SWTOR Galactic Command Overview

Bioware has posted an overview of the Galactic Command system coming with 5.0.

Galactic Command Overview

Galactic Command is a brand new progression system coming in Star Wars™: The Old Republic’s™ newest expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. Premium players (subscribers) who have reached Level 70 can access Galactic Command from anywhere! This system puts everything in the universe at your fingertips, accessible through one interface. With every battle you face, including Warzones, Operations, new erupting action-packed Uprisings, you earn Command Rank, unlocking increasingly more powerful rewards and impacting the balance between light and dark side forces galaxy-wide.

Galactic Command – Power at Your Fingertips
To access the Galactic Command interface, simply press CTRL+G by default, or you can click the Galactic Command icon which is located at the top of your screen.  With the interface open, you will see that you are now able to queue for Daily/Heroic Missions, Story Chapters, Flashpoints, Uprisings, Operations, PvP Warzones, and Galactic Starfighter (Space PvP battles). Galactic Command offers three Difficulty modes, Story, Veteran and Master , in most of the combat missions. If your chosen mission offers the ability to choose your level of difficulty, you will see a toggle you can access to set your chosen Difficulty level. The exception is Operations which you can only play in story mode when accessed through the Galactic Command interface. However, you can still access them normally in Veteran and  Master difficulty.

Galactic Command offers access to all of your favorite activities along with a new Command Bonus every day, making it worthwhile to play something new each day! When an activity has a Command Bonus, you earn bonus Command Experience points each time you play. Be sure to check back each day to see which activity has a Command Bonus.

Command Rank
Earning Command Rank is achieved by playing almost any activity in the game. Every time you play, you earn Command Experience points which increases your Command Rank, earning you rewards in the form of new Command Crates. The Command Experience Points you earn are based on a few factors: the difficulty of the activity (Story, Veteran, Master), how many players are required, and how long it takes to complete. For example, you will earn substantially more Command Experience Points for completing a Master Difficulty Operation than you will for completing a Heroic Mission. The goal is to reward the highest level of Command Experience points for Master Operations, Ranked  Warzones, and Master Uprisings .

At the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne, each time you earn a new Command Rank, you will be given a Command Crate. Increasing your Command Rank and earning Command Crates will now be the primary method through which players with max level characters can continue to increase the level of their gear. As a result, you can now gear your character by playing virtually any activity in the game!

Command Crates contain multiple items including Companion Gifts, cosmetic weapons and armor, mounts, pets, and the most powerful gear in the game. As your Command Rank increases,  so does the level of gear you receive . As an example (numbers are just an example), if you get a Command Crate at Command Rank 50 it will contain more powerful gear then you would have received at Command Rank 1.

Dark vs. Light Side Battles
Starting with Knights of the Eternal Throne, players will be able to choose whether they are fighting for the dark or light side of the Force™. Upon doing so, all actions, including killing elite enemies, completing Missions, and making story choices will contribute to the ongoing dark vs. light side war on each server .
These Dark and Light side choices will influence the balance of the two sides of the Force on each server, reflected on the dark vs. light side meter shown at the bottom of the Galactic Command interface. As one side begins to dominate, players will begin to see the impact all around them. For example, if the dark side is growing stronger (i.e. reaching “Dark 4”), suddenly players may see Sith Acolytes begin spawning and attacking Alderaan and Tatooine! Keep your eyes open as your efforts change the galaxy around you.

To be declared the winner of the dark vs. light side war, one side must reach “Dark 5” or “Light 5”. Upon winning, a few things will happen on the server based on your character’s alignment. If your character is aligned with the winning side (e.g., your character is dark side, and the dark side won the war on your server), you will reap the following benefits:

  • Bonus Command Experience points earned
  • Access to a special cosmetic item vendor

If your character’s alignment matches the losing side (e.g., your character is light side, and the light side lost the war), they will receive the  following benefits:

  • A bonus to all light side points earned

Your galaxy will remain in a “victory state” for  a period of time before the war resets. However, this time, the losing side will have an advantage to try to swing the balance back in their favor.

Galactic Command offers ongoing challenges and rewards every time you log in to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. Whether you are playing alone in your favorite gameplay mission to gain Command Rank, or joining with other players or Guilds to win the Dark vs Light side war, Galactic Command will keep you fighting for control of your galaxy !

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“As one side begins to dominate, players will begin to see the impact all around them. For example, if the dark side is growing stronger (i.e. reaching “Dark 4”), suddenly players may see Sith Acolytes begin spawning and attacking Alderaan and Tatooine!”

Am I going crazy, or does this actually sound like the very first cool idea from EAware in ages?

I hope they take the ambition to go full-on and do more than make some NPCs stand around and looking to the birds.

Maybe make some NPCs LS and others DS, and make them attack the opposing-alignement characters? That would really make an impact.

It can all they have to do is reuse the rakghoul triggers they place around the event cities. A little moan to give it away like normal and 3 mindless mobs running at you.

I probably shouldn’t give them ideas. :p

Thre concerns right off the hop.

1. Gain 50 command ranks, by random chance you still haven’t gotten any new pants, or implants.

2. Command Crates coming to the Cartel Market in April 2017!

3. You are playing on a server full of edgelords on a lightside character and never see the special vendor, or vice versa.

And, get to max command rank = no more gear available? Something feels off.
I think the idea in its whole is a good one, but the gear drops part has me very skeptical.

Better way would be that rank unlocks tiers of gear, or cosmetic options, maybe access to old revanite looks, krayt dragon armors, etc

Better rank/10 = required for gear tier.

Each rank = pile of currency.

Max rank = needs some way to directly earn gear currency.

He said once you hit max rank you’ll still level but instead of going up a level number you’ll just continue to get a new gear box each time.

I didnt even notice the other thread till a few min ago, and I feel a bit better, but I have this relationship with RNG where we are bitter enemies. And I can see my group all being geared for stuff and me getting my 70’d wrist item, and my 497’th purple speckled VrblThr mount before ever starting to catch up.

Still gonna heal like a champ though.

yeah, I’m expecting that to happen as well. Probably will only end up gearing my main character as the RNG for multiples will be even more annoying. At least I won’t have to obtain both pvp gear and pve gear separately though….
Or maybe I’ll get a full gear set and be bored after. I dunno.

They stated that they are looking into a refund policy for repeat tokens. Won’t be 1 to 1 I am sure, but it is nice. I am honestly stoked for this change since I get screwed by RNG all the time.

I think when you reach max command rank your bar still fills up and you get a crate, then you have to fill it up again, and so on. Your command rank just stays the same, so the lvl of the gear you will be getting at the max rank will stay the same.

1- You can keep grinding rank XP, leveling level 50 over and over for more crates.

3- That’s true. I think that making the light-side point bonus stackeable with every defeat would solve this. Eventually the LS would ween through sheer bonus.

I’ve seen them balance things brilliantly, like the dialogue choice rolls, there is a system in place that grants bonuses based on losses so everyone gets a chance to “talk”, and I have seen them do some really shitty balancing, Ilum…., Hopefully its more like the former.

This has potential… I’m not getting my hopes too high that they won’t squander that potential, but… there is some chance this could be great.

No. No it doesn’t. It just makes things stupidly complicated to manage. Which is great for them since they balance the game once every year to two years and cant stop gold selling, bots, and rampant cheating

There’s nothing complicated about it. The only problem with this system is that it looks like it will rely too much on randomness. The gear needs to be less random then just char class.

Sure if you only look at it from a gear perspective. Hows pvp going to work with some people having great luck with rng and others not so much given they balance the game once every two years. Hows FP’s and ops going to work when people who are f2p cant get any gear. Trust me this is going to get very complicated quick. Meanwhile you just got your 3rd straight earpiece and you have implants still from 4.0

Well, I said it has potential. I’m not saying EA won’t mess it up.

After all, some things look good on paper. But the execution can be… not so good.

Heh… Who said I was optimistic? I’m not sure what is the opposite of cautiously optimistic (hazardly pessimistic?), but that tends to be my view of most games when developers are trying new things, or trying to fix/balance them.

