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Revelation Online Soul Grid Guide

A guide to the Soul Grid system in Revelation Online with an explanation of the Soul Grid and Soul Crystals.


Intro to Soul Grid

Next to equipment, Soul Grid is one of the most important aspects of your character power. You are introduced to Soul Grid via an orange quest at level 39 (you have to do all the earlier orange quests for this to show up) and given a basic starter Soul Grid along with some crystals.


Open this package you have received from completing this quest and you will receive a bunch of crystals and a basic Soul Grid containing 5 slots.


Soul Grids

Your basic Soul Grid goes on the 5th tab of your character sheet. Once it is slotted, it will give you 5 slots, 4 slots to fit circle shaped normal crystals and a center slot to fit your class specific crystal. This is the most basic soul grid and only contain external slots. Once you start to get better Soul Grids, you get an inner ring that fit only hexagonal shaped crystals. To fit crystals into a Soul Grid, simply drag the crystal into the appropriate slot. Right clicking a crystal in your inventory will also automatically place them in the right slot.


Keep doing your orange quests and you should get quests at Level 45 and Level 49 for your intermediate and advanced Soul Grids. At level 55 you will receive the extreme version of the Soul Grid containing the maximum amount of slots. .

  • Intermediate: 4 external slots, 2 inner slots.
  • Advanced: 6 external slots, 3 inner slots.
  • Extreme: 8 external slots, 4 inner slots.

The Level 55 extreme Soul Grid you get is the final version of the Soul Grid and has some features that are not present in the other Soul Grids.

  • The right side of the Soul Grid has bonuses you can activate by using specific crystals
  • Once all the bonuses are activated, you can use the class specific crystal in the center.


You can add/remove crystals from Soul Grids without cost. However, you cannot change out the Soul Grid without taking out all the Soul Crystals first.

Soul Crystals

Crystal Basics

Soul crystals are divided into three types: External, Internal and Central (class specific). Each crystal also represent a specific element (with exception of the central crystal which can represent several elements at once).

  • External crystals only goes on the external ring. It is circular shaped.
  • Internal crystals only goes on the interior ring. It is hexagonal shaped.
  • Central crystal only goes on the central hole and is class specific. It is square shaped with spikes.

You can have crystals of the same kind (i.e. same names) in a Soul Grid. Their element numbers will be added up.


In addition to the elements, each crystal also carry a stat. This stats value increase with the tier of the crystal.

External and Internal Soul Crystals can have up to 9 tiers. To increase a tier, you will need to combine 3 crystals of the previous tier along with either Blue sparks, Golden sparks, or Demon Heart Flame depending on the tier of the crystal. Central Crystal only have 6 tiers and require 5 crystals of the previous tier to make. The combining is done via the left most button in your inventory.

  • You can combine different kinds of External or Internal crystals together but they all must be the same type (i.e. all Internal or all External). If you do it this way, the crystal you get is a completely random crystal of the next tier (also the same type).
  • You cannot combine crystals of different tiers, they must all be of the same tier.


ro-blue-sparks Blue Sparks Used to make Tier 2-4 External/Internal Crystals

  • Purchased for 125 Bronze Feathers at the Bronze Feathers vendor
ro-golden-sparks Golden Sparks Used to make Tier 5 – 7 External/Internal Crystals
ro-demon-heart-flame Demon Heart Flame Used to make Tier 8 – 9 External/Internal Crystals or Tier 6 Central Crystal

Crystals of different tiers also have different level requirements to wear.

External/Internal Crystals Central Crystal
  • Tier 1 – Level 39
  • Tier 2 – Level 39
  • Tier 3 – Level 44
  • Tier 4 – Level 49
  • Tier 5 – Level 59
  • Tier 6 – Level 64
  • Tier 7 – Level 69
  • Tier 8 – Level 74
  • Tier 9 – Level 79
  • Tier 1 – Level 35
  • Tier 2 – Level 45
  • Tier 3 – Level 55
  • Tier 4 – Level 65
  • Tier 5 – Level 70
  • Tier 6 – Level 75

Lastly, different tiers of crystals contribute to different amounts to the elements. The elements are important for Soul Grid activation and attributes that will be discussed later on in the guide.

  • Tier 1 crystals contribute 1 point
  • Tier 2/3 crystals contribute 2 points
  • Tier 4/5 crystals contribute 3 points
  • Tier 6/7 crystals contribute 4 points
  • Tier 8/9 crystals contribute 5 points.


