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Revelation Online Gearing and Equipment Progression Guide

A guide to Revelation Online Gearing and Equipment Progression based on information from Chinese servers.


Intro to Gearing

Gearing in Revelation Online starts in your late level 40s, generally at the Level 49 level cap. You can pretty much ignore gearing before that as the quest gear will do fine for the most part until you attempt the harder PvE and PvP content.

Much like gear in other games, there are colors to indicate the rarity or the quality of the gear.

Grey –> Green –> Blue –> Purple –> Gold

In addition, the stats on a gear also have colors to indicate their property.


  • White and Blue colored stats are fixed stats. They cannot be changed except increasing their bonus via Awakening
  • Green colored stats are RNG in terms the number of stats (1-3), the stats type, and the size of the bonus. You can change the green stats via recasting, which will erase and reroll all three criterias. They form the prefix of the gear and are only found on crafted gear or synthesized from the Order of Guardian
  • Purple colored stats are granted when the item is awakened.

There are additional stats you can gain by performing several actions to a gear.


  • Green, blue, purple, and the gold bar is the Awakening status of the gear. The green, blue and purple bars are normally unlocked on a piece of gear but the gold bar will be locked until you visit a NPC to unlock it. The more awakening you do, the better the white and blue colored stats get.
  • The Refining stats you see there is done via Sharpening. The more Sharpening you do, the better that stat get. This is also what the +1, 2, 3 suffix means on a piece of gear. Higher level gear allow more +.
  • The red and green gems you see there are Precious Stones. They increase the PvP and PvP damage output and damage reduction.

Lastly, by pressing the shift button (pressing it once, do not hold it down), it will show you a more detailed view of your gear, including the hidden stats you get from +5, +9 and +13 sharpening events.


This guide will be divided into several parts going over several aspects of the gearing process

  1. Obtaining Gold gear
  2. Gear Awakening
  3. Gear Sharpening & Hidden Stats
  4. Precious Stones
  5. Prefix Recasting
  6. Runes and Bracteates
  7. Upgrading Gear

Material Vendors

There are many currencies and vendors that will be used for your gearing process so I will be listing them here for easy reference later on in the guide.

Guardian Reputation Vendor

Main vendor for gearing are Guardian vendors once you reach a certain Guardian rank and beat certain bosses in Godmode dungeons. They sell everything from gear to material needed to synthesize some of the best gear in the game. These vendors are located in the main cities.


PvP Vendor

These vendors will sell you gear and materials in exchange for Military points once you have reached a certain Military rank.


Emperor Social Feats and Cloud Hanging Accumulated Points

Vendors for [Emperor Social Feats] and [Cloud Hanging Accumulated Points] can be found by pressing the C button and go into the Honor tab. Right click on the appropriate buttons to autopath to there.


Fairy Hostel Beaver

For some materials you will also need to visit the Fairy Hostel Beaver to exchange your Fairy Handwrittens from daily completion into Fairy Orbs that can be used to purchase items. When opening up the dialogue with the Beaver, click on the 2nd option and you will be able to exchange your Fairy Handwiritten into Fairy Orbs that can be used in the store in 1st option.


When buying items from the beaver fairy shop, make sure you use the option to use more Fairy Orbs in a purchase as otherwise it will use your Cloud hanging accumulated points instead. This way allow you to spend all your Fairy Orbs without affecting your accumulated points balance.You can also purchase more Fairy Handwrittens in the first tab using your cloud credits and cloud coupons. You are limit to a number of purchases per day with options to purchase more at increasing costs.


White Moire Vendor

There is also the White Moire vendor that sell items using White Moire gained from ingame events. The NPC can be found in major cities usually next to the Cloud hanging accumulated points vendor.


Reputation Vendors

The largest concentration of Reputation vendors can be found in the Ji city. You will need to reach silver rank reputation and above to purchase most of the items.


Obtaining Gold Gear

There are several methods to obtaining Gold Gear but usually there is a main method that players follow for the best gear.

  1. Questing
  2. Fairy Garden for accessories
  3. Direct Crafting
  4. Buying directly from the Order of Guardian vendors
  5. Buying directly from PvP vendors
  6. Synthesis using mats purchased from Order of Guardian vendors
  7. Getting lucky from Godmode dungeon/raids.
  8. Best in Slot Gear

Questing/Login Rewards

Gold Mainhand

You can get a free gold mainhand from questing. This quest starts at Level 37 and it is one of the orange [Practice] quests. You can access the orange quests by clicking on the 2nd tab in your quest log (L).


The NPC will hand you 5x [Xi Human Tears] and 3x [Quenching Flint I]. You just need to purchase a [Obsidian] from the Grocer NPC nearby for 2000 [cloud coupons]. Then visit the NPC and pick the  [Arms Synthesis] option from the dialogue.


Do not destroy or salvage this mainhand under any circumstances as you will need it to make the L49 version. You can still make the L49 gold mainhand without, it just cost a few more materials.

Gold Offhand

The free gold offhand is a login reward in Chinese servers and may not be available in NA/EU servers. You will need to login everyday consecutively when you first create your character and on the 3rd day you will get a free offhand box. This offhand cannot be used to make the Level 46 offhand so you can salvage/destroy it freely once you have a better one.


Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden is a fun arcade like activity that opens up twice a week (Tuesday/Saturday 6 am to 11:30 pm on the CN servers). It provides gold accessories that can be fairly decent and even best in slot for some classes. You can buy the purple Level 35 earrings after 1-2 session of Fairy Garden for 40 Play Lottery each that are earned inside the Fairy Garden activity.


Talking to the beaver guy outside and picking the store option will let you purchase your choice of two purple earrings. Then you need to use that and additional play lottery and materials to upgrade them to the Level 40, 45, 55, 65 and 75 gold earrings. Other than Quenching Flint, all of the materials to make them can be obtained inside the Fairy Garden activity. However, some are rare drops. When upgrading to the next tier, you will not inherit the prefix, only the sharpening level. Awakening slots are already unlocked to the max for these accessories so there is no inheritance for those either (you will have to level them up again).


You can play Fairy Garden once per day on the days it is open so you have a time gate to acquire these accessories unless you buy the materials from other players to speed it up. It is also good to have alts parked there so you can do it on them as well for the “free” accessories.

Underground Palace

Underground Palace is a daily spot where you grind out mobs in exchange for experience. However, it also offer very cheap gold purple and gold accessories. It is accessible starting at Level 25 and the entrances can be found by press U and select the Underground Palace daily option.


The gold version unfortunately is only available at level 67+. All of the materials you can find as random drops while killing mobs for your daily and the only extra mat you need is Quenching Flint I. The purple accessories you need to make the gold ones drop fairly frequently so this is an excellent way to acquire some cheap gold accessories.

The NPC to make the accessories can be found inside any of the underground palace instances right at the entrance.


Direct Crafting

You can craft gold gear via crafting. To do this you will need to visit the [Equipment Clever] NPC found in the main cities. The gear crafted this way is gold quality but to get best stats this way you will need some rather expensive materials.In addition, these crafted gear cannot be used to for the next gear level (i.e. if you crafted a Level 49 gear, they can’t be used for crafting of the the Level 59 gear). However, some of these gear obtained this way are best in slot and have 20-30% more stats than the ones synthesized from Guardian vendors.


Talking to him will open up the crafting interface, each item will require 3 subcomponents

  • [Blueprint]
  • [Billet]
  • [Wen Made]

Beginner level items are required for 40-49 crafting, Intermediate for 50-59, Advanced for 60-69 and Premium for 70-79.


[Blueprint] is obtained from the 120 step weekly quest called [Step in to the Past]. This weekly quest is fairly long and give you 3 random [blueprints] so if you don’t get the right one you may need to buy it off the auction house from other players. You will get the appropriate level of blueprint depending on your level (i.e. Level 40-49 players get the beginner blueprint).

[Billet] is crafted by [Blacksmithing] or [Tailor] using the crafting interface (V).There are six different [billets] so make sure you crafted the correct one. Any material you need to craft them can be gathered in the open world or brought on the auction house.

  • Blacksmithing first tab makes the Mainhand and Offhand [Billets]
  • Blacksmithing second tab makes the Accessories [Billets]
  • Tailoring make the three different [Billets] for armor, corresponding to each armor type.


You will need [Blacksmithing/Tailoring] Level 1, [Learned] 14 and [Robust] 13 to make the beginner items.If you don’t have enough [Learned] and [Robust], you can increase it either by increase your [social caste] levels or increase them by investing points into these lines on the second tab of the crafting interface.


[Wen Made] is crafted by [Woodworking] using the crafting interface (V, 4th tab). Like the [Billets], there are three choices for weapons, armor and accessories. Unlike the [Billets], they also require materials purchased from reputation vendors to craft and some of these requires silver rank in reputation so you can buy them from the auction house instead if you do not have the reputation. Otherwise the largest concentration of reputation vendors can be found in the main city marked below.

  • Weapon needs Inferior Stone and Peach Pulp. Peach Pulp can be obtained from Peaches
  • Armor needs Inferior Wood and Termite. Termite can be collected from Wood Ant Bite
  • Accessories need Inferior Forage and Laoshan Ginseng. Laoshan Ginseng can be collected from Senate Grass.


In addition to the basic materials mentioned above, you can also increase the basic stats on these crafted gear by using either [Qing Jade] or [Flint Glass]. [Qing Jade] can be obtained by doing the all the daily activities while [Flint Glass] can be obtained from the Cashshop (CN) or purchased from the auction house. For level 40-49 gear you will need

  • 8x Qing Jade/Flint Glass for weapons
  • 2-3x Qing Jade/Flint Glass for armor
  • 2x Qing Jade/Flint Glass for accessories


As mentioned earlier, the type of stats you get are random so you may not get the stats you want. Clicking on the view details button will show you the fixed stats and the RNG stats (top and bottom respectively). If you do not like the RNG stats you got, you can recast them later.


Lastly, crafted items made this way need to be appraised before they can be used. This is done via making KAM solutions via alchemy. There are different KAM solutions for armor, weapons and accessories. Make the appropriate one and use the KAM solution on the gear you crafted to make it useable.


After you finished using a piece of crafted gear, you can unbind if from your character and sell it to the next player. However, there is a limit of how many times you can do this and you can see it on the gear. You will also be able to see the crafter that made the gear as well.