This whole thing is fucking stupid. Just when you think they couldn’t fuck up the game anymore. They make pvp an pve gear the same. They make the best way to get points from ranked pvp. But do nothing against the rapid cheating. The fucking devs are completely fucking stupid. When we said we wanted to get back to star wars being dark side vs light we didn’t mean we wanted a fucking meter to show us. Isn’t it pretty fucking obvious if i choose to play imp characters im leaning towards the dark side. We were just tired of this stupid story were we get force imbued blasters. What a fucking joke they turned this game into

PvP gear was a shitty grind to make heavy PvPers be able to crush other players because they didn’t dedicate as much time as them. I’m glad to see I can hop in and out of PvP casually without the fear of standing no chance.

It was not a heavy grind at all. They practically gave you a full set of 204’s. 208’s was some what of a grinds. For minimal stat increase. And if you couldn’t handle that then you wers going to get your ass handed to you in pvp becuase people who practice are just better.

It seems that this is intended to replace groupfinder.
Basically an all-in-one… that’s locked behind subscription.

So basically join one char on ds and another on ls and focus on one and you’re always sure you win either way… unless they say the ds ls faction choice is for all your legacy char on server which i doubt so..

Im not talking about it being server wide but about it tracking your dvl decisions. You take one char and pursue dark and take one char and go light on same server. Now regardless outcome on the server. You had a char om both alignments meaning you end up winning with one char anyway

The hell is this DvL thing?

One of my favorite things about Bioware has been that they always incorporate shades of gray. And now, with this new mechanic, my neutral characters are fucking worthless.

This just pisses me off. I’m a lesser player because I like to balance my characters out and not be totally psycho/good and dumb?

Heh, thanks to all the replayable grinds, my SI finally cracked Light V a couple of days ago, even though Light V is an inaccurate description of my SI’s alignment.

Yo, being good is not psycho because you have issues. And dumb is a totally unrelated characteristic. There are countless dumb grey and bad people.

only available while you´re subbed? So subs will have to suffer fps with ungeared guys just like now. Not a good idea, i think

If that’s true, crafting is going to become extremely important for legacy gear should that still be available.

Fully agree with ya on that one. However, if one can at least attach non-tier armorings (with mods and enhancements) to legacy gear, then alts can at least benefit from optimized gear. This might be doable after all unless EA screws the pooch on even this.

The crate end game gear does not look to be modded gear any longer. Just static gear. Thats being talked about on the forums but BW has not answered. All that crate gear and it’s only for ONE toon. No transfers this time for end game gear through legacy.

They do not want you gear up except the slowest way possible. Through RNG gear. Gear you may never use and will be expected to destroy it for command points. Gear you cannot transfer through the legacy gear slotting.

The whole thing is a cluster “F” of random in the hopes to make you stay longer. This is not game design to make gaming fun.

This is just “F”ed up gaming design where business moved in and entertainment moved out.

Hopefully this is not set in stone. It sounds like they need to heed player feedback and compromise accordingly. After all, we still have about a month and a half.

If you are holding your breath that Bioware will change anything I hate to tell you this but ya gonna die. They are going to ride this idiot train until EA says the tracks are gone, end of story. Those that keep drinking the kool-aid might wake up in time but I doubt it.

Oh I am going to laugh my ass off when people realise the astonishing amount of work it’s going to be to gear all their beloved toons up… With RNG gear no less! This is going to be the Mother of All Grinds… IF you’re up for it. I am NOT. I have 24 toons for the Force’s sake. I don’t want to grind all of them to high end gear. Hell, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Don’t have the time. Seriously, people still don’t have a grasp on what it’s going to take…

The legacy gear is something I really loved with SWTOR. If I built one good set for my healer, I could take him to pretty much anything and heal it. Still looking for the secondary items like ears, implants and relics.

If all the end game gear is static which it looks like now as well as being a random drop. It’s a very slim chance I’ll get even one set together much less a set to DPS with or a set for a completely different toon.

I knew BW had the potential to make some horrendous changes but even this goes beyond the total screw up I thought they would actually do.

Look, all this is done so that they can invent new ways of keeping you playing while delivering zero or next to zero content.

You could get a toon geared pretty fast if you did Ops. Not anymore. The fact that these crates will be RNG is just to keep you grinding stuff you have already done a million times… And enjoy it! All the while keep paying your sub, or you won’t have access to gearing your toons AT ALL.

I don’t mind paying a sub. Hell, I didn’t mind paying for RotHC or SoR.

I DO mind being forced to do something. Even more when I think it’s not worth it.

Tahts the problem. For me and I know there are others because we have seen other games have random gearing.

There is nothing good about grinding old content for gear that may never show up.

Why gear up all? Get full set for each class and use it with legacy sets. I have 22 toons but only a few sets of gear 224 that I use for all.

Well, if this new “Endgame” gear ( i will use the term VERY loosely from now on) is STATIC, you will have NO OPTION but to gear them ALL up…

I know about Legacy gear, what sort of retard would I be if I geared all of my toons one by one? That’s not we’re talking about here.

Brings to mind a Billy Squire song, The Stroke.

“Stroke me, stroke me
Say you’re a winner but man
You’re just a sinner now”

RNG gear at end game with no way to choose what set pieces you need to complete a set. Everything RANDOM even secondary items like earpieces, implants and relics.

The stupidity of BW is just overwhelming.

I’m not seeing the comparison? WoW bosses still drop specific pieces so you can target what to hit to improve a certain gear slot.

So there’s no RNG element to it? According to you, you can target the boss that supposedly has the gear piece you need and it will drop 100% of the time and you’ll get it the first time, 100% of the time? Last time I checked….which was just this past weekend, that wasn’t the case. It was still very RNG.

It used to be in SWTOR to get the best gear you collected X type of currency which in turn could be used to buy the piece of gear you wanted. Now its all RNG, exactly how it is in WoW.

1. Re-read what I actually wrote without interjecting your own assumptions.

2. Actually play Legion.

I never said you were guaranteed 100% drops; only that you knew which bosses to target for a specific gear slot. This is far better than the complete randomness of a loot crate when, for example, you only need an earpiece or gloves.

Also, you can completely eliminate item chance RNG by gearing through the World Quests that reward gear. They clearly show you exactly what you will get as a reward: gear slot, item stats, and item level (the only RNG left is the possibility for the item to be upgraded to a higher level.)

So to say Legion is doing things exactly in the manner SWTOR is going to now handle it just isn’t true.

I didn’t know that. As I look for another game to play I’ll make sure to cross legion off the list as well.

So you level and get loot crates in lieu of skills and such.

Sounds like that Overwatch game that Arcann keeps playing. I told him to stop projecting onto the game and just deal with his sister instead. Kids these days.

Sounds like Galactic Commands is just dvl 2.0 with a new interface. Do all the existing content + Uprisings (which sound like heroics with a new name) yet again to gear up with new crates.

Bioware have become obsessed with finding new ways to re-use the existing content to get out of delivering a full proper expansion or end game content.

The game started with over a million subs. They stopped reporting at 250k. Later hundreds of servers were closed and now you have a population that is always “light” on the existing ones. I don’t think we are a minority. Most just don’t care to rant about a game they left behind.
What we are: former loyal subscribers and fans who BioWare accepted as possible losses in order to lure new players, clearly knowing they can’t retain them long term.

Oh, but don’t forget the final twist, the really exciting feature: those crates are RNG!!! Yes folks welcome to RNG Hell, where you grind for hours and hours to get those bracers… Only to find you got the 4th belt of the set! YAY!!!

We made a fancy new inferface for you, so you don’t recognize that you still play the same old content over and over again.

Can they make the CXP points act like comms instead where you can go to a vendor to cash in for the particular gear you need? RNG sounds like sooooo stupid and time wasting. I want to enjoy a game not get my nerves frayed from getting my nth duplicate of an item.

