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SWTOR Galactic Command DvL Livestream Notes

SWTOR Galactic Command Dark vs Light livestream coverage and notes.

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Community Topics

Gearing in Galactic Command

  • Our goal is to make gearing simple – too many currencies, too many vendors. We want to simplify it via the Command system.
  • We were planning to do it by having gear drops based on advanced class but we have decided based on community feedback that we would do it based on your discipline instead. When you open a command crate it will now give you loot based on your current discipline.
  • What happens if you kept getting belts? Remember you can pull the mods out and you can pull out the armorings out with the set bonus.

Rate of earning Command Crates

  • The goal for a regular player getting a crate every hour, and maybe hour and half. In the beginning it will be faster, maybe half hour.
  • If you are doing Nightmare ops you are getting them faster as well – maybe 2-3 crates per op.
  • There is a weekly cap but it has nothing to do with slowing you down. It is solely there to catch and stop exploiting. We have set the cap so high that players wouldn’t hit it playing normally.

Galactic Command Dark vs Light

  • Galactic Alignment is similar to your character’s light/dark bar but it is serverwide. When you do activities it will drive a serverwide Galactic Alignment.
  • Participate in any activity in the game to earn Dark or Light side points.
  • Earn bonus points when you participate in the highlighted activity in Galactic Command.
  • Periodic updates on the progress of the war – every 15 minutes or half hour. You can see which side has won in that interval and it will tick towards that side.
  • The battle ends when one side hits Dark 5 or Light 5. A victory state kicks in, it will last for an hour. Both sides will get some great stuff during this victory state. You will earn dark and light side tokens during this victory state.
  • The war will be fast and frantic, win/lose streaks affect the on-going war.
  • Your personal alignment vs the server’s alignment will determine if you are on the winning or the losing side. It is impossible to be truly neutral on your personal alignment
  • Be ready as bosses will spawn around the galaxy when the war is won – 8 to 16 players to defeat them. Bosses will spawn randomly on multiple planets at a time.
  • Players starting at level 1 can earn dark and light points to sway the balance of the force, they just won’t get any command crates or dark/light tokens until they reach level 70.
  • For the reminder of this stream, Light side will be winning for war as an example.

Light side rewards (victory)

  • Access to new rewards on the light side vendor on the fleet including exclusive mounts, pets, and more.
  • Bonus to all command experience points earned. Play the the highlighted activity in Galactic Command for an even larger bonus.
  • Earn light side tokens each time you gain a Command Rank (don’t need to have won the war, just need to be winning).

Dark side rewards (Defeat)

  • Bonus to all dark side points gained. Play the highlighted activity in Galactic Command for an even larger alignment bonus
  • Defeat Light side bosses around the Galaxy to earn Command Experience Points and Dark side tokens.
  • Light side players can go out and stop Dark side players from fighting the bosses and stop them gaining command experience and dark side side tokens.

Stream/Blog Plan

  • October 27 – Uprising
  • Nov 3 – Class changes
  • Nov 10 – Repeatable chapters/difficulty levels
  • Nov 17 – New planets/story insights with Charles
  • Nov 24 – KOTET wrap up and Q&A (date will be changed to wednesday since 24th is US Thanksgiving).


  • Crates/Command rank are character specific. All gear drops are bind on pick up but the other items are bind on equip so you can sell them.
  • Only 9 chapters in KOTET and they will all come with the expansion launch.
  • Commendations – we are still working on what they will convert to, hoping to have the info next week.

Galactic Command – Dark vs Light Question | 10.20.2016, 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by DarthEnrique

I tried to ask this question during the livestream, btw I do want to thank you guys for answering my question about other player’s choices effecting my game, I was actually satisfied with that.

Now the question I have that I tried to get an answer to was what happens if your characters are already at light side alignment tier 5 or dark side alignment tier 5? When you are at the max you can’t get anymore light or dark sided points though you can still make dark or light sided choices. What happens with this? Do the points you make for making choices still count even though your toon is already at tier five of either or what’s the case?

Oh! Great question that we probably didn’t explain thoroughly enough. Coming with KOTET there will be a toggle on the UI that allows you to change whether you are fighting for the light or dark side. Once you click a side… any enemy you kill, any mission you complete, etc. will then earn you points for that side. If you are at Dark 5 and want to work your way towards light, simply click the light side toggle and play through the game.

Note that regardless of your toggle, choices made through conversation will still count as they would normally.

