GW2 Halloween 2016 Festival Guide

A guide to the GW2 Halloween Festival 2016 that began on October 18, 2016.



The entrance to these activities can all be found in Lion’s Arch. They are marked on the map as door. The exception is Mad King Says which occurs in Grand Piazza instead. Be sure to check out the vendors as well marked on the map with a candy corn icon.

  • Mad King’s Clocktower – Not much has changed. You get 5 trick or treat bags for running it.If you are really good at jumping puzzles this might be a good option to farm Trick or Treat bags.
  • Mad King’s Labyrinth – Basically where people go to farm for Trick or Treat Bags. It is a farming map where you go and follow a commander to run around killing mobs, close doors and carve pumpkins. Use the LFG to find a farming instance.
  • Ascent to Madness – This dungeon is being farmed for the chance at Tattered Bat Wings which is used to make the Nightfuy Ascended shoulders. It is a 5 man dungeon and the end chest have a chance to drop the Wings so you can run it as many time as you want for a chance. Use ingame LFG tool to find a group.
  • Mad King Says – Occurs every 2 hrs on the hour at Grand Piazza. Basically you do the emote that Mad King tells you to but only emote if it is followed by Mad King says as he will try to trick you. On every successful emote (or inactivity if he tries to trick you) you will get a stacking buff. Every 4 stacks of this buff you are eligible for a Mad King Chest Key fragment. You can only get 3 key fragments a day and you need 3 fragments to combine together to make a key. This means that you can only only open the chest at end of Mad King Says once a day and you must participate for a specific duration to get rewards. The chest also have a chance to drop Tattered Bat Wings and the Mini Spooky Moa.


New Items

Gemstore (Released)

New Weapon Skins

These drops from the Trick or Treat bags. Pretty cheap on the TP.

Grim Pact – Pistol


Jailbroken – Focus


Onus –Hammer (Unique Draw Sound)


New Minis

These drop off the Trick or Treat bags and are account bound. Rare drop except for the raven that costs 120 Candy Corn Cobs

Mini Feline Familiar – [&AgEjNwEA]


Mini Thailog the Gargoyle – [&AgE4NwEA]


Mini Charles the Hellfire Skeleton – [&AgFENwEA]


Mini Oxideciomus the Shadow Raven – 120 Candy Corn Cob


New Tonics

Gargoyle Tonic


Shadow Raven Tonic


Hellfire Skeleton Tonic


New Endless Tonic Recipe

This recipe is only for the Gargoyle, Shadow Raven and Hellfire Skeleton Tonics. The endless versions are account bound on acquire.

In the mystic forge place

  • 2x 250 stacks of one tonic
  • 10x Tattered Bat Wings (from Ascent to Madness or Mad King Says)
  • 1x New Endless Halloween Enchantment (available for 1 Candy Corn Cob from the vendor)


Endless Ignited Wraith Tonic

Place the three endless tonics (Raven, Hellfire, and Gargoyle) along with a Endless Halloween Enchantment in the mystic forge to create this new tonic.


Video courtesy of that_shaman


New Infusions and Refractors

Phospholuminescent Infusion

New infusion, very rare drop from the Trick or Treat bags.



Poly-Luminescent Undulating Refractor (Teal)

Make your character look teal, it is a gem you can slot on exotic accessories. New drop from Trick or Treat bags.


Unreleased Gemstore Items

Ghostly Outfit – [&CysAAAA=]


Returning Items


  • Nightfury Shoulders – Ascended armor skin introduced last year. Very expensive to craft. Read the linked guide to see the process.
  • Shackles of Madness (Gloves) – 6 Candy Corn Cobs. Gloves skin from 2015.
  • Karka Helm Skin – Very rare drop from Trick or Treat bags
  • Ghoul Backpack – 600 gems from Gemstore. Backpack skin from 2015.
  • Old Outfits from gemstore – 700 gems  (Mad King Only)
Shackles of Madness Karka Helm Skin Ghoul Backpack
gw2-shackles-of-madness-gloves-skin gw2-karka-helm-skin gw2-ghoul-backpack


Trick or Treat Bag weapon skins – these are all rare drops but can be brought on the TP as well.

  • Nest (Scepter)
  • Nightwing (Pistol)
  • Pumpkin Smasher (Hammer)
  • Vassago (Axe)

You can buy these old weapon skins from Halloween 2013 for 2 Black Lion Claim Tickets at the Black Lion Weapon Specialist vendor next to the Candy Corn Cob vendor in Lion’s Arch.