Crystal Acquisition

Crystal acquisition is mostly RNG as you can get random crystal boxes by doing two weekly activities

  • Weekly Hunting quest found in the Weekly tab of your activities menu (U). This is a group activity that can be done 5 times per week.
  • Fairy Garden activity that opens up every Tuesday and Saturday. This is a solo activity that can be done twice per week on the specified days (check the daily tab on these days).


There is a NPC vendor inside Fairy Garden that also sells specific Soul Crystals but he is a bit tricky to access. He is only on tile 46 at end of the maze room as a vendor. You have to get lucky on your rolls to access that room on your weekly Fairy Garden run. You can get through the maze by running through walls and look for a fast moving mouse that will guide you to him.


Make sure you have all the fairy garden orbs that drops from the final chest at Fairy Garden completion as the beaver takes those orbs and Play Lottery as currency for purchasing Soul Crystals.

ro-soul-grid-guide-32 Tier 1 Central Crystal 18x Play Lottery
2x Grey Orb
ro-soul-grid-guide-32 Tier 2 External/Internal Crystals 8x Play Lottery
3x Grey Orb
ro-soul-grid-guide-29 Tier 2 Central Crystals 50x Play Lottery
1x Golden Orb
ro-soul-grid-guide-29 Tier 3 External/Internal Crystals 30x Play Lottery
1x Golden Orb
ro-soul-grid-guide-30 Tier 3 Central Crystals 120x Play Lottery
2x Platinium Orb
ro-soul-grid-guide-30 Tier 4 External/Internal Crystals 70x Play Lottery
1x Platinium Orb
ro-soul-grid-guide-31 Tier 3 Central Crystals (Unbound) 30x Play Lottery
2x Glass Orb
ro-soul-grid-guide-31 Tier 4 External/Internal Crystals (Unbound) 20x Play Lottery
1x Glass Orb

You can also get specific Soul Crystals too by using White Moire/Cloud Moyu at the appropriate vendors (they are always next to the Bronze Feathers NPC which you can find by right clicking this button on your character sheet. White Moire/Cloud Moyu are event currencies that are only earned with certain events so they are very precious currencies.


Tier 7 External/Internal Crystal 102 Clouds Moyu
Tier 6 External/Internal Crystal 34 Clouds Moyu
Tier 5 External/Internal Crystal 11 Clouds Moyu
Tier 4 External/Internal Crystal 38 White Moires
Tier 3 External/Internal Crystal 13 White Moires
Tier 5 Central Crystal 170 Clouds Moyu
Tier 4 Central Crystal 34 Clouds Moyu
Tier 3 Central Crystal 73 White Moires
Tier 2 Central Crystal 15 White Moires

Lastly, you can purchase unbound Soul Crystals in the Auction House. There are separate filters for each type of Crystal but beware that higher tier crystals can get very expensive.


External Crystals

External Crystals only fit in the outer ring of your Soul Grid. It is circular in shape and there are only four kinds, each giving a specific stat and represents a specific element.


ro-soul-grid-guide-8 ro-soul-grid-guide-7 ro-soul-grid-guide-9 ro-soul-grid-guide-10
Crystal Sun Moon Time Air
Element Sky Earth Water Fire
Stat + Physical and Magical Damage + Max HP + Attack +Dodge
Level 39 Tier 1 +6 +96 +12 +12
Level 39 Tier 2 +12 +192 +24 +24
Level 44 Tier 3 +19 +304 +38 +38
Level 49 Tier 4 +27 +432 +54 +54
Level 59 Tier 5 +36 +576 +72 +72
Level 64 Tier 6 +46 +736 +92 +92
Level 69 Tier 7 +57 +912 +114 +114
Level 74 Tier 8 +69 +1104 +138 +138
Level 79 Tier 9 +82 +1312 +164 +164

Internal Crystals

Internal Crystals only fit in the inner ring of your Soul Grid. It is hexgonal in shape and there are only four kinds each giving a specific stat and represents a specific element.


ro-soul-grid-guide-19 ro-soul-grid-guide-20 ro-soul-grid-guide-21 ro-soul-grid-guide-22
Crystal Soul Spirit Health Destruction
Element Thunder Mountain Wind Lake
Stat Physical Armor Magic Armor Crit Penetration
Level 39 Tier 1 +26 +26 +12 +12
Level 39 Tier 2 +53 +53 +24 +24
Level 44 Tier 3 +84 +84 +38 +38
Level 49 Tier 4 +120 +120 +54 +54
Level 59 Tier 5 +160 +160 +72 +72
Level 64 Tier 6 +204 +204 +92 +92
Level 69 Tier 7 +253 +253 +114 +114
Level 74 Tier 8 +306 +306 +138 +138
Level 79 Tier 9 +364 +364 +164 +164