Hopefully that makes sense!


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105 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Command DvL Livestream Notes”

“Our goal is to make gearing simple – too many currencies, too many vendors. We want to simplify it via the Command system.”
Really, it’s too complicated? Warzone comms for PvP gear, three tiers of comms for PvE gear and tokens for BiS gear is too complicated? ffs, why fix a non issue like this and then give us RNG. Sure it’s nice to give us discipline based crates, but still there’s significant RNG involved and it’s not needed.

You have to love how they make that comment… followed by introducing two new currencies (light side/dark side tokens) to the game.

The crates themselves would have been fine so long as the vendors and currencies were still there but the whole thing of complicated currencies and vendors is bullshit only a brain dead monkey would have trouble figuring it out

I doubt that’s their actual goal, it’s a convenient excuse to make some needless changes and cover up the fact that there’s still no new operations, come December we’ll hit the two years mark since last operations.

“Extract the mods!” – ya right, what if I get only belts ? (no
enhancement) or I want to extract armorings (right now bound to the same
gear type which it was extracted from) ?

There was a time when you were able to rip out the armorings and used in any piece of armor (not valid for set bonuses), then they changed that and armorings are now tied to the slot (belt to belt only, for example). But with all this changes I think the reason for this is not longer valid, so we can go back to the old system.

A currency for the DvL? But I’m a SWTOR player, I don’t understand buying stuff for currency.

They should make the DvL rewards RNG, it’s much simpler than a currency,
because we players are idiots, we don’t get the concept of buying stuff we want for currency.
Only RNG is good for us!

The biggest problem I see here is the issue of removing armorings. If they make the gear like that then it completely goes against legacy gear and the grind many people went through to get it…i.e THORN, Gree, hell the Nightlife event if you liked the weapons. I know some people will just use the costume designer to imprint the look of the legacy gear, but I know many people that like having the full set. Case in point getting rid of legacy gear will alienate a huge player base who dont want to grind repeated mercs or whathaveyou through this new system.

No worry about legacy gear it will work like it does today. So if you get a new belt drop, for example, you can move the armoring and mods to your legacy belt to have all the new stats and set bonus. What you can’t do, is get a belt drop and move the armoring to your chest piece though. Armorings move between similar pieces, just like today.

This is going to blow up one them big time as well as destroy raiding and PvP in the game. This blew up on them twice in the past – they haven’t learned a thing.

and yet they are still making money, you are still subbed and we are going on year 5. i’ll see you in a year from now saying the same thing

Yes, I am subbed now. I was in beta and stayed for seven months after launch but left with the v1.0 gearing being a major reason. Then I came back a year ago seeing they had fixed it and yet, here we go again.

So, I haven’t been subbed for the full five years and I have left once before because of the BS RNG end game gear treadmill.

What do you think will happen this time around? And how many do you think are like me. In the 1.0 days, there seemed to be an awful lot more that left instead of stayed. Can the game afford for that to happen again?

They could fix this whole RNG fiasco by still tying the set bonus to the armorings but removing the bind to slot from all armorings. That way if you got 7 belts in a row it wouldnt matter because you can use the set bonus armorings in your other slots. There is still RNG for your 7 non set bonus slots (and min/maxing enhancements), but that is somewhat mitigated by all that stuff being craftable.

Since they are hell bent on removing gear drops from group content it makes no sense for them to keep the head/chest/etc set bonus exclusivity.which was exclusively tied to ops boss kill loot rolls that they are getting rid of. PVP never had to even worry about that and tthe RNG element has to be even more frustrating for them.

But they probably won’t do this because they are hell bent on extending the gear grind, its the whole point of the new ridiculus system. They will probably not even let us rip a set bonus tied armoring out and put it into legacy gear because they want to force us to gear grind on every single character. If they get too greedy and dont get this new system of theirs right FOR THE PLAYERS, NOT JUST THEIR BOTTOM LINE, they are going to completely kill the game.

If you earn the equivalant of one token for completing one op, at the equivalent difficulty level (say you get enough CXP for a HM tier token for completing a HM op), and they implemented my RNG solution as I posted above, as an ops player I could live with this system (depending on how much grind it took to reach highest tier of rewards).. I DONT LIKE IT, but I could live with it.

As their system stands today if nothing changes i’m planning to uninstall.
Their are 14 different roles to grind set bonuses for. The RNG is totally unacceptable and if they can’t fix it, I’m out.

