Producer's Livestream SWTOR

SWTOR Galactic Command Overview Livestream Notes

SWTOR Galactic Command overview livestream coverage and notes. This is a new mechanic that will be part of the next expansion.

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  • Dark vs Light Event Status and Timing
  • The Knights of the Eternal Throne Announcement Recap
  • Overview of Galactic Command System
  • What is Command Rank?
  • What are Command Crates?
  • Current Subscriber Promotions
  • The Eternal Throne Livestream and Blog plan
  • Wrap-up

Group Content

  • Adding new group content to KOTET called Uprisings. Fast action combat for 4 players with 4 difficulty mode.
  • More Uprising to be released after expansion in January.
  • Will be doing more traditional group and repeatable content in between the big story drops, some of which likely to be 8 player content. More details in January producer livestream.

Dark vs Light Event

  • DvL events on Nov 29, which is same day as KOTET early access.
  • DvL companion selection ends on Nov 15.
  • Light side is still winning.
  • Double XP will also end on Nov 29.


  • Shae Vizla Companion – Be a subscriber on October 25
  • Rapid Recon Walker – Be a subscriber on Nov 27
  • Early access – Be a subscriber from October 25 to Nov 27 to get early access on Nov 29.

KOTET Announcement Recap

  • Five new levels
  • Start at KOTFE (Level 60) or KOTET character token (Level 65) available
  • New class abilities, 1-2 per class. A bunch of new utilities.
  • Two new plants, One of them is completely new to the Star Wars universe. Has some secrets set up in the previous chapters. The other planet is new to SWTOR but not to Star Wars. Might have seen it recently without realizing it.
  • Uprisings
  • Galactic Command
  • Repeatable KOTFE and KOTET chapters with challenge levels.

Galactic Command


  • Access to Galactic Command is restricted to subscribers only.
  • Confusing what to do after the first 9 chapters of KOTFE. It act as an interface to guide players on what to do. No good progression for veteran players either, gearing process is confusing.
  • Any activity you do in the game contributes to the system. As you do more stuff you get more levels, and with more levels you get more power to influence the galaxy.
  • Command Rank – Basically your rank in the Galactic Command system. Each time you rank up, you get a Command Crate. Command Rank is character specific, not legacy wide.


  • Activities – You click on the activity you want to do. if it is solo content it will jump you straight in. If it is group content it wlll place you in a queue. Harder activities will earn you more points than easier activities. There is a daily bonus applied to an activity and you get bonus command points if you do this activity.


  • Dark vs Light – All your activities contribute to this Dark vs Light system. Complicated system and they will do another livestream this Thursday to explain more how that works.


  • Get Command Crates when you level up a rank, these crates have gear, vanity items, and crafting mats. Higher command rank will give you better gear. Harder content will give more command rank points than easier content. If you get items you don’t need, you can disintegrate them and get more command points towards the next command rank.


  • Nothing to do with the Cartel Market

Stream/Blog Plan

  • Next livestream on Thursday October 20 to talk about rest of Galactic Command and Dark vs Light
  • October 27 – Uprising
  • Nov 3 – Class changes
  • Nov 10 – Repeatable chapters/difficulty levels
  • Nov 17 – New planets/story insights with Charles
  • Nov 24 – KOTET wrap up and Q&A


  • No server merges right now with all the players flooding back into the game. No plans for server merges this year, will see how it is next year to either server merge or character transfers.
  • Footage at end of the video of the player walking around in a walker and using its abilities to kill enemies.

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123 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Command Overview Livestream Notes”

I will have to say, I didn’t expect them to address server merges. Not that they said anything surprising.

Now let me go make some popcorn to salt with the tears that are sure to come in this thread 🙂

Ok, people resub because of the new expansion. They get to their old server, which may be dead. And BioWar let’s them starve there for 2+ months. these people will quit again. this is the most stupid thing they ever did, on purpose. They don’t learn anything. Are they trying to kill the game?

