, and I remember a time when many people, including myself, were shooting down the random haters who had nothing to say, and no arguments to support their hate. And that was because SWTOR was a much better game. At least for most of us. Even if it wasn’t perfect, there was still a lot of interesting material, and constant addition of new features PLUS old ones. It’s not like that anymore. It’s fine if people enjoy the fact that they get this KOTFE storyline and nothing else really, but they have to understand the other players too.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t find things to enjoy when playing SWTOR. It’s just that now I login 2-3 times a week and don’t play that much. Just because I still login and play, it means that I can’t ask for a better game? What logic is that?

Sometimes..yeah it is a lie. Sometimes it’s more that they original plan on certain releases, only to discover problems and issues that delay, modify or flat-out prevent the release in question. And we are not a tolerant group. So company policy is to NEVER confirm anything…which kinda sucks. I would prefer they just admit the whys. “Hey, that new Op you wanted? Well we are short-handed right now because that last patch needed more work, and we’re having a lot of trouble with the code for the end boss (way overpowered and animation is bad). We’d rather not give you a shit version so it’s gonna be a few more months. SORRY!”

I totally agree with that. I never gave them shit for broken content tbh. All these people complaining about The Ravagers etc… eh, as long as there are tons of stuff to do in game, I can wait until they fix some of the issues with some content, I am not impatient.

Well I hope you get EXACTLY what you want, because that’s all that’s important it seems.
You must have been a laugh on xmas morning opening presents.

If that’s what you understood, you probably can’t read that well. I only want to have interesting content to play, no matter what that content is. KOTFE and Star Fortresses have ZERO replayability value for me. Not sure why I should change my view because YOU enjoy the content?

On the other hand, are you telling me that I should like WHATEVER they release, even if it’s not something I want? And I thought MY expectations were low….

No you didn’t. “KOTFE and Star Fortresses have ZERO replayability value for me”.
“I only want to have interesting content to play,” My whole point there.
The world owes you nothing John.

KOTFE and Star Fortresses are the content I do NOT want, silly. As I said, learn to read. I want anything BUT that. Wow, you must be very smart.

“KOTFE and Star Fortresses are the content I do NOT want” My point there AGAIN.
So I will come on here and throw my toys outa the pram.
Smarter than you John.

Seriously, are you on something?

KOTFE and SF = 0 replay value (as mentioned already)
Content I want = interesting
Content I don’t want = KOTFE and SF

What don’t you get?

They’ve been saying they’re working on group content since SoR so no we don’t believe them. And to be honest they “refocus” a lot and the game has suffered from lack of direction. BWA has had their head in the sand for too long. People are burnt out on replaying old content especially after DvL. Sure I’ll be content with more story content but that doesn’t last and now with Galactic Command being datamined it’s just DvL but without the focus on lvling classes. Hopefully Bioware has something to show in January.

I was totally sceptical of DVL at first but I found it great fun to do, planet instances were packed, heroics, pvp and flashpoints were popping constantly.
I’ve never seen the game more alive.
Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best.

People aren’t burned out on doing old content mate, most of them can’t be arsed to do anything beyond EV and KP HM because it would take actual effort and some knowledge on how to play their class. They could give us 3 new operations, and the hard core would clear them all in a few months, whine how there’s no new ops and leave again. Meanwhile the noobs would prance about in SM pug runs a bit, decide this is too hard, grab some best gear possible from EV and KP and go ERP on Nar Shaddaa.

You have good points here, but let me toss this one key fact at you: players have ruined MMORPGs. Since Everquest, players have found ways to rush through content at breakneck speed to the end. Rarely do players sit back and try to enjoy EVERYTHING a MMO has to offer. What matters to them is having a ‘badass’ with all the best gear, at max level, and then showing off either in PvP or Raids.

And no this is not everyone, but consider one of the major complaints: the lack of things to do in endgame. How may Ops do we have? PvP matches? Heroics? Weekly Events? There is going to be a point that you will do EVERYTHING, and no team of Devs will ever keep up with the speed in which a dedicated player can blow through it. I have met players that can legit do all the content in the game within a month. They can do it to ANY MMO. And yes they complain.

Mate, how long have you been playing the game?

Heroics don’t count as group content, they have no mechanics and are literally kill X hostiles and loot them 95% of the time.

The weekly “events” have been around for more than an year, and before that they were released a couple of months, and before that they left the impression they were a one time thing and Bio will release different events as they go by.

As many, many people have pointed out, we haven’t had an operation since Shadow of Revan.

Even if you roleplay the hell out of each chapter, you’re still gonna be done in a month with all of them. And no, don’t try to sell me this “But new players haven’t done it”. If there was an influx of new players, I’d notice. I have leveled a couple of alts in the past year and when I managed to meet another player on the planet, he was with a lot of achievement points – 15k+. And no, I haven’t played in 2 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning. Very few people, especially hardcore raiders, complain that there is nothing to do 3 days after new content is released. Going for such an extended period of time and ignoring one of the key stones in the genre – now that’s stupid.

Heroics are no longer group content, true, but they used to be. Prior to the leveling system, you often had zero chance of finishing one without outleveling it badly or having a group. And some Heroics are just kill-fest, but some do have a bit more to them (see most of the Voss Heroics)

Operations are NOT a key element of SWTOR. Storylines are. They are one of the extra bits you get to use during play, and were originally intented to be done AS you progressed.

Events are the closest thing we have to open-world events like I was discussing earlier, and I do wish they would be expanded upon more than Ops. They have a wider variety of events, options and rewards for both groups and individuals.

We have had new players come in. No massive flood of them, but then again no MMO is getting massive numbers of new players anymore. And no, not every player can finish this game in a month. Going from your starter planet through the Hutt Cartels, SoR and finally KotFE takes some time for the casual player. But we still have more “hardcore” guys blowing the curve and blasting through them as quick as they can, and then complaining that there’s nothing to do.

And finally…I think you are confused about the concept of role-play. Role-playing requires interactions with real people. Role-playing is NOT picking 1 of 3 choices on a conversation wheel that has near-zero effect to your story.

Uh-huh. And how much roleplay can you do in the limited areas Bioware have released with KotFE? There’s nothing to explore, no interesting enemies to defeat, no datacrons or codex entries, hell, there aren’t even new heroics.

I’m not complaining about past expansions, although I would have preffered if they had not given up on class stories but that has been happening since Ilum. I’m complaining on the quality (or complete lack of) content they have been releasing with KotFE. While the story shows promise, it feels rushed. Everything happens too fast, and what your character did prior to the war with the Eternal Empire hardly even gets a mention.

Oh, you were the Empire’s Wrath? You sat on the Dark Council? You were the commander of the Republic’s top special forces squad? Lana doesn’t seem to remember that. Theron either. Koth, Senya – obviously they don’t care about anything that goes beyond Zakuul, why should they, it’s not like the story actually includes the other two superpowers in the galaxy. You aren’t a Darth anymore, or a major, a grand champion of the Great Hunt, or a jedi battlemaster. You’re just commander in a place where no one seems to treat you as one.