Rare Stat and Prefixes

Crafted gear can have a rare stat that can either increase the awakening level of the gear to a 5th bar (5% stat increase) or decrease the level requirement of the gear (i.e. a level 79 gear would be wearable by a level 69 player). This is an extremely rare stat roll (a crafter I talked to only had 1 piece of gear with this rare stat in over 95 crafts).


In addition to this rare stat, all gear crafted this way always have the same prefix (Day Ran). It adds physical and magic defense for armor and Max HP and physical/magical damage for crafted accessories and weapons.


Buying from Order of Guardian Vendors

You can buy L40 purple gear and Level 50+ gold gear directly from Order of Guardian vendors. The stats on them are not ideal so they act more like filler items. They won’t have any green stats since they are not crafted gear but this make this up by having more blue stats. The plus side to them is that you can return the items after you have made a better one and you can get some of the Order of the Guardian reputation points back. Mainhands cannot be brought this way.


Slot Level Guardian Rank Guardian Pts Cost
Helm (Purple) 48 2 600
Chest (Purple) 46 2 600
Hands (Purple) 46 2 600
Legs (Purple) 45 2 600
Boots (Purple) 49 2 600
Helm (Gold) 53 4 3000
Chest (Gold) 51 3 3000
Hands (Gold) 51 3 2000
Legs (Gold) 50 3 3000
Boots (Gold) 54 4 2000
Offhand (Gold) 57 5 5000
Helm (Gold) 63 6 12000
Chest (Gold) 61 6 12000
Hands (Gold) 61 6 8000
Legs (Gold) 60 6 12000
Boots (Gold) 64 6 8000
Offhand (Gold) 67 7 50000
Helm (Gold) 73 8 27000
Chest (Gold) 71 8 27000
Hands (Gold) 71 8 18000
Legs (Gold) 70 8 27000
Boots (Gold) 74 8 18000
Offhand (Gold) 77 9 120000

After you have done using the gear, you can recycle them and get back [Wraithscale Magic Souls] by talking to the Guardian NPC and pick the recycle option. Each is worth 500 Guardian points when used to purchase toward future Guardian gears and you will get a few depending on the gear you recycle but you won’t be able to get all the Guardian points back. If you don’t wish to use them in the future, you can salvage them to get back 350 Guardian points back directly. On a Level 51 gloves costing 2000 Guardian Points, I was about to get back 3x souls, worth 1500 Guardian Points in total towards future purchase. If I were to salvage these souls again, I would get back 1050 Guardian Points, about half of what I spent.


Buying from PvP Vendors

Much like the Guardian vendors, you can purchase purple and gold gear from PvP vendors once you have enough Military Rank and points. These gear tend to have more PvP stats (especially the purple stats) so they are not ideal for PvE.


These vendors sell purple gear as well as the gold gear so be sure to check out the purple gear vendor too if you are low on Military Rank

Slot Level Military Rank Military Pts Slot Level Military Rank Military Pts Cost
Helm (Purple) 48   50        
Helm (Purple) 48   50        
Hands (Purple) 46   50        
Legs (Purple) 45   50        
Boots (Purple) 49   50        
Mainhand (Purple) 49   80        
Offhand (Purple) 46   80        
Slot Level Military Rank Military Pts Slot Level Military Rank Military Pts Cost
Helm (Purple) 58   80 Helm
53   4000
Chest (Purple) 56   80 Chest
51   4000
Hands (Purple) 56   80 Hands
51   3000
Legs (Purple) 55   80 Legs
50   4000
Boots (Purple) 59   80 Boots
54   3000
Mainhand (Purple) 59   100        
Offhand (Purple) 56   100 Offhand
57   18000
Slot Level Military Rank Military Pts Slot Level Military Rank Military Pts Cost
Helm (Purple) 68   100 Helm
63   15000
Chest (Purple) 66   100 Chest
61   15000
Hands (Purple) 66   100 Hands
61   10000
Legs (Purple) 65   100 Legs
60   15000
Boots (Purple) 69   100 Boots
64   10000
Mainhand (Purple) 69   120        
Offhand (Purple) 66   120 Offhand (Gold) 67   40000
Slot Level Military Rank Military Pts Slot Level Military Rank Military Pts Cost
Helm (Purple) 78   120 Helm
73   35000
Chest (Purple) 76   120 Chest
71   35000
Hands (Purple) 76   120 Hands
71   23000
Legs (Purple) 75   120 Legs
70   35000
Boots (Purple) 79   120 Boots
74   23000
Mainhand (Purple) 79   150        
Offhand (Purple) 76   150 Offhand
77   100000

Much like the Order of Guardian direct bought gear, you can recycle the gear you purchased once you have upgraded to something better. This will earn you back some Military points. However, you may not want to do that if you are looking for the best PvP gear for your level bracket.

Upgrading Vendor Bought PvP Gear

There is another NPC near the PvP vendors that will take your Level 50+ gold PvP Vendor gear and upgrade it. This vendor requires the gear you bought directly from the PvP Vendors and some other items.


This will improve your gear in both stats and level requirement to wear. You will have the option to keep your sharpening level and unlocked precious stone slots when doing this upgrading by spending a few more additional materials.

ro-gearing-guide-129 ro-gearing-guide-131

The items you need for the upgrade are bought from a separate PvP Vendor for 500 Military Points and a certain PvP rank. You always need Emperor Social Crystal iron but depending on if you are upgrading 50-59, 60-69 or 70-79 gear you will need different items (i.e. Sirius for 50-59, San Yao Star for 60-69, and Tianqi Star for 70-79).