Their reasoning makes sense. If they merge servers, then get a large influx of new players for the expansion, there will be queues, which will be worse than a ‘dead’ server.

You mean besides me? I came back after watching the “Betrayed” trailer. In the process of getting my characters caught up with KOTFE content and such….

Every MMO get returning players when a new expansion comes out.
Hell, I went back to WoW just to try MoP and WoL for free until KotET comes out.

I’m curious about repeating KOTFE, will it include recruitment missions too? And will it impact our previous story? I have a few bad decisions that I want to do right this time. I have asked SWTOR support team, but they told me to re-roll another character. -.-‘

Some LS & DS choices regarding Emperor. Broonmark, Tanno Vik, Skadge, Rusk, Jorgan & Kaliyo. So… A few mistakes. On my main character. (sorcerer).

Yeah I feel your pain on this.
People are screaming for ‘CHOICES MATTER’ content but the reality is if you make a mistake there’s no going back.
Yeah sadly another alt is probably your best bet.
Hope it works out for you.

They are likely to throw new gear with the launch of KOTET but we might no see anything about it until then.
I just hope they add some good looking sets like those from SOR not the KOTFE ugliness that took me away from all group content lol.

quote: Will be doing more traditional group and repeatable content in between the big story drops, some of which likely to be 8 player content. More details in January producer livestream.

Meanwhile in January:
People waiting for ops: Hope they announce something about new ops.
Bioware: “We are glad to announce the new 8 player content. We present you the Zakuul Warzone Arena, coming with KOTET launch”.

If all this is tied into gear and subscription is the only way for it. What does that mean for the old passes? Ops/WZ weekly passes if you can use them but can’t get the gear what is the point?

Or will you still get gear in the regular fashion as well?

It depends if raids drop gear equivalent to say story mode = rank 15, HM 20, NiM 25 or something like that, so they can gear up with an ops pass. If raids drop command points then yeh its full on Pay2Win.

Problem is, you need to subscribe in order to use the Command system, which is what grants the lockboxes to get end-game gear. So, no, you can’t get the end-game gear without subscribing. Ops will only be dropping cosmetic items once this goes live.

Irrelevant. The point of my post is you do not need to be subscribed to get top tier gear (without set bonuses). This is a fact.

Ummm, no, it doesn’t quite work that way. It is still going to follow the formulas used today. New end game gear is 236/240/244. Gear via recipes, according to sources is 228 – not even end game rating. That is why new augments max at 228, that is highest level for crafted recipes available via crafting trainer.

To craft end game rated gear you need to reverse engineer that gear, like you do from drops today from Ops. In other words, to craft the end game gear you will need to be a subscriber to get the gear drops to reverse engineer the “non set” version of the end game gear. Not to mention, all the unique mats (Exotic Isotope, Strategic Matrix and Dark Matter Catalyst) are all getting a new tier. Finally, the mat list for crafting a piece of non-set gear is just as intensive as it is today. Just one set of end game 236 non-set gear will need 14 of the new Superior Strategic Resource Matrix and 64 Refined Exotic Isotope Stabilizers. Want crafted 240, you can double that number. That doesn’t include all the Level 10 mats also needed.

You didn’t think BW was going to make it that easy for non-subscribers did you?

So subscribers can get end game gear, reverse engineer it, craft it and sell it on the GTN, where a non-subscriber can then buy and equip it.
So, LIKE I SAID, you do not have to be a subscriber to get end game gear (without set bonuses).

To obtain best gear in game you have to do galactic command to do galactic command you must be subscriber which makes best gear in game behind a payment.

So SWTOR is now Pay2Win

All mmo’s should be sub based anyways. Entitled millennials need to come back to reality and realize not everything should be free and given to them for nothing. However is someone spends more than $15 or so on the cash shop each month, they should have access to these features.

