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GW2 Big Balance Changes Incoming

GW2 will be doing a big balance patch that may require some stat-swapping on your gear.

A message from the Skills Team:

Greetings, Tyrians!

We are here today to talk about some of the build-thematic changes that will be coming with the next balance iteration. Depending on your chosen profession and your role in combat, these changes may require some stat-swapping on your gear. We feel that giving a bit of a “heads-up” is appropriate.

One of the most notable changes being made is to the healing values of the Druid as a primary healer. Base values for the Celestial Avatar heals will be reduced, while the healing power contribution will be enhanced significantly. The reasoning for these changes is that while we are excited about the Druid being an incredibly strong healer, we would also like to see that role as one of many choices in your attribute build.

Similarly, there will be changes in boon duration and boon application for a few professions. For the Revenant, we’ll be looking at reducing Naturalistic Resonance’s base boon duration. For Mesmer, we’re looking at making Signet of Inspiration’s boon sharing functionality a bit more controlled, giving each shared boon a fixed duration. To help compensate for these general reductions, we’ll be increasing both damage and a few different baseline boon durations.

As this update rolls out we will continue to monitor the effectiveness of these changes, along with the remainder of the balance updates, and will make additional adjustments and tweaks as necessary. Thanks very much for your time!

-The Skills Team


By Dulfy

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55 replies on “GW2 Big Balance Changes Incoming”

I’ve save so much money having my only and main character a zerker warrior hehe. Same armor and weapons, same traits with minor tweak. Able to put the extra gold into a shiny legendary.

Pretty sure berserker is all there is in this game, if there’s healers or tanks I haven’t seen very many at least not very successfull ones. That’s probably why I don’t have very much fun on this game I hate berserker.

Sooo more nerfs to healing, same ol same ol, that’s pretty much all their “balance” consists of for the past 4 years; nerf healing and sustain and increase damage and cc.

Healing isn’t being nerfed, the reduction in the base heal amounts is offset by the increase in the scaling with healing power. What’s being nerfed is the ability to have higher dps with the powerful heals. This is about making healing more of a trade off with damage, it mostly serves to reduce *dps*, not healing.

How about giving to the engineer’s med kits something extra.
They look like sutch and obvious choice for healing, but due to their poor boon support they are not being used.

That’s not because of that, the druid is the main healer not because of his heals but because of the dps buff he gives when he heal. If not, Tempests would be main healers. So even if they were buffing the engineer’s med kits, he would still not be the healer of the group (and they are not an obvious choice for healing, just for you maybe, or we could talk about the rev, the tempest, the guard as obvious choices aswell).

Trash nerfs for pve.. Players always screaming “noo mesmer dead, noo warrior trash, noo you can delete elementalist now..” when they say anyting like that that class being op when metabattle builds pop. I dont understand why people complaining about it. You can find a lot videos 4-5-6 man raid boss kills. Pve is not a big issue you can clear all pve things easy. And all things gonna be fine a few days later after patch. But i guess you wanna keep playing ultra easy mode. That top pve things should be extremely hard but this is gw2 anet keep saying liars like “every class can play any role” “you dont need healer tank dps” and players keep looking for specific classes like 1 druid healer 1 mesmer tank..

Personally i dont care anything about pve. GW2 definitely needs PvP balance. Just split PvE, PvP and WvW traits-skills like first days of gw2 then everybody will be happy.

Oh you, so naive. You think everybody will be happy when they split pve, pvp, and wvw trait-skills? They will always find something to whine about.

Druid heals were bit too much in a lot of situations. I don’t see it as a nerf as much as i see it as a fix. They might also buff some other profession stuff to make them more appealing..for ex more dps, so it makes ppl go DPS instead of HEAL build and so on.

All in all way to little info to even remotely judge it.

I don’t know, even under the conditions of healing prowess of a Druid – World Bosses and events could still wreck players. Seems like these “adjustments” will make encounters (at least PVE-wise) all the more sketchy.

You mean a bit too much in PvP. Don’t get that twisted. No one complains about getting overly healed in PvE.

They clearly stated several weeks ago that they have made a system that lets them tweek skills separately PvP/PvE.

Remains to be seen how they use that.

You’ll pardon me while I chuckle at your faith in ANet’s ability to keep their word. If it happens, I’ll be the first to say you were right.

In the new coliseum pvp map, I’m finding stacked dhs with druid backing to be overly oppressive.

They seem to be addressing the druid half quite nicely for pvp. Hopefully a decision between dh burst and survivability will follow.

It really is a major issue. They didn’t make dh too strong anet just made all other professions too weak leaving dh and druid with too much damage and too much sustain.

Hopefully they can keep dh doing its damage but make it more vulnerable for that super aggressive play style.

The DH does need some balancing but the coliseum just brings a range of bizzare quirks to the table which cause problems unique to that setting.
The map is huge but controlling center means you can reach all places of importance relatively quickly. Being able to jump onto those raised ledges around mid is the maps most important tactic (to allow one to quickly seize mid, assault from mid and regroup there) but while most classes sacrifice something to obtain that capability (or high mobility), dh gets the jump by default – negating it’s need to spec for additional mobility on this huge map. The fact that everyone else needs to compromise their build to be fully mobile, while stacking 2 dh and a druid is OP in normal circumstances anyway, is what pushes balance on this map off the ledge.

Yeah but then again alot of other professions get these jumps for free with weapon skills so i wouldn’t really call it high mobility. Honestly dh has some of the lowest mobility in the game with a slow run speed to boot. Outside of sword 2 and judges intervention the only other gap closers they would have would be gs but lets face it who uses that right now lol.

Anet needs to open up traits again like it use to be. The old trait system worked so much better for build diversity. Now most professions are locked into 1 or 2 meta builds because other builds just dont work efficient enough even if they are fun to play. I love my necro to death in pve but hate it so much in pvp right now.
I wish they would just completely redo trait lines on all professions that people dont use. Make them respectable choices that compete with top builds at the current moment. Every build should be = hard to choose between not 1 or 2 thats good and everything else is in inefficient

In regards to the mew map all they need to do is add steps to one side making the wall higher on the other side where some classes can jump through to prevent that from happening.

The low mobility of dhs is exactly what im talking about. Dhs are currently balanced around that lack of mobility. However, with that one innate jump, they are able to play the massive coliseum map as if they did have high mobility.

U are a niche within a niche within a niche. PvE is the only thing that keeps this game going..because it’s where the revenue is. Not from shits that play free pvp and qq on the forums about it. Bitch please..there is NO competitiveness in ANY mmo. If Blizzard couldn’t make their mmo competitive, no one ever will. You look like a clown each time u bring up the notion of “competitive pvp” in an mmo.

When I first played this game I would’ve never believed this game would change from “no trinity” to discussing nerfs on a healer class. How things have changed lol. Still can’t play this game for more than a month or two at a time though. I get bored too quickly here.

They’re not discussing nerfs on a healer class, they’re buffing the healing from healing power in the build, nerfing base hp. AKA you can’t be a zerk druid healing errbody and their mother anymore. But if you spec healing power you’ll be better at healing than you were before. This is a buff to a “healer class”. -.-

Seriously, 2 months for a new season makes me want to unistall this game all together, this is ridiculous.

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