All they needed to do is just have these Galactic Command crates drop tokens, not even a comm system is necessary. And then you exchange the token for whatever you want. But no, that would mean only 5 hours of grinding recycled content every day, instead of 10 hours.

These guys… I just cannot believe the level of stupidity they can accomplish! But leave it to Bioware to be able to surprise me there! Didn’t they learn ANYTHING from the pvp random boxes in 1.0??? Seriously… How STUPID can you get? Why oh why do they try and fix what is not broken???

its quite hilarious to watch them figure out new ways to make you do the same shit 100000 times over and try to sell it is as new LOL. Id say it forest gump stupid at this point maybe south park timayah stupid

Its a valid complaint. I’ve been around since launch and I pretty much haven’t subbed in over a year. The dev’s have given me no reason to sub and they continue to forget that this game is an MMO and pretend that the game is healthy while 6 out of the 8 NA servers sit empty.

When you check the server status here:
And you see that all servers stay at light population at all times; when you log in and see 1/3 or less the amount of people you used to see on the Fleet; when the developer is NOT releasing new content or concrete plans for such, other than stuff on the cash shop, then it’s plain obvious this is milking until it works.

A good number of the servers don’t have the populations for GSF, FP’s, or decent PVP anymore. This 5.0 setup will only really be realized on Harbinger. The other servers will be forced to stick with heroics and possibly those uprisings if they are intended for single player.

Harbinger? You do know that Red Eclipse is still highly populated? And the Progenitor is not dead in both pvp and pve.

Sorry, but the numbers don’t support that. Nor does the numbers in Fleet and beyond. Of course, we are at the low period for MMO populations.

Oh nice, slaughtering everything on a planet can be used to get points for the light side. That’s the spirit! Yoda will be proud, thousands of years later.

Sorry, I’m tired and slow on the uptake after a rather demanding week at work: what new content are we getting in 5.X after getting none in 4.X?

Like 4 lvl 15 to 20 dps in a lvl 65 “Uprising”? Yeah, that constitutes a NiM mode without saying, Anything else coming up?

Uprisings appear to be end-game content – IE you have to be 70 and “past” KotET. All-boss, no trash FPs is my read.

IF they take that model to 8-man content, that could be very interesting. But, they haven’t yet announced any such thing

I’d expect you’d have to be pretty quick on your feet to make that anything other than fast and painful, or slow and agonizing

I kind of like the idea behind the system though I have one major gripe. Dark VS Light….SO the fact that my main toon chose to adopt the light and the dark he is now being forced to go back to being one or the other? Not sure I like that one bit.

EA and Bioware are happy to announce the launch of not one, but TWO expansions for Star Wars: The Old Republic© , as a reward to all players, loyal ones and new ones.

As you all know by now, Knights of The Fallen Empire presents once again our praised and beloved story-driven focus of the game, by continuing the massive and extraordinary story of Valkorion and his dysfunctional family, which you get to observe as The Outlander.

But this is not all! In 2017 we are celebrating 40 years since the first ever Star Wars movie was released, so beginning in January, and following every 2 months after that, we will be releasing mini-expansions which will pay homage to the first 6 films of the saga. All of these expansions will use rehashed, recycled and repeatable existing content, so that you can explore once again the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic©

Tentative schedule (subject to change):
Jan – Episode I: The Recycled Menace
Mar – Episode II: Clones Of The Battles
May – Episode III: Repeat Of The Grind
July – Episode IV: A New Operation… NOT!
Sep – Episode V: The DvL Strikes Back
Nov – Episode VI: Return Of The Old Content

Capped off by a member of BW-A personally escorting you to a website allowing you to download and buy some other game that doesn’t smell like wet dog ass.

Above all else announced with 5.0 I hate this RNG gearing thing. This game already has too much RNG bullshit. It’s never fun. Please just give us tokens that we can use for specific gear pieces. And this Command Stash better be legacy-wide so we can pull out gear on other toons (I understand the Command XP system is character-specific) or put mods into legacy gear.

So, in addition to all the crap gear changes, neutral characters are fucked too? Now you have to be either Dark or Light Side? Pardon for all the french.

I was wondering this myself too. I have several toons that are completely neutral and don’t want to side neither with Light nor with Dark. I have no idea what will happen to them now.

lol so is the dvl round 2 eh hahahah i see nothing new here just doing what your doing with fancy graphics added lmao pretty funny how they keep getting people to fall for rehashing the same shit over and over i dont think musco could have been more vague with this lol

”Will be doing more traditional group and repeatable content in between the big story drops, some of which likely to be 8 player content. More details in January producer livestream.”

”which likely” is the keyword, lol. Mark my words, in January they’ll announce anything but operations, just more bait for people -fanboys- to believe in, which they gladly accept. I swear, Musco does his job really tremendously well: he is being so vague and deceptive, carefully crafting his words people can make from it whatever they want to believe in. He’s a little sneaky weasel, baiting people into playing/subbing.

I doubt the group/repeatable combat will be anything truly new either. Probably another ”uprising” or maybe new galactic command crap.
It’s sad; I used to love this game, I met the love of my life through it almost two years ago, but this is just a pathetic shell of the game that used to be. Their ”high quality” storytelling is nothing but a soap drama of an uninteresting random family. KotFE’s end changed absolutely nothing but swapping some characters’ roles.
I keep coming back to Dulfy to see if they make improvements, and ditch the whole Valkorion/Zakuul crap, so I might return, but sadly they keep going with it. It’s barely Star Wars, plus they ruined Vitiate’s character completely. From a unique, interesting being he’s been completely swapped into another generic villain and suddenly not caring about his past goals anymore – which don’t even make sense with how they wrote this whole KotFE crap. They ruined their own lore and story, which is supposedly ”classic BioWare storytelling.” My ass.

They really don’t know how to do anything properly anymore but rehashing old content and tricking people into playing it as they advertise it as new events or progression systems.

/rant over.

like i said its hilarious to me that people keep falling for this rehashing routine lmao as much as i hate ea i have to say it is pretty funny how they keep getting away with this shit and the fanbois defend it on top of it

My only moan is that morons who can’t finish Ops (on old RP servers) at the moment will grind their (retarded) tacfps and heroics to death and then continue to play badly in elite gear. At least, atm, the folks with some knowledge and acquired skill are rewarded appropriately and shitters stay where they belong – in their shitty gear …

Starting on day 1 on Progenitor – the old RP European server, finished all ops as they were released, before being rescaled for the N’th time. Have the mask from Hateful Entity, have the wings from Brontes, along with a bag of other vanity. Farmed each ops to death while they were current content, there is nothing our guild hasn’t done. The entire guild, along with many others quit when the game became “pay for Youtube content”. What’s left behind us is the people you describe.

I see you guys are back to hate fuck the game we all love yet can’t stop bitching about. Well said to a few; the rest probably are just trolling for the sake of it. I’ll let you guys figure out who is who

this cant be real. they want to randomize gear drop? So i can stay with no ear of highest tier for whole expansion. GG BW.

It was pretty random before too. You never knew the next boss drop, at least gear vendors will be around. So I think token system too.

While giving us the option to get gear from any activity is generally good, I still dont like the idea that raids are now for pure cosmetics only.

Devs should really explain new mechanics more closely. And add some more intersting stuff to raid bosses, maybe even raise (!) drop rates.

They should not drop rates at all. All they should do is to add one token per finall boss (maybe two per snv), make hm ops doable with comms gear (but freaking seriously hard) and just do more raids. Simple as fuck.

Oh and they should remove the freaking cm. All that gear (cristals etc) should be obtainable by ingame mechanics. There is a planet with lots of cristals mines… why people cant get crystals from there? :S

What?! Where you living under a rock?!
“pretty random”?
OPS bosses drop standard gear, its pre-fixed.
Only 1 boss-ops drop randoms…

Called it. Another incentive to replay the same 5 years old content. Hahahahaha, I can’t really… ohohoho. I can’t even form a coherent critique anymore, too funny to even bash. And there will be someone defending these design decisions, proudly paying monthly. Leaving folks to enjoy replaying everything and I will take my place among the quiet haters of the past.