It’s not about being an entitled millennial or not. Swtor has always allowed full gearing for non subs, and has had restrictions for them as well. To limit players even further, especially knowing many raiders still raid but aren’t subbed, is ridiculous.

pay2win is when you can buy gear with no in game effort – like on the cartel market.
requring a sub to play high level content and get endgame gear as a reward for playing is not the same thing as p2w at all.

Galactic Command looks like a good way for guilds to get people to do conquest shit. ‘oh look today’s command bonus is the same thing the guild needs for conquest points, go do it’.
I wonder if instead of making all 25 ranks super fast they will learn from Blizzard and make 1-20 fast and 21-25 a massive grind. It will annoy players but makes sense from a design perspective like the paragon points in artifacts.
I want to know what rank raid drop gear is equivalent to though. If raids don’t drop gear any more and just drop command points consumables that will suck.
Also restricted to subs kinda means that F2P will have no way to progress their character at all.

moving gear away from ops is just another way of saying no new ops, at most you will see 8 man Uprisings (star fortresses), these are not even flashpoint quality, but more like glorified heroics.

Probably yeh. I am also starting to get the impression uprising might be like 5-10 mins long, more like heroics than flashpoints. (or scenarios in MoP)

Yeah they need to fix a lot of gramathical issues with this text. I also had to read some lines twice or a third time to guess what was it trying to say.

they could add 100 planets, but unless they are the sort you have a daily area in or open world content in, it doesn’t matter. new planet…for linear story get from A to B…that is not a new planet to be excited about.

All the new people flooding back to the game, I spit up my drink right there, that’s the funniest shit i read for last two weeks.

They are not merging servers because 1. they can’t without dropping every ones guild ships. 2. it would look like the game is doing poorly, which it is just looking at the server populations.

Congratulations Bioware and EA. Your just screwing people over more and more.
Thank god I dropped this game completely.
Have fun paying money for the same shit folks!

If you really “dropped” the game, why not just ignore this and move on with your life?

I’ll wait for your BS answer.

So by your reasoning they shouldn’t give a damn about the game. Interesting BS of your own there. Many of us hope Biofail will pull their collective head out of their ass yet keep getting disappointed.You continue to fanboi. We all have our little problems don’t we?

Yes, we do, and yours seems to be acting like a jerk to somebody who still enjoys this game. I happen to also still enjoy this game. I look forward to the new expansion and am curious to see how this Command System pans out. Hopefully it will be good.

If you enjoy the game then good on you, matters not the tiniest to me. I however do respond in a similar manner to those that are ass hats to others and have noticed it tends to upset them and those like them who bash anyone with a different point of view outside of “OMG more cartel shinies!” I once was a huge fan of this game and hope against all reason Bioware will once again live up to its once great reputation. I am not however, going to hold my breath. They have been pissing on the player base for almost a year now and you all believe them when they swear it’s just rain. Enjoy.

So some guy comes on here and is an ass hat, a guy is an ass hat to the ass hat for being an ass hat, then you come on on and are an ass hat to the ass hat who had a go at an ass hat.

Well Don this about sums up your existence.

As you have not a clue about me or my life this just gives me a laugh. I have seen you be a raving dick to people that have done well written posts of why they think this game company is totally dropping the ball but hey, never your fault, you do nothing wrong right? Have another beer and remember your hero Rump.

Hahahahahahahaha! Yet again like Rump you have not a clue. Keep on trying, someday you might.

If you give a damn about a game you give level headed mature constructive criticism, The op’s comment was none of these hence the reaction he got.
He intended to flame and you know it yet you defend them as usual.
So easy to be edgy these days….

agreed. why the hell would u check in on a videogame u no longer play? does he still read old issues of Nintendo Power?

Yo, fucktard, people keep tabs on games they played but left. It is in hope that Biofail would get their shit together and do things that made this game great once. I played TOR for 3.5 years. I dropped my sub in March because of their shit decisions. I have been the one keeping tabs on it for my guild, that moved back to SWG because it was better than this. After discussing this GC mess, we probably won’t be back at all.