Then there’s the ridiculous chapter in the woods that begins with Lana, that says you can’t trust the Emperor a lot of times, tells you to go and talk to him ’cause you know, reasons. And you go, regardless of previous interactions with him because of said reasons. And then you have to craft your own anti-Arcann weapon, regardless if you have Force affinity or not, because he’s all so powerful and mighty and absolutely not a dark side user but something new and completely different. Right. I mean, a rifle made from scrap in a cave is absolutely better than the rifle I’ve been using for years (literally) and has been modified personally by a weapons expert (you wanted roleplaying, right?). Oh right, Marr and Satele graced it with their lifelong experience so it must shoot Force powered bolts or something. I mean, the first 10 chapters were good, even though quite tunnel visioned, the one with Jorgan was alright but after 12 they went downhill real fast. So yeah, /rantover and sorry for the wall of text. I could do this for all of the last 4 chapters but you get my point.

Operations may not be THE key element in TOR, but they are a key element nonetheless. According to a lot of people, the story didn’t deliver. They voiced their opinions way before it finished. The only complaints I’ve seen for endgame PvE and PvP (hell, I’ll even add GSF for the lulz), besides them being ignored, are bugs not being addressed and certain classes performing better in given situations. While the second one cannot be completely fixed by anyone ever, the first one can be. As far as I know, Revan 16m is still broken and his shield takes 10 times more damage to fall down. Juggernaut tanks and madness sorcs are still a broken class for PvP. GSF, well, to be honest I don’t deal with that because the UI is not my cup of tea, but I bet you got some OP ships there too.

KotFE introduces two major RP areas: Odessen Base and Zakuul. Zakuul alone offers several open areas, from open streets, markets, slums and a large bar. Not too bad.

As for titles, being the “Emperor’s Wrath” or anything else stopped meaning a damned thing in Shadows Of Revan. The expansion eliminated the special snowflake status which didn’t make any sense in a multi-player game. When there is no Emperor, what’s the point of being his Wrath? And just how many Kings Of The Underworld do you need? Being the Champion of the Great Hunt stopped meaning anything after about Chapter 3 for the Bounty Hunter storyline.

As for you being the ‘Commander”…yeah they don’t treat you like some great military leader. Because you are NOT. You are a guy that survived thanks to THEM. So yeah, Senya, Lana and the rest may respect you, but they are also the most aware of how vulnerable you really are. They are the man that whispers in Ceasar’s ear “You are not a god”. The fact that you have to constantly fight to keep their loyalties is one of the better ideas the game had, because their really isn’t any other reason TO work for you at all.

And yeah I do agree that somehow making a blaster rifle out of junk and spare parts seems a bit off…except when you consider that is how lightsabers have been made for eons, and even your best rifle is already five years behind the state of the art, and Zakuul is about 100 years ahead of the Republic and Empire. Now the idea of infusing it with the Force is not a new concept at all, and would give you an edge against a Force user if you are not. Remember this game is based on the Old Republic comics WAY back, and they had things like Dark Side-infused longswords that could cut through the blades of lightsabers. Two of the strongest Force users in the game and the energies of Valkorion MIGHT be able to make you a decent blaster out of spare parts. Now let’s roleplay a bit: You have your favorite rifle, get a few new pieces of high-tech gear, and now have the ability to infuse the rifle with both the Light and Dark side for a boost…you think your weaponsmith skills could rebuild it into something better?

As for Ops….SWTOR has nine Ops, not including ones tied to events, and 26 Flashpoints. They have setting for easy to hard as fuck, and even some Flashpoints simply cannot be done solo. Operations cater mostly to guilds and very large groups (that hopefully work together), and need a large amount of players. Flashpoints, not so much. Beyond a few rare drops, Ops simply do not offer much to the single player, which kills a lot of interest. Most players don’t bother til max level. I do agree we need a few more, and the last I heard EA took all but one guy out of the Bioware SWTOR Ops team. I blame EA a bit more here for slow development, but personally I think they look at the numbers and think the interest isn’t as high as you think. They should do it yes, but I wonder if people just don’t care as much as some. I personally don’t care at all about Ops or raids, finding them to usually be a huge waste of time.

PvP…yeah…I think PvP needs to be completely rethought. This warzone stuff is a bit too tourney-like for a game about WAR.

Exactly that. Most people dont believe in what devs say. People dont think that to implement so much stuff takes years, not months. They are trying different update models and they are not sure what to say because they dont want to hear people whining again about their own speculations.

As a former developer, I can say, that TOR team did a shitload of stuff, they work hard. If peps dont believe in a game they play, no wonder they feel depressed and afraid of any good news.

Hope this will change to a better state after new year. We will see about that.

It astounds me daily the amount of narcissism on these forums. If the game doesn’t go in the direction they want….its toys outa the pram time.
And they want it now or next week.
Never mind the massive player driven story that they have done that would have taken the greater percentage of their budget and taken probably a year of hard work and coding. Or the huge amount of QOL improvements they have made or the massive changes to gameplay in 4.0 and soon 5.0.
They want what they want now.

Why would we believe them at this point? They lied about never having to wait over a year for new operations (it’s been around 2 years now), lied about nightmare raids keeping unique rewards (cybernetic rancor), lied about unique pvp rewards (rainbow rancor), lied about “better than cross server,” the list just goes on. They either lied about all these things or they are just very incompetent. I love this game and I want it to improve more than anything but the situation with the game, the dev team, and the community is just disgusting.

Did they lie or did they discover they can’t do it? What exactly happened? I think one of the reasons we never get solid facts anymore is that they got pretty ambitious, blew a few deadlines and got shit on. Oh I have no doubt they lied about a few things at least, but I also think some of it was stuff beyond their control too.

I’m trying to figure out where the specific answer to operations was? I’m not even sure in january they will bring up the subject? I’m more confused then i was before

A company being vage about everything for a longer period of time is never a good sign.

In most cases it means they don’t know about their future themselfs.

They have things planned out long in advance. They know what’s up. It’s just a matter of them being allowed to say anything, and if it aligns with what we want.

Wishful thinking on your part, they can’t say anything because at a moments notice the game could be shut down.

Well, you know how it is, some people read something, think about it, decide it means more, especially more things they want… and when it never comes true, it’s the developer’s fault

Yup, though Musco and co could gang rape a ground of Syrian orphans and Abaddon would still be there defending them. He’s like a dog in that way.

At least we have a definite end date for the DvL Event. Ended up being a month longer than I was expecting. Works for me, I was getting burned out on some of it. At least this’ll let me focus on some other games for a bit before getting back to finish up the rest.

At this point, I figure they will say “Group content is coming” and then deliver some form of gifting Cartel Market items (re-skins) to your friends and you get to watch them open the gifts with some new crappy animation.

I love how everyone in this comment section expects perfection and so much else from a team that’s very small. Google their office at some point, guys.

