GW2 New Halloween Weapon Skins for Tomorrow

New Halloween themed weapon skins will be released for Black Lion Weapon tickets tomorrow, as indicated by a teaser on the gemstore page.

As usual, these weapon skins will cost 1 Black Lion Weapon Ticket will most likely be purchaseable on the TP as well. Full gallery will be available tomorrow.


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Is he still doing 40+ minute videos? Yeah, not gonna go through that for a short bit of info I want. Or for any reason, really.

I hate Black Lion Weapon tickets, it’s a stupid idea and I wish I could meet the person who came up with it and slap him right across the face.

i’d normally agree with you on this sort of topic involving microtransactions in games. But honestly its fairly easy to grind keys in guild wars, something that many games don’t even fathom as an option for the consumer.

Toss in the fact that 100g per skin is pretty cheap by contrast to the odds of getting 10 scraps from a huge key purchase. Be glad the skins exist, they are one of the few driving forces of the economy, reasonably balanced for both people who want to spend cash, and those of us who simply don’t want to gamble for a chance with real cash.

thats a mistake of ures in one point as the level 30 Story allways give u one after completing the meeting of the Destiny Edge plot. (got 2 Keys the same day)

And in a game u can easely make a few hundred gold per day allowing u to get at least 10 keys on this way or buy the skins directly in tradepost its really no problem beside ure own knowledge how to get the gold ^^

The formula is also very easy:

If u want a specified Skin u can buy this one in the tradepost or directly in the gemshop if its a gemshopskin with ingamegold.

If u want to buy it with real money and it is no gemshop but a black lion chest skin trade ure gems for gold and buy it from the tradepost.

Actually, it’s your mistake. After level 10 the next step at which you are awarded a key is level 40. So you need to do half of the personal story – I wouldn’t call that a viable farm at all. The rest of your post has nothing to do with key farming, we all know we can buy the skins with gold/gems.

If it was the only way to get these weapons, I would agree. But as you can buy them, it is not that a bad system. And I got quite a few tickets from random black lion keys since they were introduced (exploration/story mostly), but maybe I am just lucky.

Not everything is supposed to be easy and cheap in any game. And you already have easy acess to exotic gear which is fairly enough for 90% of the game. BL skins are one of the few actually expensive in the game, and a honest income source for Anet.

you know, I wouldn’t mind paying for the skins in the gemstore, but the fact that I have to pay real money for a CHANCE to get the skins is what turns me off. it’s practically and functionally gambling with real money (not even sure how its legal) and I just want the skin, not 200 crappy items that come with the BL-chests

Then there’s the other option i gave u.

You can buy gems and turn those gems into gold. With that gold buy the exact skin you want from the TP when a player sells it 🙂

It’s the exact same thing as buying the skin directly with gems

I save up my black lion keys from key farming (one level 10 personal story quest a week) and map completion, and they soon add up. Alternatively if you buy one of the really cheap sets from the trading post, and unlock them on your account, you can get up to 7 black lion tickets as a reward for completing the set. There are a couple of really cheap ones (comparatively) right now where weapon skins for it are around 20-30g each if you put in an order.

the painted previews usually look a lot cooler than the actual in-game models. Artisitic Rendition, we call it.

Nope. They’re making it herital. So it will propably take a while. They want it to look both legendary, and representing the race. Which raises me the question, do we get 30 unique looking sets? And will their weights look unique, and will unlocking it on asura unlock the charr version as well. So many answers, not enough questions!!!

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