Thanks for keeping up the toxicity of the community. I thought with the new blood, the toxicity would have gone down. But nope, same assholes, different usernames.

“Thanks for keeping up the toxicity of the community. I thought with the new blood, the toxicity would have gone down. But nope, same assholes, different usernames.”
Yet you didn’t level this at the OP?

Sooo, if i have the prefered status, i can play flapoints any time i want and have my 5 access to the warzones weekly, so whit the galactic comand coming in the new expansion if i have the prefered status i canot play any flaspoint and warzone until i suscribe????

I believe you can play those still. You just do not get GC experience. Thus you do not get end game gear from GC crates. You can still get end game gear from crafters. However, crafted gear will not have set bonuses.

Players flooding back?? So we’ll see the server status go from light to moderate for a month. Whoopee!! :p

And kudos to Bioware and their new way of giving things new names to sound new and exciting lol (Uprisings = flashpoint).

he’s actually a little bit right. I don’t know how it is on other servers or guilds but with my guild we have over 200 accounts and when things get boring it drops down to 90~ but with every expansion it goes back up to 200~. after about 3-4 months then it tapers off again. like I said that’s just my guild.

A new expansion always brings people back to a game. Or are you so naive that you think people stop playing a game when a new expansion hits?
Also the timing with Rogue One will bump up the interest for playing the game aswell, sure they probably won’t be long time subscribers, but some might become subscribers.

Personally I returned to the game after a 2 year break.

Yes, but are you so naive to believe that what they will get from the new expac will be a ‘flood’? They lost over 50% of the hard core raiders, and that wasn’t made up for by the short term subscribers that were brought in by Force Awakens. The amount that they will get from Rogue One, which Disney/Lucas has said will not make as much Force Awakens, will be much less.

My entire guild left in March. We have been playing SWG together and talking about if/when we would come back. Some of us were talking about coming back next year IF a new raid was offered. However, based on our discussions last night and this morning, I doubt we could even put together one full raid group. No one wants to have to farm all the old ops in all modes to be able to get the gear to do the new op.

Yes God forbid you actually have to play the game. Yes you will have to work for it to do nightmare ops, but new ops in storymode will be doable pretty quickly.
Flood isn’t exactly a measurement, but judging by the amount of new players I see on starter planets now, I have no doubt a lot of people will return for the expansion.

Strange to think but there are people that have been playing this game for nearly five damn years. For the last two the devs have been jerking everyone around with the state of end game, ops, bugs going unfixed, rampant gold sellers, win trading, etc. There are trolls to be sure here but most just want them to stop fucking the game. It is really that simple. There is no “exciting” content coming, just a rehash of DvL which was a rehash of doing everything we have been for the last four plus. Perhaps you enjoy doing that and I wish you well if that is so. You will have LOTS of it coming up.

People who like Star Wars come back, play the chapters, and then leave again. They tricked people with the last “expansion” and the monthly release cycle. Everyone I know who came back for that left again as soon as they finished the last chapter….

Wait, can someone explain this to me? You have to start with new character to get 70lvl? There’s no way to reach it with old chars?

So in summary:

1) Raising the level cap to 70 for no reason other than to make the new Galactic Command System start everyone fresh, and them not having to deal with longtime players who want retro-active credit or rewards

2) Absolutely nothing useful in Galactic Command for veteran players. One big user interface for all the new players to replace the individual groupfinders.

3) Not only do we not have any new raids or real new group content (Uprisings will be new tactical flashpoints, don’t be fooled), but we are removing gearing COMPLETELY by making it complete RNG bullshit via Command crates you get for….wait for it….doing the same old played out content for the 9000th time!!!!!!

4) Oh and while we are putting the final nail in the coffin for Group Content, we’d like to slide in an additional Go F*** Yourself to all the Alt-a-holics left, because the new Galactic Command system is per character and not legacy based. So really you only get “rewarded” for grinding the shit out of 1 main character.

Did I miss anything?