This upgrade vendor will only take gear directly bought from the PvP vendor so you cannot use your upgraded 50-59 gear for the upgrade process in 60-69 for example. You will need to purchase fresh vendor bought 60-69 gear and do this upgrade process again.

Synthesis from Order of Guardians

This is the main route for getting gold gear and give you some of the best gear. However, it is also the longest route, requiring many materials from dungeons and raids in addition to Order of Guardians reputation. You can find [Equipment Foundry] NPCs next to the Guardian Reputation vendors that will synthesize the gear for you.


Synthesis Charts

Below are the gear synthesis charts for Level 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70-79 gear. Accessories are cheaper to make than weapons/armor and should be done first. For healers making your offhand first is very important due to the +healing stats on it.


The 50+ chart assumes you use the previous weapon and inherit the 4th awakening slot and additional precious stones slots (sharpening levels are automatically carried over and some of the awakening bars are also filled). Otherwise you will need fewer or more mats depending on what you are inherit or if you are synthesis from scratch. When you visit the NPC and craft these gears, you will see the option on the right to inherit everything, the 4th awakening slot, or just the additional unlocked precious stone slots. Sharpening levels are automatically carried over so if that is the only thing you have on your gear then you can just pick the basis option and save on mats.

  • You have the option to synthesize a higher tier gear without gear of the previous tier (i.e. you can make a 50-59 gear without using the 40-49 gear if you don’t have it). This option just cost Silver Stones.



Level 40-49 materials

To purchase these materials you need to be at a minimum Guardian Rank 3. In addition you will need the following 3 types of currency that can be found from hardmode/godmode Deserted Shrine and hardmode Misty Hollow dungeons via the treasure maps or from leveling up your Guardian reputation ranks (Level 1-4)


Icon Name Source
ro-silver-stone Silver Stone
  • Reputation Vendors (Su Lan, Whetstone, Flat Sea Town, Yu Kimura, Ji City) -  Gold, 5000 Cloud coupons, 1000 Guardian points
  • Emperor Social Feats for 2000 points
ro-quenching-flint Quenching Flint I Obtained from salvaging gear with a high drop rate from purple gear.

  • Can be purchased for 90 Guardian Points at Guardian Rank 3
  • Can be purchased for 60 Military Points at Military Rank
  • Emperor Social Feats for 100 points
  • Random drop off Misty Hollow trial mode (Level 25)
  • Drops from Shadow Demon daily activity.
ro-asagiri-cinnabar Asagiri cinnabar
  • Random Drops from Godmode Deserted Shrine
  • Purchased for 200 Guardian pts and 5x Magic Soul of Asagiri or cinnabar at Guardian Rank 3.
ro-asagiri-fluorite Asagiri fluorite
  • Random Drops from Godmode Deserted Shrine
  • Purchased for 200 Guardian pts and 8x Magic Soul of Asagiri or fluorite at Guardian Rank 3.
asagiri-spirit-ji Asagiri Spirit ji
  • Random Drops from Godmode Deserted Shrine
  • Purchased for 200 Guardian pts and 10x Magic Soul of Asagiri at Guardian Rank 3.
ro-asagiri-bright-jade Asagiri bright jade
  • Random Drops from Godmode Deserted Shrine (2 star or 3 star)
  • Purchased for 200 Guardian pts and 40x Magic Soul of Asagiri at Guardian Rank 3 and 4 once per week.

Level 50-59 Materials

To purchase these materials you need to be at a minimum Guardian Rank 4. In addition you will need the following 3 types of currency that can be found from hardmode/godmode Great Wall or from leveling up your Guardian reputation ranks (Level 5+)


Icon Name Source
ro-quenching-flint-2 Quenching Flint II Obtained from salvaging gear with a high drop rate from purple gear.

  • Can be purchased for 450 Guardian Points at Guardian Rank 5
  • Can be purchased for 300 Military Points at Military Rank
  • Drops from Shadow Demon daily activity.
ro-sun-cinnabar Sun cinnabar
  • Random Drops from Godmode Greatwall
  • Purchased for 300 Guardian pts and 5x Magic Soul of the Sun or cinnabar at Guardian Rank 4.
ro-the-sun-fluorite The sun fluorite
  • Random Drops from Godmode Greatwall
  • Purchased for 300 Guardian pts and 8x Magic Soul of the Sun or cinnabar at Guardian Rank 4.
spirit-ji-sun Spirit ji sun
  • Random Drops from Godmode Greatwall
  • Purchased for 300 Guardian pts and 10x Magic Soul of the Sun at Guardian Rank 5.
ro-sun-bright-jade Sun bright jade
  • Random Drops from Godmode Greatwall (2 star or 3 star)
  • Purchased for 300 Guardian pts and 40x Magic Soul of Asagiri at Guardian Rank 5 and 6 once per week.
ro-kai-long-zhu Kai Ling Zhu
  • Costs 8 Fairy Orbs for a pack of 6 at the Fairy Hostel Beaver
  • Can purchase 4 per day from Emperor social feats vendor for 500 feats each
  • Costs 320 cloud hanging accumulated points at the cloud hanging accumulated points vendor for a pack of 6.
  • Costs 2 White moire for a pack of 6 at the White moire vendor
ro-yulang-angle Yulong Angle
  • Costs 3 Fairy Orbs at the Fairy Hotel Beaver
  • Can purchase 2 per day from Emperor social feats vendor for 1000 feats each
  • Costs 120 cloud hanging accumulated points at the cloud hanging accumulated points vendor

Godmode Dungeon/Raid Drops

Other than making the gold gear yourself, you can get lucky from drops when doing Godmode dungeons and raids.There are three tiers of difficulty within godmode, commonly referred to as one star, two stars, or three stars. Three stars have guaranteed chance to drop gold gear on every boss but it is the most difficult. You can also get gold gear drops from one star and two stars as well at the last boss.