They eventually admitted that the photo was sort of staged. Musco and a couple of the other folks pictured actually have offices and don’t work out in cubicle land with scrub squad.

Why would Musco have a separate office? What’s his work? He’s not actively posting, there aren’t gaming conventions they organize shows at and he isn’t a developer.

Sometimes he posts pics of his desk on twitter. Its covered with photoshopped pictures of himself. (not kidding)

He has posted pics from his office of the stuff on and around his desk and the posters on his walls. He has his own office, it’s very small, but it exists.

That is not just one department, if you knew anything about BioWare and SWTOR Team you would know that that’s most of the actual team, and it’s even smaller now.

Someday you’ll come to understand, but when that day comes, you wont be here posting anything.

Again, honey, proof. Show. Proof. All you do is just rant.

And you`re actually right for one time! By the time you`ll understand that trust and love in something is more important than ranting about minor problems, I`ll be well away from posting on this site, probably somewhere near Saturn on one of its moons, colonizing it.

This reads almost like a letter from a kidnap victim trying to tell you more than the captor would allow. I’m surprised it didn’t end with “Cuddle mittens for me” and we could get all perplexed as the music lowers and we say. “But we don’t even have a cat….OH!”

I’d say we should rescue him but…I dunno, sounds like work.

“Our hope is that as a part of the January Producer Letter or Livestream, we will have more specific updates on what is to come. This includes all types of group content, but was a specific answer to the question of Operations.”

This is a fun line and very nicely worded as to confuse those people that are still hoping for things to happen. Let me translate this a bit:
1) Musco says “hope to have more updates”, this allows him any kind of wiggling room he could ever wish for. Come January it will be back to: “Not ready to talk about specifics, but the team is working on group content, just can’t say what kind yet, Sub till July for a Koth-focussed Bonus Chapter!”
2) He says “this includes all kinds of group content, but was an answer to the question of Operation.”
OMG Musco said there will be Operations again! Right?
No, he did not. He threw the word in to get people excited. What he says is that in response to the question of Operations, the answer was given, that the team is refocussing on group content, as before he has NOT in a single word confirmed that this group content will be Ops.
3) I would also like to add that if they have not yet enough of a thought process going that they can share anything relevant, then even IF there will be a new Operation, it will at the earliest come in summer to autumn. It will be interesting how they will keep stringing people along for those extra months after KoTETs chapters have been played in one night.

And if the new operation ever comes, it’s buggy, it’s laggy, the mechanics are based on RNG, and hard core raiders clear it in a week, and cry us a river because there’s no new ops… while the pugs can barely kill the first boss on SM. Then the HC raiders quit the game because pugs keep repeating EV and KP HM on priority and “can now do the new ops easily”, while in reality every pug group trying keeps getting killed on someone not walking out of a red circle…

What hardcore raiders they mostly all left this spring. This game is done and all they are doing is milking every last bit from cartel market. Musco is a great sales man, lousey community manager

By now I am actually not so sure the team sees a difference between those two jobs. Muscos role is to appease the community and keep the naive subbed as long as possible. If you consider this as “managing” the community (and I am pretty sure they do by now), he is doing a fantastic job with his clever wording and few outright lies. There are still thousands of white knights in their forum defending even the most ridiculous thing they do.

Why do ops when there is nobody to play them? Right? Better focus on cartel market content and pack opening experience. The players who play Star Wars Barbie are majority.

I sense bitterness in your words but cant understand why.

Space barbies wih light sticks is wrong? Is bad? Is not in demand?

Or its simply not yours? <—————-

You seem to try inserting yourself in a topic where ops players bitterly discuss the lack of new ops for the past 2 years and the continued disinformation on when, what and if any will be released, by changing the subject with some personal arguments. Whether or not others defend the current state of the game and whether or not I like space barbies is irrelevant.

Oh but it is! It is!

Like I said already, this game is by all means NOT only about raiding. Its name is The Old Republic, not the Ol` Raiders or Raiders Delight. Am I wrong?

And like you said, Space barbies, is now a proper part of this game. As well as GSF, KotET, PvP, FPs and TFPs, Strongholds, Events.

You can discuss whatever you want, but dont say that this game is dead or broken only because its not giving you what you want. Raiders were always a minority and not the actual paying one in any MMO. Majority is the casual time-to-time players.

This is true for sure. And why is that what always happens when they send out new content? Because 1) they do not test it enough, by … I don’t know… maybe use the bloody PTS for more then a week before launch. WOW Legion was on their test server for Month, with thousands of bugs and balancing issues found by the community and then fixed by Blizzard, 2) Their patching speed is simply a joke. If we are lucky they decide to patch a bug once a month. After Legion came out WoW received balancing and bugfixes every bloody day…
It is pretty clear which company actually cares about it’s product and customers if you ask me.

Even when they use the test server they listen to no feedback until it’s live. Look at both sets of vendor bugs that got reported and then resulted in tons of people being banned because even after going live they ignored it. It finally took someone posting a youtube video on the forums for them to take action.

And that was an easy bug to fix didn’t even take them a day when they wanted it dealt with. But we had it for weeks the second time and months the first time. I’ve never seen any other mmo company leave an issue that effects the in game economy keep steam rolling for any length of time.

Again, comparing biggest MMO in the world with over 100 mil accounts with game with 15-20 times less playerbase… bravo!

Why not compare it with Lineage? Or Perfect World? Still large MMOs, with lesser budget. No? Like I thought.

Blizz patch every goddamn day (not actually daily, main patch is still on wednesday) because they have money from millions of subs and they will lose much more idiots if they wont patch every little pony tail asap. And still WoW have a lot of bugs and minor issues.

And you clearly not a part of WoW fans, or you`d know the shitstorm they cause on forums with every change in gameplay. Even now WoW is loosing subs, its not that obvious, but it is happening. Its a worldwide effect, MMO are not in trend now.

But why I even bother telling all it, people will only see this as “White Knight” talk defending SWTOR. So be it, I dont care, I`ll stay for what I like.

You sound like you have seen all of this happen before… Oh, wait, it happened last year!!! All of this has happened before and it will happen again. To be quite honest, it’s very hard not to gloat at their attempts, all they do is splendid opportunity. Maybe if we hadn’t spent 4 years trying to make this game work.

So… all 9 chapters at once? This gets me a little worried that they’re planning to shut down TOR soon. I can’t really see where they’d go with the story after this.

We haven’t seen the end of KOTET yet. I’m sure that the Story will still continue after it and that it could have something to do with what happens in KOTETs end

Is there any loyal fanbase left? I don’t count the folks who do nothing all day and dress up their characters from the cartel market.

We defeat Scorpio and Vaylin. It turns out the Eternal Fleet is spawned from the Star Forge we thought we destroyed so long ago(as Revan), which Valkorion stole from the mind of Revan during his years as a brain parasite. Scorpio no likey that she not special and go crazy. Vaylin fights to the death, but tells mommy Senya she loves her as she dies. Senya cries everyone is sad. Arcann says something inappropriate and we all laugh(“Boners!”), hahaha. You are now the hero of the galaxy and everyone is looking to you for direction…which turns out is what Valkorion wanted this whole time as he takes over your body(Dark Side choices). Or you hit the ground gibbering with madness as you fight for your mind against a less parasitic less enabled Valkorion(Light side choices). Like Revan, you have to do a split to fight for your other half.. Its super lame and everyone complains. The whole thing ends with you being Rey’s father. WTF?