Yes: forgot to quit. Man, its an old game with ppl leaving every day. Not much money to expend with improvements. Its sad, I wish they could do more, but they are doing their best recycling contents. Its cheaper that way. I love the game but its dying. Give yourself a break

And then there is free DutchWoW (last time I checked they were close to bugfree). Fishing is zen… and the crates fished up got quest items, lolol..

Runes of Magic. Must have an account lying around somewhere :P.

Star Citizen will be here in 2-ish years. (They will have their own tier, just look at their last demo on youtube. Do not listen to the trolls about delays. It will give epic game a new meaning. Their starting staf=/= what they now got programming around! Again watch their latest demo. It’s gonna be blueray-4D-quality. And I am a sceptic cynical dude.)

Still have to finish DiscWorld :D. Now if you wanna play something epic, go play DW. Find the hack with sounds on the net. No sound=no good. You loose the uberfunny Monty Python puns.

Players can make lvl 100 command gear. I guess not all is bad.
Now a way to buy that stuff for 350k max :DD

Last 2 days I get kicked 12 times. And teleported back to Origon from stronghold (Yavin). 4 times!!! Rollbackbugcrapcrap. Good thing I may not open tickets and bugreports about it.
Any bug not reported=bug not existing. I hear they are bugfree :DD
(funny how that logic rolls back)

I opened a ticket about the productivity of not letting free and pref help out with tickets and bug reports. (I was really being nice and polite)
They told me that life seems to indeed suck for lepperscum like me. I should go to the forums and help out by reporting a thread about the matter. (which is impossibleau for preffies as you might have guessed!)
Alas this mail I got one hour after my sub was over.
Back to lepper-land with my ashs….

When you really break this down, what they are ultimately doing is three things with this new Galactic Command System:

1.) Gating all repeatable end game content (and gear) behind a subscriber pay wall.
2.) Making it easier on the dev team in the future to “reset the grind” as they won’t have to go through all the old quests and update the rewards since everything now ties to one place.
3.) Resetting everything done over the last year to redo it all again with a little new content (Uprisings) thrown in.

And before someone jumps on the “but you can craft end game non-set gear” comment, no it doesn’t work that way. You can craft, via recipe 228 gear (thus why new augments max at 228). To craft the end game (236/240/244 gear) you need to reverse engineer it first (like you do with Op gear today), which means you need to have a subscription to get the gear to reverse engineer to craft in the first place. Oh, and all those wonderful Exotic Isotope/Strategic Resource Matrix/Dark Matter Catalysts – not applicable to new non-set gear as there is now a Tier 2 version of all these mats. Finally, to get the Void Matter Catalyst needed to craft the best gear, that will only drop from a Command Crate. So, no, you cannot craft end game gear without being a subscriber.

In a nutshell, all this is is DvL v2.0 that resets the gear grind all the old content for the sake of resetting the gear grind. Nothing more, nothing less.

Datamined sources.

It is basically the same as what exists today just with gear and mat upgrades to take everything to level 70.

While I also dislike the new 5.0 system, but there are currently crafted 220s that does not need raid gear, but are instead their schematics are obtained through reverse engineering 212s to acquire 216s, and reverse engineering the 216s has a 100% chance of giving a 220 schematic. They are tagged as MK-26.

Dumb question pertaining to the live stream note for DvL Companion Section ends Nov. 15th. Where does one make this selection before Nov. 15th? I ask because I haven’t been in game since the Bonus Chapter and Alert Mission update in September. I never finished Legendary (Refuse to.), but I did finish everything else, including Eternal Level. So I’d like to claim the companion reward, but I can’t seem to find a clear answer anywhere, I’ve even done multiple Google Search with different keywords as well to no avail.

You do not “claim” the companion. If you completed Eternal level, you will get him in the mail (on all of your alts, account-wide) on November 29th. There is also no “selection.” Everyone in the entire game who qualifies will get the same companion, and which companion it is depends on which “side” (light or dark) “wins” DvL.

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