Central Crystals

Central Crystal only fit in the central hole of your Soul Grid and they are class specific. Unlike the External and Internal Crystals, however, the central crystal provide bonuses to multiple elements. The first tier will only provide bonuses to 2 elements but the highest tier provide bonuses to 4 elements. In addition the central crystal will reduce the cooldown on one of your class specific defensive skills.


While you can place Central Crystals in lower tier Soul Grids, it won’t fully activate the cooldown reduction until you get the Level 55 Soul Grid and fully awaken it. You will see a red icon on central crystal that isn’t fully activated.


Here are all the available central crystals and their stats. Each class get two different Central Crystals with the same cooldown reductions but different elements.




Attributes & Activation

Soul Grid Activation

Level 55 Soul Grids has an activation feature that provide additional stats when fully activated. To fully activate  your soul grid, you need to look at the element requirements at the right side of your soul grid.


For ease of reference, here is a simple chart of the crystals and their elements.

ro-soul-grid-guide-8 ro-soul-grid-guide-7 ro-soul-grid-guide-9 ro-soul-grid-guide-10 ro-soul-grid-guide-19 ro-soul-grid-guide-20 ro-soul-grid-guide-21 ro-soul-grid-guide-22
Crystal Sun Moon Time Air Soul Spirit Health Destruction
Element Sky Earth Water Fire Thunder Mountain Wind Lake

For this particular Soul Grid, I need to have at least Soul Crystals that add up to at least 3 earth and 2 fire element to activate +54 Crit, +54 Dodge, and +6 Int. Having 2 Moon Crystals of Tier 2 will fulfill the earth element requirement and having 2 Air Crystal of Tier 2 will also exceed the fire element. This bonus only requires external crystals to activate.

The second bonus of +120 Magic armor, +27 Healing, and +6 Spirit requires internal crystals to fulfill, which is easily accomplished by having two Tier 2 Spirit crystals that will add up to 4 mountain elements.

Soul Grid activation is very important not only for the bonuses it provides but also for the fully activation of your central crystal. You cannot place the central crystal on Level 55 Soul Grids unless you fully activate the Soul Grid bonuses. While this requirement isn’t there for lower level Soul Grids, your central crystal won’t provide all the bonuses unless it is fully activated.


Attributes is one of the most important aspect of the Soul Grid. It works similar to Soul Grid activation but you have a large choice of stats and bonuses you can activate by using the right elements. To view the attributes menu, simply click on this button in your Soul Grid tab. It will open up a separate window seen to the right. Any attributes you have activated will be


Each attribute you like to activate has a specific element requirement you must fulfill. Healing Effect +4% for example requires 4 Water, 4 Fire, 3 Thunder and 3 Mountain. You can also click on the + sign next to the attributes to see a better version that might be available (i..e healing effect +10%). Compare the top row of numbers with the attributes you like to unlock to see which elements you are still missing.


If you have Tier 2-3 crystals, you won’t be activating too much of these stats since you need to balance it with the Soul Grid activation given Tier 2-3 crystals only give 2 points to an element per crystal. However, once you start getting Tier 4-5 crystals that give 3 points to an element, you can expect to be activating much more of these attributes. Here is an example of a Soul Grid with Tier 4 Soul Crystals. The goal of the Soul Grid was to activate attributes that aid in magic attacks but along the way some other attributes were unlocked as well if they shared some of the same element requirements. (Soul Grid courtesy of LargeFarva).



Special thanks to Pincushion, LargeFarva, Cheap Uncle Seph, and Adaptive of Epiphany Guild for their assistance in making this guide.


If you are looking to purchase Revelation Online founder packs for access to the beta, you can purchase them here and help support the site~ The first closed beta runs from October 25 to Nov 8.


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Is there any guide on how the crystal bonusses work ? The +Xdefense or +Hp are obvious but how does +attack and +dodge and + penetration work exactly ?

And do the bonusses from the grid stack with the bonusses you get from “enhancing”skills (Arcane arts in Eu/NA) eg. If you have +10% inc healing on a skill and your soul grid gives you +4% do you get +14% or is it mutiplicative ?

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