Next is us fighting Vaylin and Scorpio for the same thing we were fighting Arcann for….the exact same thing. And those 9 chapters most likely end with that being resolved. After that(“what comes after next”), we inevitably deal with the fact there is a weird old man moving the furniture around in our brains. Knights of the Why Is the Outlander Acting Weird and Cackling?

Just wait until the climactic fight in the next series of chapters, where you can hear one of 16 VAs cackle throughout an entire fight (most notably in the cutscenes).

Arcann is one dead MoFo.
I didn’t spend 16 chapters trying to kill him just to become bff’s…

It’s possible the Eternal fleet was made by the Star Forge and the location made known to Revan and Malak via his Imperial Alias Vitiate upon the twos fall to the darkside. As to the “thought to be destroyed star forge” It’s gone and littering the coast of Rakata Prime. Granted there may be more that do other things like the Foundry making droids but the star ship making forge is gone.

Now you’ve ruined it. You probably hit the jackpot in some of these, so that means that when the devs read your post, they will go back to rewrite 55% of the story, which means KOTET will be postponed till March 2017, and now as a punishment, whatever group content they had in mind, is postponed indefinitely, but we can’t tell you when, how, where and what will be released exactly. We can tell you we are ACTIVELY working on it. Or at least we were, until Naq ruined the whole story on Dulfy/

…shit this is like when I ruined the Mass Effect 3 ending with my dark matter and mass effect relay stuff. They scrapped the whole thing and replaced it with colors.

Thanks, I have bought the Mass Effect Trilogy to replace SWTOR with some other game and now you ruined that too. Do you also want to tell me how Civilization 6 ends for every single nation?


I just finished my ME run, currently doing a second run of ME3… I had played 1 and 2, but never 3. I didn’t think it was THAT bad, not as bad as people were telling me. But I won’t spoil it for ya, you be the judge…

TBF you are probably playing the “fixed” ending that they released in order to quell a lot of the complaints. I myself don’t have a problem with the current ending. But, I suspect some of the bad blood is a holdover from the original ending coupled with people who are still upset at how the end was handled.

Its the story we deserve, but not the one we want right now. But we’ll play it, because its there. Because its not our story. Its silly tropes, under EA directors. A bad write.

I’m all out of tears at this point.

Just kidding, I’m the only character with any emotional depth now. Thanks, BioWare.

You’re wrong Naq. Things get wraped up pretty quickly, nothing seems to make sense (hint, hint!!!), we kill Valkorion just to find he’s REALLY Sheogorath, you wake up in Tamriel, and you’ve been playing ESO all along instead of TOR…

No, Arcann would come up with a better name for himself than something that sounds like a brand of chewing tobacco. His father instilled some dignity in him.

Now that we are used to be frozen in carbonite and stuff… why not freeze us for thousands of years… so we can finally get in the TFA time period… without ugly-shoulder-armor.

one can only hope..the more likely reason is they discovered that everyone was just waiting for the entire story to be done then subbing once and cancelling after they finish.

The first 9 chapters of KotFE launched all at once and then they released the other one at a time because they were still working on them. The difference here is they are launching the same amount of stuff, but no monthly installments and a guarantee that we will be waiting a few more months for the announcement of when new stuff is coming and when.

My guess is that they have a flashpoint or 2 on the drawing board and will push that out in March and IF, IF, IF, IF there is a new Op it will be late April – Mid May for release. I’m not holding my breath, or paying them any money while I wait though.

Honestly if I was Bioware, I would probably start releasing finished content in stealth mode, and then tell people a few weeks after its gone live that we are adding it, once its working, and been working. Like you log in, theres a new planet, new world boss, maybe a flashpoint attached, missions and stuff, you tell your guild. Nobody remembers anything about this being announced…and you are all gaining levels….is there a new level cap? Holy crap new gear! Then 2 weeks later Eric is like “Guys…we might be releasing some new content, details to come”

Already happend … most of the social and dark & light side titles that where “lost” in the released version anno 2011 (but there in the alpha and beta) suddenly reappeared in early summer this year and where proclamaimed as new update in august or september patch.

Patches with bugs inside … cause the person of note (halidrel whatsoever from sith warrior nar shadda storyline, if i’m not mistaken) was NOT activated on my jugger and can obviously only received by a warrior that plays the storyline anew.

Instead of activating the codex retroactively for players who already did that storyline. What an OUTRAGE. What an INCOMPETENCE.

OMG this guys sucks so bad. I’m so fucking sick of the non-answers that this little faggot gives after months of silence. This game is nothing more than a slot machine for EA to fuck you in your ass with and take your money. Keep gambling assholes.

Seems more like he gives the answers hes ALLOWED to give… higher ups would fire his ass if he gave to much info. Sadly the guy reminds me of a target dummy to get all the hatred.

There is nothing to say other than saying there is nothing. It’s not like there’s this huge amount of content they keep in secret.

You were on here last month singing their praises cause you won some ‘shiny’ from a pack.
Make your mind up.

They “hope” to have some news on what direction the game will take with operations in January?? I’m sure in January they’ll advise us a new announcement on the possibility of future operations is coming soon™.

Its so sad that we used to come here for NiM guides and events. Now its just cartel and this ridiculous dev mindset and no answers on the future of the game. I am sorry Dulfy, I feel for you.

Some event. Great promise dropped right in the crapper almost right out of the gate. The ‘great’ event that saw four of my guilds go from 500+ people to less than 80 now each. White knight all you like but these devs are just yanking the players now.

I have 12 alts in 3 different guilds. Players come and just like in ALL MMO’s.
The ones i’m in now have 20-50 players on nightly and growing.
I see a dozen guilds advertising nightly on general chat.
People can’t figure this for themselves.
I’ve been in guilds with 500+ members. lol with 10 alts each that’s 50 members with 20 maybe coming on at various times throughout the day.

He’s not going to change the way he sees the game, he will defend it even if they only add GSF maps and new Strongholds for the next 2 years, with zero story and group content.

I have been a member of 4 guilds die out in the last 12 months, and the only guilds active are the ones who fanatically do conquest. Conquest was fun.. back in 2014.

Playing a game such as SWTOR means having fun with other players. There is no way to do that anymore. It’s not even about the raiding at the end of the day.

I guess I’m not subbing until april or so, because that’s when I think we will actually get GSF news. Pathetic. Three years and counting without bug fixes

I wont Resub at all. EAware is milking this game way to obvious. When they release new grp content, over 2 years after their last grp content, there wont be a lot of raidplayer left.
i loved this game, but they turned it into a singleplayer mmo (rofl).
and their only interest is making money with the cm

i wont ever buy a eaware game again. greedy companys

How fucking hard is it to answer a yes/no question for fucks sake. “2017, will there be operations?” 1 word, 2 options.. answer the fucking question Musco + co. Fuck!

