GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Gargoyle Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Gargoyle weapon skins gallery. These are a new set of weapon skins available for 1 Black Lion Ticket each.

These weapons have an unique draw sound but that is about it. No special sound for warhorn/rifle/pistol.

Gargoyle Axe Skin


Gargoyle Dagger Skin


Gargoyle Focus Skin


Gargoyle Greatsword Skin


Gargoyle Hammer Skin


Gargoyle Longbow Skin


Gargoyle Mace Skin


Gargoyle Pistol Skin


Gargoyle Rifle Skin


Gargoyle Scepter Skin


Gargoyle Shield Skin


Gargoyle Short Bow Skin


Gargoyle Staff Skin


Gargoyle Sword Skin


Gargoyle Torch Skin


Gargoyle Warhorn Skin


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34 replies on “GW2 Gargoyle Weapon Skins Gallery”

You can buy it directly at the trading post between 58g and 72g at the moment. Quite cheap compared to the amount of gold you would need to gather these scraps.

Only Red Dwarf I even vaguely know is an obscure science fiction British comedy, at least obscure outside the UK.

Sorry if I defaulted to the most popular and played video game in the world rather then whatever book you mean.

Because searching a book called “Red Dwarf” is pretty much like looking for a book called “Star Trek” and expecting a specific one to pop up…

Easy they give them to her. She will say they don’t. But she always has all skins screenshots and guides day of release. #aintfoolinganyone

People like Dulfy or WoodenPotatoes have a special client/server that allows them to test updates before coming out. Think Overwatch PTR, or League of Legends PBE.

Not from what she claims, She says she gets the content the same time we all do. This is clearly not true. The time it takes to record,edit, and post would not allow for her to do it so fast. So yes clearly she does get the new content before we all do regardless what she claims.

Because she buys them off TP? You also get 7 full tickets by completing a BL weapon collection, so every collection she finished partially funds the next.

One-handed sword is so big!

Some of these are kind of basic but about half are really nice. Will have to see the effects in-game

A lot of these skins reminds me of Artifact weapon skins in WoW. It’s hard not to see the Ashbringer when looking at the GS skin.

Got the Staff, looks great! especially at night. The candles light up when its drawn and the area around you is light up. Looks really good in the dark, as Halloween weapons should.

So, like, I see a lot of posts here saying that Dulfy gets these skins for free and has a partnership yadda yadda, and the main argument I see is that these pictures go up on release of content. I am Australian, so these updates often happen when I’m awake and I can confirm that these posts and images do not go up instantly on release, they go up about 2-3 hours after release. TLDR Dulfy gets this stuff legit, no partnership or w/e.

If they’d been a little more creative with these (not sticking the same face on half of them too small to see without zooming in) I’d collect them all. I love gargoyles, but I’m a little disappointed in these.

I have to digress with some folks who dislike these skins, for one thing they actually attempted to create new models and not simply reskin old ones. I got the greatsword skin it looks nice and different compared to most other skins, one thing that bothers me with these skins is the lack of shine. They just look black compared to the orange outline shown in the preview images.

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