I think will be the same as it works right now. The bonus is in the armoring piece, if you remove it and put in another armor, the set bonus will be active in the new armor. Something that happened to me, I put the armor in my legacy cargo hold, when I used another character to use it the bonus dissapeared. But a relog fixed it.

Are you sure their intent is to extend the gear grind? I think their true intent is to have “TORtanic 2.0”. A sure fire way to put yourself out of business is to do things the direct opposite of what your customers want. It is not like SWTOR is the only MMO on the market, there are quite a few to choose from.

The Deal with Armorings is gonna be the deal breaker for me. I’m on the fence, there are good and bads. As of now I’m letting my sub lapse at the end of the month. When they announce info about armorings then I’ll decide. If my raid team folds in definitely not continuing on.

They already clarified this on the official forums. The armorings can be removed but they are still bound to the particular slot. So you fifth belt drop cannot have it’s armoring removed and moved to a chest piece – only to another belt – which you already got as a drop anyway.

No, they can be moved to other pieces:

“I just confirmed with the team that you can move armorings as you can the other mods. It works like it does in KOTFE in that they can be moved between similar pieces of gear.


Read my comment above and re-read the sentence that Eric posted. Armorings can move between SIMILAR pieces of gear just like KOTFE. That means a belt to a belt, not a belt to a chest piece. Just like it is with KOTFE today. In other words, the same way it works today is the way it will work with 5.0. Today a belt armoring cannot be relocated to a chest armor piece as they are not SIMILAR pieces of gear.

Reread the first sentence: “I just confirmed with the team that you can move armorings as you can the OTHER MODS.”

And re-read the second sentence in your previous quote of Eric’s response. “It works like it does in KoTFE…moved between similar pieces of gear” means legacy gear and armoring works exactly like it has since 2.0.

As I said in a different reply a few comments above, the two sentences contradict each other. Eric needs to clarify.

Armorings can be moved to different pieces:

“I just confirmed with the team that you can move armorings as you can the other mods. It works like it does in KOTFE in that they can be moved between similar pieces of gear.


No they can’t. Re-read the sentence you just posted. It works like KOTFE and can be moved between SIMILAR PIECES of gear.

Just like today, that means a belt armoring can only go to a belt, a chest to a chest, etc. In BW terms, a belt is NOT a similar piece as a chest. He basically just told you that a belt can’t go to a chest etc. Just like it is with KOTFE.

Reread the first sentence: “I just confirmed with the team that you can move armorings as you can the other mods.” The key part of the phrase is “as you can move OTHER MODS.” Why would Eric mention that they can be moved like other mods if he just meant that mods could can be removed and placed in other items?

Note: To be fair, the last sentence is a bit contradictory.

I could care less if the armoring is bound to an specific part of the armor, the key point is if you can put ot in legacy gear, and they confirmed that you can so you can play a sage as a healer and a sorc as dps and you can get both sets of gear unless the classes stop been mirrors of each other.

No. The mod that will drop is discipline focused. So you will get healing set bonus on Sage for example but not have the DPS set bonus you would on the Sorc.

What really bugs me is that besides 9 story chapters in KOTET, there is nothing new as far as content. So, essentially Galactic Command is a simple way of “rebranding” old content and getting us to do the same old content over and over again. With 17 level 65 characters, 8 other 50+ characters and the most recent DVL “rebranding” of old content, what are loyal customers like myself supposed to do once we finish KOTET? Are we supposed to go back and play the exact same content again for the 26th time? Stop making unnecessary changes to what has seemed like constantly changing systems and give us the content that keeps loyal customers.

Yes! You must conform to dark or light. There is no gray and you must prove your loyalty by making choices your character wouldn’t make normally. By yes enjoying the newly stamped old content. I hope we get angel and devil wings for proving our devotion. :p

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

No this was sarcasm. :p If you’ve seen my other posts in the various announcement threads I am quite ready to pack it in.

The majority of my guildies who raid or teach raiding are already looking and currently trying other games. We are all on the fence for the release in December and the announcement in January.

Uprisings! They’re going to be like flashpoints. Three difficulty modes, meant for four players. There’ll be four to six of them at release.

