Revelation Online CBT1 Beta Keys Giveaway 2

Thanks to the generosity of, I will be giving out another set of 20 Revelation Online CBT1 Beta Keys on two giveaways running from October 20 to October 23.


Giveaway 1: October 20 00:00 AM Eastern to October 21: 23:59 PM Eastern (48 hrs in duration) 10 Keys will be given away.

Winners (Check your email for beta codes)

  • lanoren1701
  • sleepbetter
  • Jennifer Hildebrand
  • Grayson Hammer
  • vik
  • izzy
  • Melitros
  • Revan Lightning
  • Riwan Bodereau
  • Filipe Apolinário

Giveaway 2: October 22: 01:00 AM Eastern to October 23 23:59 PM Eastern (48 hrs in duration).10 Keys will be given away.

Winners (Check your email for beta codes)

  • Mihail Goliscev
  • Jahedur
  • Felicia Johnson
  • Filip Varga
  • Francesco Pio Bocci
  • Rand Tess
  • Berskila
  • Simone Liquindoli
  • Ciro Ramirez
  • Dave M

Closed Beta 1 will start on Nov 3

How to Enter

  1. Use the Giveaway interface below to enter the giveaway. There are a couple of actions you can do to increase your chances as well so read all the entry options carefully.
  2. Read about details of CBT1 here: (It will start on Nov 3)
  3. Check here and your email on October 22 and October 24 to see if you have won. Winners will be contacted by email with instructions on how to redeem the code.

Contest Rules

  1. One beta key per person.
  2. I reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or invalid contest entries if I suspect security, fairness or proper conduct has been compromised.
  3. Any person found to be tampering with the entry process will be disqualified.
  4. Winners will be notified by email so make sure to provide a valid email address. Revelation Online CBT1 Beta Keys Giveaway 4

Buying Founder Pack?

If you do not wish to participate in the beta key giveaway and want to purchase founder packs instead (guaranteed access to closed beta), feel free to click the banner below to purchase them. Each purchase from the link below will help me and the site out with expenses.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

386 replies on “Revelation Online CBT1 Beta Keys Giveaway 2”

(Also, I misunderstood the entry process where you had to comment on this blog post; I thought it was asking who first told us about Revelation Online, so I put Dulfy. I couldn’t find a way to edit that once I relized that I goofed up, so I posted under my real name, the one I entered with. Please don’t disqualify me… 🙁 )

The 1st time i read about this game was when i logged onto to check on the SWTOR page and i saw revelation online, did further investigation on this game and fell in love with the gameplay and the idea behind it. I know with the changes coming to SWTOR in 5.0, Revelation Online will be my next MMO game.

Thank you for giving out more keys! Heard about this game from a video and I’d really like to try it for myself!

I remember i was scrolling down youtube feed when i saw a revelation online vid. i was like “is this Bns? doesn’t look like Bns” and now i’m obsessed with the occultist class. want to try it so baaad

Im familiar with games through another of their games, Skyforge. And I have to say, the game is beautifully done as usual. The graphics are stunning, the combat system is revolutionary, and the engine is a beast

Since i Heard of revo coming to the West, i got excited cause i read about its features. It’s amazing from the character creation to the end game with the social aspects. I really want to get a key for the first cbt and see My expectations come true, and then buy a founders pack. Thanks for the opportunity.

How did you hear about Revelation Online?

From a long time gaming friend, guild leader of many games, and unicorn extraordinaire, Darsche!

Glad to see dulfy is covering this game. Excited to try this out, the pvp looks really fun. Good luck on contest everyone!

Heard about this game from a youtuber named Cryy, would loooove to play it and help with the localization 🙂

:3 Plenty of people in my gaming community are hyped about this game, their hype is contagious. Can’t wait to play it in the West, the ping in CN was too harsh on me to enjoy the game fully.

I’m really interested to see the game. Lifelong fantasy and scifi reader and gamer, so the trailer looks interesting. As a GW2, Tera, and former DDO player, can’t wait to try out RO!

heard about this game from my friends on guild wars 2, it looks awesome. and it looks really fun. thanks for the chance to win a key , dulfy you rock!

I heard it from 🙂 And I know this is far shot, but would love, love a key. Thank you for this opportunity!

Interesting to see how this game turns out. I always like the idea of flying in games, just hope they integrated it nicely.

I really want to try the game to help sole bugs and enjoy it with my friends since they were all lucky to get a key

Didn’t get lucky first round, so I’m hoping for this one. Really, really want to play with a friend and the game’s left me deeply curious. Thank you again for doing this, Dulfy!

Founder Pack Update…i thinking to put my hands in one off this…it’s worthwhile?
I know this game it’s amazing, i trying out on CN server and i’m love, can’t wait until 25 oct to see full EN client and test. See u guys on RO, i hope all…

Im praying for mine to since i relly like the game and with my money currency issue i had to x5 my money just for 1USD so im goona be so glads and happy if i can wins this founder pack since i never win anything in my life

This isn’t a code for a founder pack lol just beta access. everything you do in the beta will get wiped on release of the game

But still to get the keys is relly something QAQ the thing i relly cant get for my slef i relly want to at least 1ns play OBT i never had any on other game

Awesome giveaway! Beta players make sure you test and and give feedback for developers!
Hope I can be part of the playerbase!

I was actually brought in to Rev Online by a small youtuber called Cryy who makes shockingly high quality videos……

Good luck everyone. 🙂

I wish the best luck to everyone that is entering. I am hoping that I myself get lucky so that I can play with my friends that obtained their CBT keys.

Saw it first on Cryy’s YouTube channel actually. Since then I’ve been looking forward to it’s localisation.

well it would be nice to be in the beta to get a feel for the game. I hate buying founder packs blindly, so fingers crossed

yeah same QAQ guesss we all Free to Play player have to wait for the stuff to arive and work on our self since i dont think some of the beta test kinds enough to gave all infomation about the game and stuff

It will automatically send a beta key to email when u win or it will pending till admin check it then send a beta keys?

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