I was about to resub, but now I’m sceptic about it. If they want to put end game content behind paywall, then I’m not going to subscribe. As a player with real life college and practice to attend to, my game time will be limited, so 15€ per month is too much for 5 year old game with no actual end game content. They force us to repeat all content instead of making one. I don’t count KOTFE and KOTET story since you can’t play it in group with friends. This is more like online single player game then MMO it was. Sad but true…

Single player that is extremely expensive. For which other single player game you pay 15$ for every 30 minutes of content? Imagine how much games like Mass Effect, Skyrim or The Witcher would cost if you had to pay like that. And then some BW drone comes explaining to you that there is endgame content and now there is new reasons to play it, so fun! Yes, the endgame content we’ve been playing the past 5 years, each time it was rescaled and with new reasons to replay it. Honestly, don’t bother. There’s better single player games and better mmo’s. Personally I advocate for WoW, which just got its best expansion to date. Others advocate for Final Fantasy, others for EVE. No other games ask you to pay for nothing.

I left the game months ago because I thought that it had got as bad as possible. Today a friend told me that some big changes are coming and I dropped in to see what it is all about. Guess what? Bioware managed to surprise me again! The game CAN get even worse, apparently! Well played, Bioware, well played.

You gotta hand it to them: they STILL are able to surprise us… In the worst way possible, but it’s still AMAZING…

Well boys and girls this is it. Final step killing progression ops guilds. All is now down to rng and recycling ALL content for each week to progress indivdually. Even soloers can get endgame gear but at slower pace.

It’s pretty clear now honestly that they have no interest in contributing to the multi-player side of this game…. I’m more than OK about the story content but did you really need to make it into an MMorpg if you were going to take the MM out of it.

Either make swtor or make kotor 3. Make up your minds.

Really… really… READ. ffs.

If you see only what you want and it is grief and despair, so be it. But ffs go away from the community then, fukken cancer.

And for people who can read:


Hope its big enough for people to see.

Pretty sure they said that they would start discussions about planning future group content in January. Until January comes and they have something of substance to actually share and a vague date mid 2017 it’s hard to get excited.

Musco said that afer release of KotET devs WILL focus (not might or will think about it) on group content. He never stated what type, but he said that all types will be affected.

So I think we`ll see really soon about that. Its not that long, about 3 months.

His job is public relations. Whats wrong in what he is doing? We all know that SWTOR doesnt have a huge focus on group content now because its non-profitable. After new expansion they will focus on GC, but they will most likely lock it out only for subs.

Again, I dont see anything wrong in that model – you get what you paid for. Want new content? Get a sub. Want everything for free? Good luck with that. Devs want their pay-check too.

“Whats wrong in what he is doing?”

Um, he’s a liar?

“Devs want their pay-check too”

Most people earn money by actually working…

“Want new content? Get a sub”

Lol. Like all that content we got in 4.X?

Amazes me people are still tripping over themselves to defend the team when they come out with garbage like this.

“Um, he’s a liar?”

Proof or GTFO, honey.

“Most people earn money by actually working…”

Again, you seem to think that devs MUST personally to YOU create content that will fit you and NOT the general playerbase with money? Lol, GL with that. And they do work, honey.

“Lol. Like all that content we got in 4.X?”

Lol, yes. And further. Dont have that money? Dont pay, no one is Forcing you. Current content doesnt fits you? Well I have news for you – it fits paying playerbase. Surprise!

“Amazes me people are still tripping over themselves to defend the team when they come out with garbage like this”

Amazes me how people want everything for free and like they want without effort. Maybe they come out from garbage?

The devs should create content that fits all. Since 4.0 its been excluding different types of players and going for solo story only. Hence why population on all servers took a beating.

Musco said, “we will never go 18 months without releasing a new operation again.” It has been over 20 months since the last Op dropped. Therefore that statement was a lie.

As a company charging people for the use of their product they should be producing content that applies to all players. This makes good financial sense because it only extends their customer base. They continue to make decisions that limit their paying customer base.

I played all 16 chapters back to back. I play for about 2 hours a day from 9pm – 11pm I finished all 16 chapters in 1 sitting. It took them 2 years of not doing anything with Operations etc to provide about 2 hours of game play… Even a cheerleader like you should realize that the last 2 years of SWTOR haven’t been a stellar as they want to play it off as being…

No one is asking for free stuff, I would gladly pay real money for a great expansion. I would gladly pay $20 or $40 for the content that I am asking for. I don’t expect a hand out, I just want something that I can enjoy like I used to enjoy this game before they began to cater to the lowest common denominator.

it fits a smaller playerbase thier REAL playerbase the raiders/pvpers not so much.

No one wants anything for free they want to pay for new ops and better pvp the ops more so

By real you mean 13-25 yo who have alot of spare time and abit of money? Because, and that fits the current picture, their main base is people with average playtime and huge wallets. A dream actually for any dev 😀

So community manager just announced that team focus on group content after the release on new expansion. Whats the problem?

Read teh comments dude!
The gear situation is epicly stupid and people are unhappy that we don’t already have a drop dat for an 8 person operation. After 2 frakin years of waiting and 28 “working” days until this thing launches peole expected them to have their heads out of their asses and give exact details and have rock solid answers.

Instead it is just the same old shit… BOHICA!

whats the problem where do i begin?there main small playerbase is 12-15 years old who are like to play dress up and rp it was raiding communites ands ops guilds.they announce a lot of shit and 99% of the time its just that absolute total shit or lies so excuse me if i dont believe a word they say. next we have a paper engine that cant handle large scale pvp i could go on and on

Oh you are right about that. No one is forcing me to pay for this. In fact: I’m not. And I will not. I just bought my ESO account, 2 months ago. I was doubting if I was going for a Premium account in ESO, because although I can definitely pay for two accounts in 2 different games, I don’t really have the time to commit to both of them.

So I will be investing MY money on a Premium ESO account. Thanks to Bioware for making me decide when I was in doubt.

Things for free? Where were you when the game was NOT f2p? Where were you when RotHC and SoR were paid? I was here, PAYING. Since launch. I have no problems with paying for a service… IF the service is indeed provided. If it’s not… Well, I don’t pay for it.

Where’s your “paying playerbase”??? Because they sure don’t show their faces here:

Where the hell are all those millions of paying players that log in to the game? I can’t find them here.

You guys can keep your game. Happy trails to you and the “paying playerbase”. Talk to you in a year’s time. We’ll see just how much of that “paying playerbase” is left.

He’s piss poor at public relations and should be fired if that’s his only job at Bioware.
We get what we pay for? whats that?
a mediocre expansion then yes we get what we pay for.
People dont want to sub for a solo casual rpg game with a weak ass story.
A full blown MMORPG expansion then no one would complain about subbing.

He can’t even publish the right end date of the DvL Event, that’s what wrong with him! Like all the other BioWare guys, he can’t do the simplest task right. Even a child could do!

I want to support the game I play financially and I don’t mind to pay for new content. I want good content, not the garbage I am being told that I should want instead.

I love SWTOR, I love Star Wars and seeing as how SWTOR is the only decent Sci Fi game on the market right now I keep playing it a little. But I want to get my money’s worth as well and right now I don’t feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. There are many in that same situation. Just because you like what you are getting doesn’t make us wrong to not like what we are getting. It does make you in the wrong to try to shove shit in our mouths and force us to think it’s steak…

3 months is a long time to wait just for an announcement when you have already waited 2 years.
At the cantina event they stated their hope was to be able to release more group content in early 2017. They continue to use the term group content and not specify raids.
If you ask for pizza and I spend the day talking about making you food does your confidence in my making you pizza increase or decrease? If you talk about wanting a nice cold beer and I spend 2 hours talking about getting something to drink are you still expecting a beer or are you starting to think I’m talking about water?
I’ve played this game with my children, parent all over the world have played this game with theirs. My kids want to go out to eat, but it isn’t in the budget tonight. They talk and talk and talk about going out to eat. I tell them that we will have dinner later, I tell them we will eat later, I tell them that we will get food in a little bit. I don’t want to disappoint them and tell them I am making dinner tonight so I leave the references a vague as I can while still conveying the message that they will eat tonight. When dinner time comes I call them in the house and they are all excited to go out to eat, but when they get to the kitchen they see that I have cooked dinner instead. They eat the food and what they are eating is ok, but not as good as what they wanted.
This situation is the same. They talk about group content, group content, group content while the community is screaming for Operations.
or months the community says, “We want operations!”
The Devs say, “Relax we are bringing you group content soon!”
Some in the community rejoice.
The promised content comes out and it isn’t what we expected and the devs say, “here is the group content we promised you! enjoy have fun and we hope you like it!” You will scarf it up because it is what you have been given, but it isn’t nearly as satisfying as what you wanted.