I think most people are missing the point of this new gearing system: players are being conditioned by BW/EA that “packs” with RNG are the only appropriate way to get gear. Sound like the cartel market to anyone else? Personally I’m choosing to not be a lab rat programmed to buy CM packs. I’ve played since beta and am now exiting. No way I’m going to grind thru this RNG B.S. trying to gear my various role toons on both factions when I’ve gone thru an orderly gearing process with my guild mates in previous expansions. There was nothing that needed simplifying about buying gear with tokens or commendations you earned thru Ops or PvP. BW/EA can keep their RNG packs and I’ll take my money elsewhere.

You can but first you have to do some grinding but just so you know. That only gives you a chance at my millions and like RNG gearing at max level, your change to get anything you want is pretty low.

Make a roll, your number is 629. If you roll that number then you can have it. Otherwise, I’m sorry to inform you that luck wasn’t on your side today, better luck next time!

Still random end game gear. Screw that design at this point in SWTOR.

Now you have to deal with tanks that cannot switch to DPS because they have no gear for it because they were working on tank gear to make the run an easier success. Too many healers, oh well, sucks for you in the new RNG system.

Thats exactly what he said. On some operation bosses you need 2 tanks, but on some you need 1 tank. So it is best if one tank can switch between DPS and TANK gear. Before you could farm any gear you wanted fro any character you wanted with your main. Now you cant. Discipline-based is good for less random, but still worse than it used to be before.

If they just let it be token rewards all would be satisfied.

Pay attention. Discipline random gearing at end game is still random gearing and that type of system is not made to benefit you the gamer at all. EVER.

Changing it from AC to discipline based is like going from someone hitting you with 2 handfuls of crap to just one. Sure, one is better but you still got hit with a handful of crap.

There is nothing good about random end game gearing.

Not quite as bad as that, according to the stream the gear is based on the discipline you have when opening the crates. So you can tank a run, get some crates, then switch back to dps before you open them. Not the most transparent system ever, but it’ll be workable.

Have you been paying attention to what I wrote?

Disciplines doesn’t stop the RNG from being exactly what it is. A way to stop you from getting what you need. A way to hinder group from progressing.

You need a tank to be a DPS tonight? Sorry, not really possible for a very long time because he will have been working on his Tanking set. Not DPS. Add in the fact that you will not get say 224 equivalent gear till what command rank? 75? 100? Your tanks will want the best tanking gear. Forgoing DPs gear for he sake of the group and making it easier on them and healers. Similar situation for healers or any class that has 2 different disciplines.

Right now in game you can start gearing your toons Right off the bat. Go the the OPS you need and as you finish sets, go only to the OPS that has the specific gear you need. The system we are using now is not broke and the RANDOM gear system is far from OK or “workable” Random is the problem here.

Random gearing was never created for the gamers fun or entertainment. Thats a business move to keep you after the carrot on a stick and at this point in SWTOR with what we already have. That change is unacceptable.

Well, it’s at least better (or less bad) than having RNG based on advanced class. That said maybe if we keep making ourselves heard, especially on the swtor forums, they’ll make it a little less bad again.

Keep galactic command. Keep the idea that everyone given time can get any gear. We all know skill is the real dividing line not gear.

Remove gear in loot crates, put back a token system where gamers get to choose what it needed using command ranks to limit acquisition and suddenly we have. O negatives for gamers when it comes to gearing.

Random gear has no place in SWTOR at this point in the games life.

THIS is what it has come to. Keep making a fuss and just maybe things will be “a little less bad again.” Not good. Just a little less bad. LMAO

“Our goal is to make gearing simple – too many currencies, too many vendors. We want to simplify it via the Command system.”

OMG is this guy for real? Too many vendors? Really? Simplify MORE?
The most poor excuse i ever heard.
Only complete retard can’t read tooltips on the gear. And only complete retard will buy inquisitor gear set for his bounty hunter.
And only COMPLETE RETARD will put gear into RNG boxes…

Soon SWTOR should be re-named into “Retard Wars”.


Ah… You must be one of “those” who find it hard to exchange tokens for gear…
Sorry if my post offended you. I didn’t mean it.

Well, “mate”, I think you are the one left behind in a shit game. My entire guild left the game by last April. As they keep moving their decisions to attract the one-month sub casuals for the online single player game, more and more of the founders and long term subs will leave the game for better pastures. Good luck, though. You’re going to need it. Even if they bring in two new ops next year, I’m not sure the four-button mashing that they have made this game into will attract the old hard core raiders back.