Minis from 2015

  • Mini Husk-o-Lantern – 4 Candy Corn Cob
  • Mini Spooky Moa – Rare drop from Mad King’s Chest from Mad King Says
  • Mini Devil Dogs – Trick or Treat Bags
Mini Husk-o-Lantern Mini Spooky Moa Mini Devil Dogs
gw2-mini-husk-o-lantern gw2-mini-spooky-moa gw2-mini-devil-dogs

If you missed any of the old minis from before 2015, they are available on the candy corn vendors.

  • Mini Candy Corn Elemental – 6 Candy Corn Cobs
  • Mini Ghost Carlotta – 9 Candy Corn Cobs
  • Mini Bloody Prince Thorn – 9 Candy Corn Cobs
  • Mini Zuzu, Cat of Darkness – 18 Candy Corn Cobs
  • Mini Gwynefyrdd – 110 Candy Corn Cobs
  • Miniature Candy-Corn Ghoulemental – Trick or Treat Collections


A Sweet Friend – Meta achievement – 25 pts

  • You have to do 8 out of the 9 achievements below to get this meta achievement which grant you 25 AP and Candy Corn Cob

Something Good to Eat – 2 pts

  • Open 50 Trick or Treat Bags, probably the easiest achievement to do.
  • Reward: 5 Trick or Treat Bags

A Royal Tradition– 3 pts

  • Complete a round of Mad King Says, pretty easy to do as well.
  • Reward: 3 Trick or Treat Bags

New Afterlife for Quaggan– 3 pts

  • You need find Drooburt’s Ghost in Lion’s Arch. He is usually at Trader’s Forum but he can disappear sometimes. Just hand him 1000 Candy Corn for this achievement.
  • Reward: Nan’s Candy Corn Cookie (5k karma)


Pumpkin Carving – 17 pts

  • Find 150 Pumpkin all around Tyria and carve them. The pumpkins reset if you switch to a different map/characters and also reset daily so you can just do them in Lion’s Arch and Mad King’s Labyrinth. it is much better to do them in Mad King’s Labyrinth since it is faster and there are more of it in a smaller area.
  • Mad King’s Labyrinth map taken from /u/Evio on reddit.. Lion’s Arch map from /u/Oonk_Golemancer on reddit. Other maps by reader Brutal Beauty 9542.
  • Reward: 10 Trick or Treat Bags, Master Carver title



Shut the Doors – 5 pts

  • Complete 50 door events in Mad King’s Labyrinth. Pretty simple to do if you spend enough time there.
  • Reward: 5 Trick or Treat Bags

A Stomping Good Time – 3 pts

  • Need to stomp 20 players with Scarecrow of Mad King finishers. You can get temporary ones from the Trick or Treat bags or buy permanent ones from the gemstore. You will need to do sPvP or WvW for this achievement.
  • Reward: 10 Trick or Treat Bags

Mad King Labyrinth Boss achievements

The following 3 achievements are all associated with Mad King’s Labyrinth bosses. To locate these guys, look for doors inside the Labyrinth, they seem to spawn at specific locations.. These bosses spawn from the doors but they are on a timer so not all doors at that location will spawn them. These bosses are all group bosses and are not soloable.

  • They give 2 Aps and 5 Trick or Treat bags each.


  • Candy Corn Crusher – Defeat Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn. Use reflects/feedback when he throws out candy corns as these do a lot of damage to him.
  • Death to the Undying – Defeat the Skeletal Lich
  • Bonebreaker – Defeat the Labyrinthine Horror – this guy’s spawn is a bit random and he can really spawn anywhere. He can join the fight when you are fighting Viscount or Lich.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

121 replies on “GW2 Halloween 2016 Festival Guide”

do the new tonics also give costume brawl skills? (I figure they do, but at work, so thought I would ask.) 🙂

yeah…every day…they did the same last year…not sure about previously…due to giving a few more chances to get the super rare stuff form his chest. Check out the wiki for what can pop out of the chest.

A guildie got the hellfire skeleton from the bags. Extremely rare drop rate though. I think he got one while going through 26 stacks of bags.

So, can anybody advice good way to farm candy corn? I jus found myself in need of some insane amoutns of it.

The labyrinth is usually the answer to everything, lots of ToT bags, just follow a zerg around with a staff guardian or other good mob tagger. Pretty sure I spent a lot of time on my reaper last year.

Almost every MMO is like this anymore sadly. Almost better off trying a console game…but then again most of those are re-skins of something else but with slightly better stuff. Since I put it that way….maybe a board game of Monopoly Empire, Sorry or Battleship might be better to play lol. Get more satisfaction out of those maybe lol.

Yea I know, I just need to stop expecting things from them, they seem to get lazier and lazier over time or maybe it’s true what some people say and all their good employees left ages ago and all they have left working there are interns. It’s all good though I don’t plan on wasting money on any more games since I know none will measure up to the epicness of gw1, although I might try that sea of thieves game if it ever comes out it looks kinda fun.