“What we said is that after KOTET’s launch, the team is refocusing on group content”

So, me hoping for some overdue bugfixes after KOTET is launched is pointless and wont happen. Great. Bugged item preview for ever! And this is the least of problems.

How often did Musco promise to change the style of BioWare’s communication? And how often did they come back to say nothing or soon?


They said we never have to wait 17 months or longer for new OPs. This is just ridiculous. Nearly all members of my guild are playing atm with the f2p model.

With the release of KOTFE they altered the whole unique nm loot. I’d love to get some of em for my new DvL chars, but sadly all is gone…i didnt care till DvL what happend with the loot…now with nothing more to do…its just, lets say: sad.

This is the common argument…. my Guild left.
I have 12 alts in 3 different guilds. Players come and just like in ALL MMO’s.
The ones i’m in now have 20-50 players on nightly and growing.
I see a dozen guilds advertising nightly on general chat.
People can’t figure this for themselves.

43 toons in three guilds and yeah, figured out I could just get another guild. IF there was something in the game that I haven’t done over a dozen damn times already. DvL was nothing more than leveling yet another toon for the same crap that was done for the last three years and kill tons of skytroopers/cutscene, /kill tons of skytroopers/cutscene wasn’t a great delivery either. I regret to say that out of the last year the best thing that was produced for this game was the cut scenes. If others find playing dress up is their thing then good on em. Does nothing for me.

You think Wow, Eso, Guild Wars2 etc doesn’t have replayed content/dungeons raids?
DvL was to a single player filler along with KOTFE/KOTET which was this years focus.
Next year group content.
RP guilds are massive so yes dress up is huge but who are you to say that’s wrong, similarly with single player progression which is where the game starts and what brings in new players.

Actually I’ve been playing ESO for some time now and once Bethesda releases their next big expansion and their housing expansion they will have just as much content as SWTOR does currently. They did it in less time, with better quality, higher replay ability and the story content is also playable content. You don’t get a 20 min cut scene followed by 2 min of game play and then another 20 min cutscene. Not to mention that Bethesda continues to release content, plans to continue to drop content on a regular schedule, the gear grind is far less grindy and the economy is flourishing and fair.
All in all ESO is a far better game than SWTOR right now. That was not the case when ESO launched, but when they relaunched as a buy to play with subscription options that all changed. ESO, over the past year, has become a FANTASTIC game. My only complaint is that I wish someone could do the same thing with a Sci-Fi game…
Until then I’ll play some SWTOR and think about how awesome a Bethesda Star Wars game could be…

Don’t even bother man… These guys will continue praising the “content” they receive no matter what. They can’t even begin to be imparcial enough to judge having content or not. No matter of quantifying, comparing or extrapolating will make them see what’s in front of their eyes.

Better to log on to ESO and have a good time… You know, finding all the cool people that USED to play TOR… Right??? But hey, here I am lying again… Right???

like i said ea relies on people bieng stupid and theres even some who defend their right be abused and get hooked on gambling packs and other stupid shit eso sto dcuo theres better games out there to play but unfortunately when it comes to star wars your stuck playing a narrow minded instanced to hell low budget game with million dollar trailers lol

I’ve said all along I didn’t like KOTFE, however it is content whether you like it or not.
“You know, finding all the cool people that USED to play TOR… Right???”

Oh yeah! You’d be surprised just HOW MANY people I run into in ESO that used to play TOR… But don’t take MY word for it, ask anyone here that plays ESO… Maybe your chuckle will turn into a choke…

And by the way, they all say they aren’t coming back… Which is fine for you, since you love the game, you don’t care if people leave, they’re wrong and you’re right… But me, a “hater”, I didn’t want anyone leaving the game… I just wanted content for everyone to be happy playing… The ironies of life are so funny…

But by the way, you’re not. You’re just intellectually challenged.

“Oh yeah! You’d be surprised just HOW MANY people I run into in ESO that used to play TOR”
O yes the ‘cool’ guys you said. *chuckle*
People leave and join MMO’s all the time didn’t you know that?
I’ve been on ESO (although it was the terrible early version), GW2, WOW, LOTR online and guilds thrive then die, people come and go constantly.
Where have you been that you don’t know this.

It really is a great game. I’ll be honest, most people get turned off by the controls because it they work like an FPS. If you’ve played Skyrim and Oblivion then you are already familiar with ESO but the game is set several hundred years before Oblivion. For me it took about an hour to get really, really comfortable with the controls. After that it was like second nature.

I haven’t played it since it’s first release, and I was broken hearted at what they had turned the licence into, but i’ve been hearing good things since it’s re-release so I might give it a go.
After leveling 12 alts and doing all KOTFE I don’t remember 2 mins of gameplay and 20 mins of cutscenes so I don’t see how that is true.
SWTOR is always releasing content and is always busy doing stuff just not the stuff people here want. That’s just life.

The launch of ESO was really rough, it didn’t look, feel, play or move like Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim. with all the changes Bethesda has made in the past year and a half ESO is all the things I loved about all 3 of those games rolled into an MMO package. What ESO has going for it is the “best of all world” as I call it.
Many of the KotFE chapters are more cutscene than they are story related gameplay. I exaggerated a little, sometimes I forget that people on the internet take exaggeration literally. But there are a couple chapters that are nearly all cutscene and very little game play. The chapter that has the ’80’s style montage and tosses HK into a “Caddyshack” omage while the crew makes repairs is a great example. That chapter is nearly all cutscene.
BW-A needs a more balanced release schedule. That is another place where ESO has a leg up. DLC’s contain playable content, new story content, group content and cosmetic gear. Then again I wholeheartedly believe that Bethesda not only has more skillful developers, but also that they have more people dedicated to their project.

While I totally agree with you, isn’t it true that some people still have something undiscovered in this game? I have never killed Ancient threat yet. Some other things. I don’t think you did ALL what game has to offer, just some standard story and fps ops, some rb, some events. Even if you did, it’s true for any MMO, some people burn through content fast, some doing it in slow pace. Im OK with monthly delivery of chapters, I have time to play just that much most of my time.

This game turning to casual and I only see it as good sign. Read future patch notes for 5.0 if you havent.

the problem with what is going on in swtor is that they are giving bare minimum effort for the amount of money they make. I have played this game from the beginning and keep hoping that they will give more effort. I like the story and I have done every thing this game has to offer. That is why the DvL event was so annoying. New ops is not asking for too much.

24 toons in so many different guilds I don’t care to count them.

Not ONE of them is really interested in proper raiding. Most are doing Conquest, which is fine, but doesn’t interest me.

For having people online and chatting about my day I’d log on to Facebook, not an MMO.

If you can figure the game so well, be so kind as to figure a PROPER progression guild doing their business at The Red Eclipse. Link their name here.

