GW2 New Eye Colors in the Total Makeover Kit

Arenanet has added six new eye colors in the Total Makeover kit.

Six new colors, five are neon, and one is pure black

Neon Blue Neon Green Neon Red
gw2-neon-blue-eye-color gw2-neon-green-eye-color gw2-neon-red-eye-color
Neon Yellow New Orange Pure Black
gw2-neon-yellow-eye-color gw2-neon-orange-eye-color gw2-pure-black-eye-color

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9 replies on “GW2 New Eye Colors in the Total Makeover Kit”

And I just used a makeover kit on a toon a couple days ago that the blue ones would have been PERFECT for. Yay for bad timing!

Red for humans and norn and omg the yellow! Got kitty ears guess that is as close to kitsune we’re getting. Grabbing these!!!

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