I was gonna try Black Desert but that is turning into ArcheAge 2.0 from what everyone is saying along with Auto-Run Simulator 2016. Not really interested in Boob & Soul either. Riders of Icarus likes to ban people for no reason even when they’ve done nothing so screw that. SWTOR went to shit and by the looks of things it is going even deeper down that tube. Only ones that are kinda left are Bless and Dark & Light that I’m waiting for. I’m almost ready to go back to console and the F2P PvP games like PlanetSide 2, Hawken, Ghost in the Shell kind of stuff. Used to play City of Heroes and WoW during WotLK expansion before that Ruby Sanctum patch hit and ruined everything…don’t wanna touch WoW ever again thanks to the adults on there literally crying about gear like a bunch of 5 year old kids fighting over a toy.

Not really too many decent MMO’s out there anymore…since Daylight Games or whatever they are called shit canned my hopes on playing EverQuest Next. I’ll still stick around on GW2 off and on but my interest in it is almost completely gone sadly. Dunno on what else to play besides the ones I’ve listed lol.

Well if you like pirates, sea of thieves looks interesting but yea no games appeal to me either, if I can’t have as much fun as I had with the original Guild Wars then I’ll just stop gaming, I play gw2 at least long enough to get the dailies done though. I love the armor/outfits & character customization on Black Desert but I can’t even think about playing it since my computer can’t even run it.

Yeah, wonder why they aren’t bringing it back. It was fun.
Also let’s not forget the other pvp mode added the first year and then disappeared into oblivion.

Who knows what goes on in their heads, every time something fun or interesting shows up it gets removed that’s just how it is with them, no idea why. Seems like they’d want to make the game more fun and appealing but I guess not.

My main guess is always manpower. The studio is fairly small. Probably the arena needed some kind of fix (it was pretty bugged the last time it was here and there were some serious iessues where players could hide in unreachable places for ghosts since they had a lower mov speed) and they didn’t have anyone that could do it.
Look at the last AMA too. Many devs were “well, i would like to do some nice side projects i had in mind, but i’m always knee deep into some other stuff to create/manage”.
The fact that the game is much more complicated to design (both on artistic to structural level compared to GW1) and you end up with longer production times…especially now that they’re trying to push content pretty hard since it was the main lack of the game and one of the reasons the xpac didn’t sell much.

That said it’s just a personal speculation…there’re so many improvable sides to the game. Look at activities. They could easily become a “endgame” for gw2 if structured properly and with dedicated rewards (nothing too big/profitable, just stuff like a dedicated outfit per activity and some other kind of silly gizmo that people love, some achievs, maybe a leaderboard and ta-da). Yet they are always on something else to do and stuff just slips…and slips…and slips again.

Yea I don’t know your guess is as good as mine but I just feel like the current Anet is a bit clueless >.< but yea that's just my personal speculation ☺

Unluckily the “general” game situation isn’t that good. It’s not dire, but neither goind super well. They’re trying to step the game up a bit content wise etc, but unluckily something has to pay a toll for that. And festivals will always have the short end of the stick :v
I mean… We just got a new pvp map…another one seems to be incoming from some datamines. Another fractal is in the working and a raid wing too. As well as new story, rewards, map and so on. Plus the next expansion too. This kind of split model between xpac and living updates is really draining the manpower they have.
Best solution would be to hire more, but i guess they can’t hire too much right now. Probably when the next xpac is out and they got a bit more cash in hands ( seems like most of the cash from HoT went into buying the publishing rights for GW2 from NCsoft, which was in danger of being absorbed by nexon not long time ago, but it’s kinda just speculation looking at some events after HoT launch)

Well if they do ever consider hiring new people I sure hope they hire more experienced armor/ outfit designers preferably some one who’s a woman and with a sense of style. The rest I really don’t see ever improving very much but at least they could get the armor/ outfits right. ❀

maybe you should try and upgrade your pre 2002 year computer then. it is pretty clear that you’re running it on lowest gfx setting or you wouldnt say what you just did…this game has many flaws, but the graphics is not one of them.

I think he meant that it’s not an “shiny glossy blurry detailed korean level graphic with a rendering distance of 10 meters”

I’d rather do the Christmas jumping challenge than the Halloween Tower. Forgot how hard that shit was and made me think about my place in this universe once again lol.

Been away for a year from the game. Ended up doing the jumping puzzle on my first go, ended up getting the Hellfire mini skeleton, and the Teal Poly-Luminescent from the bags.

>.< Thank you. – also ended up getting the Karka Helmet skin, though i sold it before it became cheap to purchase.

Another proof of how ArenaNet lures players back.
There is a HUGE list of players reported their amazing loots right after being away for year+.
( Could someone link it from offical forums? )

Just a heads up Dulfy. Your cost for the Mini Gwynefyrdd needs to be updated. It’s 110 candy corn cobs this year.