I will be forever grateful to you.

I cant say for Red Eclipse, but on Progenitor there are at least 10 progression guilds with huge online and daily HM OP runs.

Just check Conquest lists on your server, choose top guilds and then type /guildname who in chat. Then ask guild member what you want.

That’s not how progression guilds work. And since you didn’t provide a single name, I call bullshit. Besides, doing good in conquest doesn’t mean you are doing good in HM/NiM raids, quite the opposite actually.

Omfg… Just to say something type, aren’t you?

This guy specifically asked for RE server, I don’t have chars there, and info about top progression guilds on my server is irrelevant for him. And on contrary, dear, top guilds in conquest are usually doing a lot of OPs content. For example, on my server they are Detoxified Revan squad, Fire, Knights who say Ni, Czech Order… Don’t remember others, not near PC now. At all around 10-15 huge guilds. And some lesser that still do raid content.

Uh-huh. Just to let you know, I’ve been in progression guilds. I’ve been part of progression teams.

Archives of Nihilus have had one officer online in the past couple of days, the other most recent officer hasn’t been in a month.

It’s a Game FFS has exactly 2 progression teams and they are not recruiting, at least not for progression teams. I doubt they are even actively raiding, they had 3-4 alts geared half an year ago when I left because it was just conquest there.

Retribution had huge problems and 3 out of 5 raid teams left and split into different guilds, I believe only people for one full team are still active. I’m unsure how things stand there right now, but I sincerely doubt that with the current guild leader they are having progress.

These are off the top of my head, but I’m fairly confident that the other guilds that raid have no more than one team and they are not actively recruiting. I’m basing this on the guys I’ve seen gathering in front of ops entrances when said ops was highlighted or whatever it was called (I’m talking SnV, TfB, Oricon, not EV and KP). People that recruit on fleet, starter and capital worlds are socials that don’t go farther than gf runs.

Btw top conquest guilds are doing a lot of raiding, but not progression. They are doing gf ops runs. We’ve done 5-6 runs with different chars and different people of the current gf ops in a day. You call that progression?

As I said to Drivan a bit bellow… Don’t bother man. These guys don’t want to see the facts in front of their eyes. They fail to acknowledge entire progression guilds have quit the game, I was in one of them, I saw guildmasters urge their constituents to move entire guilds to other games on They even fail to understand that most of the people that used to do all the Class Guides here at Dulfy have changed because the older guys have also moved on.

Like we say in my country: “isto é chover no molhado.” Raining on wet is the closest translation I can get you. Don’t bother.

Then why do you still bother to be here?

I really dont understand, maybe you can explain it to me. Why people who hate SWTOR so much and keep posting here saying crap about this game are still playing it?

So hard to drop it? Still waiting for new content? You all look even worse then a enraged fat girl who cries that no one want to fuck her and claiming that all men are jerks.

This game turns its face to casual players like me, I play raid content when I can, I dont farm 24×7 I have job and family. And I`m perfectly fine with current content.

Dont like the way it works now? Quit. But for ffs, stop your whine.

Little fat girls that want to be fucked hey?


You might just be the prom queen who is getting fucked by the entire football team, claiming that they all love you, want to marry you and have little prom queenettes…

Oh did I forget to mention?

The name of the football team is Electronic Arts.

Learn to read, ffs.

You just said the same thing I did. Yes, top guilds doing GF OPs alot. But there are also HM and NIM teams. I really doubght that you stay all day long with 5 alts on all entrances to HM OPs and looking for a party. And also I`m talking about MY server that is PROGENITOR. At least on my server there are progression guilds and teams doing hardmode and Nightmare OP content.

Or you think that situation is the same on all servers and in both regions?

Considering TRE is the biggest european server, yes, I’m absolutely certain the situation is the same everywhere. And it seems you read what you wanna read. I said that the progression guilds have gone inactive or significantly smaller. Excuse me for not accepting braindead gf ops farm as endgame content.

I understand that your playstyle doesn’t include group content, or at least not as much as an endgame focused player. I have nothing against people that prefer the solo play. But if you honestly believe that the stuff they’ve been releasing for the past year is good or acceptable for an MMO, then I can’t help you. 20 minutes of hectic cutscenes that shove everyone into the same spot with no regard to previous decisions and choices, accompanied with the obligatory skytrooper slaughter in between every month. I just gave you an one-sentence version of the whole expansion.

P.S. You can just stay for two hours a night in front of the current highlighted hm ops and get a crystal clear idea of how many people are doing it. Hint – making 224 gear so easy to get and not releasing content may have taken a hit at the population.

If BW is being honest that this is their biggest expansion, it must have minimum of five new Ops, more than six flashpoints, plus more maps for PvP and GSF.

I highly doubt they’re planning on this much content. Anything less than these numbers is them lying about how big it is.

They’re saying it’s the biggest one yet.

Hutt Cartel dropped with two Ops, added two more later. Revan added 2 more.

So, if it’s going to be bigger, it has to have at least five to have more than what Hutt Cartel gave us over the life of that expansion.

2.0 and Hutt Cartel dropped S&V initially as a new op at Level 55, but TfB already existed at Level 50 and was re-jiggered* for L55. NiM modes were added to both during the 2.0 era (along with all of Dread Fortress and Dread Palace).

So four new ops would be “biggest ever” in this case.

*…as Blaster would say.

Might sub again when new raids get released. This game would be great content wise if we had new FP’s and raids to go along with the story stuff. Everyone would win.

If you remember, that was the thing with SOR and people generally missed it. Doing solo or hard more FPs during story is kinda ok, but again, its not the best solution.

It’s been proven TWICE now that story does not do it for MMO’s.

SOR was a great expansion, it had everything, there was no reason to move away from that model. As we saw that move was a bad one for the game and Bioware/EA.

Oh and while Bioware (and fanboys) like to brag about their story, EVERY MMO has story, most with just as much or more then SWTOR…the only thing SWTOR has story wise that other MMO’s do not are full voice overs and intractable conversations. Even then, most have voice overs and intractable conversations to various extents.

And the story they have put out lately is garbage. I cant wait for the day we look back and thank god we can skip kofte an kotet. Straight garbage!

The only garbage here is people who say that KotFE is garbage.

Go play Dota, i`m sure you`ll love it much more.

KotFE was NOT Star Wars, and was a very poorly written and presented story in general. I’t playing a bastard son of Mass Effect/Dragon Age and Star Wars written by some wannabe writer. just because it has lightsabres and Star Wars name doesn’t mean it’s quality.

If you took a step back and looked at it you would probably see it, but you wont, you will defend it until the end, like a good lemming.

I`ll defend it because I like it.

I said already, blinded ragequits wont understand. Go play something else.

You never answered why you hate SWTOR so much, so from now on I`m considering you as nonsentient retarded chatbot. Congrtats!

The story was fine. Could have been better, could have been worse. My main problem with it tho, is that when you’ve done it twice, there’s no way you want to play through it again (unlike the main storylines, where you do feel like the main character, unlike KOTFE…)


You didn’t have to clarify. Your support during blatant disregard for absolute garbage is clear enough.