  • Godmode Deserted Shrine for Level 49 players (5 man)
  • Godmode Great Wall for Level 59 players (10 man)

Best in Slot Gear

Top min/max players on the Chinese servers generally roll with the following for best in slot gear.

  • Two upgraded PvP gear with the PvP set bonus
  • Crafted armor and weapons of exquisite quality with the PvE set bonus (they provide 20-30% more stats than Guardian synthesized gear).
  • Guardian synthesized necklace
  • Earring from Fairy Garden or Guardian syynthesized
  • Crafted rings of exquisite quality


Gear Awakening

Gear Awakening is one of the most important thing you need to do after obtaining your gear since it improve your white/blue/green stats and activate the purple stats. You need to make sure your gear can be awakened first by checking for the presence of 4 bars on the top right corner of your gear tooltip.Not all gear can be awakened so gear like purple and below may not have all or any bar. First 3 bars are unlocked by default on gold gear.


To awaken a gear, all you need to do is head to an area with tons of monsters and let your gear “level up” by killing these monsters appropriate for your level. This is done easily by using your kill X amount of monsters daily quest found on the U window.


You will get a icon on your screen when your gear is ready to be awakened. You can also check the degree of integration % on your gear to see if your gear is ready to be awakened. The icon will disappear after you click it so you can also do it by pressing N and select the hammer icon.


To awaken your gear, you will need Quenching Flint I. The amount you need depends on the gear level but for level 40-49 gear you will need 7 Quenching Flint I to fully awaken the first 3 bars. The amount are doubled for 50-59 gear.


Each time you go up a bar, you are shown the stat increase.You get 5% stat increase for every bar so on a fully awakened piece of gear with four bars you can expect a 20% stat increase at the least.

To unlock the final and 4th slot which is locked by default, you can either visit a special NPC [equipment activation] found in major cities or click on the same button found under the menu you bring up by pressing N.


Under the new interface that pops up, you will click the 3rd orb and it will bring up the menu to awaken the 4th slot.


It is very expensive to unlock the 4th slot as it costs a huge amount of Kai Ling Zhu so only do it on gear you are planning to use for a while. You can transfer over the 4th awakening slot when upgrading from 40-49 to 50-59 Guardian synthesized gear for example but this option costs more Kai Ling Zhu so it might not worth it to unlock the 4th awakening level on lower gear tiers.


Gear Sharpening

Gear Sharpening is the act of putting + on your gear. There is some RNG with regards to this aspect of gear enhancement but it is not like other MMOs where the equipment can break or downgrade. There is a limit on how many sharpening levels you can put on a  piece of gear, which is determined by your gear level. Weapons reaching a certain sharpening level will also emit light effects.

  • Level 40-59 gear can go up to +10
  • Level 50-59 gear can go up to +13
  • Level 70-79 gear can go up to +16

Unlike gear awakening, you can transfer the sharpening level to another piece of equipment for a fee (free if transfering to a weaker item) and if you are upgrading your Guardian synthesized gold gear to the next level tier, you have the option to keep all the sharpening levels during the synthesis step.

Sharpening only give an item one stat, max HP, Magic/Physical attack, or Magic/Physical Armor depending on the slot and class of the

  • Armor and Necklace always give +max HP
  • Weapons give either Magic or Physical attack depending on if your class. It is physical for Vanguard, Gunslinger, and Blademaster and Magic attack for the other caster classes.
  • Rings and Earrings can give either Physical or Magical armor.

To start the process of sharpening your gear, you will need to find the Gear Sharpening NPC which is present in all the major cities and marked by an anvil icon on the map or press N and bring up the Equipment Upgrade interface (first tab).


For each level, there is a variation of % stat you can gain. For example from +1 to +2 you have a variation of 2-4%, from +3 to +5 you have a variation of 2%-5% and so on. The green, yellow and red bars indicate how much % you have gained at that level. What % you get is random but using more of the sharpening material can increase the chance of getting the max sharpening bonus %.

  • You can always go back and re-sharpen if a level if you are not satisfied with the sharpening bonus % you received. You will always roll an equal or a better % when doing this so do not fear of losing sharpening % on bad rolls.