If anyone is curious what the Ruby Visage, Poly luminescent undulating refractor, queen bee, ghostly infusion, and phospholuminescent infusion look like together just hit me up in game, Solomon Darkfury.3729

The Lich in the labyrinth seems a LOT easier this year, like no crazy retal on his skellies and frequent stun phases. Was he like this last year?

Also I’m really looking forward to that ghostly outfit. Got my gems ready to go and everything!

The Lich is much easier this year because people know how to play the HoT elite specialisations now and know how to break a break bar. Last year HoT came out very shortly before the Halloween events, so people were not used to break bars and many did not have much of elite specs unlocked yet, let alone have much experience with them for those who did have the full specialisation unlocked.

Lich could have indeed had a nerf, but so far every map I have been on that break bar is down in seconds on the Lich each time it comes up. Whereas last year at this time no one used crowd control skills in PvE, and the break bar on things like the Lich would only ever very slowly go down–if at all.

Exactly my experience, we did the chainsaw skeleton with 3 people, he still does crazy damage, just gets kited and stunned a lot more.

Everything in the Labyrinth melts in milliseconds, the bosses which were somewhat dangerous in past years now get rolled within a minute. That’s the HoT power creep effect. I wish they buffed the Labyrinth, too boring now.

No, you don’t need to learn about the concept of hyperbole, the rest of us want you to learn about the concept of hyperbole.

No, you don’t need to learn about avoiding the trolls, the rest of us want you to learn about the concept of trolling.

Yes, some of the new skins are really cool. Only bad side is they only “light up” at night from what i noticed. Would have been nicer if they were constantly on.

At least change the Master Carver title to “4 x Master Carver” to show that i have done the same stupid achievement every year :/

I suppose so, since they’re gems you place on trinkets, rather than on your armor. “But don’t quote me on that” – Me

They’re afraid of having an actual market on stuff that people want to buy with gold instead of putting in the actual physical work. Shame on us lazy bastards for wanting an easier route to take!

I dont know why .. maybe its just a bug . But when I will put a Tattered Bat Wing into the Mystic Forge .. some T6 like Bone , Claw and Sac will stay like I can use them. I didnt found any new recipes. Could it be something new perhaps ? o_O

This information is available on the Wiki, but to clarify for anyone reading this:

1. A player who has the Witch’s Broom bundle item can summon a Feline Familiar (skill 5).

2. Any player standing next to the Feline Familiar gets a special action (same as the Counter Magic) to interact with it. This opens a dialogue similar to the other hungry cats where you can feed it.

3. The item the Feline Familiar wants is a MASTERWORK Frog in a Jar, purchased from Lionscout Tunnira (the Heart vendor in Bloodtide Coast just outside the southern exit of Lion’s Arch). The Fine version of the item will not work.

4. Once fed, the Feline Familiar shows up in your Home Instance where it hangs out around the Candy Corn node. It occasionally plays the So in Love! animation next to it.

Make sure it’s one that has been summoned via the Broom’s skill, and not the Feline Familiar miniature.

I’m also unsure if you need HoT to interact with it (being that it’s a special skill and all).

You will need to have at LEAST one of the hungry cats already in your home instance in order for the F5 function to show up when you are standing next to the feline familiar.

the game downloaded more than 3gb of content with this patch but still isnt playable
exactly how big is the update size

I wonder when they will release the Ghostly Outfit. I would have loved to be able to chose just the headpiece but it seems it’s a whole set thing 🙁

That’s 100% my thoughts. Definitely could use the headpiece on a couple of my chars but sadly the rest of the outfit seems so generic and plain.

That’s pretty much every outfit they make, they all look the same. I don’t think they even have a armor/ outfit designer seems they make the same exact boring plain outfit over and over but with a different hat each time and maybe a few trinkets here and there to try to disguise the fact that it’s the same outfit they’ve been making over and over.

Achievment “A Stomping Good Time” can be also done in Guild Hall Arena .. easily farmable in few min when others from your guild will help you with it :3

It also give you credit the moment you charge the stomp, so you can cancel it and recast over and over to finish fast.

I just ran around around in LA and suddenly there was a picture of a cat in a witch’s hat where the countermagic skill is, and I think it said commune on it but it disappeared so fast I barely had time to blink. I wonder what that was?

Gonna say, after amounts of gold I dropped into that raven, he looks… rather small. Half of the time you can’t even see the damn critter.

Most important question: When will the Bat Wing Glider Combo be out again???
It was first time released on Halloween 2015 so I thought they will bring it in again for sure! Please say that they will be present this Halloween, at least for one day via gem store or something but pls put them in the game again!

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