The choice of the word babe is questionable at best. I wonder what type of response you are trying to illicit with this choice of vocabulary

You`re a classical attention whore who gets here to get someones responses.

All you say is your damn ophinion, so keep it to yourself. There are people who like SWTOR. If you dont – GTFO already.

The game starts with story mode and that’s how all new players get into it.
You moan about a story mode then admit ALL mmo’s have one otherwise how do you level.
“As we saw KotFE/KoTET move was a bad one for the game and Bioware/EA.”
Erm….numbers are up.
You don’t make a valid point.

I never said there is anything wrong with story, I have sated numerous times that all MMO’s have story, but also that, SWTOR says it’s a story MMO, but my point is not any more then any other MMO, and those other mmo’s especially the ones I mention actually have MMO content as well (new mmo content, regularly)

You are wrong, numbers are NOT up, go play SWTOR and you will see that they are lower then they EVER have been. You are blinded by your emotions for SWTOR.

Keep playing it by all means, but your part of the problem, here take my 15 a month and give me nothing for it…

SWTOR has plenty MMO content but yes not new group content because it went down the character progression route this year which is also an easier inlet for new players who find story a safe starting point. Next year group content as they have stated.
As for numbers they have risen on Red Eclipse and I have Alt’s in a few guilds and numbers each night keep growing.
And for my £15 there’s more to do a night than I’ve got time for. That’s got to be good.

Well Sorta. If there was a unique story for every class instead of one size fits all then I would say the story was warranted. For example. if in my bounty hunter leveling story they showed me how to use a carbine-rifle at level 70 I would be stoked.

I honestly recommend you guys move to Final Fantasy XIV. I love this game but what EA and puppet Bioware are doing is disrespectful to us, the lore and star wars. If you want a challenge were it takes teamwork, communication and salt. Go to FFXIV. If you love Star Wars and like to RP by all means stay on swtor though paying 15$ a month for bare minimum content is not worth it ;]

Totally agree with you, who doesn’t like Star Wars, but this is not Star Wars or what SWTOR used to be. SWTOR has it’s good points, like any game, but…

FFXIV is a modern (western) Themepark with consistent content releases every 4 months (1 raid, 2 dungeons, 1 trial (instanced boss fight), story development, side story developments, new content and features), again that’s every 4 months!

Not to mention it’s current content (5x 24 man raids, 6x 8 man raids (normal and savage modes), 47 unique dungeons, 23 unique trials (normal and extreme modes), 2 unique and combined main story lines (original and expansion), plus many more systems (minigames, companion solo and group missions, 200 floor dungeons, pvp (arena, objective, ranked, etc), exploration system, treasure hunt system, live events, seasonal and special events (new ones regularly), hunting system, plus more and more, way to much to mention)

SWTOR has been out for 5 years and has a fraction of the content that FFXIV has in 3 years. As mentioned FFXIV major updates come EVERY 4 months each with more content then SWTOR has released in 2 years (KotFE & KOTET).

There is no comparison, it is you who are blinded to the reality of SWTOR’s non existent content for 2 years. Keep buying into their BS, your their ideal customer.

I wonder is it a local trend to hate SWTOR.

I`ll ask one last time, after that I`ll consider you nonsentient retarded bot.

Why are you hate SWTOR so much? Whats wrong with you? Why do you care how I like to spent my time there? And why ffs you need to stay here and keep spreading your poison?

Dont like SWTOR – go away. No one if forcing you to play it if you dont like. Go away.

I’ve been through all this with them before. Don’t waste your breath.
WHY and i’ll repeat it WHY would you spend your time coming on here to whine about a game you don’t enjoy.
Am i missing something?
I’ve been on here many times saying I don’t like KOTFE, never had but IT IS CONTENT, it’s just not the content they want and i’m called biobot, white knght etc.
I’m convinced half have been banhammered and are out for revenge and to spoil it for the rest of us and the other half are in it for one thing and that’s ops and when they don’t get what they want, it’s toys outa the pram time.
You don’t play an MMO for 1 aspect and expect to be happy.

Well, you could say that this is SWTORs community cancer. You either fight it and cut it out of the body, kill it with fire and etc, or let it be.

Right now I want them to be gone. Ignoring them is not the best tactics imo, because new people will see only this. And its not right.

White Knights united against the cancer!

But hey… If you two look around, it’s only YOU guys “fighting the good fight”…

Everyone else is “cancering”…

against the same 5 whiners that say the same shit at every cartel market release, every update, every blog.
The same boring memes.
1000’s play this game and enjoy it not just us two.
It sooooo easy to come on here and be edgy but I think it takes greater guts to stand up to lazy bullies.

I swore to myself I wasn’t going to do this again… But here goes:

It isn’t a game we don’t enjoy. It’s a game that we are not enjoying RIGHT NOW (emphasis on “right now”) because we don’t agree with the direction of the game. Yes, if they can change the direction of the game, so we can complain too. Up until SoR it was all good. Now it’s not.

There is NO OTHER STAR WARS MMO OUT THERE. This point you REALLY have to begin to understand. I’ll repeat: THERE IS NO OTHER STAR WARS MMO OUT THERE! So, that leaves little choice for all of us Star Wars fans.

And now for the “move on” “play something else” argument: I have. I do. But I want to continue playing this as well. IN THE FORM THAT WAS PRESENTED TO ME AT THE BEGINNING. I didn’t sub to a KotOR 3. I didn’t sub to a single player online game. I subbed to an MMO. You know… When you had to sub to actually play???

If my discontent takes away from your enjoyment of the game… Makes me sad, how can someone that criticises something you obviously love have such an influence on YOUR gaming experience? THAT must be something I’m missing, because when I was completely taken by this game I did not care for those who didn’t…

But I’m glad I have a portion of your time, as minuscule as it may be.

Enjoy your game. Unlike you Knights That Say EA ( Monty Python reference there, for those that might have missed it), I NEVER wished for someone to leave the game. Everybody’s welcome. Even the cancers.

Look ok I respect your opinion believe it or not but you have to see that the constant moronic meme’s and same “this games is b*shit”, “dev’s are lazy, musco is a ******” ‘FF29 is soooo much better and we’re cooler are watering down any coherent point you guys are trying to make.
I’m constantly called a white knight but I hate KOTET as i’ve said all along but swtor is massive so i’m content doing lot’s of other things (yes old content but all mmo’s have you doing old content)
All i’m saying is that they are working hard taking it in a direction they think the public want.
I get arsey with people who come away with the usual I wan’t ‘x’ but they are doing ‘y’ so i’m gonna bitch constantly and that i’m playing a certain game that has even more content and is more fun. Please follow me there.
These comments are divisive to the SWTOR community no matter what your beef is with the game and if you like the games as you say you do then you will understand the point.
You make a well presented and coherent argument here which makes perfect sense and if i heard that I wouldn’t respond negatively to it.
I do hope the game changes in a way to bring you back and as it constantly evolving i’m sure it will.
O and I love Monty Python ‘They meaning of life’
Run away…run away.