Somehow they believe adding weeks and maybe months to the gear grind is simplifying?
I suppose simple directions for cavemen, would be to point them in a bee-line direction. Then they can mindlessly hike over the mountains, swim through the rivers and happily making “progress.”

Caveman Binks: Me want better stick!
Siri: What do you need the stick for?
Caveman Binks: BIGGER!!
Siri: Is that, to hunt ‘bigger’ prey? Or, a bigger stick to make something? Will the stick be used to collect an item?
Caveman Binks: MOaaaRRRRR
Siri: OK, I have found your answer… head “that” way, there will always be “more” if you just keep moving that direction. If you get bored, you can always turn back and walk the same path but in the opposite direction. It will be the same “more” but from a whole new perspective.
Giddy Caveman Binks: I speck!

I love the irony of a spacy game now designed for cavemen…

Most of us who could read… maps and what not.. will likely miss the reduced time to arrive at a player specific destination that such technology provided.

Despite the BS explanation Bioware gave, it has nothing to do with simplification. This is merely a stalling tactic. They know the lack of group content is causing a lot of unsubscriptions. So instead of resolving this by actually creating new ops or something equatable, their solution is just to make it take longer grinding the old stuff in the hope it will distract/occupy players until they can roll something out “next” year. After two years of chasing the same dangling carrot and getting either no or deliberately vague/misleading information about group content from BW, most people have had enough.

No. It is really a very thin excuse to justify what they are doing. After thinking about this a while, it has become obvious what they are doing.

1.) They are introducing a RNG F2P style gear grind to the game (but want subs to pay for it – you know ‘have your cake and eat it too’.)

2.) They alluded to more group content coming. This group content will probably need the new gear to complete successfully.

3.) To help you get around the grind or fill in those missing set pieces you have after 90 hours of grinding, they will be kind enough to release the Command Crates on the CM.

Mark my words and bookmark this post. This is what is coming over the next year. And it makes a ton of sense if you think about EA and how they typically treat customers. This makes a lot of sense now when you think of it as the typical EA fleecing system they always like to put in their games (which is also why I haven’t bought an EA game in over five years).

“To help you get around the grind or fill in those missing set pieces you have after 90 hours of grinding, they will be kind enough to release the Command Crates on the CM.”

I have a bad feeling that you may be right about that -_-

Future Musco post concerning adding Command Crates to the CM: “It’s about giving our players more options. Some people just can’t play very often but have coins built up or cash to spend. The Command Crates are still tied to the player’s overall CXP so they can’t just automatically get the best gear in the game. If you have the time to play then you can just gear up faster. This is a win/win for all. P2W? Yes…but we like to call it Play 2 Win :D.”

I really wonder how long it will take for one side to win. If it will be longer than few days that wining state lasting ONE HOUR is completely unacceptable. Because most ppl will miss it. Also how are we supposed to gather 8-16 ppl and go fight some random spawned boss who knows where within an hour? Or i am i understanding it wrong?

“What happens if you kept getting belts? Remember you can pull the mods
out and you can pull out the armorings out with the set bonus.”

These fucking idiots clearly don’t even play their own game. You can pull the mod and armoring out yes, but the armoring with set bonus is completely useless since it’s tied to being in a fucking belt. Jesus Christ. What a pile of monumental morons. How can a playerbase have faith in what you’re proposing when you get a basic remedial fact such as that completely wrong…


It’s even more useless when you take note the set bonus you get is tied to the spec you opened the crate with. Therefore it’s impossible to send the armoring to your sorc if you got it on your arsenal merc. piss poor design.

They did say the you can re-engineer/destroy it and it goes back to points.
What the conversion rate is I don’t know.

SWTOR is the first (and only) MMORPG that I ever played, and that is of course because of the fact that it is a Star Wars game. I tried it for 1 month back in spring 2012, perhaps in 1.3 or 1.4 or something, and got overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that I had to take in. At that point, I hadn’t even reached max level, and was trying to figure out how an MMORPG is played even when leveling. So I guit for some time, and then returned in spring 2013.

4 years later, and after being an active part of 4 different guilds on both sides, I have accumulated knowledge not only about “what does this stat do” and “why can I not equip this crystal?” or “what is legacy gear” or “how can I use collections to get sets of gear for toons?”…. but knowledge like Hard Mode operation mechanics (every single boss in the game) and gearing for endgame content. One of the most fun memories I have, is getting the Makeb datacron with my guildmaster, on a night when I couldn’t sleep and it was only the 2 of us online.