In addition to that, there is a success chance on if you succeed at gaining that sharpening level. For example for level 1 refining on this necklace, if I use a single sharpening mat, I will get a 50% success chance but if I use two of the mats I will get a 100% chance. This is your chance to get a 2% sharpening bonus at a minimum. This 100% chance requires more sharpening material to reach at higher levels but get reset at level 5 and level 9 when you switch to a different sharpening material.  If you want say 4% sharpening bonus, you can either try your luck and just use two mats or use six mats and get a guaranteed 4% sharpening bonus on the first level. You are limited to use a max of 8 sharpening materials per sharpening attempt and higher sharpening levels are harder to reach the maximum sharpening bonus % due to this limitation since more materials are required


Sharpening Level Sharpening Material Amount to reach 100% success chance Success chance at max mat (8) Refining Bonus at max mat (8)
Level 1 Basaltic Soul 2 400% 4-4%
Level 2 Basaltic Soul 3 272% 3-4%
Level 3 Basaltic Soul 4 200% 3-5%
Level 4 Basaltic Soul 6 136% 3-5%
Level 5 White Tiger Soul 2 400% 4-5%
Level 6 White Tiger Soul 3 272% 4-6%
Level 7 White Tiger Soul 4 200% 4-6%
Level 8 White Tiger Soul 6 136% 3-6%
Level 9 Suzaku Soul 2 400% 6-7%
Level 10 Suzaku Soul 3 272% 5-7%
Level 11 Suzaku Soul 4 200%  
Level 12 Suzaku Soul 6 136%  
Level 13 Lun Soul 2 400%  
Level 14 Lun Soul 3 272%  
Level 15 Lun Soul 4 200%  
Level 16 Lun Soul 6 136%  

Sharpening Materials

Icon Name Source
ro-basaltic-soul Basaltic Soul
  • Purchased for 1000 Emperor social feats from the Emperor social feats vendor. Limited to 2 per week.
  • Purchased for 3 Fairy Orbs from the Fairy Hotel Beaver
  • Purchased for 120 Cloud hanging accumulated points from the vendor
  • Purchased for 7 White moires from the White moire vendor for a pack of 10
  • Drops from Deserted Shrine normal and hardmode.
  • Drops from Shadow Demon daily activity.
ro-white-tiger-soul White Tiger Soul
  • Purchased for 12 Fairy Orbs from the Fairy Hotel Beaver
  • Purchased for 400 Cloud hanging accumulated points from the vendor
  • Drops from Deserted Shrine dungeon normal and hardmode.
  • Drops from Shadow Demon daily activity
ro-suzaku-soul Suzaku Soul
  • Drops from Deserted Shrine dungeon godmode
  • Drops from Misty Hollow dungeon hardmode and godmode.
  • Can use a Suzaku rune from the Fairy Hotel Beaver to make 2x White Tiger Soul into 1 Suzaku Soul. This rune can be purchased once a week.
ro-lun-soul Lun Soul
  • Drops from Shadow Demons daily activity

At high sharpening levels (Level 9 and plus), you have the option to use Cloud hanging accumulated points and day credits to upgrade your gear instead of using the sharpening materials.


Hidden Stats from Sharpening

You get hidden stats from sharpening at +5, +9, and +13. These can be only viewed when you press shift and view your gear. You get one hidden stat at +5, two at +9, and three at +13 and above.


These hidden stats you get are random and come in different grades just like your gear: green –> blue –> purple –> gold.

You can attempt to recast these hidden stats by using the 2nd tab on the equipment upgrade interface. It costs Basaltic souls per recast attempt for the Level 40-49 gear. Once you recast it, you have the option to either keep the old stats or use the new stats.


Transferring Sharpening Levels

You can transfer sharpening levels from one gear to another, even if the two items are not the same type (i.e. you can transfer sharpening levels from armor to weapon). When you do this the receiving item will have all of its sharpening levels wiped out and replaced with transferring item’s sharpening level. The transferring item must also have a higher sharpening level than the receiving item. The sharpening transfer is done on the 1st tab in the equipment upgrade interface and then pick the 2nd tab.


Usually the transferring won’t fail but at high sharpening levels (i.e. +10) there is a chance that the transferring might fail and you lose +1 sharpening during the transferring. In that case, you will be provided with an option to spend some materials to ensure a non-fail.

Along with the sharpening levels, any hidden stats gained at +5, +9 and +13 will also be transferred. Some hidden stats cannot be transferred if they do not fit the type of the item. In that case you will see a fail message and a new hidden stat will be rolled.


Precious Stones

Precious stones are gems you can slot on your gear. Unlike other games, gear you encounter here have both PvP and PvE gem slots so you never have to make an option between the two.


Unlocking Precious Stone Slots

Most gold gear have 2 gem slots (1 PvP and PvE) unlocked by default but you can unlock more (up to 4 or 6) by visiting a Unpacking Prints NPC found next to the Equipment Cleaver. Only armor and weapons have precious stone slots. Accessories do not have them.


Unlocking these gem slots require Yulong Angle and quite a bit of Cloud Hanging accumulated points. You are able to transfer these unlocked gem slots over to the next tier of gear if you go through the Guardian synthesis route for your gear.


Precious Stones

There are 4 different types of Precious Stones, two for PvP and two for PvE. Blue and Green precious stones give you PvE damage reduction and increase while Red and Yellow precious stones give you the PvP equivalent.