Whats the point in your comment? Of cource if dev team would be 2-3 times bigger this game would develop at least 50% faster. But can YOU imagine if people will work for 50-25% of their original pay or players to pay 20-30$ per month?

And to get much more people after so much idiot haters ruined the game on so many forums will take at least 1.5-2 years, if possible. So no point in getting more crew, no point in rushing, the same level of growth can be achieved with the same crew, it will take a bit more time, and alot less money invested.

But what am I talking to, a wall, most likely. All you`ll hear is “bla-bla white knight talk – bla-bla – SWTOR – bla- bla”

I love swtor
I love the lore
I love pvp and I love raiding.

SWTOR: Has 8 unique classes (each that has to be leveled) with their own unique stories up until Hutt Cartel all classes share the same story line.

FFXIV: 1 storyline and continously story quests every 3 months with 12 class quest every 5 levels(need only 1 character to be all 12). Story is gated in order to get the end game. Sad face.

Fashion and Housing:
SWTOR: has the best designing with multiple choices of armor and dyes (Most through real money crates or in game money) and fashion tabs on character sheet for multiple styles, so not everyone looks alike everyone can own a house and design it according to hook locations.

FFXIV: variety of armors and dyes not as complex as swtor but all can be earned in game very few fashion garbs on in game store and you can tell the end game players from the others. Houses are located in a neighborhood that anyone can walk into. They just released apts.

They both suck with healers being OP.

SWTOR: Lots of 4 man Flashpoints fun and quick. No 8 man or 16 man in almost 2 years since TOS release still haRd to beat on HM or NiM modes.

FFXIV: Lots of unique 4 man Dungeons, and Raids of up to 24 man.

SWTOR: Every 3 months release of event(s) and new cash shop items for fashion and design. (Let me know if I missed something)

FFXIV: Every 3 months release of new storyline chapters (few) new dungeon, and trail (maybe an event.

“SWTOR has been out for 5 years and has a fraction of the content that FFXIV has in 3 years”
“There is no comparison, it is you who are blinded to the reality of SWTOR’s non existent content for 2 years.”
4.0 changes, KOTFE, numerous QOL improvements.
Your making this shit up and only the regular haters believe you.
Good luck.

Well, I`d recommend you to wait and see for yourself when SWTOR will get more content, but its clear that you prefer to move from game to game. Its not bad, I moved from Lineage when I got bored, then from Ion, Perfect World, Secret World, World of Warcraft…

Maybe SWTOR is just not for you. So please, dont spoil it for others. Some people here cant understand, that all games have its flaws, main flaw of all MMO is that they are time sinks.

But those people cant stop their constant rant about 15$ per month and “no content” (actually alot of content, they just dont care anymore). And for some reason they dont like answer dont pay and play for free…

I have been and still am a sub since before expansion of Hutt Cartel. So I’ve been waiting quite a bit, almost 2 years to be exact for “MMO” content which has not been provided since December 2014 TOS.

If you like to single player, the lore or even RP all power to you man. But it’s not worth 15$/mo (in my opinion) that EA is milking away from everyone and not providing for Bio to work on the game itself and providing you the bare minimum.

I’m not telling anyone to stop playing swtor, but suggested FFXIV for players who are interested in getting together with other players and raiding in 16 to 24 (wo)man content.

I just got my tank to 60 and the raids are amazing~

Your an op’s player which is fine and when we get new op’s you’ll come strolling back here i’m sure and abandon the ‘amazing FFXIV’
That’s what ops raiders do.

How is he spoiling it for others. Word of mouth recommendations for other games are much appreciated. Even Dulfy is pointing the way to Revelation online. I had no idea FF had that much content.

I mean that constant pointing out bad parts of a game, without actually saying about good is spoiling it.

Suggesting other games is ok, no need to tell that another game is crap only because its not in his playstyle.

In his comment he made his point very clear that SWTOR subscribtion is not worth its game content for him. For me I find it fitting. I like the way SWTOR is moving now, its in casual player tempo.

Nothing bad in is, its just for the upper market segment, for people with money, and a little time, and not for kids with alot of spare time and little to no money.

Wont you agree?

you have to realize these 2 fanbois are just dress up whores and gambling addicts they bash people who want ops then say the whole game is good while telling anyone with slightest criticism to gtfo.Its this type of carebear stupid shit that REALLY ruins games and dumbs them down.

it was ea that made people leave not anyone else

Their plan is to ruin it even though they say it is constructive (lol), by getting people to leave.
I play loads of games BF4, Civilization, Rome2 TW, GW2 occasionally, Star wars battlefront. Skyrim mods not to mention 3 kids and a dog to keep me busy.
The games flaws are the same in many games/mmo’s i’ve played, however most of the complaints here are from op’s runners who want more op’s.
If you’re in a game for 1 thing only your going to be a disappointed fool.

I played it when it first dropped. It was a dope ass game, but I hated the PvP with a passion. But that was a few patches back. I may give it another spin, but I’m on Legion WoW and ESO looks real good as well right now…I still log into SWTOR as a Preemy but not spending cash on it ATM….

I’m new to FFXIV just got 1 class to 60 but from my experience I think healers are op atm but development are always looking into it. I could be wrong about healers being Op.

I tried FF but man that 2.5 second gcd is a tad long. couldnt get into the combat because it was so slow but i may try it again

I’ll admit it’s a bit slow when you start out but once you start getting ogcd’s and dcd’s it gets really fun. So far every Dungeon,Trail and Raid is unique and fun. Each job has its own story. You have a main story line. There is a really funny quest line called Manderville and I’m having good kicks out of it. And in less then a year FFXIV is realising a new expansion with new classes, story, dungeons and raids.

New gear and levels but no new content like ops. Makes absolutely 0 sense.. but fuck it people will still worship the game.

This game needs alternate gear sets, not new gear levels. When they will get that, they will have more players for endgame content. In STO, gear from day 1 is compatible with gear obtained after 5 years. There are so many variations you actually have to put your mind to it when making a build.

So in JANUARY they will have an idea of some group content that we will probably see in April or July… for the next mini-expansion. That is borderline trolling.

You mean to tell me that people who have supported a MULTIPLAYER game for years by subscribing expect MULTIPLAYER content? And get upset when they keep getting fed piecemeal SINGLE PLAYER content with little to no replay value? Fuck them, right?

Why would anyone who might as well play an episodic single player game care at all?

Surely you all must realise the game and its players aren’t milked and at least some of the proceeds flow back into the game? They are undoubtedly not just trying to get as much money as they can with the least amount of effort put in, cartel market items probably require a humongous amount of work and resources, just like the copy and paste episodes.

A team to actually work on multiplayer content for a – former massively – multiplayer online game can not be afforded. Surely everyone understands this. Not to mention it might be very hard to find motivated people who love star wars to design fun and challenging content.

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