Black Desert Halloween Event Guide

A guide to the Black Desert Halloween event running from October 19 to Nov 9, 2016.

Daily Quest & Login Reward

There is a daily quest for the Halloween and a Login Reward (stay logged in for 2 hrs or more each day) that you can combine each day for chance at some rewards.

Halloween Cookie

Stay Logged in for 2 hrs each day and you should receive it under your daily rewards menu. This doesn’t start until October 20 in your timezone.  Reset seems to occur on midnight of your timezone.


Halloween Candy Basket

Talk to Lara in Heidel (General Goods Vendor) and she will give you a daily quest to kill monsters until you get 3x Halloween candies (semi rare drop).  Turn in the 3 candy to her and she will give you a Candy Basket. This doesn’t start until October 20 in your timezone. Reset seems to occur on midnight of your timezone.

  • Candies drop from all sorts of monsters but drop rate seems to be fairly low. You can stock up on candies beforehand and just hand in to her after.


Halloween Gift Box

Place [Event] Halloween Candy Basket and [Even] Halloween Cookie in order in a Line [-] shape to obtain [Event] Halloween Gift Box. You have a chance to obtain the following rewards from the Gift Box

  • Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction
  • Tungrade Earring
  • Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box
  • Ogre Ring
  • Basilisk’s Belt
  • Centaur’s Belt
  • Giath’s Helmet
  • Red Nose’s Armor
  • Bheg’s Gloves
  • Muskan’s Shoes
  • Ring of Crescent Guardian
  • Black Magic Crystal – Harphia
  • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience
  • Sicil’s Necklace
  • Blue Whale Molar Earring
  • Necklace of Good Deeds
  • Tree Spirit Belt
  • Manos Ruby Necklace
  • Ring of Cadry Guardian
  • Black Magic Crystal – Sturdiness
  • Black Magic Crystal – Armor
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard Bundle: 3
  • Witch’s Earring
  • Red Coral Earring
  • Ancient Guardian’s Seal
  • Mark of Shadow
  • Bensho’s Necklace
  • Ancient Weapon Core
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard
  • Cron Stone
  • Memory Fragment

One Time Costume Quests

These quests can be only done once per account. You will need to be level 16 to start some of the quests.


Level Requirement: Unknown

Talk to Gray Biants in Casta Farm near Olvia and she will have a quest for you to kill wolves around Wolf Hills.


Kill 10 wolves around Wolf Hills and come back to her for your Wolf Nose (goes into the mouth/nose/chin slot)



Level Requirement: Level 16 or above

Talk to Ficy in Heidel and she will have a quest for you.


You will need to kill 10 beetles just north of Heidel and then Ficy will give you a Sweet Cone Hat


Sweet Cone Hat


Moretti Plantation

Level Requirement: Level 19 or above

Talk to Mercianne Moretti the node manager at Moretti Plantation and she will give you a quest to kill 10 Scarecrows in the field and earn a Scarecrow Mask as the reward.


Killed the scarecrows and collect their hat. Return to her for a Scarecrow Mask


Scarecrow Mask


Alejandro Farm

Level Requirement: Level 20 or above

Talk to Amadeo Alejandro the node manager at Alejandro Farm and he will give you two quests. .


Kill 10 pumpkin ghosts and return to him to get your Undamaged Pumpkin. Do this for 5 days and you will complete the other quest to get your Jack-O-Lantern Mask.


Jack-O-Lantern Mask



Level Requirement: Unknown

Talk to Lylina in Calpheon and she will have a quest for you to kill 3x Thief Imps (only show up at night past 10 pm).


Go to the spots marked on the map at night and kill the Thief Imps that spawn there and return to Lylina for the Devil Horn Headband.


Devil Horn Headband


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    Thank u ^_^

  • kathiley

    Are these family or character bound?

    • kathiley

      ok, i’m stupid, should have looked at the screenshots^^

  • megafilipe

    30 [Event] Undamaged pumpkin can be exchange for an [Event] Halloween Pumpkin box, what is that? i received that on the Alejandro farm quest.

  • narg

    so halloween cookies is only one per day ??

  • Player Slot Available

    Drop rate of the Halloween candy is abysmal… oh well.

    • Bill Jutz

      totally agree, they should take a clue from GW2 !

  • Todd

    I was able to get all the quests except the Wolf mask quest, Gray Biants in Casta Farm didn’t give me a quest but the rest did.

    • Todd

      Opps, I guess the Wolf and Devil masks aren’t in the Russian version, lol. I wondered why the quests weren’t showing up!

      • Mcdany

        in quest log at bottom left click all

  • Eisenpower

    Lara’s quest didn’t reset for me after midnight.

  • narg

    guys, can you tell me, if event for Devil horns have any lvl restriction ? I am lvl 22 now and i dont even see event icon above Lylina, I was with her after 10pm, but nothing, i can find thief imp outside Calpheon, and they are pourple, so i think its lvl 30 maybe ??

    • Yeah that quest has a higher level requirement I think due to around Calpheon.

      • narg

        hmm, that is bad, I manage kill some imps, but I dont have event up, so it does not count 🙁

        Calpheon is lvl 30+ i think 🙁

        • M0z

          It takes less than day to get 50 m8 lol

          • narg

            Rly? How?

            • M0z

              Knowing where to grind:

              This video was made some time ago and the exp rates are much better now. If you grind during the weekend with exp boost I’d imagine 1-50 in less than 8 hours.

              • narg

                well i play valkyra as my main a I DO more less exactly what is in this video, and i still get only no more then 1 level per hour 🙁

              • M0z

                Make sure you’re upgrading your weapon, also get the weapon from black spirit quest at level 25 and upgrade that with black stone (weapon)

              • M0z

                Also, when you have enough money buy an Azwell weapon over Yuria with an accuracy offhand (Vangertz for valk) the accuracy is really good early on for grinding:

    • narg

      btw i level up to 33, and event show up, so i think its for lvl 30+

  • Marvos

    doesnt work i went to the one in calpheon and she doesnst have a quest i check 10 30 pm still nothing

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