You wanted steak and I fed you a hot dog, well get ready for Bioware’s hot dog…

It’s not 3 months, it’s two YEARS!!! And another 6 months AT LEAST to do ANY kind of group content, since they’re gonna decide what it will be. Do your math man…

people have being waiting for over 2 years for new group content.
telling them its going to be talked about in January isnt great news.
it still has no real details to what type of group content it will be or when it will go live.

The fact that all boss loot (gear) is being removed from the game is a huge loss. This means that the rewards for running Ops is being removed and (unless you are a subscriber) the grind to rean gear is increasing.
The fact that you can no longer get passable gear from tokens/comms/crystals is an equally big loss. This means that you can no longer create crappy sets that are passable to get you into harder content as long as you have the skill required to play the content
Top tier gear will be craftable, this means that already wealthy crafters will become even more wealthy as they charge WAY more than a Prefered player can afford to pay for the gear they craft.

While this is good news for the non raiding community, it is bad news for riaders, unless they are uber fanboi’s and super SWTOR cheerleaders, those folks live in their own world where everything Star Wars is awesome no matter what…

You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen on the internet regarding SWTOR. I feel dumber after every one of your posts.

If you buy that bag of BS from them that is your choice. Far too many of us have listened to them before and been let down every damn time. I really hope the game continues to have what you are looking for but I for one will no longer hold my breath and wait for the devs to actually start producing content that isn’t a rehash of everything we have been doing for the last several years.


Anyone else legitimately angered by this bullshit? It tells people that BioWare will sue you if you even mention the Force without its consent.

Also, getting real tired of the blue versus red emphasis, still waiting on the grey area benefits for staying neutral promised half a decade ago. RvB, cliché in 2016, get rid of it even if that is your shtick in every Bw game.

Probably one of the reason, why i won’t care about this whole dark vs light, because all my main toons are neutral.

So this is Dark vs. Light v2.0… Again play whole content from start to get anything… OMG… I wouldn’t surprised if in middle of 2017 they will announce that they shutting down servers…

Did you read it? The new DVL starts with The new expansion. They didn’t say anything about starting a new character. Existing toons prob just have to choose at login when the expansion starts

Do you understand word flow, sentence composition, and tone have to accurately portray your sarcasm in written form because people can’t see your face or read your body language? Don’t blame me, blame your lack of knowledge.

Lack of knowledge… Sorry mate but you started with your “Did you read it? The new DVL starts with The new expansion. They didn’t say anything about starting a new character. Existing toons prob just have to choose at login when the expansion starts”… Don’t blame me that I’m not fanboy of this game and what BW and EA doing with it…

What does being a “fanboy” have to with spreading wrong information on a page that literally has everything written down on what they’re doing? Also, I was commenting on your “sarcasm” not being sarcasm at all. Do you….do you know HOW to read, kid? I can teach you, it’s not hard.

nyah, they’ll drag it out until licensing agreement expires, the way they did with Warhammer online. so few more years of this.. fun.

Well I guess I will stop playing the game after 1 month of sub , cause I just only sub to get stuff like chapters, special items, companions etc. I don’t buy sub every month :/

I was excited for this Galactic Command but now I am disappointed because I cannot buy sub every month , I don’t play that much maybe in the future there will be a sub time

Not quite. I don’t know about Diablo 3, but in Marvel Heroes the Omega system is separate from the actual gear, and you can reset and distribute points to customize your character. Where the Galactic Command seems like just the way of getting gear. I read somewhere (not sure if it’s true), but actual FPs and OPs will not be dropping any gear anymore. So only way to earn gear is through the crates from Galactic Command.

I meant the general idea of progress after max level. My understanding is that loot will keep dropping as it does today, but no more trading in commendation and GC progression is the only way to get Set bonuses

Pretty much. No more commendations, but I also hear no more gear drops in general. I don’t know how much ‘xp’ is required to gain a level in the GC system, but it may be that you need to run several HM FPs just to earn one level/one gear.

Gc is not the onlyway to get bonus. Its the onlyway to get gear as of 5.0 the only othwr equivalent gear in terms of rating would be crafted gear without bonus

No gear drop from FP, H2, OPS and so on

Read the other two dulfy post. Eric saids as much

The dailies do resemble the WoW daily system introduced in Legion in function, as you can improve your gear there as well thru dailies if you so want. Except that it’s an alternative there, not the only way as it seems to be here.

Hm. Let’s look back. Gear that you can get by playing the game (not buying with CC): Rishi. Rishi Reputaion Gear is ugly. Eternal Championship. Eternal Championship gear is ugly.

I don’t think the new gear will look nice.

DvsL will fail, just because of one reason: One side will be stronger, no matter what side it is, the rest will join the winning side (next round or with other toons), because the winning side gets a boost. So nobody will chose the losing side to push it up. After some time everybody on the server knows which side to choose to get the boost, and it will be a pointless challange.

Most player are loyal to on side. Just wait for the first round of the new DvsL to end. next round chose this side, it will be the side that wins.

Its like the lottery numbers that won last week will win next week.

hes right in what hes saying.
Certain servers will be Light side heavy or Dark heavy.
Doubt many of the servers(even the ghost town ones) will seesaw between them.

Think he is wrong? Check out PvP on just about any server. PvPers will leave one faction for the other based on a perceived power base therefor imbalancing the system and making it extremely difficult to play (and win) as the opposite faction.
It is easier to join the winning team than it is to build a new powerbase.

I’ll be neither because I’ll be in ESO full time very soon.

There will be the loyal few who will stay on the losing side out of principal. There will be more who switch sides so they can be on the winning team.

they already said that the losing side will gain an advantage when the event begins again. so if you are darkside and light side wins, when the events starts, light side will be way ahead of darkside from the start. so it will pretty much ping pong back and fourth

that is if the ratio of light and dark players are not that far apart. it its 90% of a player on a server are light side it wont be a ping pong. it would take quite a few losses for ds to make that bonus points trump 90% LS player. and thats assuming the bonus points stack if they keep losing.

so it all comes down to how much % bonus points do they get if they lose and does it stack

“If your character’s alignment matches the losing side (e.g., your character is light side, and the light side lost the war), they will receive the following benefits:

**A bonus to all light side points earned

Your galaxy will remain in a “victory state” for a period of time before the war resets. However, this time, the losing side will have an advantage to try to swing the balance back in their favor.”

For example if there are 400 DS players and 100 LS players and the LS players added points earned aren’t gonna swing nuthin.

“If your character is aligned with the winning side (e.g., your character is dark side, and the dark side won the war on your server), you will reap the following benefits:

**Bonus Command Experience points earned
**Access to a special cosmetic item vendor”

With rewards like that, you better be playing both sides…

When it comes to pvp, all players want, is to win, they don’t care if its a match that they can never lose, as long as they win, they don’t give a toss, that is why most pvp’ers are moaning, its not cause of the change or the new GC feature, its just because that they will have to face players with full pvp gear, which removes any advantage any hardcore pvp’er will have…hence the hissy fits.