Accumulating that knowledge while playing the game and interacting with 70-80 different people in those 4 guilds was what made it fun for me. If someone thinks that the gearing system for endgame content with the 4 different vendors is complicated, they are clearly missing out on all the fun.

Fun includes playing with others, interacting with others, clearing content with other, learning the game better with others, learning game mechanics BY others and teaching them later TO others, doing guild events, raids, flashpoints, pvp, heroics, WHILE enjoying the story. So I don’t care for a more simple gearing system that sucks.

Nightmare Pilgrim seems pretty dark side to me… i’d pay good cred to see him spawn on Tython/Coruscant and block all neewb quests for a few hours. ^_^

How they plan to stop bitter-looser-tree-hugging-lighsiders from taunt griefing the bosses is bound to be an issue their insightful dev teams have missed.

You got a magnifying glass handy? cause i just can’t see anything. lol

Seriously though, its got nothing to do with it being easy or hard to exchange tokens, i hardly ever raided at all, though i have recently started doing it.

In the end, you are just complaining that its something new and different, like you likely did when they announced the level sync prior to implementing it.

No, we are complaining because they’re adding RNG to a loot system where there was none. Needlessly making gearing your characters so much more frustrating than it is right now.

Rather than drop gear specific to your discipline, the crates should drop unassembled gear that could be either traded to the existing vendors on fleet or within the Command thing to ensure ppl can get gear for other chars etc. … (and if they are still worried about trading in a token to a vendor being too “complicated” for noobs, they can spell it out in a huge notification what the recommended gear to purchase with your tokens would be for said discipline…)

The topic I’m missing in the schedule of upcoming streams is crafting. I really would like to know how exactly crafting fits in endgame gearing in 5.0

From datamined information there probably will be grade 10 materials, some stabilizer will be found in hm fp and some matter catalyst currently was removed from op bosses drop, but it maybe will drop from command crates. Also schematics for new gear maybe will drop from command crates and higher tier can be achieved by reverse engineering. Again this is not confirmed, i could be wrong.

There’s no point outside of augments or biochem stuff like stimes/medpacs/adrenals. You’ll get everything you need from just clearing storymodes endlessly to NiM level tier so there’s no need to craft hilts, barrels, relics, anything like that. In my opinion anyway. My opinion could be completely wrong, but I just don’t see it. At this rate they’ll probably remove crafting entirely from the game and just have augment vendors and med droids stocked with artifact quality stims/etc. in a next expansion, if one happens and the game doesn’t dump into maintenance mode. It sucks. If you delved into crafting enough and did it fairly you could make a lot of money. You could make a lot of money during the Dread Palace tier, during the SoR tier, and less so in 4.0 but could still get some value out of it. But in 5.0 I cannot see a single way in which it remains relevant outside of what I listed above. It’s just stripping features out of the game now and replacing somewhat grindy features with much more grindy features. They did it with influence, they’re doing it with gearing, and odds are they do it with crafting.

There’s just no reason to gear… You play through the chapters and…. DONE!
Unsub until new content is added. So this whole ‘new system’ is just useless unless the looks of the new gear is awesome or it has other awesome rewards. Gear does nothing. You need better gear to do what? The same stuff you’re already doing? Yeahhhhh no.

It’s about making everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside, where as it used to be about people measuring their weiner.
NiM Raider. “Mine is bigger than yours because I ran NiM content and got a full set of top level gear!
HM Raiders: “Alright folks our goal is to work our way up to being able to clear NiM and get some of that sweet, sweet loot!”
Casual Player: “Oh, poor me, I’ll never have that fancy gear because I don’t like group content, BW make it easier for me to get good gear”
BW in 4.0: “Welcome to highlighted HM’s where anyone able to finish a HM Op can earn NiM level gear!”

NiM Raiders: “That’s bogus that gear should be reserved for the people skilled enough to earn it, what do casuals need NiN tier gear to run H2’s & storyline stuff?”
HM Raiders: “Ok folks we are gonna put progression on hold and do Highlighted until everyone is geared out.”
Casual players: “Oh poor me I’ll never get any of that fancy gear because I don’t like any of the people I’ve met trying to play group content. BW Please make it easier for me! NOW or I will stop subbing and won’t buy anymore cartel coins!”