  • Yellow Stone – PvP damage increase. Can be only used on Mainhand or Offhand, Boots and Gloves.
  • Red Stone – PvP damage reduction. Can be used only on Mainhand or Offhand, Helm, Chest, and Legs
  • Blue stone – PvE damage increase. Can be only used on Mainhand or Offhand, Boots and Gloves.
  • Green Stone – PvE damage reduction. Can be used only on Mainhand or Offhand, Helm, Chest, and Legs

There are different tiers of these stones and you can upgrade these to higher tiers by combining 4 identical stones of a lower tier by clicking on this button in your inventory. For tier 5 and beow this doesn’t cost any money but for tier 5 and above stones you will need a few other materials.


You can buy these from PvP and Order of Guardian vendors but they become bound after purchase. You will need a special item earned from leveling your Guardian and Military ranks if you wish to purchase the unbound version. Do not buy the Blue and Green stones from the PvP vendor or the Yellow and Red stones from the Guardian vendor as they cost more unless you only PvP or PvE.

Guardian Vendor


Stone Guardian Rank Price
Red/Yellow Stone Level 1 3 600 Guardian Points
Red/Yellow Stone Level 2 5 2300 Guardian Points
Red/Yellow Stone Level 3 6 8800 Guardian Points
Red/Yellow Stone Level 4 9 33500 Guardian Points
Blue/Green Stone Level 1 2 300 Guardian Points
Blue/Green Stone Level 2 4 780 Guardian Points
Blue/Green Stone Level 3 6 2950 Guardian Points
Blue/Green Stone Level 4 9 11250 Guardian Points

PvP Vendor


Stone Military Rank Price
Red/Yellow Stone Level 1   150 Military Points
Red/Yellow Stone Level 2   550 Military Points
Red/Yellow Stone Level 3   2050 Military Points
Red/Yellow Stone Level 4   7800 Military Points
Blue/Green Stone Level 1   400 Military Points
Blue/Green Stone Level 2   1500 Military Points
Blue/Green Stone Level 3   6000 Military Points
Blue/Green Stone Level 4   23000 Military Points

Putting in Precious Stones

To put Precious Stones into your gear, press N and click on this button. There are two tabs, one for adding in stones and one for removing stones. Both actions are free of charge.


Prefix Recasting

It is possible to change the green stats on a piece of crafted or Guardian synthesized gear if it is not to your liking. The green stats are determined by the prefix of your gear and you can change this around. The prefixes are slot restricted so some prefixes will only appear on certain slots.

To reroll the prefix on your gear, visit the Sharpening NPC or press the N button to bring up the Equipment Upgrade interface and click on the 2nd tab. Rerolling your prefix on your gold gear will require quite a bit of the original material


  • L40-49 weapons requires 1x Asagiri bright jade, 3x Asagiri Spirit Ji and 11x Quenching Flint I.
  • L40-49 helm, chest and legs requires 4x Asagiri Spirit Ji and 11x Quenching Flint I.
  • L40-49 gloves and boots requires 3x Asagiri cinnabar and 9x Quenching Flint I.
  • L40-49 necklace requires 3x Asagiri cinnabar and 9x Quenching Flint I.
  • L40-49 rings requires 2x Asagiri fluorite, 1x Asagiri Spirit Ji and 10x Quenching Flint I.
  • L40-49 earrings requires 3x Asagiri fluorite,10x Quenching Flint I.

It is possible to swap the prefix on two equipment of the identical slot. This also requires some Quenching Flint and Engraved Symbol purchased from Guardian vendors. This swapping option is access on the third tab. L40-49 gear only requires Quenching Flint and Engraved Symbol I but higher gear tiers will require the II and III version. Engraved Symbol I costs 8 Magic soul of Asagiri (Guardian Rank 3) and you need quite a bit of them so can get very expensive.


Amulets and Bracteates

Amulets and Bracteates both require level 50 to wear and may not be available at the initial Level 49 level cap. They occupy the two slots on the bottom of your character sheet.



To make the amulet you need to visit Lun Town hardmode dungeon (Level 59, limited to 3 runs per week). Inside you will need defeat the third boss to get Lun Leaves 1x a week which you can then talk to the NPC outside the dungeon and have him make these amulets for you.


You will need to convert the Withered Lun Leaf into a green version by using 40x Quenching Flint. Then pick the second option when talking to the NPC and he will make an amulet for you.  The amulets you get is random in terms of quality (green, blue, purple, gold) and stats.


Better quality amulets have more stats you can activate once you reach a certain level. Gold quality amulets have special effects that can be activated.


The amulet have several stats, some of which are only enabled after you reach a certain level on the amulet. Take a look at the stats on this gold amulet for example.The stats inside the red box are fixed stats that cannot be changed via recasting. The stats inside the blue box are activated once you reach a certain level on the amulet and the stat you get is a random amount within the specified amount. You cannot change the type of these stats inside the blue box but you can recast to change the stat amount to be another number within the specified range.


You can level up your amulet by pressing N and click on this button to place your amulet inside. It will consume Yuet Wah materials which can be obtained by salvaging crappy amulets you get from doing Lun Town dungeon. There is a weekly limit on how much you Yuet Wah materials you can use per week to level up the amulet. You will get a stat increase on the amulet once it reaches the next level. Better quality amulets will be harder to level (i.e. gold amulets are harder to level than green amulets).


Even if you do get a crappy amulet, leveling it is not a waste as you can transfer the experience to a better amulet once you obtain one.To do this you will need to pick the 2nd option when talking to the NPC after completing Lun Town hardmode. The total experience of the source amulet must be higher than the destination amulet for the transfer to work. Depending on the quality difference between the source and destination amulet, you may get less levels on your destination amulet since the amount of experience to level an amulet varies with the quality.