Because BW designed the PvP rankings so that your ranking is based solely on your wins. They only care about winning because that is the only stat tracked. The players that play Ranked want to see their name on the leader boards, their names will be low on the list if they lose a lot. That means a lot to some people, they have that competitive spirit. I don’t feel teh need to measure myself that way, but understand why people who are competitive do what they do.

if people are smart every time they win they will switch to a char on the other side because they get a bonus to winning next, I have a strong feeling it will just go back and forth back and forth.

Players: We want new Flashpoints, Operations, Pazaak, class based story, an update to GSF!
BioWare: We hear you! We listen to you! That’s why we made all end game gear random!
Players: What? This has nothing to do with what we want!

Some people – like me – are really happy with the story way of things they are choosing for, to each his own

The guy above you said a number of new things including story
You just want story..nothing else ?
Why are people happy with less, I’ll never understand that.

I am not a fan of endless grinding for gear, i never have been a fan of it and from experience with endgame raiding, players can be petty, childish and annoying, sometimes all at once and it can be quite offputting to group with anyone from that point on.

While leveling, i never, EVER group up with other players, it just ends up with me leaving, feeling drained from all the childish attitudes, grouping is fun when it works, but most of the time, its just a waste of time that is better served being used to play a game with a hell of a good storyline.

A Game without a story in it, is a game not worth playing.

mmorpg is a game with other things to do.
A mmorpg with only story expansions is a poor example of a mmorpg.
We can have best of both worlds.
An expansion with story content and other stuff.
I don’t PVP but firmly believe there should be regular new pvp content in a mmorpg.

Do you realise that we are playing an MMO. MMO should have multiplayer content far more greater than FLEET.

The traditional model of MMOs is no longer viable. While they may retain some multiplayer aspects, the future lies with more solo friendly content and cash shops. To even refer to them as MMOs anymore is probably a mistake. They’re simply ‘online games’ nowadays. That aside, I believe BW stated that more multiplayer content was on the horizon for the new year.

“The traditional model of MMOs is no longer viable. While they may retain some multiplayer aspects, the future lies with more solo friendly content and cash shops.”

” That aside, I believe BW stated that more multiplayer content was on the horizon for the new year.”

Hell, you could at least try to make sense… Which is it? One or the other? And while you’re at it, explain how other MMO’s are successfully producing group content at a regular pace…

And yet wow is still most sucsesfull mmo with +6 or 7 milions of subscribers. You are naive.

Wow is the first one and the best. But even Wow loosing alot of subs. If you need proof -check WoW forums. He is right – the main window for online games is changing. People tend to stay online, but what do they do online? Some and lesser part actually do group content or PVP, but majority playing solo or with a friend.

Guilds still exist, raids still run, but alot of people just hang out, ocasionaly doing group content. The main idea is to spent your free time like you want, and truth is causal players ready to pay alot for less, while raiders type need alot of everything and burning through content like a hurricane. Easy to understand, which group is preferred.

But the problem is – raiding type making alot of noise and so wasting a game for casuals. So BW trying to satisfy everybody. We`ll just see what will come after new year. Hope it will all change for a better.

Anyway I`ll still play because I use all the game has to offer and so far I like most of it.

Well I felt I should add first successfull ;P

Still SWTOR is the ONLY SW MMO right now. Except maybe Star Wars Commander on mobile platforms, but thats a strategy.

Indeed. However BW has proven time and again their promises/assurances mean less than the pixels that make them up. I believed them once, never again.

Lithari.. this change isn’t for people playing story for the first time or for people leveling a character. This system is for people at max level to literally grind content based on BioWare Austin’s featured schedule for gear. Whether ops, gsf, warzones, or now even repeating story multiple times at max level, this is a grind with RNG rewards.

You can have story and more.
Stop short changing yourself.
Bioware/EA have the funding to release more than just story content that you could solo.
This coming expansion is severely lacking in content from companies the size of those two.

look people , the game has changed.. it is what it is. i think it will go back to its roots in the future. but for now go over to STO, the ships are awesome, the game is awesome and free to play. check out mr valikin on YouTube for ship builds and end game tips.

That game sucks lol. If there was a clear cut better alternative, everyone would have went there a loooooong time ago. Most of the people who love MMO’s with group content are playing FFXIV right now. But for people like me who are Star Wars fans, we are stuck with this bag of (__)__) Bioware has turned SWTOR into 🙁

Oh… 2 games are soooo bad they are worth 10 games… Well, wait a bit, I sense a disturbance in the Force… Something tells me roughly in a month and a half we’ll have ONE game that is worth 20 Worst games…

Tru dat Shawn. I’ve been also enjoying how many of the past Star Trek actors have lent their voices to make the universe richer. Got me re-watching TNG again.

where i live story is better even only thing not so great in sto is ground lol besides that its pretty dam good

So i am a part time sub (bout 2-3 monts in a year) and i can get NO end gear at all if i’m preferred and using an ops pass??

It really is but honestly what can we do about it we don’t pay them every month and most people who pay don’t seem to mind?

You must not be a “raider” then. Raid teams have systems for loot distribution. The fact now that they are moving to a “complete x content for pts and pray the RNG gods give you what you need” method is an absolute joke….

Yeah, when I was an Ops Leader I’d map out loot drops for the next several weeks in advance on a shared spreadsheet. That way it was open info for all and drops were fairly distributed among the team with first priority going to those with the lowest gear score. If someone subbed in I’d also rotate them in so they got something for helping.

For pugs in our open ops runs we would always do open rolls. Only rule was “one deco and one gear piece” per person. Always seemed like the pugs got the best rolls…lol.

My first team was very stable. The second had some turnover but it was no big deal; just rotated them into the gear drops. By making sure nobody ever went too long without getting something there was zero drama.

Only drama I ever saw from drops was when a pug would occasionally start needing on everything but that rarely happened.

Getting something, and getting something you need are different things.

Or when you are “scheduled” to get say the offhand and real life intercedes and you can’t go that night, you’ve either bumped the schedule or just lost out on yours.

It works well until it no longer works.

I hear you. I was just elaborating on Not Funny’s post about how there isn’t always drama around loot. I’m all for more ways to gear up (loving WoW’s new world quest system) but I think straight RNG in this crate system (with no idea of what you’re going to get) sounds like a pain in the ass and would frustrate the hell out of me. Not the kind of carrot I’d be enticed to chase.

If your only a “casual raider”, what gear do you actually “NEED”??? Go ahead, I’ll wait. You can do any SM raid in this game without a problem, since launch, with the lowest level Comm gear. Going all the way back to Tionese gear (or whatever it was called lol)…..

Having the best gear was something to be proud of and earned. Now you just get it from putting in time doing mostly anything, and getting lucky with RNG. Fluck outta here with that….

Did SM get mentioned anywhere in my comment? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

And the best gear could have been gotten running 3 of the easier HM Ops in the game, granted it took a while if you waited for those to become priority. It’s apparently going to take a long while for someone to grind top end gear if they aren’t doing the harder content, much like it was in 4.0.

This sounds REALLY cool – especially the ability to set difficulties. I hope it makes some story-mode stuff harder etc – I like a challenge 🙂

Or you do what worked in KotFE: use stealth dps toons, tank comp with high loyalty, skip all trash and farm bosses/dailies that’s not “kill X of Y” in a quarter of the time it takes for a non stealth class. Got almost all cosmetic armors from the dailies despite the godawful RNG from only 3 characters doing dailies there….

So set your difficulty lower – how nice for you. Sorry for expressing enjoyment for a chance to play the way I want to 😛

the idea of dark vs light is a cool idea. the idea of command rank for cosmetics is pretty cool also. lack of new content that isnt an handleful of chapters is super disappointing. the idea of top lvl gear is separate from raids is probably the dumbest thing ever. i understand giving different ways to give out middle tier gear but top tier gear no that is just dumb. like what will be the point of the new op if it wont even come out until middle of next year win everyone will probably have top tier gear at that point. as some one who has ben sub since 1.2 no thx bioware my sub runs out in march and that is last time i will ever sub again.