BW: “Hey folks we have GREAT news! We have decided to become the only MMO on the market where Raid Bosses drop NO GEAR!! It’s a revolutionary concept where all you have to do it grind Command Points to earn Command Boxes which have a chance to drop gear you want. Of course this is an RNG system like the cartel market so you will be grinding for a very long time! Oh BTW all that content that you used to be able to access as a prefered player with an Ops pass? Yeah we are gonna have to ask you to subscribe to the game for that content now. Yeah you’ve had it for free for years now, but we can make a lot of money off you if we try to make you sub, so pay that sub fee!”

NiM Ops Players: “Well folks it’s time to move on because there is no point in continuing to run NiM content and there are no new raids on the horizon so let’s pack it over to a different game.”

HM Raiders: “Well folks, half our team is prefered and runs from Ops passes so they have decided to quit rather than pay a sub fee for a game they only play 2 days a week so I guess we are gonna disband the team.”

Casual players: “It’s about dan time BW, what took you so long? Now I can get the same gear those other assholes have! Non of you wanna pay for this new AMAZING system? Screw you guys, go somewhere else go play some other game!
Hey everyone, look at my awesome gear, look, look!”
Hey, where did everyone go?”

Aside from the casual player bashing, which I cannot condone, yes Bioware are making strange design decisions. If they think this ‘expansion’ will make them get more subs, I think they’re sadly mistaken. Probably a load of subs at the start and then a HUGE drop off the following month(s).

I like the idea of the Galactic Command, but I don’t like the fact that you can’t participate in it once you go back down to Preferred Status. Once you sub and it runs out. You should be able to continue to progress in endgame, but with restrictions. Such as reduced GC XP rate, limit on how many crates you can open in a week, lower token cap. lower Light Side or Dark Side Points contribution to your side, not being able to do OPs without a Pass, etc. There is no reason why that can’t do, what I stated above. If they want to start pulling crap like this, with Galactic Command being Subscriber Only. They might as well go back to being a full on Pay to Play game, like WoW and FF XIV: ARR.

Im totally fine with it. The game is free to play, you can play it for free, but of course not all the parts within the game. Leveling from 1-70 is free, all base class stories (best part of the game imo) are free, and other parts of the game (dont know exactly which) are also free. But, the new shiny stuff, you gotta pay for it. If you like the game, support it by paying the sub fee.

The entitlement to have everything for free, event the newest coolest stuff, is unjustified. They gotta make money. You wanna access all and every feature for free or what, ffs? Stop being a parasite, us subs pay for ppl like you to play for free, ok, but we get to have the new shinies and endgame gear.

First off, only level 1 through 50 content is free. Beyond that you need to play.
Second if someone is at level 70 after December. Sub or not, they had to have already supported the game with at least one month. So no, no one is feeling entitled and wanting everything for free.

Due to the fact since the free to play launch, you have had to pay to get to level 55, 60, 65, and soon 70. In the past paying for an expansion or with KotFE subbing for at least one month got you the new level cap and end game. Regardless of how much you subscribe or continue to support the game. Preferred Status Players sub occasionally, in the past bought expansions, and buy stuff from the Cartel Market.

So are you really saying that someone who supports the game, but doesn’t always sub doesn’t deserve end game content with restrictions after paying for the new level cap?

It isn’t about getting something for free, it’s about retaining what is currently free.
Right now, today, a prefered player that has an Ops pass can hop into a HM raid, earn gear that drops off the bosses and play that content with their friends to their hearts content all week long off that pass. Once 5.0 hits that same prefered player will now have to pay a subscription fee to be able to play content that they have had access to since SWTOR went F2P.

No one is asking to receive NEW free stuff, they simply want to retain what they have always had.

You go to work every day and your employer has provided you with a desk, computer, printer, paper, pens etc. Everything you need to do your job. Then one day they announce that they are getting rid of all of the computers, desks, chairs, phones etc. If you want to sit, have a flat surface to write on or a computer to work with you need to provide that for yourself. Oh BTW if you want to be able to make and receive phone calls at your desk you have to pay a phone bill to access company provided telephone network, use of a cell phone for work is not allowed. You aren’t asking your job to give you a raise, free lunch or even provide for your transportation to and from work, you just want them to keep providing the tools they have always provided to you.

This is all that prefered players are asking. Let us continue to buy Ops spaces so we can continue to raid with our friends. Don’t hide Ops and Ops gear behind a NEW and more expensive paywall. No one is acting entitled, they are acting like BW just took away something that has always been there, which is exactly what is happening.

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