To recast the amulet, you need to visit the same NPC and pick the 3rd option. This will allow you to change the value of your “activated stats” but you cannot change the type. Only stats that are already activated by reaching a certain amulet level can be recast. This process consumes Yuet Wah materials as well.


Bracteates are also obtained at level 50. You get a Level 2 Bracteates from completing the story at ~55 which is fairly decent with 2 stats. To make better quality bracteates, you will need to buy fragments from either the Guardian vendors or the PvP vendor.


To purchase these fragments, you will need a temporary 7 day item you get once a week when you reach your maximum Guardian or Military contribution for the week.


It costs either 1350 Guardian Points (Guardian Rank 4) or 900 Military Rank Points. You can also buy a Level 1 Bracteates box once a week from either vendor that will give you a random basic bracteates with only one stat.


The next part is visiting the Bracteates Process NPC and make your bracteates. It takes 3 bracteates fragments to make a Level 1 Bracteates. The it takes three Level 1 bracteates or 9 Bracteates Fragments to make a Level 2. Level 3 requires 27 Bracteates Fragments or three Level 2 bracteates. This is a timegated process that can make many months to reach the highest level (5 and 6) for the gold bracteates.



Level 4 and above Bracteates allow you to place runes on them, which applies a passive effect. To get runes you will need to purchase them from Guardian or Military Vendors. They require fairly high ranks such as the Guardian vendor requiring Guardian Rank 6.This will only give you the lowest blue quality rune. To get better runes such as purple or gold runes you will need to do some weekly event and place top 3.


Each Bracteates can only have two gold runes and a maximum of 2 identical runes. To place runes on them you click on the magnifying glass next to the Bracteates.

  • Level 4 Bracteates allow you to place 3 runes     
  • Level 5 Bracteates allow you to place 4 runes
  • Level 6 Bracteates allow you to place 5 runes.


Upgrading Gear

When you upgrade your gear to the next level tier (i.e. from 49 to 59), keep in mind of the following things.

  • You can transfer over the sharpening levels.
  • You can transfer over the unlocked Precious Stone slots only on Guardian synthesized gear when upgrading to the next tier.
  • You can transfer over the 4th awakening slot only on Guardian synthesized gear when upgrading to the next tier.
  • You cannot transfer over the prefix, if you like a prefix on your current gear and need it to upgrade to the next tier, swap the prefix to another gear and swap it back.

When you make the next tier of Guardian synthesized gear from the previous tier, make sure you pick the right option to save on mats. You will always inherit the sharpening level but if you havn’t unlocked the addition Precious Stone slots or the 4th awakening slot just pick the basis option and save some mats.



Special thanks to Pincushion, LargeFarva, Cheap Uncle Seph, and Adaptive of Epiphany Guild for their assistance in making this guide.


If you are looking to purchase Revelation Online founder packs for access to the beta, you can purchase them here and help support the site~ The first closed beta runs from October 25 to Nov 8.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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I’m pretty sure you can inherit the 4th awakening slot, if you use the full inherit option it costs you 60 of those balls. To open the slot initially you need 34, so by doing inherit you only need 94 versus if you open the 4th slot directly on a 50-59 gold gear you will need 100. So player might want to awaken the gear right away. However, there is also one more thing if they haven’t changed since I last played on the CN server a year ago. When you upgrade your gear from 40-49 to 50-59, there is a chance your product will have 2 slots, 3 slots or 4 slots right away. It’s all RNG but most players will get the 3 slot average RNG, but if you are super lucky or super unlucky you may end up spending a lot less or more of those yellow balls (I think it’s translated to like magic opening crystals or something)

No problem. I no-lifed on the CN version last summer for like 4 months lol. If you have any other question you can ask me but I wonder how much of that is still relevant.

The game looks amazing, but seeing these interfaces and how the game already has all kinds of different currencies, and convoluted means to obtaining gear is a big turn off.

Hello, do you know what can be bought from cash shop?

-Upgrade materials
-Precious stones

There is much upgrade in this game and from the looks of it I fear there will be a very big p2w wall around the ingredients required to progress.

About “You cannot transfer over the prefix, if you like a prefix on your current gear and need it to upgrade to the next tier, swap the prefix to another gear and swap it back.”
In CBT, I tried to swap with blue, Gold gear(i tried swapping 49 main hand prefix with 59 main hand). None of this worked, Now i know in CBT to this npc it was it currently locked, so i cant test it any further. Since i dont have CN, can you make sure it works in CN, like transferring prefix from gold 49 to green, then re-transferring that prefix from green to next 59 gold again. Aside from that thanks for the post. It helped me a lot :D.

Great guide Dulfy, good read and learned new things. But I seem to miss the part of Venetrations ?
This is pretty crucial for making yourself stronger, any way this will be added soon or have I missed it somewhere?

Greetings, Novah Aelisah

thanks for the guide, but right now i’m stuck trying to find how to recast a prefix, or is it impossible in this OBT?

In the Best in Slot Gear section you’ve mentioned, which 2 gears would you recommend for the upgraded PvP with the PvP stat bonus. I’m a swordsmage.


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