Just how will other people getting top tier gear prevent you from doing those hardmode ops (or anything else, really) that you presumably like doing already anyway? I mean its not like people who want to participate in raids will suddenly decide to only do endless heroics to grind their top tier gear just because they now could, right? And if the only thing you’re enjoying about this game is being so much moar ‘leet than the people who can only get mid-tier gear because they’re not doing ops then what the heck are you doing with your life?!

it is not more “leet” it is a sense of accomplishment and a sense of reward for investing time into your hobby. In the past and in other mmo it is fun to form a progression group with you friends start out on the “easy raids” and then see your characters grow/develop until you take down the “hardest raid”. you will no longer see that tangible progression of your group which or get that feeling of getting an awesome drop from a hard boss. now it is a simple grind command boxes hope to win lottery. the question is what are you doing with your life that you cannot understand basic laws of supply and demand. as some one who is has a bachelor in account+marketing and is about to get their masters in financing anytime you increase the supply of something the demand and value you goes. flooding the game with top tier game will annihilate the value of the gear. If some one is looking to join my raid group with top tier gear I do not know if he just spammed heroics or if he actually has cleared the raids multiple times. On top of that with in a month of the expansion pack going live people will figure out the fastest most reliable way to get command points so doing anything else other than that will be a waste of time. Not to mention it less valuable/exciting to get a high piece of gear off of a hm ops bosses corpse than it is to role the dice and get lucky form a command pack. maybe you should learn something before you criticize people over topics you do not understand. just because some is invested in a hobby the enjoy does not mean they are doing their life wrong like you suggest.

So you’re working on a Masters degree? Interesting. One would think you would be more sensible. Such as trying it out first then deciding before engaging in knee jerk reactionism and jumping to conclusions.

I didn’t think I was being insulting, merely expressing an expectation that as a Master’s student you be more measured in thought and action that what you displayed above. Addressing your commentary point for point is a needless exercise when the sentiment is clear. You’ve made assumptions and jumped to conclusions regarding content that has only been alluded to by BW without actually having tried it to see it in practice. Wait and see.

i did not jump to assumption name one assumption i made? they have confirmed no ops on realize i am disappointed with that its been far to long. they confirmed ops will no longer drop gear and i have seen system similar to them and have never seen an mmo that has survived trying to use a system like that. I also can use basic logic when addressing the fact that multiple ways of achieving something always lowers it value and increasing supply universally decrease value of items. these are pretty basic laws of supply and demand.

So now it’s full Rngesus ?
Someone unlucky can get 15′ time in a row a bracer or something else?
If that’s it congrat to BW…. Even the gear relics farm on FF XIV is way easier 😀

At least this seems to be … wonder how many ppl will never get a fully set with set bonus if gear comes in randomly

Serious, SERIOUS question for the idiots at Biofail. Who has EVER played this game straight through from 1 to 65, liked the game, but then said “I quit because I don’t know what to do now at Max Level”? Seriously, who? Nobody ever said or did that EVER!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!! The fact that you are wasting all of your development time and efforts to launch a new interface for the same old shit to solve a problem NOBODY HAS is a complete and utter farce.

I’m /gdisband ‘ing today and cancelling my sub. Anyone still on Ebon Hawk, there will be 700+ toons looking for a new home in about 2 hours on the republic side. Fuck this game forever.

I like change. Bring it. When we lost the old skill trees everyone lost their shit, then realised the new interface just wrapped up the old stuff efficiently (RIP hybrids). New ops are coming. In the meantime, BW has earned a little breathing room with new chapters and uprisings. Many raiders are on sabbatical anyway (cept we addicts) so they’ll come back when time is ripe. Majority of extant population will be happy.

Well I do have to admit that this system looks really like a great way of doing all the new dailies/wz’s/fp’s/op’s/ introduced in the expansion without making it stale, almost like what Blizzard did in Legion, only better. Which is great since I’ve done the old content to death and would rather smash my head against a wall than to replay that upscaled to another level for the hundredth time. /s

On a more serious note, the system itself do look really cool, just a shame that it looks to be the equivalent of putting a stunningly beautiful dress on a horse beaten to death….

Yup, maybe with 1-2 new FPs and Dailies cus not that much work is needed to bring one. But i wouldn’t even expect that, just to not get dissapointed.

You understood it perfectly … refarming the refarmed farm for a new great refarming farm.

I already ignored the shitty refarming the refarmed farm so-called DvsL annoyance ’cause I’m no farmer.

But maybe it’s not as bad, maybe leveling through the command ranks goes fast (at least each HC OP one rank (one boxes with gear) and after 14 runs of hc ops my char will be equipped with hc gear as before.

If not … I’m out
Wont’ run twice or trice as much OPs just to get equally equipped for HC content. Or do boring content I normally don’t do (H2s, FPs) or totally dislike (PvP).

For the first time since 2012 I’m thinking about canceling my subscription. Mainly because I’m sick of the headless chicken development of this game. All hope of them making this game any better is gone. They just randomly change shit without improving anything. Enough is enough.

I think there is one thing people didn’t notice – You see in the left up corner, there is an option to change your advanced role. So what i think about that, crates we gonna get will depend on the role we set for our character in Galactic Command window. That means that tank character gonna get only tank gear, healer characters gonna get only healer gear, same for dps. Yeah, i know, our gear will be specified on our advanced class, but i think there is a good reason why they added this little option to their GC window. We should ask Eric about that thing, if i am right or wrong and if i am right about my speculation, then except fro random drops, we don’t have a problem with gearing our tanks or healers in dps gear.

Since you can queue for content immediately through that interface (and Eric literally said “It is based on Advanced Class, not Discipline.”) I feel it’s safe to assume that that is simply the new interface’s version of the groupfinder role checkboxes (that do not influence gear drops).

all i see when i look at this is a fancy graphic with a bar that moves bout it seems like a total waste of dev time and this is redoing the same shit lol as usual

Exacly, but i hope they will come to their senses and remove the random drop from crates. Maybe they should give us some loop of drop instead of random.

good idea, but they won’t. The system they have come up with is designed so it takes longer to gear in the same way that having to roll on drops in an op meant it may take you a number of times to get the piece you wanted. it will be interesting to see how quickly you can level to get the crates, if it will be one or two per op and if it stays linear the higher you go.

But imagine, you are missing one single earpiece. And all you are getting is bracers and belts. 😉 I think that if this will happen people will gonna burn BWA

I wonder how they are going to integrate star fighter into this system, if you level with GSF and ops do you get ship upgrades or ops gear? It will be interesting

I think on the opposite, different game mods will give you crates, but crates will give only cosmetics and gear. Also they get rid of PVP gear, so also might be some changes to GSF. Honestly I think they could make it less grindy, like for 50% less.

A token system would fit perfectly. You have a chance for a token from a crate, and for a number of tokens you buy gear from Light side or Dark side vendor, that are available after each side wins. Sounds good.

Its beyond me, but I think its because of gambling feeling. You actually get pretty high addiction to RNG. You hate it but you still play.

Not me. I never liked the token and rng loot system. Anyway whatever about tokens. Since they are changing it totally and making loot specific for every single player a personal thing that will not be based on boss kills only, why still making it random? o.O

Might also be to increase the time it takes for players to max out their gear, token/currency systems usually means you can minimize then time you spend to gear up. Like the pvp gear, or least the way it was after they reduced the cost for it.

How are these crates any different than the random crate system they launched the game with? Y’know, the system that was universally hated by everybody.

I`m sorry, what are you reffering to? What random crate system existed from game start?

I dont remember anything like it.

He refers to class specific tokens that were droping from ops/fps at the beggining.
They were replaced with universal tokens we had until now when denova wasbreleased iirc.

Oh, that system. They are similar only in a matter of restricting loot for a character class, that will open the box. There were no word yet that it will be BoP or unmoddable.

And you actually could get item directly, here you will gamble for it. Systems are different. But we will see details pretty soon.

Oh… ANOTHER thing you didn’t know about… “Veteran” playa??? Weren’t you here since launch??? LOOOOOOOOOOL…

yeah fairly sure there was the RNG gearing system when the game first came out and it got panned around 1.0 because it was mega hated

wasnt defending you LOL. I was in alpha all the betas up to live and launch and i knew better then to buy that “collectors edition” because it didnt come with a lifetime sub and i knew the game was going to go downhill as i suspected so i didnt want to waste money on a malgus statue and a bunchor worthless shit. So malgus doesnt say hi to me b/c i still that 175 bucks in my wallet lmao

Proof that I wasnt at game launch or GTFO. Right now. Otherwise you`re a liar and a bullshitter.

Good for you. But I, as a fan of SWTOR and SW universe in general, have a collection of figures from different SW titles. Its bad that mama doesnt allow you to buy stuff you want. I feel sorry now that I showed my Malgus to you. But dont worry! When you grow up you could buy everything you want, my little bronie.

Lol u obviously don’t know me I own and run a medical marijuana dispensary I make more in 1 hour then you’ll probably make in a lifetime I could buy bio ware out if I wanted to so u enjoy your little statue lol

$15 for 20-25 hours worth of entertainment? That’s a waste? I think that’s a pretty good deal, you can’t go to the movies for that.

Now – if you’re not enjoying yourself – entirely different story.

Stop this fucking movie comparison for a mmorpg. This is a fucking game and compare it with other games and when you do that swtor is just not worth a single penny. Let’s compare it with witcher 3 and i am sure you will say but they are different games but you dont hasitate to compare swtor with watching a movie in a cinema. You are fucking dumb.

Strange but the “content” they have been pushing out comes out to just that, a few hours a month. I can watch Netflix for $8 a month and get FAR more entertainment than this game. To each their own however.

since there is no new content, it is a waste and also my currency is not 1=1 it is 1=3 so 15$ is not that less. Also I pay 6-7$ to a movie

If a dev. can’t make a good game for F2P crowd, they will lose a lot of their player base. You can pay $15 all day and think the rest of the world are fools for not wanting to, but most of those ‘fools’ are having fun with a B2P or F2P game and don’t miss SWTOR at all! So, there is room for 2 groups here, those that sub to SWTOR and love it, and those that refuse to pay the sub and hate SWTOR’s crappy F2P model, and thus are happy with some other game.

the real question is this galactic command worth subbing for? it seems to be just a graphically updated group finder with a bar showing an imaginary war won by doing rehashed content

I don’t think it is worth it that’s why I won’t sub but I would use GC , if it was for preffered players

Ok, after drinking a dude under the table least night in a certain bar in Austin TX, I have it on good sources that KotET will contain a new class: The RNGer.

Will start automatically at lvl 60, so a heroic class, sort of. Won’t have access to old class stories, but have a 100% chance of being The Outlander.
Have 2 specs, Close RNGer: dps/tank melee spec & Long RNGer: dps/heal ranged spec.
The character will be assigned a random weapon and armor proficiency at creation. These can be re-rolled for the mere cost of 250 CC’s.
Abilities will be “Random Melee Attack” & “Random Taunt” for the Close RNGer, and “Random Ranged Attack” & “Random Heal” for the Long RNGer. Both spec will have access to a 3rd & 4th skill called “Random Heroic Moment” and “Random Defensive Maneuver” as well.
Abilities will be drawn randomly from all skills across all other classes.
Class perks: “RNG master” – your character will have an 0.5% increased chance at getting platinum items from Cartel Crates. “Wild force” – there’s a 0,1-5% chance (the value is rolled at creation and is hidden) that any dialogue choice you make will give you +50 DS or LS points.

I’ll play the 9 chapters and quit and wait for more chapters to come. There’s no use in gearing. I don’t enjoy repeating all that old content and those Uprisings don’t sound like something I’ll enjoy. I play SWTOR for the story stuff, the multiplayer stuff in it has sucked since the start and I hate pvp in mmorpgs. So yeah… looking forward to the chapters! Rest of the ‘expansion’, not so much.

If only Galactic Command were like the Paragon System on Diablo 3…. but no… it’s character wide and not legacy… *heavy sigh*
What’s the point of having a [hyperbole] billion [/hyperbole] 65 toons?

Besides that huge downsize, for me, this system is great! It should just be legacy wide… /endsrant

Nowhere does it say that the gear still can’t be moved around with legacy shells. I like the changes. I’m so glad we’re finally able to gear up without having to rely on 7 other often unreliable players.

Sure I do, I have about 18 level 65 toons by now across 2 different servers. I don’t mind playing the game as I have for the last several years and having incomplete gear. If you’re a serious player, pick your main(s), if you’re casual, enjoy all your toons as gear shouldn’t matter so much for you anyway. I became casual after 3.0.

I won’t brag about my children but, I agree with you. I became casual a bit after 3.0, when I couldn’t run operations anymore with my team because of time zone difference, I do play with a friend now everyday and we go on our own pace. Still, it would be nice to have an endless system like Paragon on D3, my point is solely for the feeling of having the same level of Alliance Commander for all toons, like legacy level pretty much, not much worried about gearing to be honest. Just plain silly OCD. D:

At least they should let the PREFERRED players access Galactic Command. This would prevent a lot of players from leaving the game. It is also good for business: those players who buy CM stuff just to sell it on GTN will meet demand. So these sellers will buy CM stuff. But if many Preferred are leaving only subs (and well, full f2p-s who won’t stay for long anyway) won’t generate that much demand on GTN which will result in less CM sales.

Why should they give anything to people who can’t cough up $15? Seriously, it’s the equivalent of a tip or a cheap lunch.

I’ll tell you why. Subs are going BYE BYE. How many B2P and F2P games already exist? Each new one will gradually pull more peeps away from sub-based games. I used to think just like you, but no more. I don’t mine paying if expansions and DLC are free, and thus SWTOR does that part right. Yet in the end, one shouldn’t have to pay to unlock features what should be standard because they go F2P. I mean one skill bar? Money cap and auction cap? Ability to hide your head gear? That is retarded! Overall SWTOR’s F2P model is garbage. I’m surprised I can even jump or change my resolution without having to pay for an unlock!

so lvl 70 gear for lvl 65 operations/heroics or r they upscalling?
we have to sub to gear up thru 5 year old content over and over so we wont get owned in pvp?
hmm i dont follow snds to me they r out of ideas… Either way the end of pvp is around the corner..

We thought it was going to be Knights of the Eternal Cartel Market. They fucked us harder. Knights of the Lowest Common Denominator

Oh yay…. Now I am going to have to rebind Ctrl+G on all my toons….. Stop binding useless crap to the most useful keys Failware

Gonna say this as simply and directly as i can:

No new group content = unsubscribe

I’ve had it with this single player MMO bullshit.

Ok, why haven’t you left? The last true large group drop was 2 years ago. Why didn’t you unsub and spend your money elsewhere?

Seriously, if a game didn’t give me the content I want, I would have left it years ago.

So… either carry out your threat, or stop yarping about it.

@Amkosh:disqus & Or4cl3 shame on you guys… Nelly is open to say what she/he wants, and it is her/his opinion. And if like you write it Amkosh than SWTOR would be down for sure, because some people stayed to SWTOR after the hype in the classic content (when BIOWARE was unable to provide elder gaming in the game) and most of the gamers left there was few million how stayed and waited passionately (thats m,aybe one of the reasons why this game is still up) … and the same has maybe Nelly done, but now he/she
is up sad?! And I can really understand this I pay all the last 5 years my
subscription without to miss 1 day but without to complain in the social-medias
and forums will EA and BW milk the other gamers and not change anything and i can call all the spendet time, fun and money good bye!

That’s how this world goes … so if all of you flaming on the people to be scared to
say what the think, so nothing really will change and all of us have to leave
the game silently after EA got a all the money out that the game was not more worth!

The new Way of the contant is okay but at least 1 new real planet with some daileys, 1 operation, 1 flashpoint would not kill EA or BW to do additional to the secound time repakaging the content and the really great story they put inside…

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